Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Originals, Season Three, Episode Fifteen: An Old Friend Calls

With Aurora imprisoned, her brother at the bottom of the ocean and the Stryx essentially dismantled with the death of Aya, you would think that The Originals would be due a break but it seems that since Klaus has amassed so many enemies of the years that there's no rest for the wicked. Klaus's paranoia is at an all time high which is saying something because this is Klaus we're talking about. Over the years, Klaus's penchant for violence means that he has amassed a lot of enemies and now that killing him means that his entire sire line will not die, it's all systems go for taking out Klaus. Elijah and Freya humor him at first, suggesting that what Klaus needs is therapy but even they are forced to take things seriously when they cannot be certain that all of the White Oak has been destroyed.

Kol is back from the dead and after a kiss from Davina, asks her to put a ring on it and by that he means a daylight ring.  It seems that Kol is determined to be worthy of Davina's love and that means blood bags and an end to his violence. Kol's first order of business is to go and see his family.  Klaus greets him with a hug which kind of surprised me given that they haven't universally been on good terms. Elijah is his usual aloof self and Freya and Kol simply acknowledge each other.  Klaus is adamant that Davina needs to disappear because they have family business to deal with.  Kol is quick to jump to Davina's defense but Davina agrees to leave. Considering that Davina is lucky that Klaus hasn't killed her, given everything she has done, it's absolutely makes the right decision at this point. Freya and Kol get to work on a spell to find out exactly where Klaus's enemies are.

As luck would have it Cortez is in town seeking vengeance against Klaus for the death of his father and five brothers.  The Originals, has Cortez get out of a limo filled with dead women and then instruct the driver to get rid of the evidence. The driver complies by setting himself and the dead women on fire.  I know the point of this is to have us rooting for The Original Family but I really don't see the difference between what Cortez did and what the Original Family has done.  There are no so-called good guys in this situation no matter which way the writers try and swing it.

Cami is busy training with Vincent, having become determined that she must find a way to defend herself.  Cami is certain that Aurora will find a way out of the punishment that Klaus inflicted on her and expresses disbelief that Klaus didn't just kill Aurora out right. Cami is certain that this means that when the time comes, she is going to have to find a way to kill Aurora by herself.  Klaus interrupts to seek the therapy that Elijah and Freya suggested he needs.  They head to a little bistro where Cami informs him that she can no longer be his therapist and is no longer invested in his redemption because that part of her was human.  Klaus tries to say that he didn't kill Aurora because she deserves to suffer for what she stole from Cami but she's not buying it. Cami feels that Klaus is more concerned with what Aurora stole from him.

Marcel returns to his NOLA vampires to find them passed out drunk and celebrating being delinked from Klaus.  Josh, (yes they pulled him out of the plotbox) wants to know when the Stryx will be leaving town and they can get back to business as usual.  The Stryx burst in and four of the members are missing and they demand that Marcel do something about it.

In between tracking Klaus's enemies, Freya finds time to do a locating spell and Marcel and Elijah find the bodies in a garbage bin close to where Jackson died.  It seems that Hayley wants revenge for what has been done to Jackson and has been torturing the Stryx members before killing them.  I'm actually cool with this given that often when Hayley engages in battle, she is over powered. My quibble stems from the fact that this is all done off screen and to add insult to injury, it's Elijah who ends up murdering the rest of the vampires on her list.

Cortez heads to see Vincent and demands that Vincent get the elders to tell him where the White Oak is.  Cortez compels a group of humans to hold knives on bar patrons to coerce Vincent into agreeing to his demands.  Cami walks in, sees what is going on, and manages to text Klaus before being knocked unconscious.  Klaus saunters in, surveys the situation and quickly takes out Cortez though this results in three humans being killed.  Cami tries to offer the human blood to heal but Klaus says no because it's already to late.  Klaus gets his kicks torturing Cortez and in the process learns that his enemies have always stayed in contact over the years. Cortez sends off a group text to let them all know that the sire link is broken and that there is indeed White Oak in New Orleans.  With this task done, Cortez informs Klaus that he is happy to die because he knows for certain now that someone will get him.

After leaving a spell with Freya, Kol makes his way back to Davina and the two make love.  Am I the only one who has a problem with this thousand year old vampire having sex with a teenage girl? Davina falls asleep and Kol gets up frantic for blood, only to find his little blood bag empty.

Vincent finally gets the message he was looking for from the ancestors and retrieves the White Oak.

Klaus goes to see Cami to assure her that his feelings for her have not changed; however Cami does not feel the same way and informs Klaus that it's over between the two of them.

Elijah hands Hayley back her list of Stryx with the names crossed out.  Hayley confesses her love for Elijah but claims it would be disrespectful of them to bump uglies given that Jackson died knowing that she was in love with Elijah.

Marcel presents the Stryx with Cortez's head, claiming that he was responsible for their deaths, thus providing cover for Hayley.  Josh is not pleased about Marcel's ongoing interaction with the Stryx and points out that this is starting to look like more than a necessity at this point.

Klaus decides that when the going gets tough, the tough get going.  Freya casts a spell to make everyone believe that Klaus in New Orleans, while he, Hayley and Hope disappear until things cool down. Both Hayley and Klaus feel that they have nothing to lose given that they have ended things with the people they love.

And finally, Kol being Kol cannot bare to deny his impulses and is feasting on a human when who should arrive but Finn.

The Originals has always been high on drama but I think they really turned up the dial this week.  I have grown tired of the emotional angst between Hayley and Elijah and Klaus and Cami.  Enough already.  It does make me wonder if when Hayley and Klaus return they'll be a couple? With everything going on, why did the writers feel the need to slip in more relationship drama? It just felt over the top and so not necessary.

As for things with Kol and Davina, it's only now that she has brought Kol back that the little twit bothered to stop and think about who Kol is.  Davina is actually to stupid to live.

With Finn in play, the only Original missing is Rebekah.  I know that the actress doesn't want to be on the show full time anymore but having her daggered while the rest of her siblings gather screams plot box.  I think they need to find a way to deal with Rebekah's character better.