Saturday, April 30, 2016

Vampire Diaries, Season 7, Episode 20: Kill 'em All

So the whole gang is now on vampire killing duty to try and kill all of Rayna’s long long list of people she needs to kill. Do I need to repeat my previous point about how they’re slaughtering lots of vampires without even a second’s thought about whether or not this legion of massacred vampires deserves to be killed?

This means everyone – including Matt, Caroline and Alaric all killing vampires.

But it’s not fast enough so Damon makes a deal with the Armoury – which does have the resources to kill loads of vampires everywhere: they do the slaughtering and he will hand them Bonnie to open the vault

Which is a problem since Bonnie just spoke to Virginia again who makes it clear that naughty, bad, awful things await those who open the vault.

But the Armoury fulfils their end of the bargain – there’s a full on massacre. They also kidnap Alaric and Caroline to make sure Bonnie co-operates. And Bonnie does.

Sort of.

Bonnie uses her magic to open the vault – and lo, the imprisoned sister is, indeed, very very dead. But something is in there speaking with her voice and killing the armoury staff. Alex tries to leave – but Bonnie has sealed the entire building. She’s just made the vault a little larger. Because she’s Bonnie and she’s awesome.

Of course everyone is still pissed at Damon, especially Bonnie who is now incensed she was forced to work for the Armoury by Damon. But Damon is finally pushing back at everyone blaming him for everything – and he angrily and excellently explains to Enzo that he’s made this decision, saved Bonnie so Bonnie and Enzo can be together while he remains the villain. Basically, he’s making the hard choices none of them can manage. He’s being the bad guy for them. He’s making awful choices so they don’t have to.

Which is a rather self-serving excuse but, again, he’s not really any worse than anyone else.

Now it’s time for the catch

See Rayna has now happily agreed to sacrifice her last life and they’ve even got a random Native American woo-woo dispenser to do the spell. But it turns out Rayna still hates vampires (you can be excused for missing this since her characterisation has been so damn random and inconsistent) and while her last life will transfer into Bonnie, so will her rabid hatred of all things vampiric. Now there’s a definite catch.

We also have Caroline and Alaric hashing out their relationship issues, her holding on to Stefan and how he seems to be enjoying this whole murdering vampires thing a bit too much. Looks like he’s not that thrilled about a domestic existence. Caroline wants them to stop trying so hard to be normal.

Alas we also get some of Matt’s backstory and why he hates everyone. It turns out when Stefan came back to town to see Caroline, Penny, his fiancée, decided to kill him and Matt, all trigger happy and incompetent, shot her by mistake. Rather than have him deal with being such a terrible person, Stefan altered Matt’s memories so Matt blamed Stefan for her death. Now he knows the truth… he still blames Stefan for her death

Because Matt is the worst. Whyyyy has someone not killing him? Why? Seven seasons is a ridiculous life span for a normal human on this show. Think of all the missed opportunities! Werewolves could have eaten him! Vampires bitten him! Hunters shot him! Witches hexed him! He could have died from alcohol poisoning since no-one this show drinks anything that’s less than 30% proof! All the so many ways he could have been dead by now and he STILL LIVES

I sometimes think Vampire Diaries comes up with new antagonists just to taunt me about how they’re not going to kill Matt