Monday, April 25, 2016

Fear The Walking Dead, Season Two, Episode Three: Ouroboros

We have finally caught up with flight 462.  The plane has crashed and a few of them have made it to a raft.  It seems that these people have a real understanding of what happens in the apocalypse because they quickly get rid of a man who has been bitten.  Alex stands watch over Jake, a boy who is badly burnt and injured.  When a man on a raft suggest putting Jake out of his misery, Alex fights back and kills him.  The one remaining passenger on the raft tries to tell Alex that she is not doing right by allowing Jake to continue to suffer but Alex is having none of it, claiming that she owes Jake. A badly burnt Jake tries to tell Alex that it's okay but she only intensifies her concern for him.

The Abigail is having some trouble.  After some quick reading, Travis realises that there's something wrong with the water intake system.  Strand is adamant that something has to be done about this tonight because being stranded on the water is dangerous.  Travis is quick to volunteer to go into the water to check out the system much to Madison's dismay.  Madison wants to talk about this but Strand says that there's nothing to talk about because Travis has already agreed to do this.  Travis heads into the water and finds the arm of the man who tried to talk Alex into putting Jake out of his misery. I guess he didn't learn when Alex killed the first man who tried mercy killing Jake.

Strand checks with Travis to see how long it's going to take to fix The Abigail and learns that it's going to take a day.  Travis is not at all pleased and when he gets demanding with Travis, Travis makes it clear that he is not the help.  Strand decides to be pragmatic and tells Travis that he is a necessary member of the boat but the words practically burn him to say.  Daniel checks in with his daughter and learns that the gunshot wound she suffered last season is infected.  Ofelia's plan is to ask Madison for more drugs, and she explains that they are friends now.  Daniel is adamant that this is a family matter and that they can only trust each other.  Daniel suggests that if it came down to Ofelia or Alicia, Madison would choose Alicia.

An anxious Alicia runs on deck only to be scolded like an infant by Strand.  It seems some wreckage from the flight is visible on a sandy beach and she believes that this is a chance for them to score some supplies and a much needed change of clothes.  Madison does not like the idea of the kids heading out and they argue that given what they have seen and done, they don't belong at the "kids table anymore".  It's only when Daniel agrees to accompany them that Madison finally relents. Before they leave, Daniel lets Madison know about Strands plan to head to Mexico.  Madison is curious as to why Daniel didn't confront Strand himself and Daniel responds that a confrontation between him and Strand wouldn't go well.  He assumes that Madison will have a softer touch.

When they hit the beach, naturally Chris just wanders off by himself.  I cannot believe after everything he's seen, he's still so angst ridden.  Chris finds a piece of the plan and after taunting and then killing a zombie, Chris actually finds a survivor.  The man begs for help and Chris gets him out of his seat but the man is too injured to survive.  The man continues to beg for help and Chris offers water, refusing to accept that the help the man wants is to be put out of his misery.  Chris cowers for a few moments before bashing the man's head in.

Madison checks with Travis to see if he needs any help but he makes it clear that she wants no part of what he is doing.  With nothing left to do, Madison decides that it's time to confront Strand about his plan to head to Mexico.  Strand immediately suspects Daniel of dropping the dime on him but Madison is not interested in confirming his suspicions and stays focused on what is in Mexico. Strand claims that they are headed for a compound that is well stocked and fortified.  This really does sound like pie in the sky to me but with no options, Madison decides to believe Strand. They agree from here on in to work together and be honest with each other but Madison makes it clear that if Strand messes with her family in any way, she will toss him overboard.

Daniel is not impressed when Nick tosses him a shirt he has scavenged, saying that it's not good to steal from the dead. Together they realise that Chris has been gone too long and decide to split up to find him.  Nick finds a bag of drugs for Ofelia and Daniel sees someone running towards him that he believes to be Chris but in actuality it's Alex, who screams, "run they're coming"  Nick falls into a crevice area and is attacked by a zombie who is sunk into the sand. Nick has to struggle a little bit but manages to take out the zombie with a knife he found while scavenging.  Nick's not out of danger however because yet another zombie falls into the crevice area.

It's Alicia who finds Chris and she assumes that he is upset because he had to kill a zombie. Chris doesn't disabuse Alicia of this, still in a state of shock from having to kill a fellow human. Perhaps now that Chris has been in his father's shoes, he can finally get on with the business of living without attacking Travis left right and center.  They both hear Daniel shooting at the zombies and on The Abigail, Madison, Strand and Travis see the group being chased.

Chris, Daniel, Alex and Alicia start fighting off zombies.  It's worth noting that this is the first time that Alicia has had to confront a zombie and not have a  choice but to be active rather than passive. Nick appears and is covered in zombie blood.  He is shocked as he is able to walk through the horde and they pay him no attention.  They grab the raft that Jake is lying in and everyone heads back to The Abigail.  Strand of course is not at all pleased that they have brought back someone else he is expected to save. Alicia in particular argues with Strand about saving Alex and Jake, pointing out that without their help, Jake will absolutely die.  It's Travis who comes up with a compromise.  Since Strand doesn't want anyone new on the boat, he suggests that they give Alex and Jake some supplies and then tow them to San Diego. Alicia remains adamant that it doesn't have to be like this but Madison responds that this is the best they can do.

Nick hands the rosary he found to Ofelia.  What's telling is that he doesn't give her the drugs. On the raft, Alex promises Jake that this is the worst it's going to be and that everyday will get a little bit better as he lies in the fetal position.

The Abigail is now in the middle of the ocean.  Strand appears again with a cutlass and though Madison tries to ask him what he has planned, Strand simply ignores her and cuts the line keeping the raft and The Abigail connected, thus stranding Alex and Jake in the middle of the ocean.

There's really a strong sense of anomie in the group.  Though they are all sailing together, everyone has a different idea about what is right, what is wrong and who to trust. Even Madison and Travis are not quite on the same page about the Strand's plan, with Travis in particular expressing doubt that they will all magically experience nirvana once they land at the spot Strand has picked out.  Travis wisely points out that they are not making an active choice to believe Strand but are doing so at this point because they don't have any options presently.

Strand continues to prioritize his survival above everyone else's. What he doesn't realise is that he is showing everyone that the moment he sees them as expendable that he will get rid of them.  This is not a lesson which will be lost on Madison, who has already threatened Strand once.  I have a feeling that cutting the raft loose is going to come back to haunt him before the end of the season.

It was nice to see Alicia step up to the plate and actually take on some zombies; it's long overdue.  I do however worry for Alicia because it's clear that she is becoming the moral compass for the people of The Abigail and we all know what this universe does with its moral compasses.  I hope that this is not the case but I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Daniel is just as manipulative as Strand. He could have confronted Strand to find out his plans but instead sent Madison to do his dirty work.  As much as Daniel makes it clear that Madison would choose Alicia, he absolutely would choose Ofelia. It's clear that if Daniel comes across a stronger position, he will take it even if it means that Ofelia and he will be safe and damn everyone else.

This week we saw Chris perform a mercy killing.  He now has first hand experience of what his father went though when he killed his ex wife.  The question is how will Chris deal with what he has done?  Will he have a breakdown or will this experience finally bring him and Travis closer together? Will he finally be able to move forward?

Finally, Nick and what I assume will be my weekly refrain.  This week, we saw Nick use his drug knowledge to choose medication for Ofelia.  An addict would be looking for drugs for themselves and not others.  I continue to be bothered by the fact that Nick is highly capable, given the fact that he should be going through the DT's right now.  He actually volunteers for a mission when he should be curled up in a ball puking his guts out.  How is he suddenly dealing with the world falling apart when he should be fragile? Remember this is a person who was to fragile to negotiate the world before the zombie apocalypse.  I hate what they have done with Nick's character and think that it's an insult to anyone who has ever struggled with addiction.