Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Between, Season Two Episode Five: Horatio Rising

Here we are at the penultimate episode of season two at least. Yeah I know, it's a short season but since this show is so entirely ridiculous, it feels like it has gone on forever already. It beings with showing Adam and Liam at the extraction site.  Adam has a gun and orders Liam to pop the trunk. Liam pleads saying that he is the only hope that Pretty Lake has. Adam counters arguing that if Liam leaves with all of the research that Horatio would have all the information that it needs and then the whole town would be finished.  Adam again orders Liam into the trunk.

Now that he is out of the compound, Adam asks for the driver to pull over claiming that he is going to be sick.  The driver says that he was ordered not to stop until decontamination. Finally, Adam threatens to take the mask off if the driver doesn't pull over.  Once outside the car, Adam pulls a gun on the driver and orders him to cuff himself to the tree before hoping back in the car and taking off. When we see Adam again, he is walking alone in a city.

Chuck wakes up and slowly gets off the floor.  He heads into the shower to wash away the blood.  He then stares at himself in the mirror like he doesn't recognize his reflection.

Tracy and Wiley are taking care of Renee, whose wound seems to be healing.  Wiley thinks that what's in Liam's cure is keeping her alive. And yes, Renee is now a half day over 22 and still alive. Wiley points out that Liam was right.  Tracy is already sick of hearing about Liam and points out that Liam walked out and left them behind. Tracy says that Mark is to blame for all this mess because he killed Eric, Renee's kid brother.

Mark finds Frannie playing the piano.  Mark says he was convinced Harrison is the one who shot Renee and now believes that it was Frannie. Frannie fesses up quietly. Mark tells Frannie that his father used to beat his mother and him and he knew that unless he did something he wouldn't stop. Mark felt he couldn't leave because of his mother and younger sister.  One night his father came home drunk and started beating his mother, so Mark tried to break it up.  His father responded by grabbing his gun and Mark thought his father was going to kill him, so he snapped and shot him. Mark said he was just so full of rage but afterwards he wanted to take it back because it turned him into the person his father believed he was.  A crying Frannie says that she couldn't take it back.  Mark tells Frannie that he went to the clinic and that Renee is still alive.

Ronnie gets out of bed and looks at himself in the mirror to find all the cuts on his face have healed. Of course Pat shows up to taunt Ronnie about "going crazy" and blames it on all of the drugs Ronnie has taken.

Adam makes his way into a cafe and pulls out his computer. He sends out a message looking for someone called unicorn sweater.  Adam asks about where he can find help and is given a location.

Frannie heads to the infirmary to check on Renee.  Frannie whispers in Renee's ear that she is sorry and will say a prayer for her. The phone rings and Wiley answers.  The man on the line asks where Liam is and then hangs up.

Adam plays the video for his contact and assures her that he is not contagious.  He is told to leave but Adam says that if he were contagious the girl would already be exposed.  Daisy demands that Adam prove that he is not contagious.

At Horatio Pharmaceuticals, Crane talks about extreme measures and that they are trying to find a cure with a government operative.

Wiley finds the location where the extraction point is and heads off to see if she can find Liam.

Daisy says that she doesn't do governments secrets anymore.  Adam asks for help saying that she can save  lives but Daisy is certain that Pretty Lake is not her problem. Adam brings up her hypocrisy by supporting things like PETA. Okay so he has a point about PETA. This is perhaps the most sense that Adam has made this season.

Mr Brooks, at the behest of Crane, heads out and finds the driver still handcuffed to the tree. The driver explains that he took the wrong guy and when he realised it, it was already to late. Crane calls it unfortunate and then pulls out his gun. And just like that, another black man is dead.

Daisy works on the lap top Adam brought. When he offers to help, she points out that its all above his skill and pay grade.  At Horatio, a breach is detected and they search and find a signal. Daisy gets in and Adam asks her to make a copy of all of the emails.  Reading it over, Daisy calls it scary stuff. Crane is informed about the hack and where the location is and so he sends Mr Brooks to check it out.

Adam finds an email from Minister B. Miller from the made up Department of Inland security. Why not make up government agencies when already nothing about this show makes any kind of sense. Adam starts a video conversation with her and says that he wants to speak to her in private, adding that she won't want to draw attention to herself right now.  Adam instructs her to an email he just sent regarding the government and her personal part in what happened at Pretty Lake. Adam demands that Miller tell the world what she has done and to save Pretty Lake. Miller says that she has ordered the extermination on everyone in Pretty Lake.  Adam counters by threatening to blow the whistle but Miller argues that she fears that less than having the disease spread. Miller believes the only saving grace is that the disease is contained. Adam asks about the clinical trials but Miller calls it a pipe dream and says that she has no choice before shutting down the connection.

Wiley drives out to Liam's pick up spot and finds his car.  Liam is still in the trunk screaming for help.  Wiley opens the trunk and Liam reveals that Adam did this to him and gets out.

Daisy and Adam discuss the conversation with Miller.  Daisy is quick to point out that if Miller doesn't care if she's exposed then he's lost his leverage.  Daisy adds that any news outlet would take days to vet a story like this and then it would be too late. Adam suggests that they should go to Horatio because they have as much to lose as anyone else.  Adam asks for Daisy's phone and then leaves.

A freezing Liam sits in Wiley's car.  Liam is convinced that Adam knew that once he left Pretty Lake they were all as good as dead because they would have lost their human shield. Wiley tells Liam that Renee survived. Liam realises that Adam has all the research and Adam has it all.  This means that if Horatio gets their hands on it, they will have everything they need to move forward.  Wiley realises that no one is coming to help them and that it was always the drug trials that mattered all along. Liam claims that he thought if he found concrete evidence they would eventually let the people of Pretty Lake go but it seems they'd already made up their minds to let Pretty Lake die.

The phone goes off and Adam answers. It's Adam who learns it took Wiley 12 hours to find Liam. Adam demands to speak to Wiley.

Daisy is at work at her bike shop when Mr. Brooks shows up saying that they've had reports of suspicious online activity. Daisy tells Brooks that this is a bike shop and that they fix bikes. Brooks wants to look at Daisy's computer and she asks to see a warrant.  He pulls out his gun and so she throws a wrench at him and takes off running.  Daisy manages to escape but Brooks gets on the phone and asks for Daisy to be tracked.

Wiley apologizes to Adam saying that Liam told her everything and that he was right.  Once again, Adam is set up play the hero. Adam questions if she has a gun and when Wiley says she does, he orders her to get out of the car.  Liam tries to stop her so she pulls out the gun. Wiley then tells Adam that Renee lived and so Adam encourages her to inoculate as many people as possible and get people to the same gate they found Liam at 3pm. Adam promises to call if anything changes and adds that for now, they might need Liam but he is to be shot if he doesn't cooperate.

Wiley leads Liam to a holding area and restrains him as Liam begs her to think about her son.  Liam points out that he will die if left out there because he needs his shots but Wiley reminds him that Adam injected him with the cure.  In a last ditch effort, Liam calls out that he saved Wiley's life but she walks out and locks him in.

Now that he is King of the compound, Ronnie has ordered special food be made for him and those he considers to be his cronies.  When Lemar finds out about this he is not at all impressed.  Ronnie suggests that if he wants something different to get the cook to make something else. Lemar tells Ronnie that they don't operate like this but Ronnie responds that they do know.

Wiley is back at the infirmary to find that not only is Renee gone, so are all the vials containing the cure.

Adam calls Crane to talk about Liam. Crane asks about Liam and Adam explains that he has all of Liam's research.  Crane offers to compensate Adam for his trouble but Adam doesn't want money and instead wants Crane to extract anyone whose been inoculated against the virus. Crane explains that he presented his case to Miller and that he cannot change her mind. Adam threatens to release all of the information but Crane hangs up saying that they were hired to work on a cure.  What Adam doesn't realise is that Crane was tracking his call.  When Adam returns to the bike shop, he finds Daisy gone but he does get a message on that phone as to where to meet up.

Wiley is flipping out about Renee's theft and says that she has to find Renee and get everything back. Wiley says that they have to be at the gate at 3 and only the people who are vaccinated will get to leave. Wiley is desperate to give the cure to Jason.

Adam meets with Daisy and reports that Crane will not play ball.  Daisy calls it over but Adam is convinced that it isn't yet and tells Daisy that he needs her help to get back into Horatio's system. Daisy doesn't want to do this anymore and says that a guy pulled a gun on her. Daisy adds that no one has ever tracked her before and these guys did so in a minute.  Daisy taps out telling Adam that this isn't her battle.

Renee is waiting for Lemar on a bed.  Renee tells Lemar that she is 22 and still alive and survived a gunshot wound. Renee offers Lemar a shot if he helps her get control back.

Miller is making preparations to send in troops to wipe out everyone in Pretty Lake tomorrow afternoon.

Mark, Tracy, Wiley, Stacy, and Chuck start to plot about how to get to Renee.  Chuck suggests that they surround the place and Mark argues that the people aren't just going to hand back the cure. Wiley argues that they are outnumbered and outgunned. Wiley says if they do attack it will be for nothing if they loose the vials.  Wiley wants to talk to Renee heads up because she saved Renee's life. Mark says that this isn't all Wiley's call but Chuck takes Wiley's side.

Renee has started handing out injections to her people.

Tracy is concerned about leaving the kids behind pointing out that the don't have enough vials for everyone. Tracy argues that the kids will die without them but Stacy argues the kids are going to die anyway.  Tracy says that it doesn't feel right to leave. Stacy wonders about getting help from outside and sending someone else for the kids. Tracy is worried that she will be consumed with guilt if she leaves.

Adam sends a message to Crane suggesting that he check out a link. It's to video recording of Liam claiming that he works for Horatio and that Crane was working on a population control experiment.

Renee goes to see Ronnie with Lemar by her side. Yep, Lemar has switched sides again. Renee orders Ronnie taken to lock up.

Harrison and Frannie are waiting for word on what is going to happen.  Frannie starts to talk about the things she is looking forward to when she gets out.  Frannie wants to go to a water park and it's what keeps her going.  Harrison is worried about what will happen when they leave and who they are going to live with. Frannie says maybe she can live with her aunt.  Harrison however doesn't have any relatives because he and Sam were the last two. Frannie tells Harrison that he can come and live with her.

In the car, Chuck checks if this is the way that Wiley wants to do this and she says she cannot see any other way of getting the shots.

Adam says that he wants the extermination order killed, the cure taken to Pretty Lake and the extraction of anyone who has been injected immediately. Crane says he might be able to get the inoculated and demands proof that he has Liam's research. Adam refuses because it would mean giving up all of his leverage.

Wiley gets escorted onto the compound and asks Renee for the vials.

Daisy is on the run. Mr. Brooks is tracking her and takes a shot at her. A bus goes by and the alley seems empty with no sign of Daisy.

Wiley asks about the vials and Renee is adamant that they are her's now. Wiley points out that they saved Renee's life but Renee argues that they needed her for proof and that if she wasn't turning 22, they never would have bothered with her. Wiley brings up Eric and Jason, saying that the shot is for her son. Wiley points out that people in town wanted to blow this place up and all she needs is five vials. Renee however agrees to hand over three vials, warning that if Wiley says another word the deal is off the table.  Before Wiley can get her hands on the shots, Mark is discovered in the hills.  Renee orders Wiley and Mark locked up.

Mr. Brooks has caught up with Adam. Adam gets into to a car to find Crane waiting for him. Crane demands that Adam hands over all of Liam's research.

So Adam is back in position of hero and he clearly isn't as smart as the writers would like us to believe. I did however love Daisy calling him out about his lack of skill.  I even like her taking a stand about risking her life though it means death for the kids of Pretty Lake.  I must say that while Liam as it turns out is a douche, I would have liked to see Adam get his due at some point. He's creepy when it comes to Wiley and over confidant as only a straight White dude can be in the face of his own idiocy.

So Mark comes from a history of domestic violence. I think they had to write that to show him as more than a cardboard cut out bad guy. He did after all seek to profit by selling alcohol to all of the young kids in the bar and kill Eric. When a show suddenly makes a character sympathetic they are certainly setting him up for a big sacrifice?  Is Mark going to die helping Wiley escape the compound?

I really do hope that at least some of the characters make it outside of Pretty Lake.I am so tired of the scenario which involves people for various reasons being barricaded in a town.  At this point it's just so damn overdone.  Of course, even if people do escape, it's certain that they will be placed in a different kind of box that they have to escape from.  I just want a change of scenery and hopefully a box which makes even a modicum of sense. I guess that's probably too much to hope for.