Thursday, September 15, 2016

From Dusk Till Dawn, Season 3, Episode 2: La Reina

We have a brief flashback into Kate and her slaughtering her way through a mental institution, painting the word “Amaru” (an Incan dragon) in blood on the wall before joining Brasa. She declares, most ominously, “today is my awakening” and has a nifty ability to kill with a touch. She’s super duper creepy.

In the present, Freddie the Peacekeeper and Ximena are working together with a few clashes (they are so going to have sex by the end of this season). He is outraged by the Culebras running around killing people and breaking the rules while Ximena has rogue Culebras not even appearing on her priority list since her entire species is being annihilated and the rogues have absolutely no choice, no safety or security now all the leaders are dead.

And now Brasa, the fiery handed demon, has a new target – the faith of the Culebras. The worship of La Diosa, the worship of Santanico. Brasa is raiding any safe house, any culebra place of worship where Santanico is revered is hit and burned down by his fiery magic. Freddie and Ximena follow in his wake as Brasa hones in on the meeting of the Apostles – who we assume are the head priests of Santanico’s religion (a religion, it has to be said, she is not even remotely interested in taking part in).

They don’t arrive in time – and the apostles are massacred leaving Ximena and Freddie to try and get some revenge on Brasa. It doesn’t work well – but at least Freddie saves her. She also has a nice time out moment to call him out on his bitterness and loathing of culebras. It’s a really nice call out – she wants him on side but isn’t willing to put up with the attitude to have him there.

Now to Seth and Richie who are trying to put together a force of Culebras without the lords (Richie playing softly softly while Seth trying to give hard truths). The speeches are good – but ultimately they don’t have the pull to bring the Culebras together. Unlike Santanico…

Yes, despite Richie really bitterly not wanting to work with his ex again, they do track down Santanico

She’s set up her own little not-kingdom-how-dare-you. She has a group of vampires and humans living together in relative harmony with occasional cage fights. She bans weapons, everyone must fight for themselves in the cage… unfortunately this also means that rapists go unpunished unless someone is willing and able to fight them in the cage. Ok, this just seems so very dubious from Santanico – Kissa’s history is as a woman who has been sexually exploited for centuries… I think she’d have more rules than this. I think anyone in her little kingdom who committed a rape would face some… stringent opposition.

Santanico is not interested in joining their team. She doesn’t care about her religion. She is not interested in being a leader. Also, she is Kissa, not Santanico. She’s really not going to work with the Geckos again. Seth tries to get round this via a cage fight (which he wins) which is interrupted by another demon from Xilbaba.

This is the demon of Really Needs CGI. It looks like an old school Doctor Who villain.

The demon is super dangerous and carves a hole through Santanicos followers. At the same time Kate arrives being uber spooky and letting everyone know that she’s back and dangerous. Richie tries to use his mind control powers on her and it really doesn’t work. She is definitely established as the power around here

With many dead, Santanico steps up and decides to show everyone that she is the head monster and brings down the big bad demon by stabbing it in the head while Kate leaves. Santanico has stepped up and is on side – because she can’t claim these people and this new society she’s tried to create without, as Seth points out in his usual harsh way, being willing to fight for them

Oh but there’s some shit to address here. What inspired Santanico to stand and fight? It was the death of a woman, a human woman. A human woman Santanico cares for, who Santanico feeds on and who Richie and Seth have both made snide comments about being Santanico’s girlfriend. This sounds like it could be a relationship – yes we could have had the shows first LGBTQ characters. But we will not see this relationship, because she is dead. This highly likely lesbian/bisexual woman appeared and is now dead. AGAIN.

Stop. This. This is not inclusion. This has to stop.