Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Last Ship, Season Three, Episode Twelve: Resistance

This is it folks, the penultimate episode of the season. The Last Ship has easily become one of my least favourite shows this summer.  At this point, I don't think they can salvage the hot mess it has become.

Kara and the crew are headed to Las Vegas as the regional leader tells the people how much better they are doing now that they are no longer living under Michener's old rules.  It seems that the crew is headed to San Diego to hopefully meet up with The Nathan James.  Unfortunately they only have one can of beans they and so plan to stop and stock up.  Oliver asks for the radio to be turned off and Kara wonders why the military is going along with what the regional leaders want. Oliver explains that they are doing it because they were trained to serve the people.

On board The Nathan James the crew is told to report to General Bradley and turn over Chandler. They quickly come to realise that the military as they knew it has been disbanded.  Sasha talks about how this whole thing has been a text book coup from things like ration cards, riots and forcing Michener to make unpopular decisions. They then present an alternative leadership to the leaders. They plan to grab Bradley and make Castillo show his face. Cue Meylan, who points out that they are invading a country with a single ship. Well, at least someone has a bit of reality but you know that's not going to stop him from playing along. Tom however is certain that nothing is impossible with will, courage and a good plan.  Oh the platitudes.

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The regional leaders are fighting about control. Castillo thinks that his region should be in control due to his geography and the supplies he controls.  He then declares that he is putting boots on the ground and is not leaving. Roberta is not impressed and threatens to stop her oil shipments.  Allison has to be the grown up in the room and tells the leaders what they are going to do. Allison says that her job is to settle disputes, clearly she is acting like the POTUS.

The next step is to take out the Nathan James as it arrives.  Allison has arranged for Colonel Witt to take care of The Nathan James. Of course, Roberta takes the opportunity to take a piece off of Allison for underestimating Tom in the first place.  The weapon is armed and Allison announces that in hours The Nathan James will be in the bottom of the ocean.

Tex is driving and Kara wonders why there is no power.  They decide to stop at a small grocery market but are attacked in the parking lot.  The looters demand that Tex and crew hand over all the food they have.  Tex says that they stopped because they have no food. Bob, the owner of the market fires a blast into the air and Kara and Tex use the distraction to disarm and scare away the looters. Bob doesn't lower his shot gun and questions why Oliver looks familiar before inviting everyone inside.

Once inside, Bob says that new shipments of food stopped coming and then days later, soldiers arrived and took what little food he had.  The citizens of Las Vegas, left and followed the food. Those who are not peace keepers are working 16 hours per day to keep lights on and the water running and return are given one ration of food. Bob hasn't eaten in three days and cannot travel because of a bad leg and no car.  They offer to take Bob with them but he says that he's been there all his life and wants to die in his home.  Kathleen pulls out their last can and offers it to Bob. Oliver tells Bob that hope is coming and tells him to hang in there. Now Bob recognizes Oliver and the two men shake hands.

Tom and Slattery watch their approach from the bridge and talk about how quiet things seem.  Kara and crew arrive at the meeting place and see the ship at the distance.  Oliver brings up Castillo's plan to arrest Tom on sight and Kara is certain they must have a plan.  On board the Nathan James, Tom gives the order to "bring her in". Radar picks up two missiles incoming and on land Kara and crew watch as a ship is blown up. A screaming Kara tries to crawl into the ocean and she is dragged out by Tex.  Kara is inconsolable as she cries on the shore. Later, Oliver says that the missiles came out of nowhere and Kara, now in control responds that the James should have seen them coming.  Now that they are all that's left, Kara and crew decide that they are going to get revenge.  They don't get to plan long because Casitllo's men show up. They decide to follow the observation team back to base. 

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Of course the ship which was destroyed wasn't The Nathan James but the Chinese destroyer. Tom announces if they stay more than 40 miles off the coast they'll stay dead. Meylan pipes up that they wanted Tom dead so badly that "they were willing to kill everyone". Oh Meylan, what would we do without you pointing out the obvious so you can prove how wrong you were about Tom. Tom plans to lead a land team to a command center they believe they have located.

Roberta is up for celebrating with Allison now that she believes Tom dead.  Allison decides to play her hand and asks for control of St.Louis. This means taking land from Lewis and Allison points out that she needs Rebecca's support for this to happen. The two women agree to work together provided Allison ensure that Castillo delivers the needed supplies to Texas. 

Kara and crew arrive at the command center and stop outside of the gates.  They wonder if this is where the food is being stored.  The plan is to steal the food back. They are clearly outnumbered and decide to observe before attacking.  Tex and Kara separate to scout the perimeter. Kara is grabbed from behind by none other than Green and the two hug.  Tex runs into Chandler and the two shake hands.

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Slattery and Tom brief Oliver about how they managed to get on land. Tex informs Chandler that he is the resistance force and so Chandler gets his people into position.  

On board of the ship, Ganderson has people looking for critical information.

The sun is up and so it's time for action, causing acting in the dark with low visibility doesn't make sense. Kara notices railway tracks.  General Bradley arrives and is told that the men are upset about the destruction of The Nathan James but he declares Chandler a traitor and orders his soldier to make the adjustment to the new day. 

Off to the side, Kathleen teaches Oliver how to shoot a gun.  Tom and Tex talk about how quickly Tex left town after the Doc. Tex admits that he blamed them both for her death though he has since forgiven Tom.  Tex brings up Sasha and how well she handles herself. Slattery shows up to suggest grabbing the general to lure Castillo out and Sasha says that food isn't being stored but shipped. Tom decides to set a bomb on the tracks when it's away from people and then steal the food.

Everyone is in position by the track and the bomb has been set.  General Bradley gets in touch with Castillo and Tom sends a message to The Nathan James to intercept and decode the message.  On board the ship, they figure out that the cargo doesn't contain food but people. Ganderson gets a message to Tom and he and his men rush to disable the charges they set on the tracks.  Tex calls out how much he missed everyone.

Slattery drives alongside the train and Tex, Wolf, Green and Tom jump on board.  They make their way to the engine but have to duck as they start to take fire. Luckily for them, Sasha is in position to play sniper.  Tex takes on the General and tosses him at Tom, as Tom order Tex to hit the breaks.  Tex battles it out with the conductor as Tom does battle with the General. Of course Tom wins his fight and then he makes his way to the engine room and pulls the break just in time. The train stops inches from the bomb.Tom grabs a gun which stops the fight between Tex and the conductor.

Now that the train has been stopped, Tom gets all of the General's men to line up.  Tom then opens up the container which is overloaded with people.  Tom tells the people they can leave and that they are safe.  No one moves because they are concerned they won't get fed.  A woman says that her kids haven't eaten in days and begs to be allowed to travel on their way.  They actually beg Tom to close the door.  A pissed Oliver promises the people another way and that they won't starve if they come with them.  Oliver promises that there is enough food on the train to keep them safe for a couple of days. A pissed off Tom pulls off the General's badges but Bradley counters saying that the thing he swore an oath to is gone. Bradley tells Tom to go hungry for a week and see how moral he is. When Tom argues that Bradley could have fought back, Bradley again counters by saying his commanding officer tried that and was killed. Bradley says that he did what he did to survive.

Allison is on the phone with Castillo and Roberta arguing about the fact that the shipment hasn't arrived. Roberta actually threatens to attack if she doesn't get what she needs.  Allison order the base in San Diego contacted to confirm that The Nathan James was indeed sunk. 

Bradley gets a phone call and Tom orders him to tell Castillo that he needs to see him.  Tom suggests that they take out Castillo together.  Bradley claims that there's been an incident with the train and suggests Castillo come down to the depo, promising to meet him there.  Bradley hands back the phone and tells Tom that he is going to have to kill Castillo.  Tom however says that they don't work that way so Bradley claims that if Castillo is allowed to live, he will kill everyone.

Castillo arrives at the Depo and is met by Bradley.  When Bradley is not forthcoming with answers, Castillo orders Bradley shot.  Yes, this is when Tom makes his presence known and announces that Bradley doesn't work for Castillo anymore. Castiloo then orders Tom shot, so Sasha shoots at Castillo's feet.  Burke is ordered to arrest Castillo for transport back to the James.  Bradley asks if he answers to Tom now and Tom says that Bradley answers to Oliver just like he does.  Everyone salutes Oliver who says that the men need to retake the oath to rejoin the service of The United States.

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Oliver is now back onboard The Nathan James and the crew stand at attention smiling at him.  Kara and Tex make their return to the ship with Kathleen in tow. It's smiles and hugs for everyone. Meylan of course is there to glad hand with Oliver.

It's interrogation time for Castillo. Castillo says that people missed things like heat, clean water and internet.  He suggests that Americans don't have time for heroes now. Tom however asserts that Castillo will no longer decide what he will and will not do because his army turned on him without a shot fired.  Sasha adds that Castillo's partners will turn on him in a heartbeat.  Tom is certain that the people will be more than happy to take their pound of flesh as well.

Allison looks at the pictures of the destroyed Chinese destroyer as Witt suggests that it's time to warn Castillo. Allison however is certain that Castillo has already been captured. Witt is ordered to shut up so that Allison can think. 


Once again the evil woman was outsmarted by the brave, smart and capable Tom Chandler. Yes, I'm rolling my eyes. I've really had enough of smart woman equal powerful and evil.  You know that in the end it's going to come down between a showdown between Allison and Tom and that Allison is going to lose. This cannot possibly end any other way.  

Can we just stop shooting scenes with Meylan now? I am so sick of his step and fetch it routine and he turns my stomach every time he appears on screen.  He has turned into another Tom worshiper and is just there to affirm how amazing Tom is. 

The Last Ship has always been ridiculous and to some extent they acknowledged it this week by pointing out that a single ship was against all of the American military. There's now way that Tom and crew should have come out ahead and I don't care how skilled and brave they are.  It's bad enough that we get scenes where none of the bad guys can shoot and Tom's people have 1000% accuracy but these over the top situations just drive me around the bend.  I guess they have given up on the idea of plausible deniability altogether.  I know this is supposed to be like a blockbuster every week but what makes a blockbuster work is that it's two hours and it's over. Drawing out the action and ridiculousness for 13 episodes makes it all the more trite.