Thursday, September 15, 2016

Colony, Season 1, Episode 7: Broussard

Kate, again, stands at the crux of most of the interesting conflict this episode. There’s even a whole new brewing conflict as we see her daughter, Gracie, being taken to a new yay-alien church by their oh-so-alien-loving nanny who is pulling Gracie away from Kate

And then there’s the resistance that wants to kill her. Or Quayle does – and Kate learns through Will how many more people Quayle has decided had to die for the sake of the greater good – including entire resistance cells. On top of learning that Geronimo wasn’t the folk hero she first thought he was, she’s shaken

Then there’s Broussard – she’s always been close with him and he certainly returns some of that, being resistant to just kill her as Quayle demands. Even if it gets close. Kate realises that Broussard wasn’t just the man who held her husband at gun point – but he’s also the man Quayle uses when he has to Clean Up people – including compromised resistance cells.

Kate is conflicted, betrayed, torn and doesn’t know where to turn.

On top of that Snyder presents Will with a picture of their missing son. He’s elated and calls it good news but Kate calls it exactly what it is – gross manipulation and exploitation. They were close enough to take a picture but still couldn’t bring the child to them? They’re being played and used and Kate knows it.

Meanwhile Will and his team has access to the rolodex full of all the data humanity had ever gathered which the aliens now have (with a definite comment on our putting everything on social media and tracking everyone). Using Jennifer’s skills (she once run a dating website with a whole lot of information to compile) they try to identify Broussard. Will’s experience helps parse away the many many many fake identities and realise Broussard is a mercenary, professional and generally not nice guy

And the final key to tracking him down (after a bomb that kills several enforcers when they raid his house) with input from Katie

Who, then, after speaking to fellow resistance member about the very nature of the resistance – and she warns Broussard giving him just enough time to run before the police arrive. Oh and his neighbour is Quayle and needs to work on his poker face

Searching Broussard’s house Will who finds a book – the same book that Kate hid. He realises that Kate is resistance and using the book as a code key.

Again I still can’t buy Will being so utterly dedicated to the authority now? I need to see more justification for this than there has been

I mean, he finds out his wife is working for the resistance… I can see him being upset she didn’t tell him and I can see him being conflicted over the deaths the resistance caused (including himself a few times) but is resisting the Authority really something Will would find horrific? Is there a reason why, as Beau says, he couldn’t let it go? I’m just not buying it

Meanwhile Maddy is dealing with her new employer Charlotte’s husband Nolan making moves on her. Which Charlotte is fine with – so long as they only have sex when Charlotte is watching. Hey whatever floats your boat!

But Nolan isn’t satisfied and tries to seduce Maddy alone which she objects strenuously, especially since Charlotte suspects and demotes Maddy and threatens her job – a job she relies on to provide insulin for her son. Maddy’s not having that – she reads Nolan the riot act and threatens blackmail: it looks very much like Charlotte may be involved in Nefariousness.

Of course Nolan isn’t listening – he’s more focused on getting rid of Charlotte and keeping Maddy. This is going to be an utter hot mess.