Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Strain, Season 3, Episode 3: First Born

Last episode we saw Ephraim deciding to screw everything in the name of his son. So time to catch up with said son who is breathing much better now with vampire goo in him. We get an unnecessary flashback to his birth and him being born with a caul, which Kelly thinks means they’re totally super connected. There are many superstitions about babes born with the caul – but I don’t think “vampire mother connection is one”. She also wants him to be totally team Master which is a hard sell.

Ephraim is finally deciding that maybe selling out the whole world for his son may be a bad idea, but he can’t develop that (and it’s a bit late anyway) because Quinlan steps in with his own much more fascinating back story

He was born after his pregnant mother was infected by the Master, way back in days of yore (we know this because Ephraim asks personal questions about vampire reproduction). In 58AD he was being dragged around in a cage by humans displaying him (who apparently knew about vampires and even respected them and didn’t recognise Quinlan as one. Ok I want to know way more about vampire society way back then). He is found and rescued by Ancharia, a hunter, who quickly nurtures his humanity and forms a really good maternal bond with him, while they run as far as they can from the Master

Quinlan is known as the Invictus, the one prophesised to kill the Master

The Master seems to know this as well because he hunts them down – he does try to recruit Quinlan, first by appealing to him, then when he sees Quinlan is too human he seals him in a cave with Ancharia, relying on hunger to make him eat her. Which he does – but only when she asks him to, professing her love for him as a son

This doesn’t make him very enamoured of the Master. Nor does it making him less human. But he’s not ready to bring down the Master so he runs instead to come back in the future (about 1,000 years in the future).

So back to the present where Vasiliy and Abe have realised that the book is missing. Thankfully, Vasiliy is a suspicious man and put a tracker in said book, allowing them to gatecrash Ephraim and Quinlan’s book exchange, which is lucky considering the Master has, as you’ll not be shocked, doublecrossed them.

He has a lot of vampire soldiers ready to shoot Quinlan in the head, almost incapacitating him. Also they didn’t even bring Zach; they’re just going to take the book off Ephraim which they can do quite easily because he’s only human and not even really armed

Thankfully Abe and Vasiliy are not unarmed. They have UV bombs which both take out the soldiers and incapacitate the Master. With him helpless, Quinlan manages to cut off the Master’s head before collapsing himself

This could be because he has been shot. Or because that same Prophecy means he will die when the Master died

Since this is only episode 3 I can guarantee the Master’s not dead. Especially since a worm crawled from the Master’s body into the sewers. The Master is so not dead.

Seriously does anyone buy this?

Anyway, let’s catch up with Gus who is still bleeding himself half to death trying to feed his vampire mother. This is when Angel comes in and tries to intervention him. Gus is utterly unwilling to listen and is willing to actually fight Angel to protect her. Before they come to blows, the police arrive

It’s a mess as Angel tries to help, against his better wishes, and they both end up arrested. I’m assuming Gus’s mother is killed

This ends up with them not imprisoned – but drafted into the troops clearing at vampires. They’re at war and New York is drafting in prisoners rather than locking them up. I wonder if we're going to analyse this further... the implications of this drafting of prisoners and basically sending them into a suicidal situation