Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Shadowhunters, Season 2, Episode 3: Parabati Lost

So, last episode Alec decided to risk his on lie in desperate attempt to bring Jace (who hardly notices he’s there) back.

Because this is Shadowhunters not only is Alec willing to risk his life for Jake, he’s not even effective. His little woo-woo does nothing to find Jace except risks his own life and render him completely unconscious for the whole episode

He does have lots of flashbacks to him and Jace – but this seems to be more serve to show how much more awesome Jace is and show Alec’s desperate fixation on him. Which is especially galling when a desperate Magnus, unable to save Alec with magic (and of course the Shadowhunters whistle him up when needed) he resorts to kissing Alec. Which does nothing. There follows memories of how much Alec is obsessed with Jace, then Jace arrives and lo he wakes up. It’s hard not to contrast Alec’s obsession with a disinterested Jace and then see Magnus’s legitimately caring and it still not being as important as Jace.

So that’s one annoying wreck but naturally not the most important.

Jace and Clary have escaped the boat. Clary arrives at the shore, makes it back to the Institute while Victor promptly interviews her – hey she’s found the boat full of Valentine’s Shadowhunters of evil, maybe she wants to share some information about that before said shadowhunters do terribad evil things?

Nah, Clary doesn’t care about Valentine, a war, hundreds, maybe thousands dead – because she’s Clary. She decides to lie, say nothing and focus entirely on Jace because he is all that matters in the world.

I have to say how amazingly close to the books this TV series is. I loathed book Clary as well. At least Magnus has sharp words for everyone’s obsession with her – now if his actions would only match

Izzy runs around trying to comfort everyone while not realising she really needs to ditch them all and find better people in her life.

Jace also washes up to shore with the body of the werewolf killed last episode. They both wet, banged up and on the shore and found by a jogger. To which Jace says “it’s not what you think!”

What? Before you said that, what I thought was “oh no, these two soaking people have washed up from a tragic boating accident”. Since they’re both beat up and dripping wet this would be reasonable. Until Jace opens his mouth and speaks like a murderer

He goes on the run and ends up in a werewolf bar, full of Luke’s pack who is really pissed at Jace kidnapping and apparently murdering one of their own. They give him a thorough beating and plan to even more thoroughly murder him as they chase him from bar to hospital to street and eventually to Alec (the Clave is using Alec as bait for Jace because Alec is a tool not a person or warrior etc)

Along the way Luke follows passionately pursuing justice for his slain pack member. Hah No. Luke follows doing Clary’s will and does his very best to do everything he can to protect Jace from his Pack’s wrath. I don’t think he spends a millisecond caring one iota for the actual dead woman

Jace ends up arrested by the Clave. And maybe, just maybe, we can focus on something a little more important than him

Meanwhile Simon is still not doing a great job of actually finding his sire Camille and she’s apparently killing vampires. Raphael is upset about this. Since he’s also caring about his people who he leads rather than being a good little minion, he’s also a bad guy. Clearly he needs to go to Luke’s school of appropriate Downworlder behaviour

Simon gets a call from his mother who points out he hasn’t called her in forever; he worries about her, especially since she has had a problem with alcohol in the past and appears to have started drinking again. Clary decides to be supportive and we even repeat the book’s horrendously appropriative and disgusting “coming out as a vampire” scene. It was awful in the books. It’s awful in the TV show. The least you can do if you’re going to turn your gay characters into subservient shadows is to not then hijack LGBT rights for the sake of blood sucking monsters

Raphael finds Simon’s mother and has some nice little ominous threats for Simon to actually get on with sorting out his Camille problem already