Friday, June 9, 2017

Outcast, Season 2, Episode 2: The Day After That

Since Megan nixed the whole suicide idea, they’ve decided to go with a car accident to cover up Mark’s death. This leaves Megan duly sad and traumatised. She talks to Kyle about how Mark didn’t see her as broken and how she feels that this is her only chance, no-one else would see her that way. We have to remember that Megan is a child abuse survivor and she has clearly got ongoing problems with her self worth from that. Killing her husband (understandably she hasn’t really bought the whole possession thing). She goes swimming which looks a lot like a suicide attempt… though someone rescues her

On top of this Amber isn’t happy being left with Rose and Megan who may be possessed and Holly who blames her…

Giles is going full out for demon hunting, taking Kyle with him to “interview” a possessed woman called Evelyn and her very bemused, ignorant, unpossessed human. Giles is brutal, violent and willing to point guns at these nice people’s heads which is generally not something you look for in law enforcement. Kyle is the one who gets answers with his demon burning touch – and the threat of his exorcism blood

But he doesn’t exorcise her – she’s been here for too long, exorcising her will actually kill her. Guiles is angry about this – and confronts Kyle about it

Which is when Kyle has the whole discussion that I’ve been waiting for: they don’t know what they’re fighting, don’t know who or what they are or what his blood does to them. He doesn’t want to just exorcise them without knowing what that actually means. While Giles has gone completely to paranoia zone, assuming the demons are going to outnumber humans.

What they do learn is that someone is working with Sidney.

Speaking of Sidney – I think we have a brief scene of him coughing up black goo – which is not a good sign.

Giles can’t completely get away with abusing random citizens as the mayor visits him to try to encourage him to retire. Who thinks the mayor is possessed

Alas, we have to join Anderson who is in prison where he belongs. Patricia visits him and he tells her all about burning her son to death. She’s not a fan of this and leaves angry – by his lies – because she’s absolutely convinced her son is alive.

Anderson also tries to intervention a man in the next cell who is in clear severe opiate withdrawal (also, this gaol is absolutely terrible that they don’t provide any medical intervention and everyone needs suing); sharing the story of his own son who was addicted to opiates after being prescribed pain killers. His attempt to understand fails when said guy is possessed right in front of Anderson and starts severely injuring (maybe killing himself) trying to reach Anderson – and no amount of Bible waving will fix it.

At Sidney’s burned house they manage to get the body – and it’s female, has been dead for 30 years and has had her lips sewn shut Uckies. There’s also more of that black goo involved – Sidney visits the body and seems quite concerned. This may be why he has the body stolen by one of his minions.

This does mean Giles can visit Anderson and say he’s off the hook for murder – so he’s going to let him go (arson isn’t a crime any more apparently).Anderson is all depressed at how helpless he was in the face of possession again – because how often has he failed to achieve anything? Giles is less concerned about the abstract and definitely less concerned about whether god is or not with them – he just wants to defeat the demon. And do that they need Kyle to get on side without his doubts getting in the way

Kyle also examines Sidney’s burned house and finds a whole lot of pills and a medical IV bag. From there he goes to see his mother who is definitely dying and her very concerned doctor who is worried whether Kyle is looking after himself – he even offers Kyle sleeping pills. Kyle becomes very suspicious and borderline threatens the doctor, assuming he’s a demon

I’d say this is meant to look paranoid – but really, a doctor prescribing someone who isn’t his patient without looking at any of his medical records? Nope, any doctor who does that needs beating about the head and shoulders with a haddock.

It turns out that Kyle was right to be suspicious as the doctor tries to attack Kyle’s car as he drives off with a metal pipe

He’s also helping Sidney with the woman’s body – confessing he did attack Kyle but just to scare him. Apparently Sidney has plans for Kyle – something called the “merger” Kyle’s reason for being which will make Kyle suffer.

We also have Patricia's son, Aaron, still alive, and in Sidney (who pulled him from the fire - though he's very badly burned) and Dr. Park's care. Not a hospital though?

I do wish someone would give us a hint as to what is happening on this show!

Amber also tries to run away before Kyle finds her –she wants them both to go to Alison and be a family again