Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lost Girl Season Two, Episode 20: Lachlan's Gambit

The Lost Girl season is winding down, and there are now only two episodes left.  I hope that during the hiatus, Anna Silk will consider an acting class or two.  There was a lot of action and plot advancement in this episode, but the scenes Silk did with Zoie Palmer, clearly highlighted who was the real actress in the room.  I normally don't comment on the acting in a particular episode, but Palmer was so believable and heartbreaking, that I almost forgave the writers for killing off Nadia so quickly.

This episode begins when Trick informs Bo that the animals are acting up, because they can sense that the Garuda is close. When a strange mole creature tunnels through the ground and Bo grabs him instantly,  it turns out that he owes a debt to Trick.

Shortly afterwards Ciara returns, which is timely because a few of the Garuda's goons decide that they want to take Trick with them.  Ciara, Bo, and Hale fight them off, but not before Hale gets knocked out. Really? This man is a cop and yet Bo, who has had no real training, manages to stay on her feet and not him.  It reads like more of the marginalization of Hale, and this is made worse by the fact that he blames his injury on Dyson not having his back. 

Kenzi is forced to pull Dyson away from Hale, just as Lauren enters the room to tend to Hale's injuries.  She walks right by Bo without comment.  It looks as though every step she takes she is in pain.  

Before Hale is even on his feet again, more henchman show up, but it turns out that they are from the Ash.  Bo intervenes, but Trick tells her that Lachlin is the Ash, and has the right to command his presence.  Lachlan attempts to convince Trick to use his blood to stop the war.  His venom is the only thing that can stop the Garuda; however, he only has one head left, which means he is extremely vulnerable.  Trick refuses to use his blood because he fears that the cure might be worse than the disease, so to speak, and informs Lachlin that if he attempts to force him to do it, that nothing will happen, because he has to desire the change for it to occur. When Lachlin holds a knife to Trick's hand, Bo and Dyson show up to stop him from going further. 

It turns out that Dyson has had a vision from the wolf spirit.  He tells them that he is the champion and that he will bring the Garuda to heel.  Lachlin argues that this is not the case and that Bo is the real champion, but a look of relief quickly crosses Bo's face. Can I just pause for a moment to say that the so-called vision very narrowly escaped being appropriation.  It skidded the line between vision quest and fae quest.   

They decide that the next day they will go after the Garuda.  Predictably, Dyson and Ciara end up in bed together.  He is worried that she will read more into sex than what he has to offer, but she simply tells him that if this is her last night on earth, that she wants to spend it with him.  At Bo's, Lauren shows up.  She is mourning deeply for the loss of Nadia and tells Bo that she needs something to help take the edge off.  After sharing a drink, she asks Bo to comfort her saying that a desire for sex is natural in the face of grief.  She is talking analytically, but it is clear that this is simply an attempt to hold back the emotion that is threatening to overwhelm her.  Finally, she asks Bo if she can sleep with her, but when Bo gets that look in her eye, Lauren makes it clear that all she really wants is to be held and to feel safe.  In bed together, Lauren tells Bo that she just wants to leave, and put the fae world completely behind her. 

In the morning, Bo, Kenzi, Ciara, Dyson and Hale show up at the Dahl.  Trick gives them a club because it is the only thing that can supposedly kill the Garuda.  Okay writers, what's the deal?  Is it the club that is deadly, or Lachlan's venom?  The gang head into the tunnels where they are quickly surrounded.  The Garuda uses his skill to set them bickering with each other.  To get them to stop bickering and distract the Garuda, Kenzi clubs him, which surprise, surprise, does absolutely nothing but end up with her in a choke hold.  I am going to take a few seconds her to say that Showcase actually decided to spend a little bit of money this episode on the Garuda's fire arms, and they were pretty cool. Bo manages to get Kenzi away from him but when the Garuda moves to strike, Ciara jumps in front of Bo and is killed.  Why oh why, would Ciara sacrifice her life for Bo?  They don't have a real friendship and she knows about Dyson's vision quest, but yeah, Bo cannot be allowed to die. The Garuda disappears in the confusion, leaving the gang to fight off his men.

Lauren is at home and she is packing her things planning on leaving.  On the floor, we can still see the round stain from Nadia's blood.  Before she can get out the door, she gets a text from Lachlin, who says that he needs to see her and that it is important. 

At the compound, Trick learns that the Ash sent all of his men to protect Bo because he believes that she is the champion despite Dyson's vision.  Lachlin tells Trick that he needs to leave, but Trick insists that he can fight.  It is only when Lachlin tells Trick that after he is gone, that Bo is going to need a mentor does he hide.  Right on cue, The Garuda shows up, and the two men begin to circle each other.

Back in the tunnel, Dyson agrees to hold off the men while the gang makes their escape.  Bo promises him that she will come back for him.  As they head out, Kenzi keeps stopping to look back.  At first, Dyson holds his own because the men are attacking one at a time, but they quickly gang up on Dyson, overpowering him.  As Hale and Bo make their escape, Kenzi stays behind and watches as Dyson takes a beating.

At the compound, the Garuda relieves Lachlin of his last head.  At this rate, I wouldn't want to be the Ashe, as it seems that they go through one a season.  The Garuda smells Trick and calls him out.  Trick faces him with two knives, and quickly throws them on the ground, and instead uses his whistle to call the mole creature from earlier in the episode. 

When Bo arrives at the compound she finds out that Lachlin is dead.  Lauren tells her that he gave them a big advantage, and holds up a few samples of his venom.  When Bo turns around she realizes that Kenzi is not with them.  She turns on Hale, but Trick tells her that he made Hale promise to get her back no matter what.  Okay, how is this Hale's fault? Bo couldn't have turned to look behind her to make sure her so-called BFF was right behind them?  A head turn is too much work for this woman?

Bo turns and runs after Kenzi, only to find her carting Dyson in a wheel barrel.  Kenzi tells her how she hid under the body of one of the dead men until she could find an opportunity to spirit Dyson away.  In the face of this great example of what friends do for each other, what does Bo do? Bo barely pays attention to Dyson's injuries and instead fixates on the fact that she is indeed the chosen one, and can no longer shirk her responsibilities. Umm yeah, your friend and lover is unconscious and covered in injuries because he protected you, but why pause when you can moan about your burden?  I suppose Bo and Dyson really do belong together because they both treat their so-called friends terribly.

Back at the compound, they are excited about the venom, until they realize that it is starting to coagulate.   Does this mean that Lachlan gave his life in vain?