Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Being Human U.S. Season Two, Episode Ten: Dream Reaper

For the first time in a long time Sally, Josh and Aidan actually spent the episode together.  When we last left Sally she was circled in salt lying in the spot where she died.  Josh and Aidan realize that they can't do anything to help her and so they get Zoe but neglect to mention that Sally killed Zoe's boyfriend Nick, for fear that she won't help them.

Sally is living in an imaginary world with the ever so sexay reaper.  Sally believes that she is happily engaged to Scott (read the reaper).  He keeps her focus on the fantasy and even discusses them moving out of the house.  In her dream world, Sally actually wears different clothing.  It was so nice to see her outside of the grey clothing that she has been wearing for a season and a half.  It's amazing what a little colour can do for you.  I didn't actually realize that Meaghan Rath is such a beautiful woman.

Zoe tells them that she has never actually seen anything like this but encourages them to talk to Sally and reach out to her.  When Aidan begs Sally to come back to them, in her dream world it appears as though someone is IM'ing her.  She becomes upset and thinks that Aidan is just some creepy dude.  Scott comes along and takes he computer away from her, saying that it needs to be fixed.  Then Sally begins to hear voices and she clearly feels like she is losing her mind.  When she goes upstairs to follow the voices, she almost falls backward to land on the place where she died, but Scott catches her and takes her upstairs to bed.  Lying in bed with her, he convinces her that her subconscious is playing tricks on her because they are planning on moving out of the house.

Zoe decides to do a mind meld with Sally.  I suppose that this is an homage to Star Trek, but they need to get Zoe some pointy ears.  Before she can enter Sally's mind, Scott makes an appearance using Sally's body. He is extremely angry and shuts the house down the house tight.  This is a problem because it's only hours until the full moon and it's been over 24 hours since Aidan has had live blood.  After checking all of the windows and doors they realize that they are trapped, which means that Zoe is now in mortal danger. The reaper takes turn taunting them and tells Zoe that when she dies that Nick will not be waiting for her and they are forced to tell Zoe that Sally reaped him. In desperation they reveal their truth to Zoe and explain that because Josh is a werewolf and Aidan is a vampire that they can see ghosts. She is absolutely incredulous and believes that Aidan fits into the typical hot vampire model, until he turns away from her and completely vamps out.  They explain that she is in mortal danger unless she can through to Sally.

Zoe begins her mind meld because it's the best chance they have.  Her body collapses next to Sally.  Aidan sits on the couch to watch her as Josh goes into the kitchen and empties the fridge thinking that he could perhaps change in there.  Aidan begins to vamp out and goes to sit next to Zoe.

In Sally's head she is throwing a party.  Zoe approaches her and tells her that Scott is dangerous and that she needs to go back to her friends Aidan and Josh.  Sally thinks that Zoe is Scott's improv friend from college, but Zoe simply persists that this is not Sally's real life.

Finally, Aidan can take the temptation no longer and begins to feed on Zoe.  In Sally's dream world she feels the pain of the bite and see the blood welling from where Aidan is feeding from her.  Josh walks back in the room and pulls Aidan off of Zoe. He offers himself for Aidan to feed from but Aidan is repulsed by the smell and says that vampires don't feed off of werewolves.  Josh is insistent and so Aidan puts aside his reservations and begins drinking from Josh.  He only takes a few sips and then pulls away saying that he feels wonderful.  Moments later her falls to the ground in pain bleeding from his eyes and Josh begins to freak out.

When Aidan screams in pain it shocks Sally into reality and she realizes that she is actually dead and throws herself down the stairs landing at the place where she died.  When she comes to Josh asks if she is alright and she says that she is fine and sends him out to the woods to change after he releases her.  Aidan sits up and says that he needs to go to bed and rest.  This leaves Sally with Zoe, who makes it clear that she will never forgive her for taking Nick from her and killing the ghost group.  Zoe walks out leaving Sally alone with Scott.  Sally tells him that she knows that he is not real but he simply says that she cannot rid herself of him, and that he will be waiting for her next slip.

okay, it's clear that they writers are going to follow through with making Sally mentally unstable but they need to stop the violence.  It is a terrible trope and I am sick of seeing people who neurologically atypical in the media portrayed as a violent threat to all who surround them.

I thought that this was a good episode and it's long past time for Sally to get some attention.  For much of the season, Josh and Aidan have run off and done their own thing, leaving Sally to work through her issues alone.  They have not been good friends to her at all.