Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Being Human U.K Season Three, Episode 6: Daddy Ghoul

This scene opens with  flashback of Herrick and Mitchell having an argument.  It seems that Mitchell wanted some company and Herrick was dead set against recruits. Herrick tells him that the old ones only ever turn someone once and that it is an eternal bond.  Apparently an heir inherits all of your secrets and potentially a savior. Herrick says, if something happens to you they can bring you back.  

In the present day, Nina wakes to George staring at her while she sleeps. Nina questions whether they are in an ideal baby raising environment. She says that they have to start thinking about the future and ensuring that the world is safe for their child. In his room, Mitchell looks through the newspapers for more news on the box car murders.  Instead of seeing the news on the murders, Annie notices an obituary for George's father.  They gather around the kitchen table to tell George and Nina. George decides that he needs to go the service and when Nina offers to accompany him, he says that he needs to do this alone.

Upstairs in the attic, Herrick is riddled with pain. Mitchell approaches him and asks him if he wants him to make the pain go away.  Mitchell takes a knife and slices his arm open, saying "I can make you powerful again, I can make you strong again."  Mitchell forces Herrick to drink saying that he needs to learn how to survive because he is finally happy and that he does not want to leave Annie.  When it does not have the effect that Mitchell desires he realizes that Herrick needs fresh human blood.

Standing in the shadows at his father funeral, George sees a man run away and follows him only to realize that it is his father.  George tells his father that he is a ghost and in return his father tells him that he is not a freak.  When George notices that his former phys ed teacher is comforting the other he is upset.

Back at the house a police officer rings the doorbell. Nina see this and heads back upstairs. George Sr. takes George to the trailer where he used to leiv.  He says that his wife left him and started dating George's former teacher.  George is not pleased that his father didn't fight hard enough to keep his wife.  George Sr. offers to make a cup of tea and George rolls his eye at the possibility of another ghost who makes tea he cannot drink. George explains to him about the door as they walk past the place where George Sr. died. Apparently, George Sr. died in a fire and this news really upsets George because all he can think about is the pain that he must have been in. 

In the house, Nina is helping the detective clean up. Upstairs in the attack, Herrick lifts a panel so he can see and hear what is going on.  The smell of blood causes his fangs to descend. The detective tells Mitchell that she was sent to talk to him but Mitchell quickly denies any knowledge of the murders on the tube. Mitchell takes her to the door, and Annie asks Nina who she thinks gave the police Mitchells name. Nina calls George who says that she wants to be with him, but George says that he is fine and tells her hat George Sr. is a ghost.

George goes through the list with his father of the things that he might have unresolved, but none of his efforts make an difference. George Sr. suggests that George should go and see his mother when he is gone, but George says no.  Nina shows up at the trailer.

Back at the house, Annie is upset that someone tried to link him to death of 20 innocent people.  She tells him that she knows that something is worrying him and asks him to tell her. Mitchell starts to tell her about Daisy, and suggests that Daisy alone committed this crime. He tells her that they have a code about not ratting each other out, but Annie says that if he won't protect himself that she will. Upstairs, Herrick had made his way to the bathroom. He takes the blood kleenex out of the waste basket and sucks the blood out of it.  

Back at the trailer, Nina and George Sr are sitting and chatting. He asks how George and Nina met. George Sr tells her that when George left, Ruth, George's mother retreated into herself. Later George and Nina go for a walk and she tells him that George Sr. believes that to move on he has to talk to his mother. George again goes into denial but Nina says she thinks she has to do it.

At the police station, Nancy, the detective who visited the house announces that she wants to question Mitchell again, but she is told that there is nothing there and is assigned to desk duty.  Annie has been in the police station and heard the entire exchange. When Annie looks at the wall which has a photo of all of the victims, she recognizes Lia from her time in purgatory.

George bites the bullet and sees his mother and her new boyfriend.  George tells her that he didn't let her know that he was alive because he was in a cult. Of course Marcus says that it's part Ruth's fault for not raising George properly.  Ruth says that she has been scared for three years and that what he did was selfish and cruel, and then leaves the room crying.

Annie goes back to the house and tells him about seeing Lia's picture on the wall. He asks her who the woman in the photo is and Annie tells him that she is the woman from purgatory and that she was murdered.  Annie vows to help Nancy solve the case for Lia's sake. 

When George and Nina get back to the trailer they see George Sr dancing and eating causing George to realise that his father is not dead. Apparently his shed had burned down and the police had found a body in it.  Everyone assumed that it was him.  He was going to call everyone but then he realized that he had no one to call and that he needed to start over.  The only reason he went to the funeral was to see Ruth one last time before he died.  George shows him the death notice and says that his mother still loves him.  Together Nina and George coach George Sr on how to win back his wife.When they knock on the door, Ruth answers.  George Sr shows up behind them.

George says that he faked his death because he thought that Ruth didn't want him anymore. He tells her that she looked so upset at the funeral and he asks her if she loves him.  Ruth says that she is upset that she didn't fight for her when she told him that she had a lover.  Marcus gets in between the two of them and then attempts to throw George out of his own house.  George responds by punching Marcus and Ruth says that she loves him.  Marcus grabs his stuff and leaves. 

Ruth is happy that they are altogether but George stops her. He stumbles and then tells them that he is  werewolf.  George Sr. asks if he is taking some sort of medication.  It seems that they believe that he is not mentally balanced.

Back at the house, Nancy is asking Mitchell what she knows about Daisy.  Annie is encouraging him to speak but he keeps saying that he cannot remember exactly.  He says that she seemed to know all about it and that she could describe the scene and the bodies.  Annie gives him a disapproving look.

Upstairs, Nancy is washing her hands when she sees Herrick staring through the door in the window at her. Herrick tells her that Nina is his niece.  When she asks about Mitchell he suggests that he knows secrets about him and suggests that she come closer. When Nancy leans in Herrick's mouth starts to tremble and he says, "I can't tell you, but I can show you."  He takes her upstairs and shows her Mitchell's scrapbook.  Nancy races for the door with the scrapbook in her bag. Mitchell stops it and says that she has something that does not belong to her.  He tells her that either she gives him a warrant or she must give him back the book. Nancy hands back the book and races to her car.  In the yard, Mitchell rips up the scrap book and burns it.

This episode really felt like filler to me.  Did we really need to know about the marital problems of George's parents?  It was just boring and dragged the plot out.  I really have not been able to get into this season and I don't know if it is because I know how it ends or because the tension feels so contrived.  There have been line like George telling Mitchell that he won't be his friend anymore that had be rolling my eyes.  I hope that when Being Human moves onto its fourth season that there will be  good shift.