Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Almighty Johnsons Season One, Episode Four: You Gotta Love Life, Baby

This episode opens with Valerie packing lunch for Mike and Axl.  Of course she has complain about Olaf staying there, eating all of their food and not paying rent.  I agree that if Olaf is going to be staying with them that he should be contributing; however, they haven't given Valerie anything to do but complain about Olaf and cook for the Johnsons. If that weren't enough, when Axl complains about what must truly be a truly disgusting sandwich prepared by Valerie, Mike tells him to run with it because she is back on the hormone treatment and this makes her a bit more stressed than usual.  Well there, you have it folks, five minutes in and the sexism is well underway.

Before Mike and Axl can leave Rhiannon, a woman that Olaf had a brief fling with, shows up asking for him. She asks for Mike and Axl to tell Olaf that she is pregnant and asks to crash at the house for a few days.

At the job site, Mike reveals that Rhiannon is a mortal thus leading Axl to conclude that Mike and Val's fertility problems have nothing to do with the fact that Mike is a God.  When Mike tries to encourage Axl to work, he has to admit that he is hung over from partying the night before with Anders.

At the office, Rosie shows up to consult with Anders about last nights mixer. At first he tries to blow her off saying that he has a meeting to attend but when she persists and is clearly upset, Dawn encourages her to talk.  It seems that she got a bit drunk and slept with a celebrity named Mana.  That in and of itself wouldn't be the end of the world, if it weren't recorded. Now someone is blackmailing her and threatening to release the video on the internet.  This is something that Anders should handle but he passes the buck to Dawn, once again. To assure Rosie, he uses his powers on her.

Ty and Dawn meet for lunch and Ty asks why Anders is asking her to deal with a blackmail.  When she says it's normal, Ty suggests that they should call the police and that she should not have to deal with this.  The two go together to see the blackmailer.  When he refuses to hand over the tape, Ty grabs him burning his hand with the cold. When Dawn asks how he managed to burn the blackmailers wrist, he says, "four brothers, we fought a lot. It's a sort of Chinese burn."

Back at the house, Olaf is back and is waiting outside for Mike.  They tell him about the pregnancy and Mike says, "grandpa you have to learn to keep it sheathed," to which he responds, "condoms mess with my flow." Apparently this is not the first time that this has happened. It seems that it has happened 20 times that he knows of.  Instead of accepting responsibility, Olaf makes plans to leave.  Axl is shocked but before they can leave, Valerie and Rhiannon pull up at the house.

At the office, Dawn hands Anders the tape.  Of course, Anders wants to watch it.  He asks how she got the tape for free, and Dawn tells him that Ty helped. They sit down to watch the tape together.

Back at the house, everyone sits down for dinner.  When Val asks how far along she says ten weeks and that she is going to have her abortion soon.  Val gets up from the table visibly upset, as Olaf tells Rhiannon how cool babies are and that she has to love life. The two are oblivious and the kiss and make out at the dinner table.  Olaf and Rhiannon excuse themselves.  Alone with Val, Axl comforts her as she starts to cry.

At Anders office, Dawn is hard at work again, but Ty tells her that work can wait and ushers her out of the office. Rosie's phone goes off and apparently the video is on the net.  Ty asks him who had the tape and Dawn says that Anders had the tape. Ty believes that Anders released the tape, but Dawn thinks that because Rosie is his client that it would not have made sense for him to do this.  As they chat more about the business, Dawn admits that Anders is good at getting clients, but not good at keeping them. Ty tells Dawn that he does not like the way that he takes advantage of people, and in particular her.  Dawn admits to getting resentful but says that the next day she talks to Anders and its all fine again.  Clearly, Anders has been using his powers of persuasion on Dawn, on a regular basis. Ty tells her that she is too good for him and that she can get another job, or start her own agency.  She says no and that Anders is really good with people.

In the meantime, Anders is over at Mana's house showing him the tape.  Mana btw is a man of colour and that is the first of this season.  I guess it remains to be seen whether he will be a one off, or a reoccurring role, breaking up some of the White utopia. Mana is upset because he just signed up for a Disney role.  Anders says that it wasn't Mana's fault and he jumps on it saying that he was lead on by Rosie.  Way to take responsibility Mana.  Anders counters saying that he was drugged and that though this seems bad now, it won't be for long. Anders suggests that a few glasses of wine combined with the cold medicine is what lead to it.  Anders says that Mana was taken advantage of - date rape. Now would be the time for Mana to object, but his only concern is that he will look like a pussy. I cannot believe that they are using date rape in this fashion.  I get that Anders is a negative character, but without counters to his language or behaviour, it reads like what he is suggesting is not at all problematic.

Back at the house, Mike and Axl are cleaning up after diner, and Olaf and Rhiannon can be heard having very loud sex.  Val comments that the house needs sound insulation. Val heads off to bed leaving Axl and Mike alone.  Axl asks if Mike was trying to get Olaf to leave because being around pregnant women upsets Val but Mike says no, and that it's complicated.  Apparently, Mike wants Rhiannon gone because if she stays with Olaf, she is going to notice that Olaf does not age.  This makes no sense to me because wouldn't that also apply to Val, who obviously spends time with Olaf? Mike tells Axl that this is shit that is none of our business.

In bed, Mike apologies to Val who says that it's okay.  She clearly feels sorry for Rhiannon, but believes that this could be good for Olaf, because it could cause him to settle down. Val is going back to work ad when Mike suggests that she take more time off, she points out that they are hardly getting by and need to save money in case they need to take another treatment.

The next morning, Axl shows up at Mike's and sees Rhiannon packing her surfboard into the car. It seems that despite discussing abortion yesterday,  Rhiannon is going to keep the baby.  When Axl walks in the house, Axl is having breakfast.  When Mike asks Olaf if they are really going to this, he says, "she's a real sweet girl and the sex is mind altering." Axl says that it is wicked he is taking responsibility.  Apparently, Olaf has not given any thought to getting a place together, contrary to what Rhiannon told Axl.  He is not impressed but Axl just brings up the good surfing weather and asks Axl to tell Val that they need more bread before taking off.

At the office, Dawn reports to Anders that Rosie has gone into hiding. Apparently, Rosie is being harassed by journalists.  Anders is not concerned saying that the network wanted a younger demographic anyway.  Dawn counters saying that they should be getting behind Rosie and not researching the none side effects of a cold pill. Dawn hands over the research and Anders wants to know if it has anything to do with a raised libido.  He tells Dawn to arrange an interview with Mana and Dawn is shocked. This is when Anders tells her that Mana is now their client and a father of three.

Mana does the interview and says that it was like he was out of control and couldn't stop himself.  He says that he has to take responsibility and blames the cold medicine for his actions.

When they arrive at the house with the leaking roof, Mike agrees to pay for all the damages and fix the house though, he had subcontracted out the roof. Axl is concerned about how he is going to pay for this but Mike says that he will shuffle things around.  Val calls crying and complaining about the washing machine.

At the office, Rosie is crying after seeing the Mana interview.  Dawn tries to call Anders, but of course he does not answer.  Rosie says that she just wants to kill him, causing Dawn to inquire if she is speaking about Anders, but apparently Dawn holds Mana responsible because he came onto her and is now acting like she is hideous.  Rosie is very upset because she might well lose her job.

Axl shows up at Anders and tells him that Mike is in trouble and needs financial help.  Anders is not at all sympathetic and says, "Gods are not meant to be pussy whipped, by nagging primary teachers." He goes on to say, "listen two, Mike is Ullr - the god of games and he could make a shit load by walking into any casino but he is too much of a pussy."  Axl pushes Anders across the room saying that they need to stand by Mike because he is their brother.  He tells Anders that if he wants his help getting his powers then he has to help Mike. Axl also makes a point of telling Anders that getting his powers is the only reason he gives a shit about him.

Dawn turns to Ty with her rage.  She feels terrible about what Anders has done to Dawn.  Ty tells her to leave, but she says that when she tries, Anders will talk her out of it.  Ty suggests that she get a pair of air plugs. Ty tells her that she is a great person with so much goodness.  Back at the office, Dawn is packing her things.  She hands Anders his resignation, he tries to use his power on her but she cannot hear him because of the air plugs.  She tells him that he is a slave driver and that what he did to Rosie was evil and appalling before walking out.

Back at Mike's, Olaf is packing to leave though Rhiannon has just left to find them a house.  Axl is shocked but Olaf says that he is not like other people and that Rhiannon expects him to get a job. Apparently, "it's easier to leave, when they don' expect you to leave." Olaf says that Gods are serial monogamists. He says that he has tried love before but it does not work out well. When Axl asks about Rhiannon, Olaf hands over a small amount of money and says that she will work it out because of that mother thing they have going. I was really pleased to see Axl pull away saying that he didn't like Olaf right now, but Olaf says, you're just lucky you don't have to be for the next hundred years.

Anders shows up at Ty's and asks how long he has had the hots for Dawn.  Ty says that he doesn't like the way that Anders is using her, but Anders says that he should be letting Dawn go.  Apparently, Ty has a long history of friends who are no girlfriends. 

Back at the house, Rhiannon has returned and Axl is forced to hand her the money and tell her that Olaf is gone.  Val says that Rhiannon is welcome to stay there for as long as she would like before leaving. Rhiannon says that she should call he doctor, but Axl suggests that she should give the baby to Val, who would do anything to have a baby and he offers to help as well. He asks her to think about it.

On he job site, the house owner shows up and says that his brothers came to see him and that everything is fine.  We flash to a seen of Anders talking to him.  Mike says that he is a man of his word. Mike says that they want him to take he easy way out.

At Ty's house, Dawn calls him and asks him out on date.  Unfortunately she finishes it by saying that she wants to thank him for being a friend.  Anders shows up with some flowers and announces that he got Rosie two magazine covers and a renewal on her contract.  He uses his powers to convince Dawn that he wants her to stay and she asks for a pay raise for which he immediately says yes.

Back at the house, Rhiannon tells Axl that she is going to have an abortion. She says that she wanted to keep it with Olaf but that she cannot give her kid away. In the house, Val is upset that Rhiannon is leaving.  She says that if she is being too difficult that all Mike has to do is say.