Thursday, June 7, 2012

Blood Ties, Season 1, Episode 10: Necrodrome

Let’s start with more fun flirting between Henry and Vicki always a good beginning. Especially since they’re tracking down a nice, mundane cheating husband which is so often the bread and butter work of a private detective. Not sure why Vicki has brought Henry along, but it’s become the norm now.

And the case of the week – we’re in an odd funeral home were 2 odd men are doing some very odd things to a dead body. Even more oddly, an odd figure in an odd mask puts something on the corpse’s mouth which makes said body, oddly, move around. How very odd.

Mr. Olienov, runs a funeral home in which he has to explain to a woman why her nearest and dearest’s body is not actually around for her to bury. She’s rather upset, as one can imagine as corpses are not normally mislaid. He has hired Vicki to find the body (a man called Diesel – a boxing champion) at the recommendation of the awesome Dr. Mohadevan, the pathologist. Because she knows Vicki can handle the freaky cases – including the security camera which shows a strange masked man’s oddness and the moving corpse which would be hard to show to the police.

Time to show the video to Henry and some more intense flirting – he is good at it, I’ll give him that. Yes yes he is. Anyway Henry, seeing a corpse get up next to a man in an Egyptian mask declares it to be Egyptian Necromancy. Well, he’s a font of knowledge this guy. Go back to flirting Henry. Vicki concludes that the man must have known his way around the funeral home since he avoided the cameras, picked the right doors etc

Time to speak to someone who knows Olienov – the awesome pathologist Dr. Mohadevan! And as she does, she makes the fantastic and amazing sound mundane. And how a resurrection (or Easter Weekend) is just a very annoying thing to happen in a funeral home. She’s very passé about it, in her work they see so many things that are strange (as we’ve seen in past episodes). Henry as one of the undead also gets a little tetchy about the use of the words “reanimated” and “resurrected” interchangeably. Vampires are resurrected – they have life and free will. The reanimated are puppets in the hands of their controllers.

At the funeral home again Vicki meets the son of Mr. Olienov who hits a solid 100 on the creepy scale. She goes to interview Diesel’s wife, Darlene, who fills Vicki in on his glowing boxing career and how it ended with an overly harsh penalty of a 10 year ban for betting on himself. Which leaves Vicki the oh-so-fun task of explaining the supernatural to Celluci again. He doesn’t play sceptic at least, but he does play “too busy to care”.  Am I supposed to like this character again?

Back to Henry for more flirting and more exposition of Egyptian belief in the afterlife, which is nicely dropped in and shows some decent research. I do appreciate that about this series, they do try to include some research into mythology.

Move on to the baddies at the Necrodrome. Yes a fighting ring where reanimated dead are made to fight each other – until one, well, dies.

To the police checking the crime scene of the newly dead dead body! It’s Celluci and his Token Black Sidekick, Graham (yes, I had to look up his name). Celluci recognises the body as a local wrestler who died recently – and the body has not only been beaten up but has autopsy scars. Even Celluci concludes that 2 fighters’ bodies going missing is odd and goes to speak to Dr. Mohadevan who also tells him that Diesel showed high levels of paracetamol which could cause the liver failure. She also passes all the information to Vicki, of course – and the fragment of tablet that was inside the corpse’s mouth (Mohadevan loves her more Celluci, so there) Celluci plays sceptic (AAARGH) and questions Diesel’s wife for possible paracetamol poisoning. He goes on to question William Carmichael at Diesel’s bar who has no information.

Buuuut he is the one who wrote Vicki’s suspiciously good research about Egyptian resurrection rituals, which makes him top of the suspect list. They go to his flat and run into the ambulatory, talking body of Diesel who fights then runs away (too fast for Henry to spot and chase?)  This leads them to check the Necrodome video and see the animated corpses fight to the death. And I’m really happy to see how it upsets Coreen, such hideous violence doesn’t just wash over everyone without impact. Time to share info with Celluci and snippy arguing follows

Everyone to the Necrodrome! Where Celluci ends up inside the ring, Carmichael ends up dead and the guy in the mask turns out to be the creepy guy from the funeral home who had creepy written on him from the very first second we saw him. Henry comes in for the rescue (at least Vicki rescues herself – but is breaking a neck really that easy?)

And we have a touching scene where Darlene has the chance to say goodbye to Diesel.

Ok rant time. I am TIRED of Celluci playing sceptic. He has seen demons and vampires and windigo and 400 year old inquisition priests. He cannot cannot cannot keep on acting like Vicki is delusional every single time she brings up the supernatural!!

Can’t say I’m overly impressed with the detective story here. There was no way at all to connect the crime to the perpetrator except for the fact he was deliberately made to be creepy. No evidence, just dubious characterisation.