Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Alphas Season Two, Episode Nine: The Devil Will Drag You Under

Rosen is standing by himself outside of an airport strip. We suddenly get a flash to him handing Dani a plea agreement.  The agreement says that Dani agrees to go undercover with Stanton Parish and rat him out, When Rosen get up to take it to Clay, Dani tells him to breathe because she is a big girl.  Rosen says that that there is a lot at stake and Parish is a sociopath.

At the office, Rosen tells the team that Dani missed their last meeting and has not checked in, in over a week.  He says that Clay believes that she may still be loyal to Parish but Rosen is concerned that she might be in trouble.  Hicks is not at all pleased that Rosen sent Dani back to Parish and Bill is upset that he was not consulted.  Rachel intervenes to say that it was for operational security reasons. Is there ever going to be a time, when Rachel does not defend this hideous man?  Rosen says that Clay insisted and he agreed that the less people who knew about this, the safer it would be for Dani.  Hicks says with much snark, "oh and keeping Dani safe, that was your first priority."  Rosen justifies what he did by saying that if Dani had not agreed to do this that Dani would have spent the rest of her life in building 7 or worse.  Hicks asks, "did she come up with that brilliant idea all herself boss, or did you head shrink that into her?"  Rosen believes that what Hicks is suggesting is uncalled for. "Uncalled for? You put your own daughters head on a block and I'm out of order, Hicks yells in response," as Rachel begs for calm. Hicks says that he is starting to believe that Dani is better off with Parish before storming out of the room.

Rosen tells Rachel he's got this and follows Hicks.  In front of the elevator, Rosen tells Hicks that he did what he did to protect his daughter. Hicks points out that she would have been safe in building seven while Rosen used his connections to get her pardoned, but instead he chose to risk her life, just like he uses everyone.  When Rosen tries to touch Cameron, he pushes him away, gets on the elevator and says, "leave me alone." I don't know about you, but I was absolutely cheering during this scene. It's long past time for the Alphas to begin to actively call out Rosen's manipulative behaviour.  This man is not to be trusted.

Two weeks later, Bill is driving with Nina, and Gary is giving them information about an alpha which points to Cornell Sepia.  Bill asks if they have had any word from Hicks, and Gary says, "no Bill, I've left him 14 messages, he should call me back."

At the Daria Storage facility in upstate new york, the alphas are carrying duffel bags and the building has been subjected to a series of mini explosions and as a result is on fire.  A security guard approaches and the alpha easily tosses him aside and kills another guard. Rachel and Nina pull up and notice Hicks, who is attempting to escape on a motorbike.  Bill quickly knocks him off the bike and asks him what he is doing and Hicks responds, "whatever it takes." One of the alphas throws some sort of weapon into the air which knocks everyone out and when Bill and Nina awaken, they are by themselves.

Back at the office, Gary suggests that maybe it's a protest and Hicks has finally had it. Bill says that this is not like Hicks and that it has to be Dani.  When they ask Nina what her theory is, she says, "I trust him, that's my theory."

Hicks is on a boat with the alphas from the facility and asks what the guns are for and Scipio answers that it's need to know and Hicks does not need to know.  Scipio wants to know how they were found and Hicks says it was either Gary or Rachel and that Rosen has been using alphas -- to hunt other alphas -- for as long as he has known him. Scipio then asks, "if you hate the old man so much, why didn't you just kill him before you left?" and Hicks replies, "Dani."

At the office, Rachel tells the team that Parish' people stole a grenade which fires off electricity and if charge hits power lines, it overloads them and sets off a chain reaction. "If you set just one of these off in the wrong place," Rachel says ,"100's of people will die."  Gary asks Rosen what Hicks' motive is, and Rosen says that motives aren't important right now, because they have to stop Parish. When Rachel points out that they need to find Hicks and Dani, Rosen says that's of secondary importance right now.

Hicks is still talking with Scipio and says that the problem is not just Dani, but the government which is trying to control Alphas because they believe they are some kind of problem and he wants to be the solution.  Scipio tells him that he talks the talk. Hicks replies that now that he has gotten the toys, he wants the chance to sit down with Parish face to face, but Scipio tells him that there is something he has to do first.  Scipio introduces Hicks to Agnes, who tells him that Parish thinks they should have a talk. Hicks replies that he has nothing to hide. Scipio responds, when it comes to Agnes, nobody does.  Agnes straps Hicks to a chair and tells him that it's safer this way. Agnes says that when she touches someone, it opens their mind and she suggests that Hicks clench his teeth in order to avoid biting off his tongue. When she touches Hicks, she get flashes of Dani and Hicks, as he screams in pain.  Agnes says that she wishes she didn't have to cause Hicks pain and reveals that she hurts everyone she touches. Agnes believes that he is lucky because of the way he feels about Dani. Agnes goes on to reveal that there is still something out of focus in his head.

Gary is eating pudding and Nina stops to talk to him.  Gary says that Hicks was his friend and Dani is Dr. Rosen's daughter, but now that  they are both breaking the law, he no longer likes either of them. Nina assures him that people do things for many reasons and she knows that it's painful.  Nina leaves and Bill enters and says that the way Hicks was acting is just not adding up. Gary repeats what Nina told him and says that Hicks is not a bad person and people do things for complicated reasons.

When Hicks comes to, he finds himself in a room with Stanton Parish. He says that is there for Dani and for better people, and a better world. Parish tells him that its not possible. Parish says that Dani is safe and he is keeping an eye on her until she proves her loyalty.  Parish goes on to say that he cares more deeply for Dani than Hicks can imagine and would never want to cause her any pain, but it seems inevitable, before walking away.

Rosen is in his office when Nina pops into say she is going home.  She looks at him seriously and asks him if he has eaten for the day, and Rosen responds that he cannot recall. Nina closes the door and says that its her fault that the grenades are out there and Rosen counters saying that whatever happens to Dani or Hicks, it's all my fault.  Nina tries to tell him that he does not have bear this alone and he says that he does.  It's about time Rosen own the things that he has done and this admission does not put a dent in his manipulative behaviour.

Dani is locked in a room and Parish walks in to tell her Hicks joined their cause to find her.  Dani begs her not to hurt him, and Parish responds,"I don't want to hurt anyone that's why I'm here, to give you one last chance to change your mind." They go for a walk on the deck of the ship and Parish says that he started to doubt her when he told her the truth about the world they're creating and saw the betrayal in her eyes.  Dani says that she was just confused. Stanton believes that the human race is evolving so fast that the population is bound to collapse within the next forty years. He believes the population is growing faster than the planets ability to provide. Dani points out that he is talking about mass murder, but Stanton says that if we do nothing, no one will survive and all that will be left is ashes. He goes on to say that when he succeeds, an ideal world will be created, with resources for everyone. He asks her, "which would you choose ashes, or paradise?"  Apparently, Parish has already started his plan. 

This plot makes absolutely no sense to me at all.  It's almost like Parish was set in this direction to justify all of the things that Rosen has been saying about him.  This comes completely out of left field.  How exactly does Parish's Malthusian way of thinking relate to the oppression of Alphas?  I really feel as though they have gone off the tracks with this plot change. This is clearly the writers way of dealing with the fact that they painted Rosen into such a corner that Parish's side could reasonably be called good in comparison.

Back at the office, Bill and Gary walk through the halls and order everyone out.  When Nina asks what is going on, Gary tells her that Bill is going to arrest her because they have figured out that Nina helped Hicks escape. Just as Bill was about to punch Hicks, Nina used her power to push Bill into letting him go. Nina asks Bill to come into her office, so they can talk in private, but Bill believes she just wants another chance to  push him and that Nina is personally responsible for helping Parish to kill thousands of people. Nina walks off telling Bill to screw his righteous indignation and he follows, before he is stopped by Rosen, who says that they need to talk.

Agnes arrives on Parish's boat, because Parish wants her to find out what Dani has told her father and what she intends to tell her father.  Agnes believes that Dani spooked Parish because she was always the one that he trusted the most and Parish admits that Dani made him doubt. Agnes goes on the ship and Parish leaves, but what neither of them knows is that Hicks is standing just outside of view. Agnes tells Dani that they aren't different because they both feel what others feel and she asks if Dani ever hurts the ones she touches.  Just after Dani admits that she does all of the time, Hicks bursts in and points a gun at Agnes, stopping her from informing anyone that he is there. Agnes says that she needs to see why she wasn't able to see what Hicks had planned.  We get a flash to Nina and Rosen at Hicks' door, saying that they have figured out a way to save Dani. It seems that the doctor injected him with drugs and had Nina give him a few pushes to enable Hicks to resist any sort of mind probe. After seeing what he went through, Agnes agrees to give them ten minutes.

Hicks tries to get Dani off the boat, but she says that she didn't come back for her father but because Parish is planning to kill a lot of people and she has to stop it. Hicks admits that Parish had him take grenades, which deploy electrical current and that he believes something is going to happen tonight.

At the office, Rosen gets a call from Dani and then he tells the others that she is alive and that Parish setting up something using the grenades. Nina is concerned that Parish will hit the mainline, which goes into Manhattan, thus killing a million people. On a ship, Parish has Eddie looking for the most accurate power conduit leading into the city. When Eddie finds it, Parish passes the information onto Scipio. Dani and Hicks attack Scipio and his partner but are quickly over powered and then Kimmy uses her power on Hicks, as Dani begs him not to listen to her. Hicks walks over and picks up a semi-automatic weapon and sticks it under his chin, as Dani begs him to look at her and put it down. Bill, Rachel and Nina show up before Hicks can kill himself and Nina pushes him to put the gun down and Bill takes out Scipio and his partner.  Rosen rushes in to check on Dani and in the confusion, Scipio and his partner escape with the grenades.  Rosen tries to hold Dani back, but she says that she cannot let him go alone and she hops on the back of Hicks' bike.

Hicks and Dani quickly catch up, while the team is still on the road and Hicks manages to force the truck to crash. Hicks runs back to Dani and she thanks him for coming to get him, and the two share a kiss (cause there's just so much time for that). Of course, when they finally approach the truck, Scipio and his partner are gone.  Hicks reports back to Bill what the situation is. Bill contacts Gary and asks him to call the DOD and anyone else close by.  Gary confirms that the crash site is the target and when Hicks enters the truck, he sees a weapon set up to remote detonate.  Hicks asks Gary to talk him through disarming the bomb, but Gary says that he is busy rerouting the power because it's the power that will kill people.

Hicks is concerned because Parish can set off the bomb any time he wants and so Dani says that she can buy him time. Dani uses Agnes' phone to call Parish and say that she is standing on top of the bomb.  She tells him, "if I ever meant anything to you at all, please stop the bomb." Parish asks her to step away but Dani replies, "I can't do that. Just because you believed something for a long time doesn't make it true." Eddie tells Parish that "something is happening in the grid and that now would be a good time." Parish clearly looks conflicted. Dani says, "What if you're wrong? What if there's a way to make the world better without killing anyone?"  Once again Parish tells her that he doesn't want to hurt her.

Rosen pulls up with the team, screaming for Dani to get out of there. Sure, now he cares about what happens to his daughter. If only he had such concern when he was manipulating and abusing her as a child.  Hicks cuts him off and tells him that Dani is buying them some time. Dani says, "Stanton, you taught me that I need to stand for my principals. You taught me that sometimes sacrifices need to be made; I listened."  Parish tells her that he is so proud of her and that she will always be remembered and the bomb starts to go off, as Dani screams run. Hicks and Rosen rush for the truck, but they are blown backward, as Dani tries to jump free.

Alone at the office, Gary says, "the lights are still on. Hey we stopped Parish," before realising that he has lost phone contact with the team.  Wanting to celebrate, he leaves his office but only Lorenzo the cleaning man is there to tell his good news. Eddie tells Parish that the lights are still on and that it didn't work and Parish replies, "no, it did what we needed, it has begun."

At the site, Rosen comes to first and checks on the team and the rushes to find Dani, who is breathing, but clearly struggling. Rosen tells Dani that he loves her so much, and begs her to stay with him. Hicks comes to and sees how much danger Dani is in and calls out for Nina.  Nina comes running and attempts to push Dani into not dying. Dani dies just as emergencies services pulls up.