Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Almighty Johnsons Season Two, Episode Ten: Magical Fluffy Bunny World

This episode opens where episode nine ended.  Gaia, Bryn and Axl are at the beach and Gaia is laughing about being told that she is Frigg. She is not taking the revelation seriously and says that Axl does not look like a God.  Axl asks her if she is still stoned and Gaia says yes, before jumping into the ocean laughing. The three head back to Axl's, and Axl tells Gaia that the house is a disaster because of the giant who came there to kill her.  Bryn tells Gaia this is the result Eggthér and that he won't stop because he is the one that the terminator is based on.  Gaia gets frustrated and replies that she is not a goddess, Axl is not Óðinn and Bryn is not a giant because giants don't exist.  Derek walks through the door and Axl introduces him and reveals that he is also Thor.  Derek asks why he can smell pie, and Axl says, "that would be Bryn."  Derek reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a hammer.  Axl has to convince Derrek not to kill Bryn and says that Brynn is a special giant.  When Gaia asks to talk to him, Axl has to warn Derrek not to touch Bryn.

Outside, Gaia says that what is going on is not funny and once again asserts that there are no such things as Norse Gods. Axl again says that this is not funny because it's true.  Axl says that this explains everything which has happened between the two of them and asserts that when he dumped her and couldn't explain, it was because of a Frigg alarm and then rambles on about what happened between Hel and Höðr.  Gaia says that she just wants to get out of the wet clothes and Axl decides to wait outside.

When Axl returns, Thor has Bryn pressed up against the wall threatening him with a hammer. Thor want to give Bryn one tap to let him know who is in charge.  Axl stops him saying that they need to work together to rescue Zeb.  When he says that Zeb is a friend of Óðinn, to explain the nature of Zeb's importance, Thor replies, "oh, you're that kind of Óðinn," which Axl quickly denies.  Just wow, of course Axl must be gay because no straight man loves or cares about another man who is not somehow related.  As this is going on, Gaia sneaks out the window.

At the bar, Anders asks Ty if he knows "that chick," and Ty responds, "her name is Helen." Anders then wants to know if Helen is always so forward and we get a flashback to Helen coming downstairs and meeting Anders. He says the first time he saw her "it was like my dick was trying to drill out of my trousers and right into her. I was ready to nail her right there and then, whether or not she wanted to or not, but let me tell you Ty, she wanted it, Lord she wanted it."  Right, so it's okay to imply that Helen is a slut but of course no recriminations can go to Anders about his desires. This is a case of good girls don't have sex and of course Anders has no problem bragging to Ty about leaving her nearly unconscious with pleasure on the bathroom floor.  It's not until Anders says that he is Ty's brother that Anders learns that Helen is Iðunn.  Anders introduces himself as Bragi and quips that they are meant to be together because they were together in Asgard. It turns out that Iðunn quit her job before joining them at the table, because apparently the Johnson brothers seem like more fun.  This is horrible because considering the history between Iðunn and Bragi, she has just made herself completely vulnerable.

At the bar, Michele, Ingrid and Stacey have cornered Olaf to find out if Gaia is Frigg or not. Olaf tries to beg off.  Stacey says they know she is becoming a goddess and want to know if she is Frigg. Mike says it wouldn't be fair if they knew before Gaia did.  Gaia shows up and asks to see Mike, bringing the conversation to an end. As they leave, Ingrid says, "she's not exactly a very Norse, Norse goddess is she," referring to the fact that the actress who plays Gaia is Maori.

Alone, Gaia tells Mike that everyone has gone to crazy town and are not coming back and Mike asks if this in reference to Norse gods. Mike tells her that people believe it because it's true and that she is probably feeling like she is the last sane person on earth.  He admits that he is Ullr and says though it's hard to believe, Axl is Óðinn and the prophesy says that she will join their ranks very soon. Mike says that he is not the best person to explain this and asks her to follow him.  The two go back downstairs and Mike tells the goddesses that Gaia is having a little difficulty coming to terms with her new situation.  Mike introduces Stacey, Michele, and Ingrid as, Fulla, Sjöfn and Snotra and promises that since they are goddesses, they will help her through the transition. The goddesses tell Gaia that they will take her somewhere quiet to talk.

At Axl's, Bryn is telling stories about how many giants Thor has killed.  In frustration, Axl goes to Gaia's room only to discover that she is missing. Eggthér calls wanting to know if his instructions were to complicated - "bring the girl and one of those chickens from the supermarket."  Axl cuts him off saying that there is a problem with the chicken and promises to call him back.  Axl threatens Eggthér and says that if he hurts Zeb, he will hurt him. Axl calls Mike and tells him that Gaia has disappeared, so Mike tells Axl to get his butt there and says he has to go because he is on another call. It turns out that the person he was talking to is Ty and he wants both Ty and Anders to come to the bar immediately.

The goddesses are walking on a pier and they start to tell Gaia to embrace who she is.  Gaia says that her entire life has been a lie up to this point and her flatmate is in the hands of some psycho giant.  Michele assures her that they will look after her always.

Anders is shocked to learn that Axl's "dippy girlfriend" is Frigg. Anders is further upset that Mike let Gaia go off with the Goddesses, but Mike says that he trusts Michele. Anders points out that at one point, the Goddesses had tried to kill Axl and then excuses himself to go to the bathroom. Olaff tells Helen that he knew a previous Iðunn and they made love at a Led Zepplin concert. Iðunn replies that she loves Led Zepplin before walking away. When Mike asks Ty if there is anything he would like to add, Ty responds, "I feel less than ideal," before leaving the bar.  I suspect that Ty is troubled by the possibility that they have found Frigg because coming into his powers as Höðr will make his life even harder.

Olaf joins him saying that the cosmos is a weird and wonderful place because it brought Bragi and Iðunn together in front of Ty.  Ty is shocked that by Anders standards, he's being nice to her and this includes listening to her and asking her questions.  Olaf points out that Helen is Anders beloved, but assures Ty that because it will end badly for Helen doesn't mean it will start badly.  Olaf encourages Ty to have a chat with Helen.

Axl and Bryn arrive at Mike's in Thor's truck and are happy to be in once piece because of Thor's driving.  Thor asks if Mike's bar is one of Aucklands gay bars and Brynn responds, "I understand that Thor likes to dress in women's clothes." Derrick is quick to answer back "not this Thor." Interestingly enough, this is the third time in this show that it has been pointed out that Norse Gods aren't all necessarily straight, or gender complaint and each time, the God in question makes sure to assert that this is not the way THEY are.  The fact that all of them want to embrace being Norse Gods, as long as the interpretation is strictly gender conforming and straight says a lot about what is considered deviant.

When they enter the bar, Axl introduces Thor to everyone and like Anders, is not impressed when he learns that Mike let Gaia go off with the goddesses. Axl says that he has managed to stall Eggthér for a bit, but Bryn says that the chicken story won't hold up long. Thor says, "find giant, kill giant," and points out that Zeb is only Axl's mortal friend.  Anders is quick to agree and says that the alternative is to give Eggthér their Frigglet.  Everyone is talking about Gaia like she is a possession. Mike tells him that if he doesn't have anything useful to say to leave. Axl says they are going to meet the giant and find out what he really wants. He believes that people can change and Thor wants to know the part where he can put his hammer in an eye socket. Anders leaves and Ty asks if there is anything he can do and as he heads for the door Olaf says, "Helen".

Axl calls Eggthér and claims to have sorted out the issue with the chicken and asks to speak to Zeb to ensure that he is alive. Zeb says that he's okay and that it does not compute that Gaia is Frigg.  Axl agrees to text the directions to a meet up. Mike calls Michele and tells her to bring Gaia back right now and by the time they make it downstairs the Goddesses are walking in. Mike says that they are on the way to meet Eggthér and tells both Gaia and Axl that they are not going. Mike says he is going alone because they need diplomacy and Gaia says that she is going because Zeb is her friend. Axl, Bryn and Derrick agree that they are going as well and Mike throws his hands in the air in frustration.

Outside, Bryn and Derrick are arguing about going in his truck. Stacey and Olaf disappear upstairs to have sex and Ingrid and Michele discuss the discovery of Iðunn .  It turns out that Iðunn is the constant goddesses because without her or apples there would be gods.  Inside they start to discuss the Yggdrasil (the tree of life). Michele points out that it is useless to Anders and Stacey points out that he has no life. Because Anders had no womb he cannot grow life and therefore life cannot flow through him.

Michele breaks into Anders apartment and takes the branch of the Yggdrasil from his closet saying, "let's see who's got the power now." In the forest, Axl is walking beside Gaia and says, "quite often when there's important God stuff we end up in the forest. You'll get used to it."  They meet up with Eggthér who has set up a table and chair along with a plate in the forest.  Eggthér instructs Axl to put the chicken on the table. Eggthér threatens to rip off Zeb's head and Axl shouts, "do that and it will be the last thing you ever do," as the others come out of hiding. Eggthér is not impressed to see Bryn who he calls a traitor, but Bryn says that he vowed to protect Gaia, even from his own side and they're worse things than being a traitor. Mike points out that there are more of them than they are of Eggthér. Thor comes out of hiding and threatens him.  Axl points out that he and Gaia are going to rule the world and promise not to allow Thor to run around killing giants.  Thor throws the table and heads towards Eggthér, who promptly throws Zeb aside and starts running.  They catch up with Thor and stop him from smashing Eggthér's head in.  While they are wrestling Eggthér takes the opportunity to try to kill Gaia but Zeb talks him out of it.  Axl sends Thor on his way and thanks him for his help.

Eggthér prepares to leave and Axl asks him to take his message of peace back to his people. Eggthér tells Bryn that he is forever banished from their territory and says to Axl that they know that Gods think that Giants are thick; however, there is a reason that they are there - Ginnungagap is stirring. Axl clearly has no idea what this means and Eggthér threatens to facebook him when he gets home. Zeb tells Gaia that he used reverse Stockholm syndrome to get  Eggthér to see him as person. We get a flashback to Zeb interacting with Eggthér and  It gets to the point where Eggthér cries and admits that he didn't really kill Freki.

At Anders office, Ty tells Helen that the apples are what makes Gods  Gods.  Ty wants to know how the apples keep Gods being Gods and Helen says that she believes the apples are metaphorical. Mike, Axl and Gaia return to Mike's bar.  Michele and Mike go upstairs where she blindfolds him. Michele picks up Yggdrasil and then touches Mike's back.  A bright light appears on his skin where she touches him and all of the injuries he sustained wrestling Thor away from Eggthér are healed.

Gaia says that she is leaving and when Axl offers to go with her, she tells him to stay there.  Axl follows her out to find out if she is okay and Gaia say that she is not okay with this and wants to know when she gets to make the decisions in her life. When Gaia walk away, a van pulls up and Gaia is kidnapped.