Monday, September 10, 2012

Fangs for the Fantasy Episode 84

This week nearly every show we watch is on hiatus (much to our irritation) but we do discuss Grimm and the Misfits.

We also discuss inclusion – and what it takes to have real inclusion rather than just a token POC or GBLT person, the markers that are needed to flesh out a character to be a character rather than just a check box.

We also discuss the latest review dramas – and the “meanness” of giving 1 star reviews as well as the very point and value of reviewing.

Our book of the week is the Constantine Affliction by T Aaron Payton which we discuss at length as well as some of the common problems with Paranormal Steampunk.

We also refer to Ben Aaronvitch, Kim Harrison, Kevin Hearne, Patricia Briggs, Diana Rowland, LA Banks, Seressia Glass and Tracey Sinclair.

 Our next few books of the week are:

10/9-17/9: Tempest Rising: Tracy Deebs  
17/9-24/9:  Masque of the Red Death: Bethany Griffin  
24/9-1/10:  Lies Beneath: Anne Greenwood Brown  
1/10-8/10: Hexed Anthology
8/10-15/10: Into the Woods: Kim Harrison

We hope people can read along with us