Monday, September 10, 2012

Misfits Season One Episode Three

This episode opens with Alisha walking through a bar touching various men and it is interspersed with images of her having sex with a few of them.  As she walks, she has a huge smile on her face, but each sex act that we see is actually rape because these men have no way of consenting to their participation. 

As Alisaha is putting on her makeup, the gang is discussing whether or not Sally, the new probation worker is the one responsible for putting the notes in their lockers.  Simon suggests that he go invisible for the day and sit in the locker room to see if he can catch who is doing it.  During the entire conversation, Curtis cannot keep his eyes of Alisha. Curtis agrees with Simon's suggestion and tells him to turn invisible, but Simon says he cannot do it if everyone is watching him. The gang is not impressed and leave the locker room just as Simon goes invisible. 

The crew is assigned by Ben to sort the clothes he intends to send to needy people in the third world.  When Ben asks for questions, Nathan pipes up, "if a bear and a shark had a fight, who would win?"  When Nathan isn't being offensive, he's quite simply an arse. Ben answers saying, "if you have any relevant questions just ask."  Instead of starting to sort the clothes, the team take turns trying on different items and horsing around, while in the locker room, Simon waits quietly. 

Nathan begins to do a horrible impromptu Bono impersonation but is interrupted when Sally and Jodie enter the center.  It seems that Kelly has to do something called restorative justice with Jodie.  In the meantime, Ben returns with another bag of clothing and clearly has the eye for Alisha, but Curtis who is looking on is not impressed. 

In the office, Kelly tells Jodie, "if you're going to go around saying that someone is a slag, then you're going to get a slap."  Sally asks how they are going to resolve this issue and  Kelly hears Jodie think, "this is bullshit, we're never going to be mates."  This inspires Kelly to ask about Jodie's break up with Dan and she adds that Jodie is better than Dan who is a rat faced loser.  This sets Jodie off and she and Kelly stand up and start screaming at each other.  They shove each other and Kelly headbutts Jodie.  Jodie makes a face, curses Kelly in her head and suddenly all of the hairs on Kelly's arm stand up.  It's clear that whatever power Jodie has, she has just used it on Kelly. Sally is forced to uhser Jodie out of the office quickly to end the hostilities.

Outside, Alisha asks Curtis what happened when he was arrested. Curtis says he was buying some coke with a girl who was seeing named Sam.  It seems that Sam had the majority of the coke on her person and ended up in prison for six months for possession with intent to sell. Alisha asks if he is still with her and Curtis responds, "everything that was happening was too messy."  Alisha responds, "you know you want to, all I have to do is touch you." Curtis tells her not to and she responds, "I can have you, anytime I want." Curtis tells her to stop and says that he is leaving. Alisha is not impressed and tells him to stop being such a dick and touches him anyway. Curtis' attitude immediately changes and as Simon watches, the two head off to the bathroom where they have sex.   Gotta love how in television a couple always comes together at the exact same time.  The moment Alisha breaks contact with Curtis, he realises what happened and is upset.  Alisha says, "but you were so up for it and you kept telling me how much you wanted to be with me."  Curtis responds that it wasn't him and that she cannot do this to people.  He says that he won't be looking at her anymore and asks if she believes that she can treat people however she wants because she is beautiful. Alisha answers that this is pretty much how it works. Curtis leaves the room telling her that she is so messed up. 

A crying Alisha runs into Ben who offers to be an ear.  The gang enters the locker room and Simon makes himself visible next to Curtis.  Curtis asks if he has been in the locker room all day and Kelly asks what happened. With a creepy ass smile on his face, Simon says, "nothing, nobody came in."  Really, who sits there an listens to people having sex?  Simon is deviant and creepy in so many ways. 

Alisha and Ben clearly have sex and as Ben gets dressed, he actually has to ask if they had sex.  Alisha with tears in her eyes asks, "can you just go?"  So Alisha is now a rapist several times over.  I think it is very important to label what she has done as rape.  Whenever there is a lack of consent or an inability to consent, a sex act is always rape. In terms of race, I very much have a problem with Alisha's power.  It's no accident that she was the one given the power to turn men on instantly, as WOC of have been constructed for centuries as licentious little Jezebels, whose sexuality makes men lose their good sense. This entire power has its basis in a very racist trope. 

At home, Simon is complaining to shygirl online that the gang treat him like nobody and she responds, "they don't know you like I do." Perhaps if Simon wasn't so damn creepy, they would be interested in talking and sharing with him.  He was just literally a witness to Curtis' rape by Alisah and all he could was smile with big eyes in the most creepy fashion ever. Simon asks her if she has a boyfriend and shygrl types back, "not anymore." The camera then shifts and it's revealed that Sally their new probation worker is shygirl. Before turning her computer off she switches to a picture of her and Tony together.

The next morning, Kelly is in the shower when she realises that her hair is starting to fall out.  On his way to the community center, Simon sees that they are digging in the area where the team buried Tony.  When Alisha walks by Ben, he says, "hey," with a smile and she answers, "don't talk to me."  Interesting that she is the one who is upset when Ben is the one who was violated.  In the parking lot, Sally meets up with Simon and compliments him on his shirt.

On the roof, Nathan looks like he is about to pop a vein, as he attempts to smash a bottle with his mind as Simon walks in. Nathan says that he has a power and can feel it in his balls.  Simon interrupts to say, "they're going to dig up the bodies. They're building an environmental monitoring station under the flyover."  Back inside, Curtis says that they have to move them but Simon says that this is a bad plan and that Curtis needs to go back in time and stop them from killing Tony in the first place.  Simon says that they need a car and Kelly walks in with dark glasses and a big hat.  When they ask if she can get a car, she says no.  "We're a bunch of young offenders and not one of us knows how to steal a car. That is pathetic," Nathan says.  I have to say this did make me laugh; he does have a point. Alisha volunteers to borrow her father's car and Curtis points out that she is banned from driving.  She is not at all pleased with the criticism and says that he is "like a whiny little bitch."  

They all get in the car and Simon suggests they store the bodies at the community center until they decide what to do with them. Curtis is not impressed and Nathan says that there is a disused storeroom upstairs that he has the key to.  When Kelly asks how he got the key, Nathan admits to stealing them because he lives at the center. When they dig the bodies up, Simon takes something from one of the wallets and puts it in his pocket.  Nathan notices how quiet Kelly is and asks how she is doing.  She asks why he lives in the community center and hears him thinking that he won't be able to have sex now that he is homeless.  As they put the bodies away, Nathan says, "I like your cap," as he pulls Kelly's hat and wig off her head, revealing that she is bald.  He leaves to go and find Kelly who has run off, leaving Simon, Curtis and Alisha behind.  Alisha tells Simon to leave so that she can talk to Curtis. "The sex wasn't that bad was it?" Alisha asks.  Curtis responds, "You don't get it do you," before walking away.

As Nathan attempts to find Kelly, he stops a young man by accident.  When he does find Kelly he tells her that he has her cap and wig. Nathan starts to make small talk about moving the body, but Kelly warns him that if he laughs at her she'll kick the shit out of him.  Kelly says that her hair just started falling out and Nathan of course wants to know if she "has a bald fanny."  Kelly is rightfully not impressed and Nathan offers to walk her home.  

That night, Simon uses the credit card he stole from the corpse.  In the morning, Kelly walks across a bald man banging on Jodie's door screaming that he knows she did it to him. At the community center, Kelly tells Nathan that she is going to "rip her tits off".  Simon suggests that they re-bury the bodies in the foundation.  Ben interrupts their conversation and asks them to grab a box each and follow him.  Outside Curtis asks Alisha if she can get her father's car again. Alisha is not impressed and points out that Curtis only talks to her when he wants something.  It seems that she has forgotten that she is very much a part of the murder conspiracy and that she raped him.  They are interrupted by Ben and Alisha asks him if he wants to go park.  After the two walk out together, the rest of the crew comes out and are are concerned about moving the bodies without Aliaha's father's car.  Nathan tells Curtis, "you need to get that tart on the phone."  Curtis leaves and tells them to do deal with it.

Simon suggests that they take Sally's car.  He turns invisible and walks into her office and takes her keys.  Sally gets a call from Pete and agrees to meet him in half an hour.  They stow the bodies in the trunk of her car as Nathan stares at himself in the rear view mirror.  Nathan gets out to help them and Sally comes out to her car.  She gets in and it seems that Nathan left the keys in the car.  This means that Sally is driving around with the bodies in her trunk.

Ben tries to make small talk with Alisha telling her about the conditions of the people he is trying to help live in.  Alisha turns to open the car door to leave and Ben grabs her arm to stop her, which of course triggers Alisha's power.  She starts to scream no and call for help.  Just then, Curtis shows up and starts to help until he touches her and is caught up with her power.  The two struggle over who will have get to have sex with her first and Alisha just manages to escape.  

Nathan leaves Curtis a message explaining what happened and announces that they are going to prison.  Simon says that maybe she won't look in the trunk. Over his shoulder, we can see Curtis chasing after Alisha.  When he catches up he says, "whatever I said or did, that wasn't me."  Alisha says that she knows it was her and sits on the ground.  Alisha says, "It used to be a good thing people wanting to have sex with you but now it's shit. I don't know if someone actually wants to sleep with me or if it's just this bullshit."  Nathan assures her that guys still want to have sex with her and says that she doesn't need to use her power on him because he's "already there."  Nice isn't it, when the rape victim so quickly forgets that he was raped and is quick to forgive.  

Sally goes to see Pete and he tells her that they think that Tony is alive because someone purchased a ticket to Spain in his name.  Sally is not convinced and points to the gang saying that they were the last people to see him alive and that they have to know something. Pete suggests that Tony left her, but Sally is certain that he didn't leave her.

The next morning they are all gathered to await Sally's arrival.  When she pulls in, Sally clearly smells something off about her car and heads to the trunk and opens it. When she sees Tony's body, she squeals and Curtis travels back in time.  Curtis tells Nathan that Sally is going to find the bodies and so to stop her, Nathan throws a rock through her windshield.  Sally is so angry at Nathan that she forgets about the smell and orders him into her office. 

The crew watches as cement is poured over the bodies.  Kelly runs into Jodie, grabs her from behind and rips off her wig.  It turns out that Jodie is just as bald as Kelly.  The two sit to talk and Jodie admits that she has alopecia and the two bond over being bald. It seems that Jodie's boyfriend broke up with her when her hair started falling out.  It turns out that when she gets upset people go bald.  Kelly and Jodie end up making peace with each other. 

Ben has a conversation with Curtis saying that Alicia is nuts and he doesn't know what happened yesterday.  He offers Curtis his fist for a pound, but Curtis does not pound back.  In the locker room, Curtis tells Alicia that she is a mess and that he wants to be with her but if they are going to be together, they have to be monogamous. Alicia says that she doesn't know how to do this because he cannot touch her. They agree to masturbate in front of each in lieu of having intercourse. 

On the roof, the crew is together and Simon admits that he stole Tony's credit card and booked a flight.  He suggests that they should all go out for a drink as an ironic fuck you to the probation officer.  Alisha doesn't even bother to say no, she says, "see you all tomorrow." Nathan and Curtis quickly follow and Kelly says that she is not going anywhere until her hair grows back.