Thursday, September 13, 2012

Being Human U.K. Season Four, Episode Eight: The War Child

Okay, this is it people, the season finale.  When I started season four, I really didn't believe that it would work because 3/4 of the cast was missing.  It was bad enough when Mitchell died at the end of season three, but losing George really made me lose all faith that Being Human U.K. could possibly carry on and be interesting.  It really took me some time to warm up to Hal; it felt like being unfaithful to Mitchell.  Now I can say that I am glad that I stuck it out.

This episode begins with a flash forward to the year 2022. Snow (an old one) arrives at what looks like a weigh station and as he walks in, he sees a young girl sleeping in a car.  The man Snow is questioning claims that her name is Zoe and that she was born before the pregnancy embargo. Pause. Why would vampires not want humans to reproduce?  Without humans they have no food source. Snow asks the colour of the girls eyes and when he cannot say, Snow determines that the child is in fact Eve and not Zoe.  He makes quick work of killing the man and then instructs his staff to ensure that Eve makes her rendezvous safely because, "she's a very precious cargo."

In the present, Alex asks Hal why she is still there and he informs her that she must have unfinished business.  Alex wonders if her unfinished business is to beat up Cutler, but Hal answers that unfinished bbusiness tends to be more life affirming. Tom however agrees with Alex and feels that they should start hunting Cutler down. Alex decides to sit in the police van and Hal reminds Tom that he is her first werewolf and this must be a lot to process.  Really? This woman has seen her own dead body and was drained of her blood, but seeing Tom fully dressed in his human form is a lot to process?  Tom thanks Cutler for stopping him from killing the people at the club the night before. Tom says he cannot believe he let it happen because he is always good at hiding his transformations, which causes Hal to admit that he has taken a backward step as well. Hal admits that he has drunk human blood twice and then we get yet another spiel about the burdens of being a vampire.  This line of thought wouldn't even be possible if they didn't continually demand that a good vampire not drink blood.  It's ridiculous honestly, and I am sick of the self loathing angst.

Snow seems to be having a meeting when Cutler is ushered in. When Snow complains that there was no one to greet him, Cutler says that everyone has either run away or has met the final death thanks to a werewolf infestation. Snow demands that he be paid a tribute and tells the story of his last visit to Britain in 1779, when all the adults in a village had been killed and the children's blood was used to make wine. Mark Gatiss, who plays Snow, is downright creepy in this scene.  As Alex, Hal and Tom sneak in quietly, Cutler says that his tribute to Snow is to give him the world.  Culter unveils his plan to offer up werewolves as the true evil to humans and then have the vampires come in to act as saviors.  Tom and Milo make eye contact and Hal insists they leave the moment he sees Snow.  Outside, Hal says that they have to get away because Snow is one of the first vampires and if he asks him to join them, he would have had no choice but to say yes.  Alex is still concerned about Cutler, but Hal says that Cutler doesn't matter anymore, because of Snow, and that the longer they stay there, the greater chance that he will find Hal.

Cutler turns on the television and is shocked when it is not reporting what happened in the club with Tom the night before. Snow is not impressed and tells Cutler that a tribute must still be paid, or there will be consequences.  Milo is holding onto Cutler threatening him with his blood and so Culter says that the war child is there and he offers to kill her.  Snow makes it clear that no one is touch Eve. Cutler is shocked because he believes that Eve needs to die to save vampires but Snow pulls out the final piece of the parchment and reveals that the opposite is true - to save humanity, Eve must be killed. When Snow dismisses Cutler, Milo drags him out, as Cutler promises that Snow will one day remember his name.

Alex, Hal and Tom return to find Annie back from purgatory.  Hal is not impressed and wants to know where Annie has been and she says, "to the future."  Tom tells her that the old ones are here and Tom adds that they've bee here all along.  Annie tells them all about how Eve died in the future and then traveled back in time to make sure that she died as a child to save humanity. When Alex laughs inappropriately, Annie asks who she is and Alex replies, "and this is Alex and that drank my blood." Annie says that Tom dies and that Hal reverts to what he once was, but Hal tries to say that this was a momentary blip.  When Tom suggests that they need to get Eve out of there, Annie answers, "this is not a group decision, I saw the future." Hal asks if Annie might harm Eve and Annie gets upset and says that she could never hurt a child.  When Hal asks if she would turn her back if someone else tried, Annie has no words.  Hal decides that the best approach is to eliminate the old ones altogether to remove Eve from the equation and Tom suggests blowing them up.  When they go in the other room, Hal says he's not comfortable leaving Eve alone with Annie and so Tom suggests that they take her with them.  The idea is immediately nixed and they leave Alex behind with her.

At the cafe, Tom reveals he has been storing cooking oil to make a bomb. Hal is shocked and asks what he has been planning and Tom resonds, "always be kind and polite and have the materials to build a bomb." Tom says after the bombs are made, he will strap them to his chest and then walk into the vampire nest. Hal says that what they need is a remote detonator, but Tom says he has no idea how to build one because McNair always did that. Hal says that he will do it and they shake hands. If it was that easy to kill a vampire why aren't their nests constantly being blown up?

Back at the house, Alex tries to make small talk with Annie but it's not going anywhere. Alex says that she spent the last seven years living with men and has completely forgotten how to talk to women.  Really?  Alex says that when Hal gets back that they are going to go and do her unfinished business. Annie says that her unfinished business ship has moved on because she believes that the men of the after life are scared of her. Annie offers to teach her some tricks just in case returning her body to her family is not actually her unfinished business.

Milo shows up at the cafe to find out what Tom is up to and wants to know if Eve is safe.  Tom says that Eve is with her mom. Milo points out that when everyone finds out that Eve's death is the key to mankinds survival that no one will be able to protect her. Milo suggests that they hand Eve over to the vampires for safekeeping.  Tom believes that this makes Milo a sell out because of course, werewolves are marginalized in the supernatural world relative to vampires. It is not until Tom calls him a coward that Milo truly loses it and points out that no one knows what he had to do to become accepted by the vampires.

Back at the house, Annie is showing Alex how to rent a ghost, (move inanimate objects) when Cutler knocks on the door demanding to be let in.  Annie looks conflicted, as Hal forces himself inside, though with each inch he progresses his body burns in flames.  On the television Eve appears and says, "Annie please let him do this."  Alex tells him that if Eve dies the vampires die, but Cutler says he knows that he is signing the death warrant for his entire species.  When he goes to stab Eve, Annie uses her power to thrust a stake into Cutler's chest as on the television, the older Eve asks, "what have you done?"  Annie says that she would rather see the whole world burn than hurt Eve.

Alex goes to the cafe and tells Hal that Annie killed Cutler and that she wants to go and see her family and get a change of clothes. Hal informs Alex that she cannot change clothes because ghosts are stuck in whatever they die in forever.  When they show up at the club, Hal learns that people are being told that there was a bomb scare, which confuses him because Cutler would not have prepared a cover story.  Much to Alex's chagrin, Hal didn't ask about her body for fear that it would imply that he was involved and Alex reminds him that he is not only involved, but drank her blood.  I really like the fact that Alex is not letting this go and is holding Hal accountable for his actions.  Hal and Alex use the entrance Cutler showed her to get to her body and Alex requests that Hal fix up her body and remove all the tubes coming from it, because she doesn't want her family to think that her murder was as brutal and weird as it was.  After lowering her body to the ground, they begin to hear steps and decide to hide. Four men in suits enter to clean up Alex's body and Mr. Rook stands in front of Alex and stares, giving the impression that he can see her. When they leave, Hal says he has no idea who they were and suggests that Alex follow them. In the grossest scene in four years, Hal gets to his knees and licks the blood and maggots off the ground.  Alex reappears and says, "I thought it was a momentary blip."  For the first time, she now understands the hold that blood has over Hal.

Hal returns to the cafe to find Snow waiting for him because he wants Hal to run Britain.  This exchange was so well written.  Snow wants to know why Hal stays alive because he scurries between bad and good and each time he goes bad it's worse.  Snow asks, "if you love humans so much, why do you keep inflicting your failures on them?" I think that this is a brilliant point because as we saw with Mitchel, the only way out is death. Hal points out that Snow has a whole army and does not understand his interest in him. Hal says that he could hide, but Snow makes it clear that he has always known where Hal has been, but he was just giving him the afternoon off. Snow leaves saying, "Why haven't I told you to join me? Because I have you already, heart and mind."

Tom sneaks into the house and takes Eve while Annie is in the kitchen. He takes her to Snow and says that he wants to stay with her to make sure nothing happens to Eve.  Snow points out that Tom will be given chores that he won't like and then takes Eve from his arms. Hal enters the hive with the bomb strapped to his chest and admits that he stayed there because he knew Snow was coming. He orders Tom to get the baby and leave, but Snow takes the detonator saying that this is just the death rattle of his humanity. Annie and Alex burst in and Annie says, "give me back my fucking baby." Annie and Alex uses their power to cast aside the vampires, and Milo grabs Tom and throws him out of the hive. When Annie ends up in front of Snow, he calls an end to the struggle and says that he is honored to have watched her in action, before handing over Eve.  Snow says that they want Eve alive and she is the best person to guard her. Snow says that Annie will have to lie to her friends and let them die to keep her alive. Snow suggests that the humans wait for so long for Eve to save them that they never build a cohesive defense.

Annie turns to Alex and says, "Hal isn't a living thing." Alex teleports Hal outside and then Annie blows the building up. Annie is surrounded by fire when suddenly a red door appears. In the hallway she finds baby Eve on the ground and talks to adult Eve. It turns out that saving the world was her unfinished business.  Another door appears and Eve tells her that her friends are expecting her but that she cannot go with her.  It seems that since she never grew up, all she ever will be is a baby.

Mr. Rook says, "there are things that should be seen and things that should remain hidden," to a witness from the club.  Rook tells her that what she saw was very old and that she is not the first to see them.  It seems that his job is to keep the secret things secret.  He suggests that she think of them like the domestic staff of the world. It seems that Rook's ground doesn't work for the supernatural elements, they work for humans. He then threatens to make her disappear if he has to. Rook then takes the evidence that he is collected to a secret facility hidden in the woods. Rook drops off his evidence saying that he cannot stay because he has a meeting with the secretary of state. Clearly, human knowledge is much further advanced than the ghosts, vampires and werewolves realise.

Back at the house, Tom has tied Hal to a chair, forcing him to go cold turkey from his blood addiction. When Hal starts to rant and rave, Tom tells him that he is being rude, causing Hal to apologise.  When Hal asks Tom why he is doing this, Tom says, "because you're my best mate."

I really loved the character of Snow this season and wish that they had brought him in earlier, rather than having Cutler be the false antagonist that he was.  As the big bad so to speak, he was beyond creepy, over the top and outright scary to watch.  It really is a shame that he died in the end because I think the writers could have done a lot more with his character.  The ending of this episode suggests that this human group of watchers will have an important role in season five, but nothing about them is remotely intriguing.

Well that's it folks.  All of the original actors from Being Human U.K. are officially now gone.  I must admit that I was not at all happy when this season opened. It was bad enough losing Mitchel at the end of season three, but having Nina die off camera and George in the first episode of season four was very hard.  I think the chemistry between Tom and Hal is good but that doesn't mean it's the same as George and Mitchell. With the loss of Annie, there are officially no people of colour in the regular cast now.  This makes Being Human extremely erased because all of the characters are straight, White, and able bodied. Annie did from time to time get on my nerves, but I feel that she was the glue holding this crew together and Alex is a poor replacement for her.  To me, with all of the original cast gone, Being Human is now no longer the same show I started watching and I suppose it remains to see if it can continue to hold the attention of the viewers.