Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Alphas Season Two, Episode 13: In God's Eye

Rosen is sitting on a bench and he sees a vision of Dani and realises that he is in shock.  He says that he needs to get to the hospital and she says that he cannot because they report gunshot wounds at the hospital.  Dani is insistent that what Rosen needs to be doing is tracking down Stanton Parish and he says that he has to stop the bleeding, or he will never make it. Dani asks him if he knows who can help him and Rosen responds yes. He gets up and starts to walk down the street.

Rachel announces that they have found Rosen's blood. Rachel and Nina are insistent that Rosen needs to be found and so Bill says that he will put a BOLO out for him. Rachel is not happy about this but Bill reminds her that they cannot afford to lose anymore time because their number one priority right now is to stop Parish.  Bill believes that if Rosen were there with them that he would say the same thing.

Rosen is lying on a couch and Fiona removes the bullets from his stomach.  She tells him that he needs to have surgery and Rosen reminds Fiona that he came to her. Fiona warns him that he is going to feel pain because she has to seal the major blood vessels and orders him to take a deep breath. Fiona that inserts her fingers into his wounds and when she pulls them out, there is no more blood. Fiona warns him that she did what she could but her ability isn't magic, so he has to take it easy to avoid splitting himself open again. Rosen grabs some medical tape to affix gauze and starts to stand.  Fiona is upset and tells him that if he is going anywhere that his next stop has to be the ER. Rosen looks up and sees Dani again. He replies that he knows, but that there is something important that he has to do.

Back at the office, Nina reveals that the man they questioned is nothing more than a plumber who was putting in extra bathrooms. This shocks Clay and Bill because it doesn't make sense that Parish would want his super charged alphas to be extra comfortable. Bill decides to send Nina back to questioning the other prisoners to see what else they can find out.

Hicks approaches to get some information from Kat and she is not the least bit pleased to see him.  Hicks says that he is sorry but she wasn't supposed to be on that convoy. Kat replies that Hicks let her go anyway because he figured that in a month she would forget what a "total douche" he is. Hicks says, "I did what I had to do. It wasn't about you." Kat shakes her head and storms out of the office.  Kat grabs her bag and walks by Bill, who asks her where she is going. When Kat keeps moving, Bill says, "you cannot leave. You know that this thing is about to go down and it can happen anytime within the next 24 hours." Kat turns and asks why she should care and Bill reminds her that there are 8 million people in the city alone.  Kat is not convinced and reminds Bill that she doesn't know any of them. "The only people I know are in that room (pointing to the office) and they hung me out to dry." Bill reminds her that he has not done anything wrong and that he needs her.

In the subway two men are working on a security retro fit, when a man appears from the tunnels singing a song. They are having trouble and so one of the workmen decides to hit the panel with a hammer, which causes a bright flash to go off. The three men fall to the ground and appear to be dead, but suddenly the one who was singing gets up and runs away.

Parish and  Jeff 'Dumpy' Kowalka are sitting in a park of all places, talking about global warning. Parish says that after tonight, some of them will be changed and for the rest, it will be quick and painless.  Parish gives the order to pick up Rosen and Kowalka admits to shooting Rosen last night. When Parish asks where he is, Kowalka says that Rosen took off in his car and is probably dead already.  When Parish gets upset, Kowalka says that he was just looking out for him. Parish puts a knife to Kowalka's side and orders him to make himself useful.

Gary is in a hospital talking to Nina and he tells her that he checked the ER's in the city and that 7 people were admitted with gunshot wounds but none of them were Rosen. Gary believes that this is a good sign, as long as the reason isn't because Rosen is dead. Gary says that he has to go to his mom's room because the nurse keeps calling him and Hicks asks him to keep looking.  It seems that Hicks is now feeling guilt for leaving Rosen behind. Nina reminds him that this was Rosen's call. Hicks says that all Rosen wanted was justice for Dani and now he is seeing it through. What about the fact that Rosen was obsessed with Parish long before Dani died. This is as much about his ego as anything else. Hicks thinks that he let Dani down.

When Gary walks into the hospital room, he finds that his mother his awake and immediately says hi. What he does not realise is that something is terribly wrong.

Kat, Nina and Rachel are investigating the blast site and Kat makes it clear that it was not her idea to work with them.  I am so glad that she is holding the team accountable for their actions in the last episode. Rachel tells Kat that it was a complicated situation and she is sorry that Kat got hurt. Kat will not be easily pacified and says that the lack of loyalty pisses her off. Rachel reminds Kat that she wasn't there and that it went too far. Kat snarks back, "what do you mean it went too far? If you're going to have the guts to sign up for something stupid and dangerous then at least have the balls to see it through." Ummm huh? There goes Kat as the moral center of this story. Yes she should be pissed about the ambush but hello, roture.  Kat starts to yell and Rachel shushs her and says that she can hear a heart beat. They keep walking and run into the man who was zapped by the light earlier. They ask him to them what's wrong, but when he opens his mouth a loud sound comes out and it starts to shatter lights and shake the area that they are in.

Rosen is walking down the street talking with Dani and saying that he has no idea where to look for Parish. Dani replies, "yes you do, the bastard told you through Mitchell"  We then get a flashback to Mitchell channeling Parish and saying, "I'm going to watch the world change with a God's eye view." Rosen keeps walking repeating the phrase and Dani says, "you'll figure it out, you know who you can."

Back at the site, Rachel says that the light flashed, left five men dead and the only one left alive is an Alpha.  Kat points out that he could have turned into an Alpha because he freaked out when he made that noise. Rachel sees the grid protector that the government installed to protect themselves from Parish and realises that Parish put a photo stim inside it. Kat realises that they have been played and points out that they could be all over the country.

Skylar has returned to the office to help in the belief that she is partially responsible because she built the devices. Skylar tells Bill that the device was triggered when they smashed it with a hammer. Skylar looks over the device again mentally taking it apart and announces that the device was supposed to go off at 8:18.  Skylar warns that every light in the grid will flash and that means if someone opens the fridge, they will get zapped. Bill points out that it took Parish's crew months to put these things in and so they cannot just remove them in a few hours.  Skylar says that the only thing they can do is to cut the power on the national grid until of the devices can be removed. Bill asks if it is possible to do that with the time they have left and Clay says that he will get things started. As Clay is leaving, Skylar says that it won't work in New York because the line's have dead man switches, which means they keep working no matter what.

Back at the hospital, Gary is demanding that his mother get transferred immediately. When they fail to comply, Gary says that he is a federal agent and that they have to do exactly what he says. The nurse responds that she will see what she can do to hurry things along and walks away. Rosen approaches Gary from behind wearing a medical coat. Gary tells Rosen that he needs him to get his mother transferred because Bill says that it's not safe. Rosen offers his apologies to Gary for not being there for him in his time of need but says that he was busy.  Gary concurs and adds that Rosen kidnapped someone and held them prisoner. Rosen of course wants Gary to know that he was doing what he had to, to get Stanton Parish and when Gary says kill Parish, Rosen again goes into denial. Rosen claims that he was only trying to protect people.  Gary gets upset and asks Rosen not to lie to him. Rosen justifies again and says that it was the same way that Gary was trying to protect his mother. Gary makes it clear that he knows Rosen wants to kill Parish because of Dani.  Rosen ends the conversation saying God's eye view and that he needs Gary's help to figure out what Parish meant. Gary figures out that the place in question is the Empires States Building.

Dani appears and tells Rosen to say goodbye to Gary because he is never going to see him again.  This foreshadowing nonsense is ridiculous. We all know damn well that Rosen isn't actually going to die and why writers keep introducing this schtick and expecting us to get worked up over an event that isn't going to happen is beyond me. If anything, at the end of this episode, Rosen will be turned into an Alpha. Rosen tells Gary that working with him has been wonderful and that seeing the world through his eyes has been amazing. As Rosen goes to leave, Gary says that the team is looking for him and that he should call them, as he takes out his phone. Rosen asks him not to call anyone because he wants to keep the conversation between the two of them. Rosen gets into the elevator and we can see Dani standing behind him.

Outside, Rosen is again talking to Dani wondering how he is going to stop Parish and Dani asks how he heals. Rosen says that Parish my have some enhanced neuro immune system, which must be voluntary so that he can will himself to regenerate.  Dani starts to nod her head yes. Rosen realises that if he gave Parish anti-coagulants that he wouldn't be able to heal himself, if he were injured badly enough. Yeah, we're still supposed to believe that his big plan wasn't to kill Parish. Rosen returns to the hospital to get the drugs he needs. Once back on the street, he questions what he is doing because he has never stolen anything in life. Note, how premeditated murder is not part of his thought process. Dani points out that Rosen is doing what is right and Rosen admits that he is unsure if he believes in what he is doing anymore. I guess a little thing like torture will cause one to question one's actions. Dani reminds Rosen that Parish believes in what he is doing and is not going to give up. Rosen gets on the subway to get to the Empire States Building.

At the office, Bill is looking at a video of Rosen at the hospital and points out that he is not looking so good. Bill tells Hicks that Rosen took anti-coagulants and Hicks wonders why Rosen didn't take pain killers because he is obviously hurt.  At the hospital, Gary looks at the video of Rosen stealing drugs and tells his mother that Rosen is angry about Dani dying, just like he is angry about Anna's death. Gary says that Rosen is doing bad things and then his mother turns and says, "help him." Gary says that he cannot help because he promised Rosen he wouldn't tell anyone. When his mother offers her hand, Gary takes it and says that he is going to stay there with her. She tells him to go and Gary agrees but before he leaves he says, "I'm glad that you didn't die."

Rachel, Nina and Skylar have taken apart Hicks' laptop to make a device to deal with the power issue in New York.  Hicks is shocked when he sees this but Skylar tells him to get out.  Skylar then says, "he's so pretty but so useless." Rachel answers, "he's smarter than he looks." Skylar apologises to Nina for insulting the man that she loves, and Nina denies loving Hicks.

Hours later, Rosen has arrived at the Grand Central (horse shit btw it shouldn't have taken him that long to get there but yeah, tvland). He is still talking to Dani, telling her about how he took her to there as a child to see the constellations but the stars on the ceiling were backward. They realise at the same time that this is where Parish is and when they look over, Parish is getting his shoes shined. Parish and Rosen makes eye contact and after checking his watch, Parish walks off, leaving Rosen to struggle to try to keep up.

We see a map of the U.S. with lights going out and hear Clay say that all Parish effected cities have had their lights turned out. Skylar is on a rooftop with the device she built to turn the power out in NYC. When Kat asks about the worse case scenario, Kat says that it could set of an explosive chain reaction which kills everyone they are trying to save. Kat throws the switch and all the lights go out, just as Rosen is about to catch up with Parish. Kat says to Rachel, "after all of the crap that you did, you did it." Rachel corrects her and says "we did it," but Skylar reminds them, "mostly I did it." Before than really celebrate, the power starts to come on in midtown.  Skylar checks the machine and says that it's working so Rachel asks where the power is coming from.

When the lights turn back on, Gary has caught up with Rosen. Gary says, "you're bleeding, that's what I am doing here. Is that why you took the medicine?" Instead of answering Gary's question, Rosen tells him that he has to leave right now. Rosen tells him that it's dangerous because Parish is there and that he cannot allow him to be there. Gary says that he is not leaving and that he gets to make his own choices.  When Rosen cuts him off saying that he realises that, Gary says, "no you don't realise that. You're bleeding and you're alone. You're not fine and  you have helped everyone on the team like my mom helped me and so now it's fair Dr. Rosen that I help you. I'm not going to go anywhere."

Back at the office, Clay tells Rachel and Skylar that there's a backup generator somewhere and it's putting out enough power to light up half of the city. Skylar says that it needs to be shut down as well and Nina replies, whatever it is, we have 45 minutes to shut it down.  Nina calls Rachel into the breakroom to tell her that she just got a call from Gary saying that he found Rosen and they are in Grand Central Station. Hicks grabs his coat and says, "maybe that's why the doc stole those drugs. He's going after Parish."  Hicks rushes out of the office with Nina fast on his heels and Rachel picks up her phone to call Gary.

At the elevator, Nina kisses Cameron and tells him to be safe.  Back in the breakroom, John hands Nina her bag and asks what else she needs to take with her.  It seems that the decision has been made for them to evacuate.  When Rachel asks if they are giving up, John replies that they are moving locations to get prepared for the aftermath.  It sounds pretty sensible to me, but Nina says no, which shocks John and so he reminds her what the lights did to her the last time.  Rachel insists that she is not leaving Dr. Rosen.  What the hell has Rosen done but manipulate them? I don't understand this loyalty for a man she just watched torture another human being. When Rachel says that she just wants to do the right thing, John asks if the right thing was to let his op get ambushed, so that they could kidnap some guy.  John says, "I have to be able to trust the woman that I am in love with now don't you get that." Rachel says yes and John turns away and then she clues in that he said the L word.  Okay, there's 45 minutes till the device goes off and they're taking out time to have an angst relationship moment?

The team are in a van headed for Grand Central and Bill says that there is a generator which is designed to keep the trains running, even if everything else in the city goes down. Kat says that the generator can actually put out enough power for half of Manhattan and that it's under grand central somewhere. At the station, Rosen and Gary separate, so that Gary can get to a place with better reception.

A man walks up to Rosen and gives him a cell phone. Of course, it's from Parish, who says that he's happy that Rosen is still alive.  Rosen tries to convince Parish into a face to face meet, so that they can talk, but Parish says that there's something he has to do first. Rosen tells him that there is a storage closet close to where he is standing and that the light has been disabled.  He tells Rosen that he is a part of the future. Parish then hangs up, and all Rosen can see is Dani staring at him.

The team arrives at the station, and Rachel claims to hear the generator 150 feet down.  Rachel points out that Parish wouldn't leave the generator vulnerable and Bill decides to go with Kat, Rachel and Skylar, and let Nina look for Parish. They go down in the elevator and Rachel calls for everyone to get down, when she hears safetys being clicked off guns. Like in any action flick, of course all of the bad guys miss and the elevator door closes. Skylar uses the fire extinguisher and the elevator panel to create a bomb and then when the elevator door opens, Bill throws it at Parish's men. Damn, Skylar is better than MacGyver. A firefight ensues and Kat and Bill provide cover for Skylar and Rachel. Bill then amps up and throws Kat so that she lands behind the assailants. Kat then easily takes them out. When Rachel and Skylar get to the generator, Skylar says that old tech is tough.

Gary is wondering through the station checking out signals.  Rosen has made his way to a platform and Parish is standing there with his back to him. Rosen pulls the syringe out of his pocket and Parish says, "this is one of the first platforms,  I watched them build it."  Rosen yells at him to shut up, and in his other hand, we see that he is holding a gun. Parish walks towards Rosen and says, "a firearm, how crass." Rosen says, "she was everything to me Stanton and you killed her." The ghost of Dani slips between the two men and stands next to Rosen.  Stanton replies that he killed her for the greater good and that sweet Daniel was everything to him. Parish turns to leave and tells Rosen that he should get to a safe place.  Dani says, "this is what you want."  Rosen calls out, "what do you want from me?" Parish pulls out his watch and says, "in a few minutes, I'll be a mass murderer. I will have served my purpose."

In the basement, Skylar is upset because she cannot seem to stop the generator. Rachel hears Parish say, "you'll be the man they need. You'll be the man to lead them." Dani says, "kill him daddy, he murdered me. He murdered your little girl." When Rosen shakes his head no, Dani says, "put him in the ground." Rosen looks confused and says, "no, I'm not going to do it. I'm not that man, because Danielle wouldn't have wanted it this way. She knew there was a better way." Parish responds that he couldn't find it. He starts to walk away and Rosen says, "we should have looked harder, that's what she would have wanted." Parish turns to walk towards Rosen and Hicks shoots him. Bill rushes into the generator room and Rachel tells him that she heard Parish and Rosen talking and then a shot. She asks him to stay with Skylar while she checks out what is going on.

Hicks runs over to Rosen and Parish and points out that Parish is about to get up. "I know you've got those drugs, let's finish this," Hicks says. Rosen says no but Hicks is insistent, "shoot him up, let's kill this bastard and then get out of here." Rosen asks, Cameron if we kill him, then what does that make us?" Hicks reminds Rosen that Parish killed Dani but Rosen counters with, "if we let him live, then he will live with that pain his whole life. Don't do it Cameron, be the man that she loved." Hicks lowers his weapon just as Rachel arrives on the scene.

Downstairs, Skylar is working quickly and Kat points out that these aren't all the breakers and that there is a panel on the other side. Kat says it must be for security reasons, so that people like them can't shut it down. Skylar figures out a way to cut the power to the rest of the city but not the station.

Upstairs, Bill and Rachel go running to Hicks, Nina and Rosen. Bill asks what happened.  Gary is on the mainfloor when he realises that it's time.  Skylar and Kat run screaming through the station to get out of the building. The lights flash and everyone but Gary goes down. Gary sees Kat and Skylar but he does not stop to check on them and keeps moving. He keeps stepping over bodies calling out for Bill. When he finally gets to the platform everyone is passed out. 

How is it that this device effected Gary earlier in this season and this time nothing happened?  I don't predict that any of the team died at all.  In fact, I am now sure that Rosen has been turned into an Alpha because that is the only way to survive the blast and it's clear they wouldn't kill him off after working for an entire episode to try and clean up his image.  As season finales go, I found this one to be slightly anti-climactic. The entire season was interesting though and I am glad that they are at least starting to question the idea that Rosen is the moral center of the show.