Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Vampire Diaries, Season Four, Episode Three: The Rager

Tyler is asleep in hospital bed after being shot and a police officer is standing guard at the door to his room. Suddenly, a noise in the corridor attracts the cops attention and when he leaves to check it out, he is assaulted by Connor Jordan.  Hearing the noise, Tyler awakes and when Connor enters his room, Tyler is nowhere to be seen.  Tyler decides to attack Connor from behind, but Connor manages to inject a paralytic into Tyler.  He lays Tyler on the bed and then draws some kind of liquid from his fangs, before rushing out of Tyler's room. Connor returns to his RV and is clearly making something from the venom which he withdrew from Tyler.  When he sits at his desk, he looks at two folders and decides to open the one with Jeremy's name on it.

Stefan is outside the house working on a motorcycle.  Damon sees this as his midlife crises but Stefan says that the transition has been rough on Elena and he wants to take her out to have a little fun.  Damon informs Stefan that Connor stole some of Tyler's venom last night and now he plans to hunt him and kill him.  When Stefan offers to help, Damon turns him down and the brothers are back to arguing about Elena yet again.  Damon plans to leave town because the agreement was that only the one Elena chose would get to stay, but Stefan says that things are different now because Elena is one of them. He justifies punching Damon in the face by saying that he was being dramatic and Damon did after all blood share with Elena. 

Matt and Elena meet at their old make out spot. She again expresses angst for having to feed and Matt asks her to let him do this for her because he owes her his life.  She only feeds briefly and when Matt asks her if she had enough, she responds, "no, but if I had anymore, I'm afraid I wouldn't stop." Elena wipes her lips and puts a bandage on Matt and then they head off to school. Matt questions whether she should be there or not, and Elena says that the vampire hunter knows that she knows Damon and so this place is safer and then adds she wants to be there because it is her senior year. Honestly, was I the only one rolling my eyes? How long are they going to keep these kids in high school already? They don't act like the kids that they are supposed to be and never attend school for anything other than planning dances, or wretched founders events. As they walk through the parking lot, Elena notices a flyer stuck to a car, which calls for a town curfew of ten pm.  Matt reminds her that Tyler was shot in front of half of the town and that everyone is a little freaked. 

Carol and Tyler return home and Tyler is not pleased to see two men standing in the foyer when he enters.  He assumes that they are more deputies and Klaus enters.  Klaus says that he was halfway to Chicago, when he heard that Tyler was attacked but duty calls. Tyler sarcastically replies, "Nice to know you care."  As Klaus walks forward he says, "I don't. I should have killed you for the stunt you and your little friends pulled, stopping my heart and leaving me in a coffin to rot." Tyler reminds Klaus that he hijacked his body and kissed his girlfriend and suggests that makes them even, but Klaus is not convinced.  It seems that Klaus is there because hybrids are a dying breed and he cannot make more, and will not allow anyone to take liberties with those that are left.  Klaus points to the other hybrids and instructs Tyler to consider them his bodyguards.

Elena and Stephen are sitting in history class together and he points out that it's been awhile since they were in a large class together. Uh huh, no shit sherlock and that would be because no one on this show actually attends class.  Rebekah enters handing out fliers, announcing the anti curfew party that she is holding and invites Elena to attend so that they can bury the hatchet.  Elena replies that it's a pretty big hatchet.  Elena notices the new address and asks, "new house huh, did your brother finally kick you out?" Rebekah replies, "he didn't kick me out, I left." They trade barbs until Stephen asks he Rebekah she is still in town. Rebekah says that history is her favourite class and then asks about Alaric, only to bring up the point that she killed him. Elena throws her pencil at Rebekah but Rebekah catches it and throws it at Elena, piercing her shoulder.  Okay, what kind of material are their pencils made of in Mystic Falls?

Elena and Stefan go out into the hall, where he tells her to calm down and that she has never felt this kind of rage before.  Elena says that she didn't know that she was capable of hate, but she hates Rebekah. Then of course Elena adds that she hates that she hates her. Over Stefan's shoulder, Elena spies Connor with Jeremy, a few feet away at his locker. Elena panics but Stefan assures her that he has this and walks off after Connor.

Elena goes into the bathroom to wash off the blood, when a girl named Heather walks in. Heather says that Rebekah sent her to see if Elena is okay and when Elena says that she's fine, Heather says that she isn't. The camera then flashes to blood dripping slowly down Heather's neck. Rebekah walks in and dips her fingers in Heather's blood and asks Elena if she is getting hungry.  Elena tells her to get away from her but Rebekah takes a step forward and tries to smear the blood on Elena. Elena says, "you shouldn't be here. This is my school, my life and I am not going to let you ruin it." Rebekah counters, "it's my school now and my life, maybe you're the one who shouldn't be here. I couldn't help but hear that there's a vampire killer roaming the hallways, how inconvenient for you." Rebekah then smears a handful of Heather's blood over Elena's face as she rages.  Rebekah then turns and leaves the room with Heather.

Connor and Jeremy are sitting alone in a classroom and though Jeremy is happy to miss biology, he wants to know why he is there.  Connor says that he looked into Jeremy's family and that he and Elena have been through quite a lot.  Jeremy asks him why he cares and Connor replies because you saw this and he shows him the tattoo on his arm again. Connor says that his tat is a hunters mark, as in vampire hunter. Jeremy stands up with a snort and says vampire hunter. Through the window in the door Jeremy sees Stefan. Connor says that he has researched the Gilbert family history and that Jeremy playing dumb, only makes him look dumb. Jeremy asks, "why the show and tell? I don't even know you."  Connor says that the tattoo is invisible, except to hunters and potential hunters.  Connor gives Jeremy his address and instructs him to bring him a vampire, so that he can show him what to do.  Jeremy asks how he is supposed to do that and Connor tells him to start by asking his friend with the bandage on his neck.

In the meantime, Damon has made his way to Connor's RV.  He enters without a problem but the minute he briefly touches a paper on a desk, two arrows shoot out and get him in his shoulder and his leg.  Did Damon really believe it would be that easy?

Elena is pacing outside of the school in front of Caroline and Stephen.  Caroline tells her that she has made a valiant first day effort and no one will judge her if she decides to leave.  Since when does anyone judge Elena?  Even when she makes the most ridiculous decisions, no one ever judges her. But Elena does not want to go home, she wants to take the white oak stake and murder Rebekah. Stefan suggests that they leave the murdering to Damon. He then points out that Rebekah knows that everyone hates her and that she is trying to hate harder. Stefan suggests that they skip the rest of the day and go and have some fun.  There you have it folks, another exciting school day in Mystic Falls. Elena agrees and says that she has to go home and change, then they can hit Rebekah's party. After Elena walks away, Caroline asks Stefan if Elena seems a little off balance. Stephen says that Elena is channeling all of her emotions into rage because it makes her feel like she has purpose. Stefan says that he used to do that as well when he was the ripper him.  Caroline says that first saved her vampire life and now Elena's. Caroline believes that Stefan is good at this and that he should write a book or appear on The View. Yes, I rolled by eyes yet again.

Taylor is lying on the couch tossing a football around when Hayleigh enters the room. They embrace briefly and then Hayleigh shoves Tyler in the chest saying that she thought Klaus killed him. It turns out that Hayleigh is the one who helped Tyler break his sire bond.  Hayleigh is surprised that Tyler is rich and points out that the least he can do is pour her some fancy rich people scotch.

Damon calls Meredith and asks her to cut out the arrows because if he moves, a bomb will go off.  She is surprised and wants to know why he didn't call his brother. He says he didn't call because he is proud and stubborn.  As Meredith cuts the arrow, Damon asks how well she knew Pastor Young. Meredith says that he was a patient of hers and was always a nice guy. Damon points to the letter and Meredith asks what Young meant by saying that a greater evil is coming. Damon's phone rings and it's Elena but he chooses not to answer.  Meredith calls him a good brother and points out that Damon is strung up to a bomb, while Stephan is playing vampire, with the girl he loves and Damon is pretending that it doesn't suck.

Rebekah approaches Matt at his locker to invite him to her party. When he doesn't answer, Rebekah says that she knows he's still angry that she ran him off the bridge, but Alaric killed her brother and that she had to do something to stop him, because Alaric was trying to kill her as well. Rebekah tells Matt that she never wanted to hurt him, but he just closes his locker and walks away.

As Matt is walking through the hallway, Connor calls out, "what did you say hickies?" Connor then walks up to Matt, grabs his arm and pulls off the bandage to reveal two bite marks.  Connor says kinky girlfriend and then asks who bite him.  When Matt replies that he doesn't know what he is talking about and doesn't remember how he got hurt, Connor puts a knife to Matt's throat and demands to know who the vampire is. As Connor applies more pressure with the knife, Matt gives up Rebekah.  Connor thanks him and says "when you wake up, I should be long gone," before bashing Matt's head into a wall.

Elena is going throwing things around in a room that turns out to be Damon's.  When Damon tells her that he hopes she has plans to clean up the mess, Elena says that she is looking for bourbon to get through Rebekah's party and that his is better than Stefan's.  Damon directs her to the top draw but it of course turns out to be his underwear drawer.  Elena turns and asks him if he keeps alcohol in there. This is when Damon decides to let her know that her little ruse is over and that he knows she is looking for the white oak stake.  Damon takes off his shirt (yes, thank you mr.director) and Elena notices the blood on his shoulder.  Damon says that it's a wound from the hunter and Elena says that Connor was there at her school today.  When Damon replies that he already knows because Jeremy told him, Elena is not impressed and demands that Damon leave Jeremy out of this mess.  Damon asks if she is afraid that Jeremy is going to do something useful for once? Damon starts to undo his pants, as Elena is watching clearly interested and he asks, "are you staying for the show?"  Elena walks out saying that she is going to find the stake. 

Jeremy shows up at Conner's RV and says that he has not found a vampire but Meredith, who is a doctor in town trades her own blood for vampire blood to help sick people. Conner is not impressed and believes that there is no reason to show tolerance towards any vampires, because if you protect one vampire, then more show up and they start to feed and change people. Conner says that the high school is crawling with vampires and that one is even throwing a party. Jeremy asks if that is where they are going but Connor says that they are headed to the hospital. Connor adds that as long as people are drinking at the high school party that they will be dead by sundown.

At the party, people are drinking when Elena and Stephan walk through the door without any problems. When Elena sees Rebekah, she starts to stare and Stephen tells her that she is fixating. When a student walks by, Stephen glamours him into handing his drink over to him and in turn gives the drink to Elena. Before Elena can take a drink, April walks by and so Elena decides to go and have a talk with her.

Caroline shows up with a big smile at Tyler's door, jumps into his arms and says, "I ditched Rebekah's ditching party." She starts to kiss him and then notices all of Tyler's guard.  Tyler says that they are all hybrids and that he is on house arrest. Caroline believes that this is the work of his mother, but Tyler says that it's not Carol and Caroline realises that this is the work of Klaus. In another room, Hayley is looking at photos and Klaus approaches her saying that she is a new face. Hayley replies, "and I take it from your accent, you're an old one."  They have a little verbal sparring and Klaus says, "so, you're a friend of Tyler's. That's strange, he never mentioned you." At the doorway, Tyler encourages Caroline to go to the party, though she would rather hang out with him.

Elena approaches April, who is actually happy to see her.  Elena offers her the drink and asks if she is thirsty. Did anyone else find it nasty that Elena offered her that drink? Who knows where the hell the guy they got it from has been. This is weird to April because she remembers Elena reading her bedtime stories. April takes the drink and comments, "if my dad could see me now." Elena asks how she is doing and April says that she is thinking about conspiracy theories. "My first weekend home from boarding school," April says, "my dad noticed my clothes smelled like cigarette smoke, he would have noticed a gas leak." April goes onto to add that she knows that there is no investigation but with the shooting at the church, then Rebekah cuts her off and says that it feels like something wicked. Rebekah adds that it feels like the town is cursed.  Elena quickly interrupts and sends April to look around the house. When April leaves, Rebekah asks Elena if she forgot to uninvite her. Elena asks if Rebekah if she blew up the pastors house to get revenge on the council.  Rebekah replies that she doesn't care what some old man thought. Rebekah takes Elena's drink from her hand and  her who she thinks she is coming into her house and throwing around false accusations.  Suddenly, Elena's hands start to sizzle.  It seems that Rebekah slipped her ring off her finger and so Elena is forced into a corner. When Elena asks for the ring back, Rebekah throws it down the sink and turns the garbage disposal on, telling her to get it back herself.

When Rebekah leaves the room, Elena rushes forward, stops the garbage disposal and grabs her ring. When she grabs the stake out of her bag, Stephen shows up and asks if Damon gave her the stake and Elena admits that he did so reluctantly. Elena tells him that Rebekah is not going to stop and that she is going to keep pushing and pushing.  Stefan steps aside and says that if Elena wants to kill Rebekah that he is not going to stop her. Stefan says that "it will feel very good for about ten seconds and then tens of thousands of vampires will start to die. Every vampire she ever turned, will die. Rage is a very powerful feeling, but guilt, take it from me, will destroy you.  So you can go after her, or you can get on the back of my motorcycle and we can get the hell out of her." Elena hands Stephan the stake and they leave the house.  Rebekah asks if they are leaving so soon and Elena says no. Elena does a hand stand on the keg and chugs beer while the kids cheer.  When she gets back to her feet both Elena and Stephen leave. For those who were counting, I saw three Black kids in the background. Lovely how they can have characters of colour in crowd scenes. As Rebekah watches them walk out, her knees go weak.  When Rebekah looks at the mirror, she sees red blotches on her face.

When Tyler walks into the office, he finds Klaus seated at the desk with his feet propped up.  Klaus comments that Hayley is fetching and says that he had her take the backdoor out, so that Caroline wouldn't see. Tyler says, "whatever you think you know," but he is not allowed to finish his sentence. Klaus interjects, "I don't know anything but I have put together a pretty convincing picture. Why don't you tell me where my imagination deviates from reality. You went off to the Appalachians to break my sire bond. There you met a pack of werewolves, begged them for help, among them was a girl; she was gorgeous, with the same animal instincts as you. Emotions ran high, inhibitions ran low, then in a moment the thick sexual tension became something more real." Tyler yells at him to stop and Klaus says, "and Caroline has no idea."  Tyler's mouth drops open in shock as the phone rings. When the phone rings, it's Damon and he wants to talk to Tyler, but Klaus says that Tyler is busy making big decisions about honesty. Damon says that he is going after the vampire hunter if he'd like to join, but Klaus declines on Tyler's behalf and indicates he would like to participate.

Elena and Stefan are speeding down the road on his bike and Elena decides to stand up.  She throws her hands out.

At the hospital, Meredith is walking through the halls when Jeremy and Connor show up. Jeremy points out Meredith and Connor tells him to stay there. Connor walks into a supply closet and asks, "is the hospital really the best place for a germaphobe?" Damon steps out from behind a shelving unit,  and asks, "did I say that I was a germaphobe? Sorry, I meant vampire." Connor pulls out his gun to shoot Damon but two arrows shot out and hit him in each arm. It's the same device that Damon tripped in Connor's RV. When Connor again reaches for his gun, Klaus kicks it out of the way.  Okay, I actually think that Klaus and Damon would make such an awesome team.  There's something wicked about them when they are not focusing on Elena the annoying. 

Elena and Stefan start to have sex but when she looks up, it's Damon's face that she sees.  Elena pushes him off saying no and Stephen stops and asks if she is okay.  When Elena looks at her arms, she sees that they are red and swollen.  She asks Stephen what is wrong with her and Stephen replies, "Damon says that the hunter had werewolf in him." Why oh why do they insist on putting Elena in peril, when we all know that nothing is every really going to happen to the self centered, whiny, pain in the ass?

Rebekah is looking at the red blotches on her arm, when Matt approaches and says, "you don't look so hot." Rebekah replies, "whatever it is, it's not the white oak stake so it can't kill me. I'm surprised you came to my party." Matt enters further into the room and says that he thought about it and that she explained why she ran him off the bridge, so the least he can do is explain how he feels. "The truth is Rebekah, I think you're amazing. You've had a thousand years to grow and start fresh and you've managed to throw it all away and now you're all alone. You're compelling your friends, your brother hates you, you whine about not finding love. The reason you don't find love, is because you don't deserve it."  Rebekah rips out Matt's heart and so clearly this is some sort of hallucination because no matter how useless Matt's character is, they have shown no indication of getting rid of him. When Rebekah drops the heart, she comes to and realises that she is all alone.

Connor starts to struggle, and Damon warns him that if he keeps it up, they'll be scraping him off the ceiling. Connor points out that they are going to kill him anyway, but Klaus says, "let's not be to hasty, we're just getting to know each other." Damon asks, "where are you from, what do you want and maybe you can clue me in on this greater evil, cause I have fought this guy (pointing to Klaus) and there's nothing more evil than that." Connor says that he is not telling them anything and that if they kill him, there's another waiting to take his place. Damon says, "see this is what I like to hear, vague threats, ominous prophecies, disappearing tattoos." When Damon says tattoos, Klaus' smile drops and he asks what Damon means by tattoos.  Klaus leans in and Conner tries to stab him with the thing he was whittling earlier, but Klaus dodges, grabs it and says that he is faster than the average vampire.  Klaus looks at the wooden item and says, "you're one of the five." As they are examining it, Connor triggers the explosives, saying that he is faster than the average hunter.  The room explodes and Damon lands just free of it.

Elena is in bed and Stefan is frantically calling Klaus but not getting a response. When Elena lookss at Stephan, she again sees Damon. She asks, the apparition why she is thinking about him and the fake Damon responds, "because you're a vampire now and a part of you knows that you're a lot more like me than you are like him."  Klaus walks into the room and Stefan is surprised to see him. Klaus says, "for future reference, one voicemail is just as effective as nine."  Stefan tells Klaus that Elena has werewolf venom in her system and they all know that he is the only one who can heal her. Klaus asks, "what would you have done if I were no longer here, if you and your friends had succeeded in ridding the world of me? Let's play that game for a moment."  Stefan tells Klaus that he can have anything he wants from him, but Klaus says that he doesn't want anything from him and heads over to Elena. "If you had told me a few hours ago, I wouldn't give a lick about her dying, but as it turns out, you may be of use to me after all." Klaus bites his wrist and offers it to Elena.

Rebekah is lying in bed and April knocks on the door saying, "way to bail on your own party." She is picking up the garbage. Rebekah says that she needed a minute and asks if everyone left and April says that the deputies weren't happy about the anti-curfew party. Rebekah asks her why she is still there and April says that cleaning up is better than sitting home alone thinking about the family she no longer has. Rebekah offers to help her look into the fire at the farmhouse.  April asks what Rebekah will be able to do that she can't and Rebekah replies, "you'd be surprised."

At the hospital, they are examining the damage. Carol asks if the sniper was inside and Damon answers, "still is, in tiny little piece." Carol says that she is going to cancel the curfew and end the patrol. Damon promises to make a donation to the hospital and jokes that they can name a wing after him. As Damon walks by Jeremy, Jeremy says, "I told you that I can be a bad ass." Damon answers, "bad asses don't say that," and approaches Meredith. Meredith is not pleased with the end result of trapping Connor and points out that this was not good for the patients there. Damon tells her to buy him a farewell drink and that they should talk about what Klaus meant by the five. Meredith replies, "you know that you are not going anywhere Damon, and I am not your new partner in vampire crime. Fix things with Stefan and Elena. Don't let your pride leave you all alone." 

Caroline shows up at the Salvatores, and Stephen thanks her for coming. When Caroline asks what's up, Stephen asks, "do you remember what you were like before you turned?" Caroline asks, "you mean an insecure control thief." Stefan says that she grew into herself when she became a vampire and that Elena is changing to.  Stefan wants to allow her to enjoy the change and for a moment today she did.  Stefan then admits that when he is with her, every bone is his body tells him to join her, but if he does, even a little, he risks becoming the ripper again. Stephen admits that he loves Elena and doesn't want to hold her back and Caroline replies, "but you don't know how to be around her and still resist that urge." Stefan shakes his head and adds, "Damon promised me that he would help me stay off the edge but we're not in a good place right now. Not when it comes to her. I just thought that since you're so good at it, that being a vampire." Caroline says that she is good at being a vampire because of him and that he can come to her whenever he wants and that she won't let him lose control..

Matt goes to see Elena and says that if he had known that she was going to go to the party that there is no way he would have told Conner.  Elena assures him that Jeremy said the same thing and that there is no way either of the could have known. "Stefan warned me that I would feel things more powerfully, but Matt, the hatred that I felt today. I almost killed her in front of everyone, in the middle of a party. That's not me." As she is talking, Matt starts to roll up his sleeve. Matt assures her that Rebekah kind of deserved it but Elena says that it's not just about Rebekah and that she is having terrible violent thoughts. Elena starts to feed from Matt and he asks her if she is sure she wants to take that much. When she does not respond and keeps drinking, Matt says her name again. Elena keeps drinking, even when Matt says it hurts and she pushes him against a counter, as he says her name again and again.  Damon shows up and pushes Elena off Matt saying stop. When Elena sees the horrified look on Matt's face, she starts to cry and say that she's sorry. Damon walks towards Matt and he flinches, so Damon glamours him and says, "forget what just happened, she fed a little bit and you went home." When Matt leaves, Elena says, "what have I done?" Damon tells her, "nothing you should be ashamed of. You're a vampire now, you just have to learn how to be one and I'm gonna teach you." Elena nods her head yes.

It seems that Connor is not dead after all, and when he awakes, he is alone with Klaus. Connor asks if Klaus saved him and Klaus answers, "congratulations, you just became worth more to me alive than dead." Connor asks what Klaus meant when he said he is one of the five and Klaus is surprised that he doesn't know his own history. Klaus replies, "let's just say that it makes you the most well protected vampire in town."

I am relieved to see Connor survive this episode but I still think that the end of the day he is probably a disposable character.  I am also not pleased that once again Bonnie is in the plot box because they couldn't find some way for her to serve Elena.  The angst level was once again high this episode, but I guess that comes with The Vampire Diaries.  I am sick of the Damon, Elena and Stephen love triangle. Finally, they need to give Rebekah something to do other than playing mean girl or get rid of her. As a character, she is ever more useless than Matt and that's saying something.