Monday, October 22, 2012

The Misfits Season Two, Episode Three

Alisha is walking and she gets the sense that someone is falling her.  She increases her speed but still continues to hear sounds.  A man grabs her from behind and tries to steal her bag and her necklace. The mysterious masked man takes her hand and helps her to stand.  This shocks Alisha because due to her power, no one should be able to touch her without wanting to sleep with her. 

Shaun meets the misfits at an area where people seemed to have been dropping garbage. Nathan asks him if he takes the job seriously. Shaun says sarcastically that he is committed to their rehabilitation and leaves for a coffee and a danish.  Inside a fridge, Nathan finds a beer, opens it and passes it to Kelly.  Nathan asks Kelly what she is doing later and when she says that she is going to get her tattoo fixed up, he decides that he wants to with her.  Alisha asks Simon if he knows why the masked man led them to the flat and she is disappointed when he cannot give her a certain answer.

Simon, Nathan and Kelly go to a tattoo parlor and Nathan is disgusted with the picture of a tattooed penis on a wall. Kelly jokes and tells Simon to get one and he says that he has a phobia of needles.  Nathan asks, "whose cock is this ... and why he would do something like this?"  Vince, the tattooist says that each one means something to him.  Nathan then goes back to looking at the images as Vince asks Kelly out.  When Nathan sees a rose on the wall, he asks Kelly if it would look gay on him and then pauses when he realises that Vince has this tattoo on his neck.  "I mean it would look gay on me just because I've got a beautiful face, but you would get away with it with your face. I'm not saying your ugly; you've looking the mirror, no offense man," Nathan says as an attempt to explain his hateful comment.  Once again, Misfits has decided to include casual homophobia as the punchline of a joke, as though people aren't harmed everyday by this sort of thing.  I know that some will say that this is just Nathan, but if you are going include homophobia, you need to have someone actively calling it out - especially on a show which has no GLBT characters.  Vince takes a deep breath and says none taken, as he aims his ink gun at Nathan and Nathan flinches.  After they leave the parlor, Nathan asks Simon for a drink and when Kelly assumes he meant to ask her, Nathan makes it clear that this is more of a boys night. "I'm talking some quality man time, beer, football, maybe some wrestling," Nathan says.

Alisha is in the same area where she was almost mugged standing around, clearly looking for the masked man who saved her.  Nathan has taken Simon back to the community center. Simon is confused because the plan was for them to go to a bar.  Nathan encourages Simon to make himself comfortable and when Simon does sit, Nathan invades his personal space.  Nathan then decides to put some music on and it's George Michael's, Careless Whispers. A man walks by Alisha and she calls him a wanker and to make sure she gets his attention, she calls him an ugly rat face fuck. When her would be attacker threatens her with a slap, Alisha starts to run screaming, "come on and save me then." She doesn't get far because she falls down a flight of stairs knocking herself unconscious, as the mystery man peers down at her from the top of the stairs. I kind of liked this as a good punishment for spunky agency though I didn't like the threat of a slap for some name calling.

Curtis goes to see Nikki, the girl whose flat the Misfits broke into in the last episode. Nikki is not happy to see him and points out that one of his friends shit on her bed and wiped his ass on her pajamas. Curtis says that they got the wrong flat and that Nathan is not right in the head.  Curtis then says to Nikki that he feels like he knows her.  Nikki then left up her skirt and says, "pull my knickers up when you are done."  Curtis is not impressed and calls her a bitch and says that they are done.

The mysterious stranger takes Alisha somewhere, while back at the community center, Nathan asks Simon to tell him about his first sexual experience. Simon's eyes goes large and Nathan asks if he wants to know about his. Nathan then proceeds to talk about a family camping trip where he got jerked off for the first tme.  As he is describing what happened, he puts his hand on Simon's leg and then leans in to kiss him. Simon jumps up asking what he is doing and Nathan says that it's okay and promises to be gentle. Naathan then tries to take off Simon's trousers saying that they don't have to fight and he just wants to see it (by it, he of course means Simon's penis).  Simon pushes him away and runs, as Nathan calls out that they don't have to go all of the way, they can just cuddle.  Even as I watch this, I know damn well that some magic is making Nathan behave this way and this proves the degree to which the writers are willing to use homophobia as just a joke. Furthermore, this whole set of circumstances frames people who are attracted to the people of the same sex as predatory. Gee, how original is that.

Alisha opens her eyes as the lights come on in room that she is in. Everything has a very industrial feel to it.  She sees the suit hanging from a rack, a countdown clock on the wall, and pictures of all of the Misfits. When she hears water running, she moves towards it with trepidation. The man in the shower turns around and it's Simon.  Alisha is picking up her clothes on the floor and he asks her how's her head. Alisha is confused and asks when he started running around and jumping off buildings and Simon replies, "ever since I traveled back from the future." WHOA! I say again WHOA!  That's a huge plot twist. Alisha asks how this works and he says, "there's the Simon that you know and there's the future Simon - me."  Alisha points out how different he is and Simon says, "a lot happens between now and then."  This new Simon is so self assured; it's like a completely different person. There's clearly chemistry between the two of them.  Alisha grabs her things to leave and Simon calls out, "no matter what happens, you cannot tell Simon I'm him. You can't tell Curtis, not any of them. It could change everything. Promise me you won't tell." Alisha does not answer.

The next day, the present day Simon is telling Kelly that Nathan kissed him and tried to take his pants off.  Kelly believes that Simon is "taking the piss."  Simon replies, "He said he wanted to do some dry humping. I left very quickly." On the roof, Nathan is writing a love letter to Simon when Kelly kicks him saying, "what have I told you about dicking around with Simon."  Nathan says that he loves Simon and that Simon is like a big handsome shark. When Kelly is still upset Nathan asks, "Do my feelings for him offend you? Well, I'm sorry cause they're true. I can't hide it any longer." Nathan then thinks, "I never felt like this about anyone, he completes me," which Kelly picks up with her ability to read minds. Kelly points out that this is a line from Jerry Maguire and Simon admits that he watched the move 4 times last night. "It's like he's Tom and I'm Renee and someone else is the ugly specky kid," Nathan says.  When Kelly asks him if he is trying to say that he's gay, Nathan answers, "gay, straight retarded, why do we have to put labels on everything?" Kelly says that they need labels so people know what's going on and asks if this is why the two of them aren't together. Nathan says it's like Simon is what has been missing from his life and maybe this is why he was always so mean to him. Kelly walks away in absolute disgust. This entire scene is nothing but appropriation.

Simon is sitting by himself eating a sandwich, when Alisha approaches him. She brings him a drink which shocks Simon, as he's used to Alisha pretty much ignoring him. Alisha asks Simon if he thinks about the future and what's going to happen to them. Simon replies, "all of the time, we need to be ready. One day someone is going to find out about us and everything will change." Alisha says that she knows that he has looked out for them - what with killing the second probation worker and all. Alisha actually thanks Simon.  Once again, Misfits disgusts me.  Simon stalked this woman relentlessly, took pictures of her while she slept etc,. Alisha had no way of knowing this but the writers did when they put those words into her mouth.  Simon does not trust what Alisha is saying and asks why she is being so nice to him. Alisha says that she can be nice sometimes, with almost tears in her eyes. "Look, if I've ever been a bitch to you I'm sorry, Alisha says." Simon replies that he never thought that she was a bitch and believes that sometimes it's difficult for beautiful girls, because people don't see past their looks. A tear rolls down Alisha's face and she says that she should go.

Inside the community center, Kelly and Simon are getting changed and Nathan stands directly behind Simon with a card.  Nathan hands Simon the card, leans in and says, "we'll take this slowly and when you're ready to develop the physical side of our relationship let me know."  On Nathan's shoulder, Kelly notices a tattoo of a heart with Simon's name. Simon says thanks and Nathan touches his face and replies, "it's just so hard, when you're so cute and I'm so horny and there's only a couple of inches of fabric separating our genitals."  Simon looks petrified and Kelly asks Simon if he knows about Nathan's tattoo. Okay, so not only is being gay a moment of comic relief, they have turned Nathan into the predatory gay man yet again.  This is a trope and ridiculously homophobic.  I feel as though I cannot call this episode out enough.

Kelly goes to the tattoo parlor to see Vince. She asks if Vince remembers Nathan and if he tattooed him. Vince denies it but thinks, "she knows I did it." Kelly then asks, "did you turn him into a gay?" What exactly is "a gay?"  She couldn't have said a gay man?  This entire idea flies in the face that we are all born into our sexuality but yeah when magic is involved, why not mock people's identities and lived experiences. Vince says that he can make Kelly happy and points his tat gun at her. Kelly then feels a sting on her shoulder.

Future Simon hops into a bedroom thorough a window and looks at a picture of Alisha and Curtis. He tries to hide but Alisha comes across him. Unfortunately, he lands face first in a pile of her underwear, causing Alisha to ask if he is sniffing her knickers.  Simon replies, "do you think that I risked my life travelling through the dimensions of time just so I can sniff your knickers?" When Alisha says that she does not know, Simon shakes his head no and stands up.  Simon says, "I've got something that belongs to you," and hands her the necklace the mugger tried to steal.  Alisha tells him that his past self said that she is beautiful today and Simon replies, "I know, everything that's happening to Simon, has already happened to me." Alisha says that her power does not make her feel good about herself and asks what he wants from her. Simon admits that he came back for her and that they will be a couple one day.  When Simon tells Alisha that she is going to fall in love with him, she says that he is freaking her out and tells him that he has to go.  She actually has to say it several times before he actually leaves. I guess future Simon really isn't that different from present day creepy stalker Simon after all.

Present day Simon walks into the locker room and notices Kelly's new tattoo on her shoulder.  Alisha goes to see Curtis and he tries to come onto her but she is not interested. Curtis accuses Alisha of being in a weird mood and points out that now she doesn't want to have sex. Alisha points out that they don't actually have sex.  Curtis says that he cannot actually touch her and Alisha is not pacified because she believes that she deserves better than to wank herself off in a storeroom. Alisha walks away and tells him not to use his power to fix this, because she wants to know what a prick he can be.

Kelly and Nathan are busy admiring their new tattoos.  Kelly says that she doesn't even remember getting it done, and Nathan looks at Simon and says that he doesn't regret it. Simon replies that he believes that they are being controlled by the tattoos and that the tattooist must have done it. Kelly says, "Vince wouldn't do that he loves me," and Simon points out that this is her tattoo talking.

Alisha goes to future Simon's flat and he is waiting in the doorway in his super suit. Alisha says that she doesn't know if all of the things that he has told her are true and wants to know how she can be sure that it happens. "You can't do this to me," Alisha says before Simon hugs.  When Simon pulls back, they make eye contact and the chemistry flairs.  Simon looks over his shoulder at the countdown clock and says that he has to go because there's something he needs to do.  Alisha is not happy that he is leaving after he has touched her so intimately, and so Simon asks her to wait there. Simon says with a smile, "it's going to be alright, I should know, I'm from the future."

Present day Simon, tries to encourage Nathan and Kelly to go and have their tats removed.  Curtis interrupts to say that he needs to find Alisha because they had a big fight.  Nathan answers that "love hurts, it chews you up and spits you out like a big ball of mucous." When Kelly looks up, they see future Simon on the roof.  He stares for a moment and tosses a pack of peanuts at them.  Nathan and Kelly wonder why he dropped off the nuts. Present day Simon insists that they should go to the tattoo parlor and they all agree to go.

When they get there, present day Simon says that they know about the tattoos.  When Curtis demands that the tattoos be removed, Vince sees this as a threat.  Kelly goes to stand at Vince's side and Vince inks a tat of a knife stabbing Curtis. Curtis falls to the ground in pain and Vince says, "she stays and you go."  Nathan asks Simon what they do and Simon sees a sign which says nut free on the wall. Simon pulls out the bag of nuts and threatens to open them if Vince doesn't let Kelly go.  The situation quickly becomes tense and Vince threatens to stab Kelly in the eye with his gun.  Simon opens the bag and tosses the nuts at Vince but he turns his head and the peanuts fall harmlessly on the ground.  Vince then inks some kind of barbed wire around Simon's neck.  Simon falls to the ground and Nathan begs, "please don't kill him, my beautiful boy."  Simon pushes Nathan away and picks up the closest nut and tosses it at Vince. The nut lands in Vince's mouth and  Vince starts to thrash about the parlor. Simon grabs Vince's eppy pen and demands that Vince free everyone. When everyone is released, Simon hands over the pen.

Curtis heads over to Nikki's with the new pair of pajamas that he bought for her. Nikki invites Curtis in and he sees that she has to take oxygen.  When he asks if she is okay, Nikki replies, "brilliant, peaches and cream."  Nikki admits that she has a problem with her heart, and Curtis places the pajamas next to her and says that he has to go but feels weird leaving her like this. Nikki says that it's not as bad as it looks and that she will be fine.

Alisha is watching a news report on how a freak storm gave the misfits powers. When future Simon returns, he tells her that she shouldn't be watching that.  He asks if she wants to be famous and Alisha says, "it's got to be better than picking up litter," as Simon closes the lid on his laptop.  Simon replies, "sometimes I think that that was the best time of my life," causing Alisha to ask if something bad happens to them? Simon does not answer and Alisha asks if she is going to die and Simon says that he is not going to let that happen.  When Alisha asks what happens now, Simon steps forward and kisses her.  They have sex and I have say that I am impressed that they bothered to simulate cunnilingus simply because sex in the media has a tendency to focus on male pleasure.  In the afterglow, Alisha tells him, "don't take this the wrong way, but you're way better than I thought you'd be." Simon says that he had a good teacher and Alisha replies, "I never taught you how to do that." Simon answers, "not yet but you will." Alisha says she didn't realise how much she missed being able to touch someone and cannot believe she just had sex with him.  Alisha asks Simon if he loses his virginity with her and Simon shakes his head no. He realises that she is jealous.

Kelly and Nathan are at the community center and Nathan says that he's 98% certain that he is not gay and asks Kelly if she wants him to prove it to her.  They start to kiss, and Nathan has hands like an octopus. Nathan struggles to get Kelly's zipper undone and then shoves his hand down her pants. Kelly pushes him away and says it feels wrong, like she is doing it with her cousin.  Kelly suggests that they should be mates and has to ask him pull his finger out from insider of her. Nathan agrees that they will just be mates.

Alisha is still in bed and when she wakes up, she finds future Simon working out. He watches as she throws on a hoodie and walks towards him. Alisha says that she has to go do her community service and that she will see him there.  Alisha asks future Simon if they are a couple now and he says yes. Alisha says that she cannot lie to Curtis but Simon says that she has to and that present him isn't ready for them to be a couple yet. When Alisha points out how annoying this is, Simon tells her that she has to trust him and let it play out.

The misfits go back to the garbage heap from the beginning of the episode.  When Nathan calls Simon a twat, Simon points out that Nathan doesn't love him anymore.  Kelly wonders how the guy with the mask knew that Vince was allergic to nuts, and Simon replies that he knows everything and they have to find out who he is.  Alisha suggests that they should just let him do his thing.

I still think that Simon is creepy as hell but I will admit that future Simon is extremely sexy.  It makes me wonder if we are ever going to really see him in action, or if this just foreshadowing leading nowhere.  As for this episode, the homophobia was sickening.  Misfits does not have a single GLBT character and yet they have Nathan playing fast and loose with homophobia constantly.  This episode was probably the worst that I have seen so far in this regard.