Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lost Girl Season Three, Episode Nine: The Ceremony

Dyson is alone in bed and when he wakes he calls out for someone.  Bo joins him dressed in a nightgown and says that she has not been herself recently.  Dyson replies that it is his job as her husband to be patient. Bo says that for the last couple of days she thought that she was going crazy, and then holds up a positive pregnancy test. Dyson smiles and the two embrace.

Earlier, a man is running through an alley and Bo tries to take him out with a led pipe but she is not able to knock him out and he gets away.  When Kenzi manages to catch up, Bo tells her that Stella said that she needs this man because he secretes the pheromones she needs in order to gain entrance to the temple. Kenzi reminds her that the most important ceremony of her life starts in an hour and so Bo takes off running with Kenzi on her heels. They stop to check Bo's phone to see where the guy is going.  Bo asks for her phone to see if Lauren has answered any of her 27 messages.

Lauren is at home and Dyson shows up with some paperwork.  Lauren says that she is looking for an answer to Bo's condition and that the upcoming dawning situation has her worried. Lauren then admits that she has a hard time believing that she ever found someone like Bo. Dyson assures her that it's going to be fine and that it's not about what you can prove, it's about what you believe.  Before leaving, Dyson says, "I'm really glad that you and Bo are in such a good place."

Bo and Kenzi are following the trail of the fae and walk into the middle of a photo shoot. Am I the only one who wonders how the hell Kenzi manages to walk, let alone run in those shoes without breaking something precious to her? Stella then turns around and says, "welcome to the first stage of your dawning Bo, these fine human specimens are for you." It seems that the women dressed in lingerie are for Bo to satiate her hunger before starting the testing. Bo is not impressed that she was sent on a wild goose chase. One of the models walks over and flirts with Bo.  Bo turns to Stella and calls her a bitch. I'm getting kind of tired of Lost Girl having their female characters refer to each other as bitch. Stella asks if it's because she is the only one who is not denying that she is a succubus and once again suggests that fully fed is the safest way to enter the temple. When Bo goes to leave, Stella brings up how tired she is from the chase and tells her to multiply this exhaustion and that is what it will be like for her during her trials.  Stella adds that denying herself is not the way of the fae but Bo counters this responding that this is not her way and that she will not murder for pleasure.

Bo returns home with Kenzi and she is still raging about what Stella did.  Bo says that just when she thinks that she is on board with all things fae, they pull stuff like this.  Bo adds that Stella is being so vague about her time in the temple and wonders what happens if she comes out. Kenzi asks what happens to cats when their owners die and who is going to pay the hydro bill.  Kenzi says that Bo has been training non stop and that she has got this.  Bo assures Kenzi that if anything happens to her that she will be taken care of.  Kenzi tells Bo that she will always be her girl and that they will make their way out of this.

Kenzi is at the Dahl and Stella says that there has never been a human present at a dawning before and that it's simply not appropriate. Kenzi replies, "chill, I promise not to tweet" and tells Stella that she is not leaving.  Stella tells Kenzi that her scars are so deep, then whispers something in her ear and walks away.  Lauren enters the bar and approaches Bo. Bo says, "I was afraid you wouldn't come" and Lauren replies that she wouldn't miss this for the world and didn't return the calls because she was looking for a serum.  Trick makes a toast to Bo and says that it's time.

Trick takes Bo into a backroom to get ready and Bo admits that she couldn't do a full feed because she will never kill innocents.  Trick assures Bo that he didn't know about this.  Bo says that though she hasn't always been the perfect granddaughter that Trick has always been there for her, loving her, and believing in her. Trick tells her that she has always exceeded everyone's expectations and that this is not goodbye. Trick draws a symbol on her forehead and says that by embracing the symbol she embraces her heritage.  Bo returns to the main room and she is told that she can bring a mate into the ceremony and must pick a side. Dyson steps forward and offers himself and Bo refuses him and declaring an allegiance. Stella informs her that the consequence of refusing to pick a side means that she will be able to have a weapon. Lauren tells Bo that Dyson will keep her safe and the two exchange a kiss. Bo then turns to Dyson and says let's do it.

They arrive in a different version of The Dahl and Bo makes a crack about expecting more marble. Dyson tells her that a dawning only happens once in a fae's life and that no matter what, her's will be different. Of course it will because she is a special snowflake. Bo and Dyson meet the caretaker, who has been there so long, he cannot remember his given name. The caretaker tells Bo that now that she is n the temple, she has to find the key which unlocks the portal but she must accept the key in the form that it is presented.  The wanderer suddenly disappears and Bo and Dyson are alone.

At the real Dahlm Kenzi tells Trick that the kitsune said she could be fae and asks if it's possible.  Trick asks what Stella said to her, instead of answering Kenzi's question.  Kenzi says that Stella told her what happens to humans once they are abandoned by the fae.  Trick tells Kenzi that she is not Bo's pet and then assures her that Bo will be safe but if Bo weren't around anymore that he would claim her because he has come to think of her as family. Trick assures Kenzi that she has a place in his world and she responds by hugging him.  Trick then grabs a gun and says that now they have to prepare.

Bo and Dyson arrive at her place but Bo says that something about it looks off.   Dyson grabs her hand and says that the guardian has the key and that she needs to get it.  They run into a beast like creature, who slashes Dyson across the chest.  They go after him but he escapes.  Bo tells Dyson that she appreciates the chivalry but he needs to "stop cockblocking" her.  Dyson tells Bo that he just wanted to be there because he loves her. Bo asks him if that was so hard for him to say and Dyson responds that she is with Lauren and while he does not like it, he respects it. Bo then punches Dyson in the arm and says that he is not going to be much help for her, if he is busy pinning away for her. Bo asks if this "is some sort of suicide mission? Some kind of male honor bullshit?"  Dyson replies that he is there because he wants to be and that in the last three years he has learned more from Bo than anyone in the last 1500 years.  He adds that if he can't be with the woman that he loves with every fiber of his being, but before he can finish Bo slaps him in the chest and calls him an asshole. Bo asks what happens now, and Dyson says "nothing but ask me again in a 100 years when things are different."

The creature appears and swipes Dyson out of the way.  Bo ends up struggling with the creature and grabs a key. Dyson goes into the other room looking for Bo and he finds the caretaker.  Dyson asks where Bo is and he caretaker replies that the subconscious is an interesting thing. Dyson says that he saw Bo grab a key and wants to know if she went on and the caretaker replies that Bo grabbed a key and they're moving on without him.

Bo is now dressed in a cop uniform and Lauren is directly across from her dressed in the same fashion. Lauren comments that Bo is looking pale and asks if she and Jason broke up. Bo says that she doesn't want to talk about it and that a monster was chasing her in her dreams again.  Lauren comments that there was a time when she would be in her dreams to save her.  Bo replies, "I never needed saving." Lauren answers, "you don't have to read into everything I do or say. You don't want me anymore; that's fine, I'm just trying to help."

We now flash to the scene from the beginning of the episode with Bo telling Dyson that she is pregnant. He asks if she is sure that this is what she really wants. Bo then doubles over grabbing her stomach and Dyson says, "I'm not a doctor. I can't help you."  Bo asks what he is talking about and Dyson says that it's too late and that she is devolving and becoming underfae.  Bo reaches for the pills and Dyson throws it across the room and says that it's not their baby in her belly but what she will become if they don't get out of there right now.  Bo says that when the key was in hand, in her hand only one may leave.  Dyson tells her to say it.  They then realise that Dyson is the key, so he grabs sheers puts it in her hand and tells her that if she doesn't do this that they will both die in there.  Bo tells him that there is never only one way. Dyson tells her to do this right now before everyone loses her forever.  When Bo says no, Dyson says that he is just going to have to rip the baby out of her belly himself and Bo responds by stabbing him in the stomach killing him.

Bo is crying over Dyson's body when the caretaker enters the room. He tells her that he didn't think she had it in her. Bo says that none of this is real but the caretaker responds, "except the part where he gave up his corporeal life, when he offered himself as your hand.  Two people may enter the temple but only one can leave the dawning. I should know, I came here with someone eons ago to help her through. To regret it now would only be a judgement on myself. I also knew what I was doing." Bo asks if Dyson knew and the caretaker says that he is stuck there forever.  The key appears in Bo's hand and the portal appears.  She moves to pick Dyson up but the caretaker says that if she tries to take him with her that the temple will claim them both forever. Bo says, "you won't get out until you find the key in hand." The caretaker tells her to go ahead and leave but Bo says that she has never been big on rules and that is who she is.   Bo draws a symbol on the ground and says there's always another way. The caretaker tells her that this place can be vengeful and that she doesn't know what will happen to her.  Bo replies that Dyson is worth it and they disappear.

Dyson and Bo appear at the Dahl and Stella tells Bo that Dyson sacrificed himself for her victory.  When Bo turns to Trick, he says that it was Dyson's choice. Lauren starts to do compressions on Dyson's chest as Bo cries.  She says, "maybe it's not real" and then becomes awash in her power.  Her eyes turn blue again and she sucks in power from Trick, Stella, Kenzi and Lauren.  Bo says only I will say who lives and then turns and spews the chi at Dyson who coughs and wakes up.

Later, Bo and Kenzi are sitting at the bar having a drink.  Kenzi asks if Lauren will take good care of Dyson and Bo says that Lauren is a doctor.  Kenzi hugs Bo and says that she is so glad that she is back. Bo says that she had to do what she did to save Dyson and now she knows how to control her power. Bo adds that she feels high and that she understands something she didn't get before.  Bo then says that she needs to take a walk alone.

Stella heads into to see Trick and says that she has never seen a succubus do what Bo did. Trick thanks Stella who says that there are others like Bo who need her now, unless he feels ready for a vacation.  Stella says that she is heading to Scotland and could use a companion but Trick says that Bo still needs him and that he is the only person she has left. Stella then says that she had to offer Bo the human feast for her own good and Trick asks if she also had to be so cruel to Kenzi as well.  Stella says that she wasn't mean because everything she said was true and that if he really cared for Kenzi, that he would tell her the truth. Stella asks if he feels the need to punish her and then adds that she is worried how long he is going to punish himself and even refers to Trick as the Blood King. When Stella leaves, Trick opens up a box which has a drawing with a dragon on it and says, "not him."

So we finally got The Dawning over with.  To me it felt that this storyline dragged on for quite sometime. I am really getting sick of the constant reminders that Bo is a special snowflake.  We know this already and so I don't see the point of constantly hammering this fact home.

Was I the only one who noticed the bit of retconning regarding Trick and Bo's relationship? He knew for the longest time what Bo was to him and said absolutely nothing. In fact, for a time both Dyson and Trick were manipulating her.  All of a sudden it's about how close they've always been as though there wasn't a time when he was actively deceiving her.

This episode has me worried about Bo and Lauren as a couple.  Once again we heard that in 100 years Lauren will cease to be relevant because of course she will dead.  It hints heavily that Lauren can never ever be Bo's true love because she is human and by default, that makes Dyson the one she is destined to be with. It also didn't help matters that despite interacting with the entire cast, Dyson was the key.  It spoke volumes that Bo was crying over Dyson's dead body as Lauren looked on.  I so hope that I am wrong on this one because I want to see Bo and Lauren continue on as a couple.

It looks like there might be some trouble up ahead of Kenzi and I am actually glad about this.  Though Kenzi has always been a side kick she needs to do something beyond being the person with the snappy lines, and dressing awesome.  I look forward to seeing them develop something especially for her.  I also like the idea that she  might become fae at some point.