Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Continuum, Season Two, Episode Two: Split Second

We get a flashforward where Travis gets some sort of optical examination and a device implanted into the back of his neck  We learn that he was turned into an enhanced soldier by the corporation. The program was deemed to expensive and the corporation decides to terminate Travis. Sonya is the lab tech and says that it's not necessary and that she can deal with it.  Travis realizes that Sonya is upset and she cries, as she injects him and then kisses him, leaving Travis confused.

Lucas checks email from the Vancouver Police Department and he watches a video where he sees Sonya and Travis enter a room, but only Sonya exit.  This of course is video from the day that she shot him. When Sonya walks into the room, Lucas confronts Sonya with what he knows and asks what happens should Jasmine see this.  Sonya says that she would appreciate his discretion.  Lucas promises to keep quiet but reminds Sonya that Jasmine wants to bust Travis out.  Sonya tells Lucas to let her worry about that.

Kiera is waiting for Alec on the street.  He doesn't want to stop and talk because he is running late and asks what she is doing there.  Kiera says that she just wants to see where Alec works and he replies that she is checking up on him.  Alec tells her that she does not have to worry about him and Kiera says that he doesn't have to do this. Alec says that he broke and that he needs to look at all of his options. Kiera says that she is there to talk about his options and though she knows that he doesn't have the answers he is looking for right now, if he doesn't follow the path of destiny, which shapes the future as she knows it, the world won't end up as it did in her time. Alec asks if this would be such a bad thing and Kiera responds that she wants to go home to her family and that the only way she will be able to do that is if things stay on track. Alec asks if Keira knew that she was potentially throwing away a chance to get home when she stopped the bombing and Kiera says that she didn't have a choice. Alec says that she did and Kiera responds, "choose to let hundreds of people die."  Alec asks her how she can be so naive because at a certain point, she is going to have to choose between protecting the future for her unborn family and protecting the future for those who are alive right now. Alec says that he will call her later and leaves.

Agent Gardiner meets up with Lois in the hallway and she says that operations have informed her that he is still working on the mayor's assassination. Agent Gardiner informs her that the police got their guy, so Lois wants to know why he is still involved.  Gardiner says Kiera Cameron and Lois says that she has been vouched for be Escher.  Gardiner says that a CEO of a corporation giving orders to intelligence does not add up, but Lois says that he superior vouches for him. Gardiner suggests that Kiera is a cipher and that the section 6 security branch does not seem to exist. Lois agrees that it is possible and asks what Gardiner's gut is telling him.  He replies that he is sure that Kiera is connected to the Liber8 organization somehow and may be the key to stopping them before the attack. When Lois asks if he is going to let this go, Gardiner says no.  Lois says that she will make some arrangements and put him in the cross-hairs Liber8/Section 6, bombing assassination, Kiera Cameron and orders Gardiner to keep it under wraps with no paper trail.

Lucas is working on some tech, when Jasmine complains that Sonya is taking her sweet time busting Travis out of jail.  Lucas asserts that Sonya would never let anything happen to Travis and that Sonya is just following Kagame's orders. Jasmine says that Kagame is dead. Overhearing this, Sonya repeats, Kagame is dead.  Jasmine asserts that if Kagame where here that he would say, "leave no comrade behind."  Sonya agrees and adds that if Kagame where alive he would say, "think before you act."  Jasmine asks when they can stop thinking and start acting and Sonya replies that she has already initiated a plan and that they won't need to lift a finger. 

In the prison, Julian is sitting by himself when he is approached by an inmate. Julian says, "I know who you are and I'm not interested."  The inmate says that the truth of what happened in the building that Julian and Kagame brought down is already filtering out. The inmate says that people are calling him a hero for killing those bastards.  Julian replies that he didn't kill anybody and the inmate takes the book out of his hand and offers to protect him, because their movement is growing. Julian says that he already has protection but the inmate suggests that things could get very messy in here and he can mobilize hundreds more behind him.  Travis grabs the inmate by the throat and tells him to stay away from Julian.  Julian tells Travis that it wasn't necessary but Travis says that just because he his own little fan club in the prison, doesn't mean that he is safe.  Travis instructs Julian to stay close until he can get them out of there.  Julian asks when this is going to be and Travis replies, soon and that he has already made contact. Julian says that it better be soon because he goes on trial in a few weeks and they all know how that will turn out.  Travis tells him that there won't be a trial because they have a destiny to fulfill. Julian says that that destiny is dead and that they are going to have to find another way but Travis tells him that this is how it's supposed to play out.  The inmate is back and this time he has brought reinforcements. A fight breaks out and Travis makes short work of them.

Carlos and Kiera head into Inspector Dillon's office and Dillon tells them that Travis killed six members of the Ayran Nation in prison today.  Kiera says that worse things could happen Dillon says that he doesn't disagree but the warden wants Travis transferred out immediately, before a full scale riot erupts. Carlos says that this is a good idea because the further that Travis and Julian are apart the better. Kiera points out that they need to take every precaution during the transfer because Travis is unpredictable and far more dangerous than they realise. Dillon asks if Kiera is offering her services and Kiera says yes.  They are interrupted by Agent Gardiner, who has been reassigned to the Liber8 taskforce as their liaison.  Dillon says that he is sure they can all agree that they can always use another ally against terrorism.  Gardiner says that Travis is a high valued member and he expects Liber8 to make a move of some sort.  Gardiner then suggests that Kiera has not considered all of the variables in this, or maybe she has and she's counting on them. Kiera responds that she knows Liber8 better than anyone and says that Gardiner should stay out of her way and they will all get what they want.  Gardiner leaves and Carlos says that Gardiner needs a serious attitude adjustment.  Dillon points out that Gardiner will be looking for any reason to call them out and that Kiera is setting herself up for trouble if it goes sideways. Carlos asks about the plan and Kiera says that it's going to play out something like this.

Alec is at work and he gets into trouble for upgrading the system and making it much more efficient.  Kellog makes an appearance and he says that he had a job like Alec's once and that it taught him that money doesn't mean that your shit doesn't stink and that the only thing separating him from the future he wanted was will. Kellog says that he had the talent and ambition and that all he need was the chance.  Kellog adds that one day he quit and worked and scratched and willed himself into his own building.  Alec says that he is here today and has come a long way.  Alec asks what it has to do with him and Kellog says that both of their futures rely on Alec's will and all he has to do is look down and realise that he is on his knees too and the only difference is he's a genius.  Kellog says that he is looking to set up a new venture and that money will be no object. Kellog hands Alec a card and tells him to drop by for a chat once he has made up his mind.

Lucas stops Sonya to say that he just got word from their prison connection and all of them are dead. Sonya says that it's not a problem. Lucas asks how she can say this because if Jasmine ever finds out it will be a problem. Sonya asks Lucas if he actually thought any of those neanderthals actually stood a chance against Travis. Lucas smiles and realises that Sonya planned this.  Sonya says that killing Travis would be a nice solution but they don't need him dead, as much as they need him out of the way.

Travis is in chains and is being led by several guards. They place him in the back of a truck and when he sees Kiera, he says, "I should have known you were behind this circus."  Kiera offers to cut Travis a deal if tells her where she can find Sonya and the others. Kiera says that she will put him out of his misery quickly and save him the trouble of a long incarceration. Travis replies, "and miss all of the fun." Carlos joins them and comments how well Kiera and Travis are getting along. Travis says, "seeing her makes me homesick."  Kiera tells him that his new home is a 4x4 cell.  Carlos hops in the back of the truck and tells Travis that he looks good in orange, as Kiera hops up front.  Carlos adds that Travis might want to think about behaving himself, so he won't have to go over there.

Dillon and Gardiner watch as the convoy pulls out. Travis says, "it's not too late for you protector. Join the fight and make this world a better place." Kiera asks Travis what he thinks she is doing and he responds, "I think you're fighting for the wrong side, you just don't know it yet."  Travis asks if the inequality in the system ever bothers Carlos and Carlos says that he is just used to it.  Travis says that he's "the reason these thieves get away with it. They need your complacency, your unwillingness to fight, to challenge the world, to tear down walls."  Kiera asks about blowing up a building and Travis responds if that's what it takes.

Alec has gone to see Kellog on his boat.  Kellog says that they're no strings attached and that Alec will be the brain and Kellog the money. Alec makes it clear that this has nothing to do with Kiera and Kellog says that he can see what Alec can do alone, so he doesn't think it will be no problem.  Alec says that Kellog seems pretty sure of the investment but Kellog points out that an investment when you know the pay off is a sure thing. Alec points out that there are no sure things but Kellog says that he is happy getting as close as he can.

Dillon and Gardiner are continuing to monitor the progress of the convoy.  Travis says, "they'll come for me, you know how all of this plays out Cameron. He turns to Carlos and says, "she hasn't told you has she? How does she do it? It must suck to be you, always two steps behind her, almost like she can see things before they happen."

Alec asks Kellog what he is like in 2077 and Kellog asks what Kiera told him.  Kellog says that in 2077 you are in todays terms Zuckerberg, Jobs, Buffet and Gates all rolled into one. When Alec says rich, Kellog replies, "you don't understand, epic wealth." This answer does not pacify Alec and he asks what he is like as a person.  Kellog responds, "as a person, who gives a shit. You're loaded, powerful, like a king." Alec says that he really needs to know if he is a good person or a bad person and Kellog replies that it's not like they hung out but that for him, it's all about point of view.  Kellog says that he admires someone who can work the system and execute a vision and that it's not for everyone. Alec asks what if Kellog is there for reason and him coming back in time was by design, then suggests that future Alec is responsible.  Kellog says that he believes that they were sent back by future Alec and Alec asks why they were sent back. Kellog replies that his destiny is not to become CEO of Satechs and that it's bigger. Alec asks how he knows he can trust Kellog and Kellog says that he has been accused of many things.  Alec leaves saying that he has got to get back to work.

Travis tells Carlos to cash in his shitty pension and to buy the motorcycle he has always dreamed about along with a lot of guns, to be prepared for the changes that are coming. Kiera tells Travis that they really did a number on him in prison and that they should be taking him to the psych ward. Travis says that's where time travelers would fit in best and says to Carlos that he has no idea who the delusional one in this relationship is. Travis says, "I don't know why you just don't tell him. We've already changed the future and you're never going back to what you left behind. Why don't you just tell him, or maybe you just don't care about him enough?  Tell him Cameron."

Lucas is monitoring the transfer as well  and sets off a bomb, as Dillon and Gardiner watch remotely.  The cops get out of the car and start returning fire but two officers are down already.  When the cops get to the gun, they discover it was firing it remotely and they realise that it was a distraction.  The feed to Dillon and Gardiner gets destroyed and Betty tries desperately to get in touch with Carlos and warn him.  Carlos announces that the decoy must have worked, so he attempts to radio Betty for an update.  A car drives up alongside the truck and shoots the driver and rams into the truck.  Kiera jumps behind the wheel, as the van continues to get rammed.  As Carlos is looking out of the window trying to see what is going on, Travis breaks one of his chains and strangles him.  A fight breaks out in the back, as Kiera manages to ram the pursuing vehicle off the road briefly.  Carlos tases Travis but it has no effect.  They finally lose the pursuing vehicle, when Kiera drives over a train track seconds before a train arrives blocking off the other car.  A fight continues in the back and Carlos gets Travis into a sleeper hold. 

Carlos says that he is going to get on the radio to find out what is going on. Betty gets Dillon's attention, and says that Carlos radioed in about the ambush and that they are driving blind on country roads waiting for back up. Dillon orders support to cover them and then asks how Liber8 got wind of this. Betty asks if they have someone on the inside feeding information to Liber8 and Dillon replies that he wouldn't doubt it, while looking at Gardiner.  In the back, Carlos has tied Travis up while Kiera questions how they knew where they were.  Carlos says that there's only one way.  A helicopter is now flying over the transport truck and Kiera at first believes it's back up, but they fire. Betty tells Dillon that back up is ten minutes away and Dillon looks at Gardiner and tells him not to say a word.  Gardiner says that there are only two versions of this that makes any sense and that Dillon needs to decide if he has a problem inside his department, or if he needs to take a closer look at Kiera.  Dillon points out that Kiera might not make it out of this alive and Gardiner responds, "from what I've seen, making it out alive is her specialty."

Kiera and Carlos are still being attacked by the chopper and he directs her to drive into a tunnel. The chopper blocks off one end of the tunnel and a car blocks off the other side, so they cannot reverse.  The chopper shoots the pursuit car with a missile and Carlos screams to let him out of there. Once Carlos is out, they realise that there are two different factions fighting over them and that Travis is the prize. The fire fight continues and Carlos runs out of ammo.  Kiera says that if they stay there they are dead and Kiera turns the tech on her suit and tells Carlos to stay as close to her as he can.  Kiera and Carlos take off running, and the people who want Travis,  manage to get Travis out of the back of the truck and into the chopper. when the pilot lifts her helmet, we see that the rescue was arranged by Jasmine.

Sonya approaches Lucas and he says that he lost contact with their team.  Lucas tells her he was in control until a helicopter showed up, so Sonja asks to see the footage again. Sonya then asks where Jasmine is and when she does a quick search, she realises that Jasmine was involved and that she took Travis' serum as well.

Alec is serving a customer at the store when his kid drops a slushi on the floor and expects Alec pick it up.

When they return to the station, Gardiner wants to know how Carlos and Kiera made it out alive and were still unable to identify anyone.  Carlos interjects that Kiera told them that the first group had all the signs of Liber8, while the second group was like a military strike and were precise.  Kiera adds that what matters is that both groups were going for the same thing. Gardiner tells Dillon that his mistake was putting Carlos and Kiera in charge of the transfer, especially because they are not sure where Cameron's alliances really lie. Dillon stands up and tells Gardiner that he will not stand for him questioning the loyalty of his officer because regardless of what happened today that the book stops with him. Dillon adds that he will file the report and take the heat for it.  Kiera walks out of the office and Gardiner follows and says, "we both know that you are not what you seem and I have a pretty good feeling that those answers are going to reveal themselves, as long as someone is watching."  Kiera responds that she has work to do and Gardiner says, " springing Travis wasn't enough?"

Sonya is driving when she gets a call from Travis, who tells her that she was right and that she does not have enough time. We get a flashforward to Sonya kissing Travis and he asks what was in the syringe. Sonya replies something to keep you moving, before shooting the man from the corporation.

In the present, Carlos and Kierra are sitting in a bar and Kierra says that they cannot assume that anything is normal, if there is a spy in the department. Carlos says that they are going to have to add another layer of security and Kiera confirms that it's going to get weird. Carlos asks if it's going to get weirder than time travel stories and Kiera responds that it was pretty out there. Carlos says that it's strange that Carlos wrapped her in his delusions.  Kiera says that their department spy knows just enough and it's like they want them out of the way.  Kiera asks if it is Gardiner and Carlos does not answer

Kellog is on his boat and is surrounded by women and he makes a toast about fear.  Alex is sitting on the couch with his arm around a woman and says, "let's do this."

I am still firmly team Liber8 and that continues to be a problem with me enjoying Continuum.  They need to do more to make us see Kiera as a hero. Yes, Liber8 blew up a building at the end of the season one but the world which they come from is run by corporations and has no concern for individual human lives. When I look at this, I cannot support Kiera because she clearly does not want to make a change.

I don't understand why Dillon would jump to Kiera's defense in the manner that he did. It's ridiculous. He has known Kiera for a New York minute. Gardiner is actually the only person making sense.  They have no record of the unit Kiera suddenly came from and no reason to trust her.  Just last week, Kiera asked to be free of police influence and essentially work as a vigilante.  The idea that Gardiner is a problem because he questions is ridiculous.  I know we have to suspend belief to watch shows like this, but quite frankly, the access Kiera has been given is ridiculous.

I did like that Alex pointed out how naive Kiera is.  She didn't think about the fact that he needs to make money to survive.  Part of this is because Kiera is a self involved little twit and the other part is because Kiera certainly does not see the world she currently lives in, let alone the world she came from.  This is why Kellog's pitch to him was perfect.