Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hemlock Grove, Season One, Episode Ten: God Doesn't Want You to Be Happy, He Wants You to Be Strong

Peter is standing beside Roman's bed when he suddenly sits up and asks Peter what time it is. Peter tells him that it's been two weeks since he passed out. Roman asks about the full moon, and Peter tells him that it's tonight. Roman starts to pull off all his monitoring equipment and says that's why he had to come back now. Peter tells him that they need to get to a doctor because he was told that comas cause blind spots or memory issues. Roman gets a flashback to doing drugs and crashing his car and Joann lifting him off the ground with one hand and injecting him with a sedative. Roman says, "what, I check out for two weeks and suddenly I'm a fucking retard?"  And with that, I cannot help but wonder if they expect us to be relived that Roman is back. Roman admits that he made some mistakes but they really need to kill the vargof.  Peter says that he hates to say it but the ball is in his court now.  Roman says no and gets out of bed, despite Peter telling him no. Peter admits that they both made some mistakes and Roman says that they need to go because they are running out of time.

They head into the garage where Roman is happy to see his car in one piece.  Peter asks if they are just going to walk away and Roman snarks about leaving a note. Roman grabs his keys and says that he has things he do and that his mother is a part of it. When he moves to go behind the wheel of the car, Peter tells him that he is not driving.

Christine is in her hotel room and she picks up the phone and calls Micheal.  He asks what's on her mind and she says that after she has done what she came there to do that she is leaving the order because it's not supposed to feel this fucked up. Michael goes to the window and starts taking pictures, so Clementine realises that he is working.  Michael asks if they will let Clementine leave and she says no and asks for his help.  Michael agrees to do anything she needs and Clementine tells him, "tomorrow at dawn by the water," before hanging up.

Peter and Roman stop by the mill and Peter tells Roman that the vargoff is his problem and that he is the one who needs to stop it. Peter asks Roman why he is there and Roman simply replies, "you know." Peter says that he thought he did for awhile and then it all went to shit. Peter asks why Roman wants to come with him tonight.  Roman replies, "it's not about being a hero, I'm sorry for being a pain in your balls. I got confused. Things are clear now." Peter asks at what point trusting Roman makes him a "fucking idiot?" Roman says that he wishes no one else would have to get hurt and Peter confirms that someone is tonight. Roman says that he knows and that he just wants to be Peter's friend and that he shouldn't be out there alone. Peter restarts the car.

Letha and Shelley are walking through the halls in the school and Letha says that it's all like a dream and that people are just passing through the motion of their days like shadow puppets, or ghosts of who they were.  Shelley uses her machine to say, "I miss him too." They seperate and go off in different directions.

Roman returns to the high school and looks through a window where a prayer vigil is actual being held for him. The next window he taps on is Shelly's art class.  When she sees him and smiles, he makes a motion for silence and indicates that she should meet him. Roman enters the building and meets her in the stairwell, where Shelly picks him up when she hugs him. He assures Shelly that he is fine. Shelly asks if Olivia knows that is awake and he says that he has something he needs to do first. Shelly asks him not to go and Roman says that he is not going anywhere but that he started something he can't walk away from and that it's really important that Shelly still believes in him. Roman promises to be home soon and when he touches Shelly's face, we again see a streak of blue light.  Are they ever going to explain what that streak is all about? Roman leaves as Shelly tells him to be good.

Peter is listening to a press conference on the radio about the attacks, as Roman returns to the car. In the conference Tom says that the forensics indicate that the attacks are animal in nature but the pattern cannot be denied and therefore a curfew will be enforced for all minors after sundown and the non minors outside after sundown will be expected to have a good reason to be. They drive away from the school.

Olivia enters Roman's room and discovers that he is gone. When she looks outside and sees the full moon she says, "that little shit."

Clementine is outside of the tackle shop when she gets a call from the bishop.  He says, "we've made progress with the target and now we're ready for containment." Clementine says yes and he goes on to say, "we've received a rather disconcerting call from your brother Micheal."  Clementine is stunned that Micheal would have called and he assures her that Michael is worried about her. Clementine says that there is nothing to worry about and though this hasn't been an easy one that she has seen the light. The Bishop says that of  all of his assets, his judgement is the most impeded where she is involved and adds that he is proud of her. He wishes her good luck and then hangs up.

Tom is gathered with the deputies arranging plans to keeping the town safe when Clementine approaches. Tom tells her that they're all hands on deck and walks away but Clementine follows. Tom says "I've tried to be patient with you but I am at the end of my rope." Clementine replies, "don't let the comfort of numbers confuse you. You know where you are needed." Tom asks where that is and Clementine answers that he should trust that feeling in his gut because the thing they are after is nowhere close to done. Clementine adds that she is going to do her part and asks him to make sure that he does his.  Tom replies that besides the obvious, he has no idea what she is talking about.  Clementine replies that he has a lot to protect. Tom asks what she is not telling him and Clementine says not a thing and that she wants to make sure that they are on the same page.  Clementine finishes by thanking him for his hospitality and says good luck.

Norman visits Christine in her room and asks how her day was. Christine says that she would "love to say tremendous but that would just be a fabrication of the truth - a distortion; it was okay." Really, every time this character speaks she irritates me.  Why put language like that into the mouth of a 14 year old? Have the writers ever spoken to a teenager?  Norman notices Christine's notebook and asks if he can read what she has written.  When he flips through the pages, he find nothing there. Norman says that he received her request to lower her meds and Christine says that she feels like they are blocking something. Norman replies that they can start to do that soon. Christine says that it used to be her favorite thing to swim in the river on the night of the full moon, then asks Norman if he believes in magic. Norman answers sometimes and asks if she would rather be home tonight with her parents and Christine thanks him and says that no one really wants her. Are we supposed to pity the little irritant now?

Tom enters the hospital and Norman tells him that the whole area has fallen victim to a collective hysteria. Tom says that there is the irrational and then there's the baseless. Tom tells Norman that he posted the extra men that he requested by the gate.  Norman acknowledges that Tom is over extended and says to consider the extra men out of his own pocket. Tom tells him that he appreciates it but it's not necessary. Norman asks if this is going to happen every full moon and Tom answers, "yes, no." Tom then says that he is there to see Christine but Norman says that there hasn't been much improvement, which is common in a case like hers. Norman says that she needs time to reintegrate.  Tom says that his girls are on lock down and that come tomorrow, somebody better buy him a beer.

Shelly returns home to find Olivia on Roman's empty bed.  Olivia says that the beauty of Shelly's inability to speak, is her inability to lie.  Olivia adds that it is rather refreshing in her children. Olivia pats the bed next to her and tells Shelly not to worry because she is not angry with her. Shelly asks Olivia if she is worried and Olivia says of course she is. Olivia adds that if you do your job adequately you find that you are not needed at all and that she has known what Roman has been up to this entire time. Shelly asks if Roman well be alright and Olivia replies, "it's a pity you don't drink."

Peter and Roman are up at the steel mill and Peter says that he will be able to pick up its scent where it left the girl. Peter asks if he will be able to follow and Roman says no. Peter then advises Roman to watch his back.  Roman asks Peter if he loves Letha and Peter says yes. Peter asks if Roman remembers anything and he says a little and he has the feeling that he has unfinished business.

Tom is at home when he hears glass break. He grabs his gun and checks in with his deputy. Tom locks the windows. Upstairs the twins are being, well the twins. Tom comes upstairs to check on them and sees that they are fine. Alyssa tells Tom that their mother sees what he does for them and they both get up to hug him.  He tells them that he loves them and that he won't be far.

Peter is pacing around the steel mill and he suddenly stops and tells Roman that if anything happens tonight that it's on him because he has to do this alone. Roman says that he knows and Peter walks away saying, "don't go following me."

Norman returns home and finds Marie sitting at the table drinking wine. Marie hands Norman a glass of wine and he asks about Letha. Marie says that she is "morose like a spongy cantaloupe."  Okay I am going to file this ridiculous language under more bad writing.  No one talks like that. Maria tells Norman that Peter was attacked yesterday and that Letha saw the whole thing. Marie adds that at a time like this, the only thing is to stay together and that they have so much to be thankful for. Norman says that he knows and Marie responds that Letha is lucky to have Norman as a father. Norman hands back the glass and heads into the kitchen to talk with Letha.

Norman sits down and says that he is going to make some pasta and Letha packs her things to go upstairs.  Norman asks her to stay, saying that he and Marie could use the company.  Letha asks if they need a buffer and when Norman looks at her she apologizes.  Norman asks if there is anything she wants to talk about. Letha replies that she used to think that there wasn't a problem in the world that he couldn't solve.  Norman replies that he wishes it wasn't part of the mythic cycle that he would inevitably disappoint her.  Letha assures him that he doesn't and Norman suggests that they watch a bad movie together later. 

Roman is tired of waiting by his car and heads over to the area where the body was found.  He calls out for Peter and a wolf appears. Norman says that he will just wait there as Peter sniffs around for a scent. What neither of know is that someone with a gun is following them on the next floor up. The person shoots and Peter whines and falls to the ground.  Roman rushes towards him but Clementine comes out of the shadows and tells Roman to stay back. Roman points to Peter and Clementine says that she shot him with a kitamine shot and that there's plenty more if Roman does not stay back. Clementine tells Roman not to attempt eye contact and that she will shoot him. Clementine then puts down her gun to examine Peter and Roman says that it's not Peter because he was with him the whole time on the last night. Clementine tells Roman that he is lying because his voice tremors when he lying. As Clementine reaches for a muzzle, Roman tells her that if she hurts Peter that she is dead. Clementine tells Roman that if he threatens her again that she will go over there and break his teeth in. Okay, it's not cool that Clementine is delivering Peter to her organization but threatening Roman the emo rapist is very awesome. Roman again says that it was not Peter and that they were tracking the Vargof. Clementine asks how much of what Roman thinks he knows is what Peter told him but Roman replies that if there is another death tonight that it will be Clementine's fault. Clementine tells Roman that Peter is not his friend and that he is not a person. Clementine adds that she knows he came to find out the truth about the monster and so did Peter because he couldn't know that about himself and continue being a person. Roman says that's bullshit but Clementine asserts, "this is an animal, that's what this is." When Roman moves closer, Clementine again warns Roman not to make eye contact.  Roman asks why she won't let him help and she yells because he doesn't believe in God, which is ironic because of all the time Clementine has recently spent questioning her faith. Clementine then pulls out her gun and tells Roman to leave of his own volition but Roman says that he is not scared of her.  Clementine then pulls out a knife and bends over Peter causing Roman to threaten her yet again.  He then says that he will go and asks Clementine not to hurt Peter. Clementine tells Roman to get the hell out of there and when he walks away, Clementine says "God doesn't want you to be happy Roman, he wants you to be strong." Roman returns to his car but what he does not know is that Olivia has watched the entire exchange.

Shelly is at the computer writing about how she is terrified for Roman but even more than that, she is worried about her mother's response. At the mill, Clementine has Peter loaded into a cage and she calls the Bishop to say that Peter has been contained. He asks if they will see her shortly and when Clementine says yes, he asks that she bring the animal to them, rather than purging it herself. Clementine agrees, then hangs up the phone. Clementine walks over to Peter, pulls out her knife and says, "darn baby, I can save one of us." Clementine says a prayer, then leans into Peter with the knife when Olivia appears and says, "I wouldn't do that." Olivia reminds Clementine that she is trespassing and while doing so, she dared to threaten Roman's life.  Clementine pulls out her gun and points it at Olivia. Clementine tells Olivia that she is giving her one chance to turn around and that if she takes a step towards her that she will kill her. Olivia starts walking and Clementine shoots.

The twins call Christina but she does not answer and so they sit down and gossip. Though the Tom's daughters are irritating they happen to be the only realistically portrayed characters on Hemlock Grove. Downstairs, Tom is checking in with his deputies to make sure that the areas they are assigned remain clear. The girls have the music cranked upstairs and when Tom hears a door slam, he steps outside to check it out. Tom walks the perimeter of the house, as the girls continue to party. He finds that tool shed is open, so he closes it and brings the bike inside but while he is doing this, his daughters are being attacked.  Tom rushes upstairs when he hears the screams but he is already too late.

Letha is asleep with her head in Norman's lap.  When Norman goes outside, Marie joins him.  Norman says that he prayed that if it had to happen that it happened to someone else. As long as it wasn't Letha. Marie tells him that it's okay.

Michael is waiting for Clementine at the agreed upon spot but she is not there. He has a flashback to telling her that their father is dead. Clementine says good and asks if Micheal killed him. Michael says no and Clementine accuses him of lying. Michael asks if she beleives that God wants them to forgive each and every one of his creations and Clementine says she is not going to answer that.

Two boys are in the woods and the come across a broken microscope and then a series of crime scene photos from Brooke and Lisa. When they keep walking, they come across Clementine's truck abandoned. When the open the door the car alarm goes off so they take off running.

So, clearly Olivia killed Clementine. Why is it when an urban fantasy story decides to include GLBT characters they are either tropes/servants or killed off?  With the death of Clementine, that makes two lesbians killed off in ten episodes.  I think that's a pretty high death rate.  It's also pretty telling that the majority of violence has been against women in this series.  Francis is the only male victim and his violence was of course of a medical nature, while the women were raped, and murdered.  When you add this to the stream of anti-woman language which this series has continually engaged in, it's pretty fair to say that Hemlock Grove is misogynist.

There are only three episodes left and we know virtually nothing about the order of the dragon, or Johann's work.  We still don't know who the Vargof is but I am officially guessing Christine as it is the only possible reason why her character has made relevant in this series.  They are going to have to explain why she is responsible though.

Peter and Roman are BFF's again.  The relationship dynamics between these two are ridiculous.  They went from virtual strangers to we're the best of friends with nothing to cement it.  We were never given an explanation as to why of all people, Peter decided to let Roman see him turn.  Now we are supposed to reinvest in this relationship because Roman has finally gotten over the idea of Peter and Letha as a couple.  Yeah, no...creepy, creepy, creepy. This by the way is yet another sign of just how highly controlled Letha's sexuality is. Now that her father and her cousin have given permission, it's suddenly okay.  Is this really supposed to be set in 2012, because it feels more like 1812 to me.

Though I found them irritating, I was actually sad to see the Sworn girls die.  Of all of the characters on this show, they were the only ones who were real.  Teenagers are supposed to be annoying and that is exactly what they were, unlike the pretentious Christina.  If you're counting, that makes four deaths by the Vargof and they were all teenage girls.  It feels very much like these two were only maintained as characters in the story so that they could die violently.