Monday, April 29, 2013

Hemlock Grove, Season One, Episode Nine: Peter's Hierarchy of Shit He Can Live Without

Roman is still in his coma and Olivia is brushing his hair and straightening the sheets.  Olivia picks up the item that Peter brought for Roman and says, "in the face of difficulty that large grievances become minor."  She sponges Roman's face and starts to sing.  Shelly is downstairs and looks up when she hears her mother voice.

At Peter's, he and Letha are having sex. When they are done, Letha says, "the doctors say that the longer you stay in a coma, the less likely you are to wake up."  Letha asks him to tell her a story about being a gypsy and when Peter reminds her that he is half Italian, she says that no one cares. Peter tells Letha about Nikolai catching a fairy when he was eight or nine. The fairy was trapped inside a jar and Peter believed it was a lightening bug, until he picked it up and realised that there was a little girl inside the jar not bigger than a thumb nail.  Apparently, the fairy was just flying around the porch light with the moths when Nikolai caught her. Letha asks what they did with the fairy and he says that they kept her for awhile and fed her flies. Eventually she died in the jar and Peter adds that no one could live like that.

Clementine drinks water directly from the sink, wets her face and then looks at the picture she has taken of Peter and the remains thus far. She goes to her bedside table, where her gun is next to the bible.  Next door a couple is having sex and Clementine says, "clear your head, just do what he said." When her phone rings it's Michael and so she pulls out the batter and says "fucking psychic weird creepy shit."  Clementine grabs a bottle booze from underneath the bed and thinks back to killing the werewolf in the jail cell.  When she leaves the cell, the Bishop is waiting for her and gets her to wash her hands as he pray in Latin.  In the present, she pulls a picture of Peter off the wall and stares at it as she remembers telling Peter than when the moon is full he walks in the skin of the wolf. She begins to repeat the vow she took that day with the Bishop. Clementine says that it's got to be Peter but is unsure why she doesn't believe it, as she looks over the images of the victims bodies.

Christine is sleeping in a hospital bed when Francis appears to her and says that she is going to lose her soul.  Christine wakes up as the Sworn twins enter the room saying that they brought some DVD's for her to watch. She tells them that she will do whatever, they want to do. Lis starts to cry but quickly apologizes and says that Christine is her best friend and that she is going to be okay.

Tom is looking at pictures of Peter covered in blood when his daughters approach him and say that Christine is doing better and wants to stay with them. Tom asks if Christine actually said that and they reply that she didn't have to because friends can always tell what friends are thinking.  Tom tells them that hospitals are no fun and he knows that Christine has been through a lot lately but Norman thinks that Christine needs to stay there and that he trusts Norman's judgement.  When the girls object, Tom assures them that Christine knows how much they both love her. Tom then leaves the hospital with his girls.

Norman is going down on Olivia and when she comes, he tells her that she is as beautiful as the day he first saw her. Olivia asks him if he has to go home and he replies, "of course I do", as he puts on his tie. When Norman returns home, Marie is busy scrubbing a water stain out of the kitchen counter. When he tells Marie that he thinks she has got it, Marie announces that Letha is fucking Peter. Norman asks how she knows and Marie admits to going through Letha's phone and text messages. Norman tells her that she had no right because it's an invasion of privacy.  Marie reminds Norman that Letha claims that she was impregnated by an angel and is now sleeping with the boy that half the people in Hemlock Grove think is a serial killer. Norman reminds her that people don't just think that Peter is a serial killer but a werewolf and suggests that, that is insane.  Norman says that one of his patients started that rumor and it amounts to character assassination by a 14 year old girl. Marie tells Norman to be Letha's father and not her friend. Norman agrees to talk to Letha.

Letha returns home and Marie goes back to her scrubbing.  Norman joins Letha in the living room and tells Letha that her mother got a hold of her cell phone and they now know about Peter.  Norman says that Marie had no right and asks if it was Letha's first time in a manner of speaking. When Letha says yes, Norman tells her that it is not a bad thing and she should never allow anyone to encourage her to believe that sex is a bad thing. Norman says that lying to them and hiding things is a problem because they are a family and don't keep secrets from each other.  Letha admits that she is in love with Peter and adds that "people see someone like Peter as a blank piece of paper that they can just put everything they're afraid of on. You know how people are. What do you think people say about Shelly?"

Jenny goes to the Godfrey house and Shelly answers the door.  Shelly tells Jenny that Roman is upstairs but Jenny says that while she prays for Roman, she is not there for him and is there because she thought Shelly might need a friend. Jenny adds that this hasn't been easy on Shelly and asks if she can give her a hug.  Am I the only one that thinks that Jenny is up to something?

Ashley runs into Letha in the hall and tells her that she is sick about what is going with Roman.  Ashley adds that she was thinking about the last time she saw Roman and that she was a bitch to him.  Letha assures her that that's probably not true. Ashley hands over a card that she made for Roman.  They part ways after Ashely again says that she hopes Roman is okay.

Letha walks towards Peter who wants to know about her exchange with Ashley and Letha responds, "evidently, Ashley Valentine does have a soul." Letha then asks Peter to come to dinner at her house.

Clementine is now sitting down with Destiny, claiming that she found her through her website and that there aren't many people in the neighbourhood who do what Destiny does. As Clementine takes off her coat, Destiny says that Clementine does not seem to be the type of person who would come to a person like her. Destiny adds that there are certain events which bring clients to her door like a death in the family, infidelity and the tragic people who wake up and remember they have been molested but Clementine's problem seems to be much more internal. When Clementine asks why she thinks that, Destiny reveals that she could smell it on her breathe the moment she came in but adds that there are no judgements here. Destiny says that Clementine can talk to her about anything.  Clementine says that he wants to talk to her about Peter. Destiny is not shaken and replies that what Clementine thinks she is looking for, is not what she is look for.  When Clementine asks why she is there, Destiny replies, "to find what you are looking for. Like I said, there are no judgements here. You can talk to me about anything."  Clementine admits that is worried that she cannot trust herself anymore and is afraid that she has lost her path to God. When Destiny asks to see Clementine's hands, Clementine refuses to show her, so Destiny reminds Clementine that she came there for a reason and that they need to put all of their shit aside and trust each other for two minutes.  Destiny then grabs Clementine's hands and says. "It's in every part of you.  You're not lying, you have been searching. Leave." Clementine asks Destiny to tell her what she saw and what she felt.  Destiny disrobes and places Clementine's hand on her breast and says, "let me restore you."  Destiny asks, "would you like to hear God's voice again?"

Olivia pays a visit to the garage, which is working on Roman's car.  The mechanic asks if they called her and Olivia says that they did not and she wants to know why Roman's car isn't ready yet. He tells her that they had to change the starter and that some parts for a car aren't easy to find. Olivia says that she wants the car in driving condition now.  Marie runs into Olivia in the garage and Marie asks about Roman.  Olivia says that there is no change yet and that Letha has been stopping by quite a bit to see her.  As Olivia walks away, Marie tells Olivia that Roman is in their thoughts.

Peter is having dinner with Letha and her parents. Norman says that they were worried he might be a vegetarian. I suppose that's Norman's way of saying that he does not believe in the werewolf rumors.  They make small talk about the marinade and an article about a guy who walked naked down the street with a leopard on his back.  Norman brings up that it's Peter senior year and that he assumes Peter is thinking about colleges and brings up that Letha has already written her personal essay.  Letha says that she might have to defer that for a year.  Peter asks Maria who she met Maria and before she can answer, Norman buts in and says that Maria's father was working at the Mill and always made him call him Mr.Newport because he was very prideful. Norman laughs and says that Mr. Newport didn't want him anywhere near his daughter.  When Letha says that she has never heard this story, Maria replies that the Godfrey's always get what they want. Norman tells Maria to stop and she excuses herself saying that she is suddenly feeling a little bit tired. Norman stands up and asks Peter if he wants a drink, Peter pauses and Norman tells him that it is not a trick question.  Norman pours Peter a drink and they toast to Roman. Later that night in the kitchen, Norman smiles to himself.

Clementine is getting dressed and Destiny tells her that Peter is not who Clementine is looking for. Clementine replies that she doesn't know that, so Destiny suggests that she doesn't know anything. Clementine finishes getting dressed and puts money on the bedside table before leaving.

Lynda shows up at the Godfrey house and asks if Olivia is home.  The maid asks her name and Lynda refuses to give her name and forces herself through the door and heads upstairs.  Lynda hands over the potion saying that she is sorry about Roman and that there is no need to rush with the money, because she knows that Olivia is good for it.  Lynda says that when Peter was born that he got stuck in the birth canal and the doctor had to snap Peter's collarbone to get him out. Lynda says that it's not easy raising kids on your own, especially when you don't have a choice in the matter.  Lynda muses, "you have to wonder what a man would provide anyway." Olivia says that it's nice having them around and she giggles and adds incredibly stupid and utterly useless.  Lynda replies that "there is something different about having a son and that you spend your whole life thinking that you're all they've got and then one day you realize that they're all you've got."  Olivia says, "it's not up to Roman when he dies and it's not his decision it's mine. It's too soon."

At the high school, Roman is leaving and two boys are taunting him saying that there is a full moon tomorrow and of course they call him a gypsy piece of shit. When Peter does not respond, they taunt him about his "girlfriend being in a coma" and call him a "f@ggot."  Peter loses his temper and knees one of the bullies in the stomach and tries to get on the bus but they grab him and start kicking him as Letha screams leave him alone.  She hops off the bus and comforts him. Olivia ends up driving them and she hands Peter a handkerchief saying that it's not one of her nice ones.  Olivia tells him to at least give his mother a call. 

By the time Peter gets in the house Lynda is pacing.  She invites Letha and Olivia in and asks who could do such a thing to a beautiful face.  Lynda cleans Peter up a bit and hands him a joint saying, "I think you know what to do with this," and instructs Letha to go and take care of him in the back. Letha puts a frozen stake to Peter's face and he asks, "will you tell me a story about being a gypsy?" Letha slams the steak into his chest and calls him a jerk.

In the living area, Lynda and Olivia share a joint and Olivia suggests that Peter should stay with them for awhile because the full moon brings it out in people.  Lynda says that this is his home but Olivia says that they wouldn't want another collarbone.

That night, Peter is at Roman's and is playing a board game with Shelly and Letha. Peter gets up to get something to eat after Letha complains of being hungry. Olivia is drinking a glass of wine, as Peter grabs something from the fridge.  She tells him that Vaseline and cayenne will help with the swelling.  Peter asks why Olivia wants to help him and she says that Roman needs all of the friends he has right now and that someone had to step in before things got too hairy.  Peter hold up the snack, says thanks and leaves.

Peter and Letha are in bed and he sits up a looks at the moon.  He grabs his things, heads downstairs, and sees Shelly watching.  He promises t be careful and heads to Clementine's.  Clementine asks what Peter is doing there and he tells Clementine that he spoke to Destiny and needs to talk to her. Clementine invites Peter and puts a gun on the bed beside her. Clementine asks what happened to his face and Peter replies that he lost a beauty pageant that he knows that she is here to make sure that no more girls get killed.  Clementine asks why he came to talk to her and he says that he needs her help. Clementine points out that the full moon is tonight and Peter replies that he has a bad feeling about it and has had this bad feeling before. Clementine asks if he wants to talk about it and Peter tells her no and to do what she came there for.  Peter then tells her about Letha and he asks Clementine to make sure that nothing bad happens to her because he can't. Clementine picks the gun up off the bed and promises that no more girls are going to die.

Norman and Christine are walking and he tells her that Tyler says that the two of them are cool.  He adds that Tyler knows Christine didn't mean it.  Christine says that it's pretty for a mental institution. Norman asks her if she feels safe there and Christine says that it feels like nothing bad can happen to her there.  Christine then brings up Francis and asks if he was Norman's patient as well.  She says that she used to see him around a lot.  Christine says that Francis watched Peter eat that girl.  Norman asks why she would say that and asks if Francis told her this.

Clementine is laughing and asks if it was his idea of a joke to drop off Peter off.  She picks up her bottle booze and says, "you don't kill them until they turn. This isn't about whether Peter Rumancek killed those girls, which I am fairly certain that he didn't, this is about what he is and of that I have no doubt. So, I am going to do this one last thing for you and then you and me, we're through."  Clearly Clementine is talking to God.

Letha is sitting by Roman's bedside when Peter comes in. Letha asks him where he was and he replies that it doesn't matter.  Letha asks him if he would tell her if he was going to run away.  Peter says that he cannot run fast enough to out run this. Peter asks Letha to promise that she will be home before sundown and that someone is with her the whole night.  Letha asks what he is going to do and Peter replies that he is going to kill it.  Letha says that Peter is just a person and that we are all just people. Peter yells, "an hour before sundown under no circumstances do you leave the house, under no circumstances do you let anyone in." Letha asks if she will see him next in jail or at his funeral or even at all.  Peter says that he doesn't know, so Letha says that you're both full of shit.  Letha adds, "you think I'm the one that needs protecting. Look at you, look at him.  What do you need to happen to prove this isn't some kind of game? This is life Peter and I want to go with you." Peter picks a lamp and slams it on the floor and says, "you're going to do what I say, or I will never see you again you stupid little bitch." Wow nothing says I love you like calling your girlfriend a bitch.  A car horn honks and Letha says that it's probably Norman so Peter tells her that she should probably go.

I liked that Norman pointed out the entire town believing that Peter is a werewolf. Honestly, other than Christina pointing out the length of his fingers, what evidence would they have to believe in a mythical creature?

It took until the end of the episode but we did once again get an anti-woman slur.  I suppose it wouldn't be Hemlock Grove without it.  The sexism thus far in the season has been appalling. The fact that this time it's justified out of a sense of supposed love does not make it any better.  I say supposed love because Peter and Letha have not really known each other that long.

Speaking of Letha, am I the only one that thinks the size of her stomach seems to shift back and forth between big and small?  If the character is pregnant, shouldn't her stomach be progressively getting bigger?

I liked the conversation between Norman and Letha regarding sex.  This is not the sort of message that the media tends to send girls about sex and sexuality.  I was actually prepared for a sold round of slut shaming.  I must however admit that I was amused at his hypocrisy when he said that they are family and therefore don't keep secrets from each other.  I doubt he has told Marie or Letha about the fact that he cannot seem to keep is pants on around Olivia.

Okay Lynda and Olivia are suddenly bonding over motherhood.  I'm not in the least bit interested frankly.  I also don't trust Olivia's motives for a moment.  I suppose it goes hand in hand with Olivia suddenly manifesting a sense of maternal feelings.  I know I should have more to say about these scene but women bonding as mothers in this case feels trite to me.