Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Revolution Season One, Episode Fifteen: Home

Miles is having a drink with Jim Hudson and he is thinking about a battle they apparently just fought.  Captain Dixon steps into the tent and says that the Georgia Federation appreciates his efforts today. There were no militia survivors and 9 rebels and 13 Georgians lost their lives.  When he leaves, Hudson says that he hates Dixon and the only reason Foster has him there is to keep an eye on them. Miles calls him the string attached.  Miles tells him to lighten up because they won. Hudson and Miles head out of the tent and Miles makes eye contact with Charlie, who is collecting weapons from the dead bodies.

Monroe is getting is own report on how the rebels are doing from Jeremy Baker, where he learns that they have lost three forts.  Monroe says that the rebels are wining but Jeremy points out that it's not just the rebels but the peach eaters as well. Baker adds that they are not exactly winning and that militia has had a few minor setbacks. Monroe says that Miles is leading them and that sure it is starting out small but he remembers when their forces were small as well, and look what it turned into.  Monroe whispers that they have to kill Miles. Baker says that Miles is not going to be easy to find.  Monroe says that they are not going to find Miles, and that Miles will find them.

Rachel and Aaron arrive in the plains nation and pay in diamond for the honor.

Monroe and his men use two helicopters to  arrive in a small town and Monroe orders all the citizens to be rounded up. Baker says that it's a nice little town and welcomes Monroe home.

Rachel and Aaron are in La Grange Missouri, in the Plains Nation, when Aaron brings her some food, as Rachel looks over Dr. Warren's diary. Rachel says that its like Da Vinci on meth and that it's going to take her a little while to translate it. Aaron offers to help but Rachel wants him to go and get supplies. Aaron points out that he has two doctorates from MIT and snarks about going shopping.  As he walks through the stalls, he sees his wife and remembers when the lights went out.  He walks through the crowd calling out for Priscilla but has lost her in the crowd.

Miles follows Charlie into a tent and asks how they did and Charlie replies that they retrieved three dozen enemy rifles.  Miles tells Charlie that she did good yesterday and asks how she is.  Charlie asks why she wouldn't be fine and Miles tells her that because they have been fighting non stop and that can mess with someone's head.  He starts to offer himself if Charlie ever needs to talk but she cuts him off asking that they not do this. Miles asks what and Charlie tells him that if he wants to talk, they should talk about what happened between Miles and Rachel. Dixon interrupts their conversation to say that they found a militia runner, who says that he has been looking everywhere for Miles.

Miles goes to see the runner and tells him that he has a message from Monroe and that it's private.  When everyone clears the tent, the runner says that Monroe has asked Miles to meet them in his home town by dawn.  Miles asks why he would do this and the runner says that he was asked to recite what follows word for word by the general. The runner says, "Miles you are to come alone and you will turn yourself into me, or else I will kill everyone in our hometown I swear to God.  Anyone you ever loved or cared about just because they know you starting with Emma."

We get a flashback to a young Miles talking to who I must assume if Emma about him enlisting. Emma tells Miles that they are sending troops into combat and that he could get killed. Miles assures her that he will be alright and they share a kiss. Monroe looks on with envy.

In the present, Emma goes to see Monroe and says that they have missed him around there.  Monroe says that after what happened to his family, he didn't really see a reason to come back. Emma asks what is going on and Monroe tells her that it's for her own protection and that there has been a terrorist threat. Emma asks why and Monroe tells her that these men will hurt her as a way to hurt him.  Emma says that this is her and that they are old friends and she knows when he is lying.  Monroe admits that they are old friends and that it doesn't give her the right to talk to him like that.  Monroe's men start to beat up Duane and when Emma rushes to help, Monroe's men hold her back.  Monroe orders the townspeople inside and Emma is dragged away as she screams Bass.

Baker and Monroe are walking through the town and Baker asks Monroe if he really thinks that Miles is going to come. Monroe says that he will and Baker points out that if he comes, it's not like he is going to just surrender.  Monroe tells Baker that he is just going to have to trust him. Baker points out that it would be safer if he were home and Monroe replies, this is my home.

Dixon is beating the militia runner when Charlie enters the tent. She asks what's going on and Nora tells her that Miles snuck out a few hours ago. Hudson orders the militia runner to tell them everything.

Monroe pays a visit to the graves of his family and picks up the flowers there.  He then walks to what I can only assume was his childhood home.  We get a flashback to young Miles sleeping on the couch and young Monroe sharing an intimate moment with Emma.

Hudson, Nora, Charlie and Dixon are watering their horses and Charlie is not impressed with the slow down.  Nora assures Charlie that Miles will be okay but it turns out that Charlie is not concerned about Miles' safety but making sure that he actually kills Monroe this time.

Aaron is charging is through the market with Rachel following.  Rachel tells him that he has been walking through the market for hours now and asks if he is sure that he saw Priscilla.  Aaron responds, "you think I don't know my own wife."  Rachel points out that it has been a long time. Aaron assures Rachel that he is not imagining it.  He sees Priscilla sitting down and approaches her and she doesn't seem overwhelmed with seeing him.  He asks what she is doing there and she responds, I could ask you the same and says that they wanted a change of scenery so they came up there.  Priscilla introduces Aaron to Steve, as an old friend and says that Steve is her husband. Rachel introduces herself as a friend of Aaron's and adds that Aaron has told her a lot about Priscilla.  Priscilla tells Aaron that it was nice seeing him.  Aaron asks her if they can just go somewhere and talk and she tells him to take care.  Rachel grabs Aaron saying that they should go.  Rachel tells Aaron that Priscilla is asking him to go and they both leave, though Aaron keeps looking back with pain in his eyes. What he did not know, is that during that entire conversation, Priscilla had a gun pointed at him.

Later that evening, Rachel tells Aaron that they should leave because Priscilla is better off without them because of where they are going.  Aaron tells Rachel that she is right and that Priscilla is better off with that dick.  Rachel says that she gets it and that Aaron thinks that he will apologize and everything will be okay and then adds that it doesn't work like that. Aaron says that Rachel doesn't know Priscilla like he does and that something wasn't right. Aaron says that he is not leaving her again.

Miles has arrived in his hometown.  Monroe is looking through a window when Emma comes into see him to say that Duane is dead and that he didn't deserve to have his brains bashed in. Monroe says that he is sorry and Emma tells him that these aren't strangers that they are his teachers and his neighbours. Emma asks that Monroe let everyone go and Monroe says that he cannot do that.  Emma asks if it's all about some stupid fight with Miles and informs Monroe that she heard his men whispering downstairs.  Emma adds that it's been a long time and that Monroe loved her once and she loved him too.

We get a flashback to Monroe and Emma kissing.  Monroe points out that she is just telling him this now.  Emma says that there has to be a part of him that is still kind and decent. She asks again to be let go.

Miles sneaks up on one of Monroe's men and slits his throat.  Shot are exchanged.  Baker enters the room and motions to Monroe, who then tells Emma that he has to go because Miles is there.  Before he leaves, he asks Emma if she has been putting flowers on his family's grave and she says yes.  Monroe tells her that she has a kind heart and that she sees the best in people.  Monroe adds that Emma sees the best in him and that he wants to be the Bass that she knew and then they share a kiss. Monroe says that the Bass he knew is is dead and orders that everyone get locked in the basement and everything burned down.

Priscilla has been tied up and put in the back of a wagon. When Aaron approaches, Priscilla tells him to just go but he wants to know what is going on.  Steve walks over and tells Aaron that Priscilla is a fugitive and that he needs to go. Aaron says that he is leaving and turns his back to walk away.  He hangs his mind and charges Steve and a fight breaks out.  As Aaron is being beaten, Priscilla hits Steve with a pipe.

The building the towns people are locked in is on fire, as Miles engages Monroe's men. He gets shot in the leg in one of the exchanges.  Miles opens the door to the building that is on fire and Monroe orders his men to make sure that Miles doesn't leave. Miles manages to free the people and they start to head outside but are forced to stop when they see that the front entrance is covered in fire.  Monroe's men use automatic weapons to shoot into the building and outside Baker gives orders that no one is to get out of this building.  Inside, Emma asks Miles what they are going to do. Miles tells Emma that it is good to see her again and the fire spreads to the ceiling. Monroe's men get shot from behind when Nora, Hudson, Dixon and Charlie show up. Miles tells the townspeople to get behind the high school.

Monroe walks into the open with a gun on Emma and tells Miles to come out.  Monroe says that they got the gang together and that it's like old times. Dixon tells Miles to take the shot but Miles says that he can't because he will hit Emma.  Charlie says that she will do it because they came to kill Monroe. Miles says that if anybody takes that shot, he will kill them himself.  Monroe then says that if Miles doesn't come out that he will kill Emma himself.  Miles tells Monroe to kill Emma and that he doesn't care. Monroe is not falling for it and points out that he came all of this way and so he must care. Monroe tells Miles that he has until the count of five. Charlie raises her gun but Miles waves her off, as and Monroe starts to count.  Emma says "please, I want to see him again." Monroe tells Emma that if she wants to see Miles again, that she needs to get him to come out and Emma corrects him saying that she doesn't want to see Miles but their son.

We get a flash back to young Emma and young Monroe having sex. Emma says, "you're son. You were at basic and my parents wouldn't let me tell you or Miles or anyone." Monroe asks where he is and Emma says that he is not there. A shot is fired and both Miles and Emma fall to the ground.  Miles turns and shoots Dixon because he shot Miles and Emma.  Monroe gets up and realises that Emma is hurt.  Monroe's men grab him saying that he has been hit and they have to go. They rush Monroe onto a helicopter, as he fights them and Miles rushes over to Emma.

Emma is now covered with a blanket and Miles is looking down on her body.  Charlie admits to Nora that if Dixon hadn't shot that girl that she would have. Nora says, "no you wouldn't", but Charlie replies, "to kill Monroe, I really would have."  Hudson walks up to Miles and says that Emma meant something to him. Miles admits that he used to be engaged to Emma and adds that if this is how Monroe wants to fight, he's got it and that he has no idea what he is in for. In the helicopter, Baker tells Monroe that he is going to need a doctor. Monroe says that he's fine but he has tears in his eye.

Aaron is treating Priscilla wounds and says that the guy was a bounty hunter and wants to know what he wanted with Priscilla. Priscilla tells him that the Monroe Republic wants her for murder because she stabbed a militia sergeant, who tried to hurt someone she cares about. Aaron tells Priscilla that he is sorry that he left her and that he thought that he was going to get her killed and that he was trying to protect her. Priscilla replies, "everyone you left me with, they died Aaron. I was all alone."  Aaron tells her that he wishes he could take it back, as tears roll down his face.  Priscilla tells him that it's okay and that it turned out alright.  Aaron asks Priscilla to come with them but she says no.  Aaron then offers to go with her but she says that she has a family and that the sergeant that she stabbed was coming after her daughter who is eleven.  Aaron asks if she is okay and Priscilla says that she is and that her family is waiting for her in Texas.  Aaron tells Priscilla that she has to get back to them.  Priscilla says that she loves him and always will and they kiss.  Priscilla grabs her things and says goodbye.  Rachel watches as Priscilla walks away.

On the Georgia Federation, at the presidential compound, the president is asked if she is sure they can trust him and she says that he has given them more intel in the last three weeks, than their spies have in years. She says that she has made her decision and that she is sending him where he is needed the most, to Miles.  When it's pointed out that Miles shot Dixon, the president says that obviously Dixon couldn't handle Miles and she needs somebody up there who can. Neville walks in the room and the president says, "I hope you're ready to get back into action."

So, Aaron has redeemed himself by intervening when Priscilla was about to be taken back to the Monroe republic. What doesn't make sense to me is that if she was indeed under the control of a bounty hunter why did she have a gun?  It made no sense that Steve armed her and then tied her up and placed her in the back of a wagon. Of all the men on the show, Aaron is the one who has never been given a chance at a leadership role.  It's clear that he resents it and is desperate to prove that he is capable of doing something to help the cause.

Charlie has really changed since the show first started.  She is no more the wild eyed girl and has become incredibly jaded. I think that it's great that they have shown such progression in her character and I actually like her a lot more now. Charlie wants answers and is unwilling to play games.

I don't understand why the the president of Georgia is placing so much faith in Neville. I get that his intel is useful but why does it make more sense to trust him over Miles?  They both equally betrayed Monroe with the difference between them being that Miles has fought against Bass for far longer.  I do however like that she seeks to control Miles because it irked me that she needed him to command forces in the first damn place.

Since the show has returned from hiatus, Nora has become more and more sidelined.  Can we even still call her a love interest for Miles anymore?  Considering the high number of deaths of people of colour and the sidelining of Nora, I believe it's fair to say that Revolution is shaping up to be just like every other dystopian - a vehicle for the celebration of hyper White male masculinity.