Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hemlock Grove, Season One, Episode Eleven: The Price

Christine is in bed and her hair has gone completely White.  Norman tries to communicate with her but she does not respond. He picks up a blanket, wraps it around her and then kisses her on the cheek. Wow, so if your patient is a teenage girl, the professional separation between doctor and patient isn't necessary I guess. Norman's phone goes off, so he asks a nurse to stay with Christine while he takes the call.

Lynda keeps looking out the window looking for Peter.  She is worried because he hasn't returned home yet

Norman visits the local dive bar and he goes to see Tom.  He tells Tom that he cannot begin to imagine what he is going through. Tom tells Norman that he used to visit this dive bar with his deceased wife and then asks about Marie and Letha. Norman tells him that they are fine and asks Tom to come home with him stating that he shouldn't be alone at a time like this.  One of the deputies overhears this and says to Norman, "does he look fucking alone to you.?"  Tom holds up a hand to ask for silence and then points to the spot where Clementine sat and says that she as much as accused Peter of being a werewolf. Tom adds that being a civilized man that he laughed it off. Norman tells him that this is what he should have done because the assertion is bloody ridiculous.  Tom says that Clementine told him about a male hair sample and and that he does not know what he is supposed to do with that. Norman assures him that there is a reason for everything and that it's not supernatural. Tom points out that the killings all started after Peter moved in and Norman tells him that he just buying into this madness and adds that he should think about Christina.  Tom says that he is and that the Rumancek's live down by the lake.

Lynda is still home alone and obviously still worried when her phone rings. Destiny calls to say that she has a bad feeling.  A group of locals show up and start throwing rocks through the window. They kick open the door, but Lynda has already disappeared.

Olivia is at the mill and she puts a drop in her eye as Price approaches. Olivia says, "it wasn't so bad was it?" Price tells her that the dog catcher has been taken care of and asks if there will be anything else.  Olivia tells him not yet and adds that she must change first because her dress has a hole in it and blood from the gunshot wound.

Peter is lying in bed and is not conscious.  When he wakes and tries to sit up, Roman rushes over and tells him that he is okay.  Roman tells him that he saw him changing back and that it was beautiful. Peter sits up and says that it feels like a war dance inside his head. Peter asks if Roman dragged him back there and Roman says yes, once he saw that Peter was down.  This surprises Peter and Roman explains that he was shot by Clementine with a dart.  Roman says that he tried to tell Clementine that it wasn't Peter and that he should have been stronger for him. Roman adds that he tried to stop her but she had a gone, so he circled back, but by then Peter was gone. Roman explains that Olivia called him then and told him to return to the house and keep an eye on Peter.  Peter is surprised to hear this but Roman, loving to keep everything focused on him, says that he spent two weeks in a coma and Olivia didn't even ask how he was doing.  I wonder if it occurred to him that this is the same woman who in an earlier episode he called, a "farm fresh cunt." Roman says that when he arrived home Peter was there but Olivia was gone, he adds that the Sworn girls are now dead.  Peter asks if Roman has heard from his mother and of course Roman asks what Peter means.  Peter explains that if they know about him, they have to know about his mother. When Peter tries to get up, Roman tells him to stay there and promises to check on the trailer and make sure that Lynda is okay.

When Roman arrives at the trailer, he sees that it has been vandalized. The door to the trailer is wide open and the furniture has been trashed.  Lynda climbs out of a hiding space beneath the trailer and says that, "Gypsies need a way out."  Lynda asks about Peter and Roman assures her that he's fine. When she looks at the destruction, Lynda says that compared to most places in the world that this place is heaven. Lynda tells him that Destiny gave her a heads up as she looks for a picture of Nikolai. Roman tells her that Peter is up at the house and she can just follow him up there.  Lynda grabs her things and replies that the Rumanceks and the Godfreys are a little to close for her comfort. Roman asks what that's supposed to mean and Lynda tells him that if he wants to help Peter, he should keep him away from the animals who wrecked the trailer, before going into the back room.

Roman heads outside and calls Peter.  He tells Peter that his mother is okay but that the trailer looks like the last time Shelly took dancing lessons. Roman asks how he is feeling and Peter says that he is starving.  Roman heads back in the trailer, as Lynda is preparing to leave and asks where she is going. Lynda says that she doesn't know and that she hopes he is not allergic to cats because Peter loves their cat. Roman picks up the cat.

Peter has made his way downstairs and begins to search in the fridge for food.  He finds a raw steak and quickly throws it on the burner, tapping his foot impatiently. The steak is still raw when he pulls it out of the frying pan and starts to eat. When he looks up Letha is staring at him.  She tells him that she came to check on Roman and Peter drops the steak and they embrace. Letha asks how it's possible to miss someone so much after just one day, and Peter reminds her that she is supposed to be mad at him. Letha asks if boys are always this stupid and they kiss and makeup. Letha then pauses to tell Peter about the twins and asks what they should do now, Peter says that they stand there like this until something else happens.

A police car pulls up to the Godfrey house and Peter goes running upstairs, as the deputies enter the house.  Letha stops Peter to ask if the cops think he killed the twins and he says that cops don't think.  Peter and Letha run until they are cornered.  They are ordered to turn and place their hands in the air. One of the cops calls Peter a piece of murdering shit, as Peter kneels with his hands up. Peter is handcuffed and the cop threatens to break his neck when Letha intervenes.  Shelly comes downstairs and they yell at her to go.  Roman enters the room, and Peter nods at Roman.  Roman walks towards  one of the deputies and tells him to put the gun in his mouth and orders the other to release Peter.  Roman then orders them to go for a long drive.  His nose starts to bleed and Letha asks what he did to them. Roman says that he just suggested they relocate, then tells Peter that he's not safe there.

Norman walks into his office and Olivia is waiting for him.  She says that they have a matter to discuss and Norman replies that it's not a good time.  Olivia offers to leave if he asks and then asks if he understands why she is there.  Norman says that she is there about the sheriff's girls.  Olivia says that judging from his mood that he feels culpable but Norman says that he feels useless.  He adds that he went to see Tom and couldn't do anything to relieve his pain and asks if this is how J.R. felt that night outside of town.  Olivia tells him that he is nothing like J.R.  Norman agrees with this and says that for all of J.R.'s faults, he was a decisive man.  Olivia says that a coffee might be in order after all. Norman announces 6 months and then adds that Marie's only crime was giving the best years of her life to a man who felt out of love with her, which happened the moment he first laid eyes on Olivia.  He feels that 6 months will be all he needs to wrap up his obligations, freeing him to leave Marie and marry Olivia.  They kiss and then the nurse knocks on the door to tell Norman that it's time for his meeting. When Olivia grabs her things, Norman stops her to say that he means it this time.

Norman gets a call from Letha telling him that Roman is awake.  Roman and Letha head to a church which apparently is a part of Hemlock Acres.  Norman tells Roman that it's a relief to see him up and about.  Norman says that what the mob did to Peter's house was a disgrace.  They head inside the church and Norman says that they closed this when they opened up the new sanctuary three years ago.  Peter pauses and says that it's been a month of Sundays. Letha tells Norman that they didn't know who else to ask and that she knows that they could cause trouble for him. Norman replies that Peter should stay there until this lunacy dies down.  Letha thanks him.

Norman and Roman leave the church and Norman asks what the fuck is going on. When Roman hesitates, Norman tells him that he does not get to hold back when Letha is involved. Roman says that sometimes a wolf goes crazy and doesn't eat what it kills.  Norman asks him what he means when he says wolf and Roman replies werewolf.  Normal tells Roman that he is dealing with a clinical psychologist and not  fucking witch doctor. Roman says that Norman needs to assume for a moment that what he is saying is true.  Norman asks if it's Peter and Roman says no.  Norman then asks if he and Peter are trying to find the bad werewolf. Roman corrects him and says that its varwolf and that it's not bad just sick.  Norman wants to know why they haven't found it and Roman tells him it's because he was in a coma. Norman asks for a summation and Roman says that there isn't much but they have time before the next full moon.  Norman asks if the idea is to keep Peter away from the torches and the pitchforks, so Roman wonders if Norman is thinking if they should all be committed. Norman replies that he was thinking that fatherhood is over rated and that Peter is going to need some blankets.

Peter and Norman walk through the graveyard and Norman asks if his mother knows he's okay and Roman replies that Olivia doesn't give a shit.  Roman heads into the hospital to get some blankets and he sees Christina.  He apologizes and says that he didn't know she was there. Christine says, "she's not safe. She and the baby are not safe. Do you think that monster doesn't want her to?" Roman says that he doesn't know anything about that and he turns to call for help.  When he looks behind him, Christine is gone.

Back in the church, Letha says that she wants to stay there but Peter says that Norman gave him that look which says that Letha is not staying there tonight.  Letha asks when he became and expert on Norman's catalog of facial expressions and Peter replies, "you've got to be good at something." Peter takes her hand and notices that she is wearing the snake ring he gave her.  They cuddle for a moment and Letha brings up the murder of the girls, saying that they were in their beds and that whatever it is got in without being seen.  Letha is convinced that it was no wild animal and asks what kind of person has it in them to do that.  Peter replies that he believes that we all have it in us and some worse than others. Letha says that the mystery of death is not a bad thing because without they wouldn't have this (read: life as she is embracing her belly).

The makeout session comes to an end when Roman and Norman return.  Roman says that he is going home to check on Shelly and tells Peter that they will start over tomorrow. Norman tells Letha that they should go.  Letha turns and gives Peter a kiss and of course Roman gives them a look of disapproval. They all head out leaving Peter alone.

In the car, Norman is driving and a tear rolls down his face.  Letha asks him if he is okay and says that she's sorry that today has been so much for him. Norman says that he is fine. When they return home, Marie greets them at the door and Norman apologizes that it's so late.

When Roman returns home, Shelly tells him that everyone (cook, maid) left because they were afraid of Peter. Roman promises that he will always be there for Shelly.  Shelly asks Roman if he dreamed about her and to tell her about it. Roman tells her that she was exactly like she has always been, "more beautiful than this world deserves." Roman and Shelly hug and he asks her what's wrong. Shelly says that she wishes she could see herself there.  Roman asks where Olivia is and Shelly says that she doesn't know and that she is afraid.

That night, Peter is lying in the old bathtub, when Tom goes to the hospital and finds Christina gone.  The next day they find a dead body by the beach.  Roman returns to the church and tells Peter that another girl is dead and they don't know who it is.  Roman assures Peter that it wasn't Letha and asks how this is possible because it was the wrong moon.  Peter says maybe, maybe not. Roman says that he thought that they still had time.  Peter tells Roman that he needs to stay with Letha and that she is on his watch. Roman asks where he is going and Peter says that he is going to see Destiny because she knows more about this than he does.  Roman tells him that if he goes out in public he will be shot and that's if he is lucky. Peter says that he is a lucky guy. Roman tells him that this is no joke and pulls out his phone and instructs him to call.  Peter says that this is not a pizza delivery and then instructs Roman to go.

Roman heads to Destiny's and Lynda asks how her baby is.  Roman says that Peter is safe and then informs them that there was another murder last night.  Roman adds that Peter said that Destiny is some kind of expert and asks how this is happening.  Destiny replies, "you have no idea what you really are do you?"  Destiny says that experts are the people you see on tv and the laws of magic works because people obey them.  Roman asks how they are supposed to fight the Vargoff and Destiny answers, "you don't."  Roman asserts that he is part of this and that killing the vargolf is part of something he is supposed to do.  Destiny tells him that there are dreams so real that you can feel the teeth marks when you wake up.  Destiny adds that it's time for Roman to admit that this isn't his fight.  Roman says that people are still dying but Destiny says again that is not his fight.  Roman asks how Peter fights and if he can turn when the moon isn't full. Destiny says that he can but that there will be a price and that the only person who can determine that is Peter. Destiny adds that there was nothing about this that a 1000 miles of interstate couldn't have solved. Lynda says that they talked about this.  Roman asks if they talked about Peter running away.  Lynda says yes and that it's not always the right solution. Lynda tells him that the brother of the man that Nikolai killed found them years later, meaning that Nikolai had to become a murderer twice in his life.  Lynda says that if this isn't ended that it will be just around the corner for the rest of Peter's life. Roman says that he is going to help Peter through this. Destiny hands Roman a bag of supplies with instructions to tell Peter that she loves him. 

Peter draws some symbols on the ground and Roman asks how he knows that Destiny is not talking a lot of bullshit. Peter assures him that if he could change places with him he would. Peter and Roman join hands and move in a circular fashion. Peter steps out of the circle and then snaps his cat's neck.  Roman says he is going to go outside for some air. Peter pulls out a knife and cuts into the cat and pulls out the heart.

Roman is outside crying over the cat.  Talk about out of character. Peter goes outside walks past Roman as he screams, "if anybody sees you, we're fucked." Peter falls to his knees and says, "don't tell me that." Peter remembers talking to Nikolai around a campfire. He remembers Nikolai telling him a story about an encounter with the SS. Nikolai ran and that is why he survived when so many others died.  Peter looks up at the sky and says, "that's what we do."  He heads back to Roman and says that he needs bacon grease.  Roman asks if that is how he is going to fight him and Peter says yes.  Roman asks about the price and Roman says that the price for breaking the rules is his human face.  Roman asks about the second murder Nikolai committed and Peter says that it's a story and that he believes it sometimes too.  Peter then reminds Roman that he is going to need a lot of bacon grease.

Roman goes home and starts cooking bacon and when Olivia comes in the room, he thanks her for asking how he is and says that he is feeling peachy. Olivia says that it's obvious that he made a complete recovery.  Roman asks her where she has been and Olivia says that she was at the institute and that Dr. Price has assured her that she is fine. Roman tells Olivia that it's going to end tonight and that tonight they are going to kill it. Roman then asks her to tell Shelly that he is sorry but won't be home for dinner.  Olivia asks for a moment and takes him to a chest where he sees the same antique weapon that he saw in his dream.  Olivia tells him that he is a precious boy born with a caul and that she has always known that he is different and better.  Roman says that sometimes when he looks at people he can make them do whatever he says.  Olivia tells him that she knows and that they are so much alike.  She has Roman look in the mirror with the wolf drawing and asks what he sees.  Olivia tells him that she tried to protect him like any mother would protect her son.  Roman asks what is this.  Olivia tells him what he must do to continue his journey and that this image is his caul. He slams the weapon into the mirror and Olivia retrieves it and hands it back to him asking him not to lose it because it goes back a long way.

In what appears to be a mill a person is stuck in a burlap sack and manages to work her way out.

Okay folks, we're almost at the end of this series.  I am not any more invested in the series. The hysteria about a werewolf in town has only increased now that Tom's daughters are dead but quite frankly it really does not make anymore sense than when it first started. They should have given us a realistic reason for the townspeople to believe that  Peter is indeed a werewolf.

So Norman is leaving Marie for Olivia.  My question is, does anyone really care?  I know that it certainly means nothing to me, nor does it advance the plot in anyway.  I do however think that he is deluding himself or that Olivia is using some kind of power on him because she is clearly a vampire.  I do however wish that throughout the season that we had seen more evidence of her power rather than fixating on her incestuous relationship with Roman and her romance with Norman.  One of the things that Hemlock Grove severely lacks is a strong female character.

They still haven't told us what causes the glow on Shelly's face every time Roman touches her.  Clearly it has something to do with his being a vampire, but I wish they would give us a more explicit explanation.  In fact, other than the ability to compel people and a desire for blood and in Olivia's case raw meat, the writers have not been very forthcoming regarding the mythos they intend for people to absorb in Hemlock Grove.

As I mentioned in the recap, I don't understand why they had Roman crying over the cat.  This is a man who raped and has yet to show an sign of remorse, yet the cat is what bothers him?  At times I feel is though the writers have no idea of what they  want Roman to be understood.  He is consistently self absorbed and overly obsessed and controlling when it comes to Letha but they really haven't been clear.