Monday, May 19, 2014

Orphan Black, Season 2, Episode 5: Ipsa Scientias Potestas

In the aftermath of last week, Leekie has a team examining Rachel’s apartment when she arrives, icily controlled, to see Daniel’s body. Leekie tries to offer condolences (Daniel was Rachel’s monitor and likely lover) about his loyalty but Rachel only says “to you” about his loyalty – Rachel was clearly aware that Daniel was her monitor and reported to Leekie; even if she did care for him. They know it was Helena, they know Sarah was there and Leekie, after snaking at Paul (though Rachel defends him) criticises Rachel’s “heavy handed tactics” which is something of an understatement. But Rachel has “only just begun.”

At Felix’s apartment, Felix objects to Sarah bringing Helena home. He’s played host to just about every clone but he has to draw the line at the serial killer. Of course, where Felix draws the line is completely irrelevant to everyone else and Sarah recruits Felix to be Helena’s chaperone. Because Felix’s entire purpose for existence is to serve and support various clones.

Time for a business meeting at Dyad – Rachel needs a new monitor. Paul is kind of stunned that she had a monitor – but being self-aware since a child doesn’t mean she gets to duck out of the programme, apparently, though she has some advantages form knowing. Anyway, Paul has just been recruited with lots of talk about promotion (he pointedly reminds them he doesn’t have much choice in the matter).

Personally, I don’t think that the Monitor with the proven divided loyalties is really the best Monitor material for Rachel, but that’s just me. Just to remind us that Rachel is evil, she tells Leekie not to go ahead with his newfound cure for Cosima until Sarah gives herself up.

Speaking of, Cosima checks with her patent expert Scott on how you patent a person and his answer is that because the law hasn’t come close to understanding genetics yet, companies just slap a patent on everything and wait to see what’s actually enforceable; also it’s likely Dyad is subcontracting military patents which may be why everything is so hidden. He’d like to work for Cosima but Delphine points out that one of the job downsides is a murdered family (Scott seems pretty ok with that). Delphine is distracted – she has found Leekie’s cure for Cosima – only it has been sent to her by mistake. Cosima and Delphine won’t let that stop them

Kira is still with Cal in his handy-dandy getaway RV which no-one has quite explained why he has an RV set up this way and is looking even more suspicious since it has convenient stashes of cash and weapons. Sarah calls to check in – and Kira has started calling Cal “daddy” and doesn’t seem that overjoyed with Sarah. Since this is Kira, I suspect a cunning plan.

Kira draws pictures of the clones (which Cal asks about) and Kira knows a cop has arrived before Cal (psychic creepy child!) Thankfully Cal has fake ID all ready (which is totally not suspicious) and Kira is a creepy genius child.

Felix takes Helena to stay with Art, who promptly cuffs her, removes the pen she’s managed to hide as a weapon and generally blurs the line between “staying with” and “imprisoned by”. Felix bails when Helena starts making pig noises.

Art questions Helena while she plays with his fish (which she manages to make creepy); asking Helena why she was running from the farm when she previously worked with the Prolethean Maggie Chen (Maggie pointed out clones for Helena to kill – and was killed by Beth). Helena doesn’t show anything but has traumatic memories of the Proletheans raping her for her eggs. Food brings her round (Helena has odd odd odd taste) and she tells him about the nuns who raised her (apparently not nice people) and how she put out one of their eyes – and mentions a locker.

Back to corporate HQ, Rachel pretends to be reviewing the tapes Sarah watched while not being sentimental, honest. She tries to parse the super-complex relationship between her and Leekie – he’s a “guardian” (I feel father-figure is too lovey dovey for her) for Rachel since her parents died and Paul must hand over data to him – but Rachel outranks Leekie and she also thinks he’s too sentimental and not as cold as she thinks he needs to be. They also refer to the file on Cal which pretty much confirms he’s Kira’s father. After testing to see if Paul is jealous, she’s setting up a task that will require Paul’s full commitment, apparently involving Daniel’s gun with which he’s killed a cop.

Felix has finally got 5 minutes together without having to clonesit, attend a play or do something else for the sisterhood to whom he is in eternal servitude! He invites around Colin (coroner from last season) and they get down to business, move to the couch, reach for some lube… and the police burst in with a search warrant. Colin is removed from the premises – oh Felix almost almost had a life for 2 minutes. Almost. (He also almost got some – but, alas it’s never to be). And then in comes Paul – he pins Felix to the sofa and forces his hand onto the gun that killed the cop.

Paul calls Sarah to tell her that Felix will be charged with murder if she doesn’t hand over herself, Kira and Helena by morning. Sarah calls Art who tells her to come to him and calm down – but while he’s talking to her he’s not watching Helena who gets free from her cuffs, grabs Art and holds a gun to his head.

At Dyad, Cosima and Delphine go looking for the cure in Leekie’s office, though Cosima is worried about the career implications for Delphine. Leekie finds them – and confesses. He’s actually in a full on exposition mood – he tells them about the cure Rachel is hiding. He also tells them the original genome – the precious thing that everyone wants to see – was actually lost in the Project Leda explosion (which killed the Duncans, Rachel’s parents) and with it so was the knowledge on how to actually make the clones. Which is why they need to know if Sarah knows something – Cosima claims ignorance and Leekie agrees to help Cosima anyway. That would be the sentimentality Rachel so disapproves of.

Sarah arrives at Art’s to find Art tied up and Helena gone – but she did leave them a little riddle which leads them to Maggie Chen’s old locker, which Art thinks had been used to pass info from Maggie to Helena; probably also where Helena was camping. It’s very very very creepy, because it involves Helena it has to be creepy. And they find pictures which, when put together with Helena’s rambling, turns out to be Ethan Duncan from Project Leda (or Swan Man as Helena calls him) – and he’s very much alive for someone who supposedly died in an explosion. By a creepy altar they also find an empty box for a sniper rifle – emphasis on the empty. The creepy paraphernalia on the creepy altar suggest Helena is targeting Rachel (probably creepily).

Helena is in a building opposite Rachel’s apartment (where Paul is playing servant) watching and being very very very creepy indeed.

Rachel displays her power over Paul by giving orders – leading to him taking off his clothes, her putting fingers in his throat, slapping him if he moves without her order – leading up to sex.

Helena prefers her gun (being extra creepy, of course) and Art and Sarah arrives. Helena tells Sarah to come look through the window and see Paul. When Sarah says he doesn’t matter, Helena offers to kill him for her. Sarah tries to talk Helena down but Helena says “you only want to use me.” But Sarah denies it, tearfully bringing up how Helena saved her life, calling Helena her sister and how she hurt, how she thought she lost someone when she thought she’d killed Helena. Helena comes to her, crying as well – and it’s another performance that would be absolutely award winning on any other show – but on this it’s just Tatiana Maslany being awesome.

Back at Dyad, Leekie treats Cosima while Delphine is there being super sweet and supportive and Cosima decides to extend the hand of friendship. By which I mean invite him to a bar where he can meet Sarah who offers Ethan for Felix’s freedom; which is fine so long as she actually delivers Ethan. Just to be sure she’s not followed, Sarah threatens them with Helena – an effective deterrent. Paul overhears all of this and Leekie tries to make sure he reports to him before Rachel… who knows whose side Paul is on?

To the Proletheans! And Grace survived her encounter with Helena but because she’s not confessing to murder, they’ve had her mouth sewn up. As you do – Bonnie particularly seems quite driven with the whole mouth sewing thing (some people are so passionate about their crafts). Mark arrives later to tell her he’s going after Helena (apparently the Proletheans intend Helena to carry the child) and urge her to confess – he kisses her and seems to have a crush on her.

Grace confesses and there’s a new plan – either they get Helena back, or Grace will be forced to carry the child.

I have to have a little marvel at the acting – on the face of it, Rachel is the easiest clone. She’s emotionless – but this was so perfect. That icy exterior with just hints of pain and sentiment trying to force their way out.

Paul and Rachel had sex at her command – this happened shortly after he’s promoted to her monitor and he expressly made it clear he didn’t have any choice in the matter. That doesn’t sound remotely consensual and raises yet another rape on this show.

For that matter, are the monitors all in Paul’s shoes – coerced because of something Dyad holds over them? In which case, we not only have the lack of consent caused by deception of the Monitors towards the clones, but also lack of consent from the Monitors simply not being in a position to say no.

Art is getting more involved – I want to see how much and how deeply. Felix remains involved with a millisecond of his own storyline before being inevitably dragged back in. And Cal? I am suspicious… he has far too many convenient preparations to be trusted. And is there an actual rift between Leekie and Rachel or is this just another trick to reel in Rachel – and Cosima – Good Dyad, Bad Dyad? For that matter, Delphine always has that shadow of doubt over her – and even Sarah, did she truly mean her declaration of sisterhood to Helena or is it another con? And who knows what side Paul’s on this week.

Also, Helena is creepy. Really creepy