Friday, May 23, 2014

Revolution Season Two, Episode Twenty-Two: Declaration of Independence

Priscilla is still in her little dream world with her children.  Outside, a lightening storm flashes because she is being electrocuted.  Aaron begs Priscilla to fight this and wake up and right on cue, Priscilla's eyes open. Aaron and Rachel don't get the result they want because nano Priscilla stands up saying that she is really angry.  Nano Priscilla begins destroying the room and Aaron begs Priscilla to wake up.  In her head, Priscilla hears Aaron calling for her to wake up, as the nano taunts him. Aaron professes that Priscilla is the love of his life, as in her head, Priscilla realizes that her children aren't real.  Nano Priscilla falls to the ground and this time, when Priscila opens her eyes, the Nano has left her.  Priscilla begins to cry about what she went through and how real her children felt to her

President Jack Davis and General Bill Carver shake hands in front of an American flag and wave to a happy crowd. Truman leads Davis away and they lock the doors with the residents inside, as the children sing. Miles et al arrive and break into the room.  Miles fires into the air and screams for the people to run, as Bass secures the gas. Gene finds a dead Marion next to the gas and pauses to mourn but Charlie informs him that it's time to go.

Davis wants to know what is going on and points out that Ed was supposed to handle Miles and Bass. Davis tells Ed that they are going to have a short conversation about Ed's future, so Ed pulls out his weapon, and shoots Carver along with all of the other patriots.  Ed then shoots himself in the arm. Later Davis announces that Carver is dead and that Miles and Bass attacked at the behest of California  It seems that war has been declared.

Miles, Charlie, Gene and Rachel are gathered.  Charlie offers her condolences about Marion and Gene cries about making Marion go back to Truman. Aaron checks on Priscilla, who is still unconscious and running a high fever. Bass returns and is worried about his son who is with Neville.  Bass says that what they did was for nothing because the war is still going to happen. Bass adds that Texas and California are going to war, thus leaving the Patriots to clean up the mess.  Bass declares that he is going to kill Davis, since he is still in Willoughby but Miles has other plans. Miles wants to kidnap Davis instead.

Conner is with Neville and they also plan on killing Davis. Neville snarks on Bass needing approval from Miles to act. Neville declares that Davis is his to kill because he killed his entire family.  Back at camp, Miles tells Gene to get to Austin because the President is coming with a confession. Miles says that they are doing this for everyone the Patriots have killed.

Neville and Conner are up on a roof waiting for Davis to appear because he has to go that way to catch his train. Davis waves to a crowd and gets into an armored wagon. Conner begins to wonder if Davis is coming because it's been two hours.  Conner and Neville hear gun shots and when they investigate, they find dead men and an empty armored car. What they don't know is that Miles et al have already kidnapped Davis.

Davis is gagged and is being marched by Miles and company, and Miles wonders why Davis keeps looking back at Rachel.  Rachel admits that Davis knows her.  Patriot soldiers arrive and the shooting begins.  Miles and company are clearly outnumbered, so Miles orders Bass to take Davis and run, promising to meet him at the rendezvous. As more soldiers arrive on foot, Miles calls that it is time to go.

In Austin Texas, the general is in the hospital and Gene walks into his room saying that he is a friend of Miles.Gene  says that Miles wants to stop the war but the General doesn't think this is possible.

As they head to the rendezvous site, Rachel and Charlie doubt that Bass will be there and Miles points out that Bass followed him into a pile of mustard gas.  Miles says that he is choosing to have faith in Bass.

Bass has Davis all tied up and is about to leave to get water when Davis asks for a moment. Davis tells Bass that he impresses him but his current action is ridiculous because he has already lost.  Bass admits to admiring Davis as well, saying his God Bless America routine is genius. Bass says that he still gets to cut Davis's throat and watch him bleed to death as a consolation prize and re-gags Davis.

Later, Bass is getting water when Connor arrives. Conner admits that Bass is surrounded and that Neville is ready to blow Bass away. Conner asks why Bass is keeping the president alive and Bass says that this is the last hope to stop the war.  Conner says that Davis dying makes it easier for them to get the Republic back and Bass agrees. Bass says that he cannot go along with this because Miles trusted him and that means something to him. Conner reminds Bass that Miles is not his blood and Bass made promises.  Bass begs Conner to come with him and adds that it doesn't have to be like this.  Conner walks away and Neville starts shooting, so Bass has to take cover. Bass makes his way into the building behind him and Conner and Neville follow. What they don't know is that Bass snuck out the back with Davis and then locked them in. Bass puts Davis into a wagon and drives away.

Miles and company all are waiting for Bass and Miles repeatedly says that Bass will show.  They hear a wagon approaching and it's Monroe and Davis. Bass denies running into problems he couldn't handle and so Miles orders the horses to receive water because they are leaving immediately. Rachel takes the opportunity to talk to Davis, who it turns out used to be her boss. Rachel calls Davis an insult to the true America and adds that he and Randall cost her everything. Suddenly, Patriot soldiers burst in and Davis is released. Rachel tells Davis that sooner or later people will figure out what he is but Davis says that Americans will hand over power to anyone who will keep them safe. Davis admits his plans to set Texas and California against each other and orders Miles and company.  The soldiers lower their weapons and the General walks in. Davis starts to say that he can explain but he is grabbed by Texas rangers.

In Austin Texas, the General walks into patriot headquarters and aims guns at them.  Bass strolls in and says that this is the end of a treaty, as the soldiers are shot.  Ed Truman makes his way out of an outhouse and hears a call for every Patriot to be shot.  Miles says that Texas declared war on the Patriots and they outnumber the Patriots four to one.  Miles believes the war will be over by summer.  Charlie asks what happens when the summer is over and suggests that Miles should give a relationship a shot because he and Rachel love each other.  Charlie tells Miles that she is glad that it is him.

Aaron is still with Priscilla when she wakes up and tells him that he saved her.  Priscilla says that when she was coming back, she saw what the nano was thinking.  It seems that she saw millions of mindless people because the nano wants to control the whole world.  The nano is going to find people who will help it.

The nano invades the tent where Davis is sleeping and it also surrounds Truman in the woods.  The nano then float down to where Neville and Conner are.  They are all ordered to go to Bradbury Idaho and promised that when they get there, it's all going to make sense.

Priscilla tells Aaron that there is nothing they can do to stop the nano and that it all starts with a grinning man.

We get a flash to a town which suddenly lights up as people moves down the street en mass.

That was the series finale of Revolution and I can honestly say that I am not going to miss this directionless show.  Revolution started off with so much promise and in the end, I think that cancelling it was an act of mercy.  Revolution quickly went from swashbuckling fighters to Monroe and Miles shooting their way out of every situation. Why do they even make plans, when it is clear that all they have to do is plant themselves in one position and shoot because apparently no matter how well  the enemy is armed, they cannot seem to hit either of them.

The desperation became clear with the dependency on Milo (the slash coupling of Miles and Monroe). In the last two episodes in particular, the amount of meat they threw at slashers was ridiculous.  In case somehow you missed the hit over the head, Neville was there to point out the homoerotic fixation. Yes we get it. For whatever reason they didn't want to make Milo cannon but they weren't above feeding the slashers as long as Miles could still be connected with the vapid Rachel as his true love.

The best scenes in Revolution all involved Neville and his wife.They were smart, crafty and always had an angle. In fact, much of the time when Revolution would focus on Rachel, Charlie and Miles, I would long for Neville to just show up and blow them all to bits. For her part, Charlie did improve as a character largely because they moved beyond Charlie's innocence being the raison d'etre and she stopped being so damn spunky. Unfortunately, Rachel moved in the opposite direction.  It all started to fall apart for Rachel when she took to her bed. Yes, she accidentally set off a nuclear weapon but Revolution still had a grown ass woman take to her bed, which of course necessitated her being taken home to daddy.

Revolution like all of the other shows in this genre, had White men running around saving the world.  When POC did appear, they were in supporting roles and in fact, none of them lasted very long.  They were all there to build the White characters or move the slowly plodding plot around but none of them were really developed.  The sole purpose of POC on Revolution except for Neville was to die.

Revolution ended on a cliffhanger because it was too late to rap the series up by the time it was announced that it was cancelled.  It may have finally been headed somewhere interesting with the nano as the antagonist because all of the bickering and infighting actually mean nothing with something as powerful as the nano floating around.  The problem is that it wasn't really developed beyond Aaron killing people with his hands.  Also I just gotta say, how is it that the nano which is made of electricity was hurt by electricity? I cannot be the only one who threw their arms up in disgust.  It's just another sign that the writers had well and truly given up on this show. Revolution will be quickly forgotten and deservedly so because other than throwing meat at the slashers, it couldn't seem to decide what to do with the world it created.