Thursday, May 22, 2014

The 100, Season One, Episode Nine: Unity Day

It's Unity Day - the day the 12 remaining stations orbiting the earth after the nuclear devastation came together to form the Arc.  As in all things, the story has been reinvented to tell a specific version of events. The castaways are celebrating with some home made hooch, as Octavia makes her escape.  In all of the festivities, Finn is the only one to notice.  Jaha gives a speech which is being played on the ground but none of the castaways are paying attention.  Jaha announces that the first drop ship will arrive soon, carrying the reinforcements that will be needed. The people on the Arc applaud this announcement.  Diana asks Abby if there are hard feelings about her taking the council seat but Abby assures the Diana that there are no hard feelings today.  Diana notices that Jaha is cutting his remarks short and says that she helped Jaha with his speech. Kane's mother asks him to take the tree down to the earth for her because he will be on the first drop ship, but he says  that he has a job to do.  Kane is quick to excuse himself, as the children perform a little pageant, which is interrupted by an explosion. Jaha charges Kane with the responsibility of finding out who has done this, as chaos reigns over the Arc.  Kane holds his mother in his arms as she dies.  Jaha pauses with Kane to offer his condolences and Kane realises that this is a coup.  Jaha looks around for the other counselors and realises that counselor Sydney is missing.  Abby informs him that Diana left before the blast. Jaha puts the Arc on lock down and demands that Sydney be found.

One of Diana's men rushes to tell her that she is the prime suspect and that they have two choices - stay and fight or take the Exodus ship now.  The ship is not ready and it is impossible to get it ready without causing people on the Arc to die. Diana orders the ship to be made ready.

On earth, the survivors are in full party mode.  Clarke questions if now is a good time to have a party given that the Grounder is out there.  Bellamy reminds Clarke that it is Grounders, as in plural and that they have security covered now that they have weapons.  Bellamy tells Clarke that she could use a drink and that Exodus ship will arrive in two days, ending the party.  Clarke agrees but tells Bellamy that he deserves a break as well.

Finn heads to see Raven, who is making bullets. Finn questions how Bellamy got her to help and Raven replies that she volunteered.  Finn suggests that they should try talking to the Grounders. Raven however believes that violence is the only thing the Grounders understand but Finn argues back that if they keep going this way they will never stop digging graves. Raven points out that Finn didn't see the Grounder and that the Grounder was ready to let Finn die.  Finn points out that the Grounder was protecting himself.  Raven is astounded that Finn is defending the Grounder, so Finn takes his leave of her.

Octavia rushes into the forest and begins to follow a trail of  flowers which leads her to her a hatch where Lincoln is waiting.  The two kiss and begin taking off their clothing.  They make love on the floor. When they are finished, Octavia and Lincoln climb out of the hatch only to see Finn.  Lincoln grabs his knife and Finn brandishes his knife, leaving Octavia to ask for both men to stop.  Finn heads into the hatch with Lincoln and Octavia and finds the horn Lincoln blew when the other Grounders were hunting them.  Finn points out that if he and Lincoln can get along, maybe there is hope for peace.  Octavia asks how this is possible and Finn suggests that the killing should end. Lincoln says that he doesn't have the power to call a truce, so Finn asks to be taken to someone who does because the rest of their people are coming and the first ship lands in two days.  Finn adds that because of the attacks, mostly soldiers are being sent and that the Arc is about survival at any cost. Finn adds that he does not want a war and that once the soldiers get here, it will be too late. Lincoln agrees and says that Finn is to bring his leader and they agree that Clarke is the one who should be chosen.

On board the ship, Kane is informed that the drop ship is clear. Abby tells Kane that she is sorry and that his mother was an amazing woman.  Diana makes an appearance claiming that after talking to her people, she has discovered that the terrorist is Ridley, a mechanic who lost his wife in the culling. Abby asks what makes Diana think he did it and Diana says that Ridley confessed.  Kane questions why Diana left the pageant early and Diana says that it was just lucky.  Kane orders Diana to stay where he can find her and Diana tells Kane to be careful because Ridley is dangerous.

The survivors are busy playing drinking games and Clarke is interrupted by Finn.  Finn tells Clarke that he set up a meeting with the Grounders and Clarke is confused.  Finn explains his meeting with Lincoln. Clarke is shocked that Lincoln spoke and says that they cannot live in peace with people who have killed them. Finn asks Clarke if she really wants a war because at the rate things are going, this is where they are headed. Finn points out that this is their world now and that they can do better than the first time.  Finn assures Clarke that he trusts Lincoln.  Clarke agrees to go if they can bring backup but Finn argues that those weren't the terms and that they have to give this a fair shot.  Clarke consents and leaves to go and get her pack. Clarke meets up with Bellamy and informs him of the meeting with the Grounders.  Bellamy is concerned and Clarke argues that they have to live with the Grounders.  Clarke asks Bellamy to follow them and be her back up and adds that Finn doesn't need to know what is going on.  Clarke asks Bellamy to bring guns.

Jasper stops by to offer Raven some of his homemade hooch. Jasper says that when his parents get there, they can mix up some new gunpowder.  Raven says that the only family she has is Finn.  They are interrupted by Bellamy, who orders Jasper to come with him.  Bellamy tries to grab some ammunition and Raven questions why he needs it, so Bellamy says that Finn is being an idiot.  Raven realizes that Clarke is with Finn and grabs a pack, saying that she is coming with them.

In the woods, Clarke questions if this might be a trap and Finn says that he has hope.  Finn pauses because of the pain in his wound and Clarke stops to have a look at it.  Clarke then drops nuts on the ground to leave a trail for Bellamy to follow.

Kane heads to questions Ridley who says that this is about more than the culling.  He points out that it was the children of the workers who were sent to die on earth and now the first drop ship is not going to be filled with workers. Kane demands to know who helped Ridley and Ridley tells him that he doesn't know jack. Spencer takes the opportunity to attack, allowing him and Ridley to escape, locking Kane in.

Sinclair reports to Jaha that they have lost power to multiple stations. Sinclair adds that people are going to freeze to death.  Jaha order the lockdown be lifted and asks about Kane.  Sinclair says that Kane is interrogating the prisoner but the power is out.  Jaha rushes to the prison and finds Kane who is shivering in the cold.  Kane tells Jaha that the traitor is Diana and that she is taking the Exodus ship.

A coup takes place aboard the Exodus and they announce that this is their ship now. Abby hides out of view, as Diana is announced as the Chancellor.  Diana demands that the ship be searched and anyone not loyal to them be thrown off the ship.  Diana says that she is going to lead the people home.

Octavia waits on a bridge, pacing nervously as Finn and Clarke arrive.  Clarke accuses Octavia of helping Lincoln escape.  In the bushes, Jasper, Bellamy and Raven watch, as Lincoln rushes forward and hugs Octavia.  Raven snarks that they now know how Lincoln escaped.  Lincoln gives Clarke a menacing look and she steps back but Finn grabs her hand.  Bellamy grabs his weapon and points it at Lincoln but Raven tells him to wait because more Grounders are arriving on horseback.   The Grounders are armed and Finn is not impressed.  Finn moves to approach and Lincoln tells him that only one person may approach, so Clarke volunteers.  Clarke starts walking to the center of the bridge and at  the same time a female Grounder dismounts her horse and moves forward.. The Grounder introduces herself as Anya but when Clarke offers her hand, Anya refuses. Anya tells Clarke that they launched missiles which burned an entire village to the ground.  Clarke realises that Anya means the flares and explains that it was a signal for their families.  Anya calls the castaways invaders and points out that their ship landed in the territory of the Grounders. Clarke says that they thought the ground was uninhabited but Anya argues that they knew people where there when they sent an armed raiding party to capture one of them and torture him.  Anya points out that these are all acts of war and Clarke concedes Anya's point, saying that this is why they need to put an end to all of this.

On the Arc, Jaha demands that they get the Exodus ship open to try to stop the launch.  Abby's hiding spot is discovered by Ridley and she is brought to Diana.  Ridley asks Abby to come with them because they could use a doctor on the ground and adds that Abby doesn't owe Jaha any loyalty because he killed her husband. Ridley tells Abby to think of her daughter but Abby says that she is nothing like Diana.

Clarke says that they can help each other and Anya questions if the new arrivals will honour an alliance made today.  Clarke promises to do everything in her power to make sure this happens.  Clarke says that their technology will wipe out the Grounders but Anya is confidant that they can survive and questions why they should come to an agreement, if Clarke can offer no real assurances.  Jasper realises that there are armed Grounders in the trees pointing weapons at Clarke.   Jasper starts firing and yells for Clarke to run.  Anya is shot and runs across the bridge, as Finn rushes forward to protect Octavia.  As he leaves, a Grounder shoots Lincoln with an arrow.  Lincoln orders Octavia to leave with the others.

On board the Arc, Jaha has managed to get a small crack in the door.  Sinclair says that Exodus has not separated itself from the Arc and that if it launches, everyone on board the Arc will die.  Jaha begins to beg, telling Diana that she doesn't want to be remembered like this. Diana yells that Jaha brought this on himself because he promised the people truth and all he gave them were lies.  Jaha yells that Diana had him shot and set off a bomb at a public meeting killing six innocent people.  Diana yell that Jaha is still lying and that there aren't enough drop shops to get everyone down to the ground. Diana adds that Jaha cannot be trusted because the workers will be left behind to die.  The forces behind Jaha begin to rebel and try to force themselves on the Exodus ship.  Diana yells for the launch to start and Kane is forced to pull Jaha back.

On earth, Finn is not pleased that Bellamy brought guns and Clarke argues that the Grounders cannot be trusted.  Raven asks Finn why he didn't tell her what he was up to and Finn says that he tried but Raven was too busy making bullets for the guns.  Bellamy tells Finn that the Grounders came there to kill him but Finn argues that they don't know that because Jasper fired the first shot.  Octavia tells Jasper that he ruined everything, storming away as Jasper calls out that he saved her.  Finn says that if they weren't at war already, they are now.  Finn tells Clarke that she didn't have to trust the Grounders, but he should have trusted him. The survivors look up and see the Exodus ship headed to the ground. Clarke realises that the ship is moving too fast because no parachute has been released, as the ship crashes to the ground and explodes.

This is the first time we have gotten to see what happened from the Grounders perspective, proving that there are always at least two sides to any conflict.  Everything Anya said, painted the 100 as a brutal invading force set upon destroying their way of life. While life aboard the Arc has certainly been difficult, it hasn't been easy for the Grounders because they are survivors of a nuclear holocaust.  What is happening is a conflict of cultures, bolstered by several misunderstandings.

It seems that after their little adventures in getting high, Bellamy and Clarke have forged an alliance. They are clearly the leaders of The 100 and Clarke trusts Bellamy now despite all of his bad deeds.  It's interesting that she so readily forgave him for the people who died in the culling and all of his other misdeeds.  Clarke of course can do that because none of her family died.

The conflict aboard ship continues to be far more interesting than what is happening on the ground.  What is happening on the Arc is complete class war fare.  The 100 makes it clear by declaring the rebelling force the workers.  It is the workers who are deemed expendable and this time, they refuse to make the sacrifice so that the elite can live.  Really, when you think about it, why should they? It's clear that they outnumber the small elite who have been running the Arc.  Though Diana's means are deplorable, she has a point, Jaha has lied repeatedly.  Systems wherein a small elite hold power over a large worker society are destined to fail, once the workers become aware and educated.  This is why Jaha had to lie and hold back information.  It's why he didn't want to announce that the Arc is dying in the first place.

I still could do without all of the angst that comes with The 100.  There are great plot lines going on but I could do without the love triangles.  They are completely unnecessary and distract from the true drama going on.  I personally don't care what happens between Raven, Clarke and Finn.  This is irrelevant to the story. It's far more compelling that Finn is trying to push for peace and brings up what happened in the past as a warning regarding their future actions.  I am fine with the Romeo and Julliet story line between Octavia and Lincoln but Octavia really needs to become more mature.  Her storming off is completely juvenile given the situation. I know that essentially we are dealing with a group of teenagers but given what they have gone through both on the Arc and the ground they should be a bit more mature than they are.