Monday, June 2, 2014

Orphan Black, Season 2, Episode 7: Knowledge of Cause, and the Secret Motion of Things

Sarah and Mrs. S are preparing to leave and head for the hills with Ethan; which means packing in his horrible home. Sarah is all for using Ethan to get to Rachel and turn her against Leekie, while Mrs. S thinks Rachel is pretty much evil so there’s not much point. I have to say I’m leaning to Mrs. S on this one.

In Rehab, Allison and Vic continue to make friends with Allison unburdening all of her woes. Including sleeping with Aynsley’s husband. Oh and watching her dying, seeing her struggle, seeing her beg and not helping her. Why unburdening feels so good (Vic is now rather traumatised)!

Later when Allison goes to take Vic the gloves she made for him she overhears Vic talking to detective Angie – who he is spying for – telling her he wants to speak to her in person to spill the juicy secrets. Oh Vic, it’s glue gun time!

Alas, no, she has a clone problem, who do you call? Felix of course! Helping the clones is his sole reason for existing after all. After her usual panicky ramble in which she mentions she can’t go to prison because she would certainly cut people (and, being Allison, yes she would. Yes yes she would), Felix promises to report for service.

Meanwhile suspicious Cal is doing some digging on Dyad – and realises his computer camera just clicked on. He’s being spied on through his own computer. He quickly dumps the computer – still sending a signal – and drives off, letting Sarah know he’s moving. Sarah heads out and Mrs. S wants some info and mutual trust – hah, so not going to happen; but still having little other choice, Sarah trusts Mrs. S with the very confused Ethan.

Sarah goes to Cal, therefore giving the Dyad people another way to catch up to him, in order to… I’m not sure. Flirt, I think. And give Sarah a chance to see Kira. Which means he does miss a much clearer Ethan removing some very-old discs from the bottom of a box. He tells Mrs. S they contain “everything.” I doubt it, there’s not a lot of memory on those things.

Paul reports into Leekie and broadly tells the truth except for the great big hole about Ethan. Either way Leekie is super worried and suspicious and decides he needs to speak to a Marion Bowles. He meets her and tells her that Ethan is alive, so much for Paul keeping it a secret. Marion and Leekie are both worried about how Rachel will react and how they have to intervene (Marion is sure they’ll win) and also what a pesky little pest Sarah is.

Sarah is still with Cal and Kira and Cal’s big solution is to run to Iceland where he has friends. Sarah nixes this. And gets a call from Allison and Felix calling in Sarah to get Vic off Allison’s case since Vic is technically Sarah’s problem.

To the Rehab Centre! Where it is Family Day! (Donnie’s little place mat is notably undecorated because Allison has turned passive aggression into an art form) and Sarah meets up with Vic. He wants to make a big atonement apology to her, she kind of wants to get it done and move on. Which doesn’t work for Vic since he’s clearly angling for Sarah to apologise back (not happening) and have a conversation which turns into an argument because Vic is upset that Sarah keeps him at a distance… uh, yes? And? Which then turns into Vic wanting Sarah back – oh so monumentally not happening ever. Then he passes out and hits his head on a table full of glitter – Felix spikes his drink. He will now miss the meeting with Angie

Cosima and Delphine continue to pursue Cosima’s treatment with lots and lots and lots of solicitation from Delphine. Which is romantic and sweet and a little medical-fetishy. Which is all sweet until the next day when Cosima overhears Delphine trying to get Scott to keep quiet about the little revelation last week – Cosima is being healed with Kira’s stem cells. Delphine explains that it was all a set up by Leekie and she didn’t know they were Kira’s until after the cure was working; Cosima is furious that Delphine kept this from her and made the decision which is Cosima’s to make but Delphine fires back there is no decision. Cosima has once chance to live, this is it. Of course, they don’t have many of Kira’s stem cells and will run out… unless Kira comes in.

Cosima kicks Delphine out “my lab. My body. I’m the science.”

Mrs. S goes to Dyad to see Leekie – with all those precious missing files Leekie needs so much. She wants to make a deal – the files and Ethan in exchange for Kira being left alone (really Mrs. S? This is a terrible bargain, you have no way of making them keep it). Of course, Mrs. S wasn’t making a deal – she was spying and she calls Sarah to confirm that, yes, Rachel doesn’t know Leekie killed her mother. Of course, Leekie vs Rachel, they don’t know which one will win – but Sarah and Mrs. S consider it a win either way.

Back to the Rehab clinic and all kind of shenanigans are happening. Allison is passive aggressive with Donnie, Sarah, caught by Yvonne, has to pretend to be Allison and make a speech and roleplaying as Donnie (that is playing Allison pretending to be Donnie for therapy reasons in front of a crowd). While Allison and Felix have to get rid of Vic’s unconscious body (is that a mannekin? It must be, no way Felix has the muscles for that) – and Angie enters the building looking for Vic. While Sarah slips back into herself to rather awesomely criticise Donnie for how he treats Allison – which is incredibly complex and awesome – and Sarah collapses and quickly begs out of the scene.

Sarah, Felix and Allison meet up – and Donnie follows them. BEHOLD CLONES DONNIE! And it seems that while Donnie may be a monitor, no-one bothered to fill him in on the whole clone thing. Donnie gives her his pathetic excuse showing he’s not the brightest of sparks and Allison is furious – he’s “ruined our family and you’re so stupid you don’t even know why!”. Ouch – and so very very true. (And another award winning performance).

Away from the shenanigans, Mrs. S invites Paul and Rachel to see Ethan – complete with threats of shooting. And the calm, cool, collected, emotionless Rachel… melts (in yet another scene that reminds us that Tatiana Maslany deserves all the awards. All of them. I don’t care if they’re not for acting, give them to her).

Rachel goes back to Dyad to see Leekie; to give him regards from her father. Leekie tells Rachel his excuses and to put it behind her – but Rachel calls Marion and puts her on speed dial; it seems Marion has been talking to Rachel about getting rid of Leekie. Rachel tells him to leave – and if he doesn’t get in his car and doesn’t go home, he might survive: her mercy for which he thanks her while Leekie looks panicked and sad and hyperventilaty (though Rachel says “it’s foolish to spare you. But you raised me. Nurture prevails.” Which shows that this also costs her). He kisses her on the forehead and hurries out

Sarah goes back to Cal and Kira when Cosima calls Sarah to reluctantly tell her about the illness, that Kira’s stem cells (from her tooth) are the cure and that Cosima – possibly all of them – will die without it. While Cal and Sarah argue about it, Kira who has overheard everything and is awesome, removes one of her loose teeth with a string and a door.

Sarah decides to go back with Kira, overruling Cal.

Leekie is followed as he heads off. The car catches up with him – it’s Donnie. And Donnie is not happy. Leekie doesn’t take him seriously – and Donnie draws a gun. Leekie continues to deride a very emotional Donnie and Donnie dramatically quits – slamming the gun down and accidentally shooting Leekie in the head

Oh… I actually think it’s even more demeaning for poor Leekie to die in such an inept fashion.

Orphan Black has had some ongoing issues around consent and bodily integrity; it is, after all, one of the cornerstones of the show. The clones are regarded as property, things to study, people whose body can be used and possessed. Sarah’s child is a prize to be sought, Helena’s eggs are harvested by the Proletheans – and different branches of the group struggled over her. Jennifer’s death was something to study. All of them are analysed by monitors injecting themselves into the most intimate moments of the clone’s lives. Even Helena’s self-harm comes from Prolethean brainwashing and abuse, demanding she serve as their weapon. This makes Cosima’s rage at Delphine reflective of both what she’s facing and the whole show – “My Body”, on  show where so many people are claiming the clone’s bodies. At the same time she says “I am the science” which emphasises both what constantly threatens their agency (the science that claims their body) and, through that, Cosima making an ultimate claim on it. At the core, that is what it takes for them to have bodily autonomy: control over the science that defines them.

Obligatory worship of Tatiana Maslany moment: we had 3 incredibly emotional scenes here. Allison chewing out Donny, Rachel meeting her father and Cosima confronting Delphine. All emotional, all amazingly powerful and all really different and in keeping with their clone characters

Also Rachel just leaped into the league as the utter creepiest clone.