Thursday, September 25, 2014

Witches of East End, Season 2, Episode 10: The Fall of House Beauchamp

Freya and Ingrid are hanging from the trees and the Beauchamps are consumed with grief. And very not happy with Freddie.

They lay out the girls for a beautiful funeral ceremony and Wendy tries to comfort her sister, brainstorming any ideas she can to try and bring the daughters back (yes they will be reborn, but each incarnation is different).

Killian and Dash are both still alive. Killian briefly considers killing his brother but decides not to for dramatic reasons. Dash then realises his little body hiding spell has broken as well.

Killian goes to the bar where Freddie is already drinking and still nursing a grudge about whatever it was past life Killian did to him (apparently he was the one who corrupted Freddie). There’s a brief and pointless bar fight basically to remind us Freddie hates Killian and blames everything on him because Freya’s relationships need more drama

Killian hurries to the Beauchamp house and joins the musical montage of grief. It’s beautiful and moving and horrifying as Joanna in her bath tub slits her wrists to the music and Killian’s grief and Wendy’s helplessness. She does find her sister and use her magic to heal her before she dies. Joana is enraged by Wendy stopping her but Wendy is most definitely not letting Joana suicide and they have one of those wonderful moments that really sell their sisterhood.

Killian goes to the home he shared with Eva and breaks a statue in a fit of rage and grief – only it is then whole again. And Dash joins him for help with the whole not-so-hidden body thing, because Killian is going to be so eager to help out. Dash leaves and Killian finds a message from Eva on the bottom of the statue. He goes to the address there (because when grieving for dead loved ones, treasure hunts are the in thing). There he finds a shop and a man there who knows his names and is praying to the Orishas (so a Yoruba based religion – santeria, candomble etc). Killian decides to follow the man’s instructions and get his hand stabbed – and an Eva clone steps out the back room to heal him – she’s Ana, Eva’s great-granddaughter.

Wendy continues the trend of turning to the last person you think will help – and goes to see Freddie to help with Joanna. By freeing their evil dad, the king, and having him resurrect Freya and Ingrid. This strikes me as a bad plan. A very bad plan.

They do it anywhere and go to where Takoff had Tommy – and Tarkoff is apparently still alive. Guess the death scorpions weren’t that deadly. Wendy has a brief moment to say goodbye to the mindless vessel – Tommy before they cast the ritual. The king is back (and transforms the body into his own form); Tarkoff grovels and the king belts him into a cell for killing his granddaughters. He’s very forgiving of Freddie and all paternal to Wendy, worrying about her last life.

They then go home; Joanna is not thrilled to see daddy dearest. The king insists he wants to reconcile – and he resurrects Ingrid and Freya. Ingrid has some concern because raising the dead has consequences (as she knows) but it’s kind of handwaved with the king being so uber powerful. He again makes a plea for reconciliation.

Freddie has now switched sides yet again (I don’t even know how many sides he’s switched now, this man’s loyalties are engraved on a yo-yo) and is now pro-King.

Joanna has a different plan – she’s going to use the Time Door (which they have, apparently) to go into the past (which they can do – but not change anything) and pick up an object she once gave to herself. Yes everyone is as confused as that sounds. Joanna doesn’t trust the king so they all go – except Ingrid who, for some reason, decides to trust the man she doesn’t know rather than her own mother

That makes zero sense.

Dash goes to drink at this very crowded bar and is picked up by a woman – who won’t take no for an answer. After having sex she leaves, she leaves him her number if he wants to have sex again (not date). The name in his phone is under “Raven”. And in one of those not-so-glorious coincidences, Raven is the FBI agent investigating the people dead from the failed king resurrection attempts- and the body of the man Dash killed.

Ingrid and Freya are alive again. So all that pretty grief and dramatic scenes becomes completely irrelevant and grossly unnecessary. Tarkoff is alive, so Freddie bringing him down is completely irrelevant and unnecessary. Eva has now been replaced by Eva#2. The last episode and a lot of this episode are now looking awfully hollow. I said at the time that cliffhangers caused by killing off characters we know won’t die are pointless – but I never expected it to be so quickly and so completely invalidated.

I also am going to need one hell of a good reason for Ingrid’s actions.

I hate Dash and Raven having sex together. He said no, what, 3, 4 times? And they have sex anyway. Nope, can we not have “all sex needs is persistence” please, it’s a gross idea. I would love a sexually powerful woman who has sex without shame and just embraces it – but that doesn’t mean ignoring “no”.