Thursday, September 25, 2014

This Week in Book Covers 15th September - 19th September


Blood Passage (Blood Destiny #2) by Connie Suttle

Ok, that’s just ugly. I have no idea what that building is supposed to be that dominates the picture. Is it a church? If it is a church I really don’t see why it’s relevant to the book and why it deserves top billing. The wolf and woman seem to have been pasted on by the world’s most inept photoshop user-  in fact, I think someone cut out the images, made a collage and then scanned it. Ugly ugly. I vaguely get why the wolf is there, but it’s a book far more about vampires than werewolves

On the plus side, Lissa is relatively unsexualised considering how she is described. She’s wearing layers, it’s not impractical, skin tight, nor involves clothes with bits missing or her anatomy twisted into weird and not-so-wonderful shapes.

Seven Souls (Harrow #1) by Elissa Stark

I am torn on this one. Aesthetically? I love it. It’s pretty, I like the blue, I love the eerie feel of it, it oozes spookiness and something deeply sad and sinister. Practically? It’s beautiful but I don’t think it belongs on this book. This cover screams horror story with a strong ghost slant; this isn’t a horror story. It’s exciting and mysterious and deep and rich - but horrific? Not so much. Creepy? Maybe a little. Eerie? Hmmm… not exactly. Sad and sinister? Not to me.

It’s a great book. It’s a great cover. But I don’t think they match.

Infinity Key (Senyaza Series #2) by Chrysoula Tzavelas

I like this cover. I really like it. I love the style - the ethereal cartoonishness of it works so well. Whacky, yet mysterious, alien yet fun, eerie yet still just a little silly - I love that balance. I think the limited colour palette is also really effective with it - it’s one of my all time favourite covers. Until we get to the face. what is with that face. Why does she have that expression? Did one of those hammers hit her? Is she drunk? Stoned?

Zombies: More Recent Dead Anthology

Zombies! there’s not really more to say here. Zombies. What else would you put on an anthology? You need something generic to fit the many many stories of the book. It’s about zombies, all about zombies - slap some zombies on the cover