Monday, October 6, 2014

Intruders, Season 1, Episode 7: The Crossing Place

A rather distraught and broken Jack goes to church to ask an unsuspecting priest about coming back from the dead and whether Amy has left him and his child died because god is punishing him for the people he killed way back when (the back story used for random angst). He leaves ominously declaring that he knows what he has to do

Well probably not the priest’s best day.

Jack charges off to Amy/Roses’s hotel room only to find someone else in the room and hotel security there to ask him to leave.

Gary’s having his own melt down in his hotel room.

Jack goes rampaging after Todd, Amy’s boss who is in on the big secret (Madison/Marcus is also watching the flat and being creepy) Much beating follows and Todd protests his innocence (and bleeds) while bleeding he manages to tell Jack where Amy will be while security drags Jack away.

He gets thrown in prison where there’s a man who is supposed to be insane apparently having a conversation with Jack’s dead son; the fetus ghost says he’ll wait for Amy – but not Rose. Just in case we didn’t have enough vague ominous woo-woo.

Madison, meanwhile, has followed Todd’s daughters to school no doubt to do bad things – this begins with encouraging her to skip school.

Madison’s parents are talking to the police, Detective Ron in question is focused on Marcus since he worked his cases before – before Marcus was reincarnated into a little girl. He also hears the Richard Shepherd was interested in Madison and pretending to be FBI

Jack gets an interview with Detective Ron and he tells Ron all sorts about Qui Riverti which Ron naturally doesn’t believe – until Jack brings up the man Richard Shepherd killed, including info he shouldn’t have known and that Marcus Fox was involved with them.

Ron decides to show Jack a video of Marcus when Ron questioned him and how Marcus happily talked about historical serial killings (presumably all his past crimes through the ages of reincarnations). He shows pictures of Marcus’s murders and the most recent Madison murder to Jack (I’m not quite sure why Jack is due all this show and tell). Jack also identifies a sketch of Richard Shepherd as Anderson’s killer.

Rose, in Amy’s body, is trying to help her old friend and lover, the newly reincarnated Bix to come to terms with things – sadly his alcoholism has also returned to life with him.

Rose isn’t happy about how badly it’s going and wonders if Richard is responsible for screwing it up – she starts to put pieces together – Richard delayed triggering her because he was in love with Amy (apparently), Richard may have been the one who killed Peter, Richard may have been the one who brought Marcus back (all yes). Richard kind of admits it – saying he intended to kill Madison before Marcus took over but couldn’t bring himself to kill a child; rose coldly suggests if he must trigger a child pick one no-one cares about and Richard throws back Amy and Jack’s unborn child in her face. Rose demands Richard kill Marcus with a whole lot of threat implied

It’s Richard’s turn to abuse Todd – I’m not even sure why, except maybe to confirm if Todd knows about Marcus (and in doing so Richard pretty much confirms to Todd that he was the one who brought Marcus back). Not quite sure what Richard achieved there. Also incomprehensible, Richard demands Todd drop the charges against Jack so the Riverti can hide better – what having a loose cannon like Jack running around is better?

Time to make Todd’s day even worse –Madison calls Todd having kidnapped Todd’s daughter. Just as he did to Jack, Todd hands over Rose’s location.

Rose is going to get all these guests and she’s not having a good day either – Bix isn’t happy coming back, he’s not comfortable and adds “just because you can live again doesn’t mean you should.”

We move to some very belated and very necessary characterisation of Richard – caring for his comatose brother Jim who may have been the reason he was tempted by the money in the first place. Richard has a big sad monologue before tearfully talking about dying so he can come back

Over to Jack again who goes to check on Gary – but he finds his hotel room empty, just a suicide note left behind with some garbled Riverti sayings, clinging to the idea of coming back from the dead. He says he plans to jump off the Riverti building

Jack hurries there which is where everyone is gathering. Madison. Todd’s daughter and Todd are there, going inside. Gary is on the roof and while Jack tries to talk him down Gary reveals he’s taped all his research to his body so when the police investigate his suicide they’ll find the information. Jack and Gary talk about “winning the game” which bemuses me because I don’t know what they actually intend to win. Jack keeps trying to talk him into fighting Riveriti – but Gary is going to fight them, on the otherside. And he jumps.

Inside Todd opens a drawer for Madison and then tries to jump her and gets himself cut up – though his daughter escapes. Todd you were just defeated by a 9 year old.

We’re reaching the end of the season now and I’m trying to pin down exactly why I’m not enjoying this show. Last week I talked about the slow pacing and the dreadful lack of world building. But I also think there’s a problem with lack of characterisation

I know about one, maybe two, characters in any kind of depth. Jack. Jack who is the most mundane and, frankly, one of the most unlikeable characters and regularly makes me want to strangle him. He also has, at best, a rather shaky motivation and the only reason he’s involved in the plot is because Rose has been regularly taunting him from the beginning

The other is Marcus – if you consider being a serial killer “depth”. He’s largely there to make Madison say terrible things for the sake of edginess

Everyone else? I’ve no idea what’s actually going on with Gary, his daughter or this Donna woman and now he’s dead – so I guess I wont’ know and he was just a throwaway Black token to get Jack involved

Rose’s history has been hinted at – but the idea that Amy and Richard had a thing is pretty new and still doesn’t explain much – nor have I seen much about Rose to give a damn about her and Bix.

Richard has very belatedly had a back story tacked on to him to try and explain a lot of his motives, but, again, I know so little about him and have seen little about him beyond fairly random violence that if it weren’t for the acting I don’t think I’d care.

I haven’t connected to any of the characters on this show and, as such, I kind of don’t care if the Riverti wins (whatever that means) or not