Sunday, December 14, 2014

Grimm, Season Four, Episode Eight: Chupacabra

"Cuido su rebaño  , nunca deje
su lado.  Cuide su sangre,
el Chupacarbra tiene hambre."

This episode opens in the Dominican Republican with two doctors examining a patient whose fever is down and doing better. Diego wants to stay longer but is told by Gabe that they cannot rid the entire world of disease in just one trip. 

The doctors return to Portland and Diego kisses his wife hello. Diego is tired from his trip and the place where the mosquito has bitten him has become swollen on his neck.

Monroe and Rosalie are packing for their honeymoon.  Monroe says that he wishes they could leave on the trip without worrying something is going to go wrong.  Rosalie points out that if they don't make time to go on the honeymoon, they will always find a reason not to. Monroe points out that other people don't have reasons like a zombie apocalypse or the unkipin. Rosalie assures Monroe that they have to trust that everyone has this under control without them.

At Nick's, he and Juliet marvel at how amazing it is to spend a night alone together, enjoying the simple pleasure of take out.  Juliet says that she is going to miss Trubel and worries that if Trubel will be okay. Nick assures Juliet that Trubel will be okay and the two kiss. I already miss Trubel and she is by far and away the most interesting female character on Grimm in a long time.

Diego wakes in a cold sweat and in pain.  Diego then heads outside to get some fresh air but doubles over in pain on his front porch.  Diego then collapses to the ground and begins a transition.  A man is walking his dog down the street and the dog runs away from him barking.  The man follows his dog only to find the leash and no dog.  When he bends over to pick up the leash, he is attacked by Diego,who has transitioned into a Chupacabra.

In Austria, Marcus reports to Hans that Kelly is officially dead, though dental records could not be checked because the head of the body was removed.  Adalind asserts that the woman who took her to Nick's house was Kelly.  Hans says that this means that Kelly is excellent at covering her tracts and Marcus adds that anyone who has had any interactions with Kelly hasn't lived to tell about it.  Adalind points out that she wasn't trying to kill Kelly and Hans suggests that perhaps she should have.  Adalind asks how to find her daughter and Marcus points out that the last time they saw Kelly, she was in Portland.  While I think Adalind deserves to get her daughter back, if she runs up against Kelly,she is going to open up a world of hurt she is not even remotely prepared for.

Diego awakes at the side of the road covered in blood.  The mosquito bite is even more swollen then last night.  Diego stumbles across some water and frantically washes off his face.

Wu leads Nick and Hank to the crime scene, informing them that there were multiple victims last night. Wu adds that the neighbours described hearing howling and screaming.  They look at one of the bodies and Nick comments that it looks like something bit into the victims neck.  Wu snarks that that given the recent criminal activity in this city, he is willing to think about vampires or wolf men.  Nick and Hank talk to Manuel - the person who found the bodies, as Diego makes his way home to see the crime scene.  Hank offers Manuel his card and Manual says that he knows what killed the people.  Manual declares like a chupacabra is responsible.

Diego has finally made it home and his wife rushes up to greet him.  Diego explains his absence by saying that he needed some air and went for a walk.  When it's pointed out that he isn't wearing shoes, Diego says that he didn't go far.  Diego then learns that someone killed Justin and heads back inside, saying that he has to get ready for work.

Back at the station, Hank looks up information on the victim and Nick points out that the victim is clean with no gang affiliations.  Hank questions if they are to believe that they are dealing with a chupacabra and Nick replies that they don't even know what a chupacabra is.   Nick sits at the computer and looks it up on the internet and Hank surmises that they are dealing with a Wesen, asking if one Grimm is going to be enough to handle this.  Nick grabs his coat, saying that chupacabra is Spanish, which means that Juliet must know something about this.  Nick adds that he is going to have her meet them at the cabin, as Hank grabs his coat.  Is it me, or has it always been clear that Juliet is a Latina?

Juliet is sitting with Rosalie and she explains that she has taken three pregnancy tests and they are all negative.  Rosalie suggests and ultrasound or an MRI but Juliet simply says that she has been under a lot of stress recently.  Juliet believes she just needs something for the nausea and the headaches, adding that it is probably just a side effect of the potion.  Rosalie agrees to mix something up to tide her over while she and Monroe are on their honeymoon.  Juliet gets a call from Nick asking her to meet and then hugs Rosalie goodbye, instructing Rosalie to put the closed sign up on the door. Rosalie then gets a phone call  from someone  who tells her that her marriage is a mistake and a cancer upon rightful Wesen marriage.  Rosalie is told to check her back door, with a warning that it will be her blood next.  Rosalie grabs a steal pipe and when she opens the back door, Rosalie finds a fox strung up by its heels, with its neck slit. 

A concerned Monroe rushes into the spice shop and Rosalie tells Monroe that she was told her blood would be next.  Monroe's eyes turn red, as he vows to kill the perpetrator.

Wu enters Renard's office with a thick file of cases which are all weird and were handled by Nick and Hank.  Wu questions how Nick and Hank are solving these cases, when the evidence doesn't lead to the suspects.  Renard says that this is what makes Nick and Hank good detectives.  Renard's phone rings and Wu picks up the files and leaves.  The call is from someone who says that they need to meet.  Renard gives the man a location to meet.

Diego is at work and checks his temperature. When Gabe enters, Diego tells him that he must have caught something while he was in the Dominican Republic.  Diego then asks Gabe if they spoke last night and adds that he cannot remember what he did last night.  Gabe offers to run some tests but Diego points out that he can as well and is fine.

Juliet tells Nick and Hank that her grandmother used to blame the chupacabra for everything  Juliet adds that the Chupacabra is especially dangerous if you are out late, or if you get into a car with a boy  Nick finds a reference to Woeldreor in Puerto Rico and Juliet translates the Spanish.  It seems that the woeldreor a creature that is not Wesen and is deformed and seen by all.  The Wesen apparently becomes buried beneath the disease.  When Nick flips the page, he finds a drawing which Juliet identifies as the chupacabra, causing Nick to realise that the woeldreor is the original chupacabra.  Nick gets a call from Monroe and agrees to head right over.

Diego is continuing to suffer in his office.  Diego finds he cannot hold a pen and when he tries to stand, he falls over.  Diego makes his way down to the parking garage and stumbles towards his car.  Gabe enters the office and sees the scribbles Diego left on the tests he was trying to order.  Gabe then goes down to the parking garage and finds Diego hunched over and when he approaches him, Diego attacks and starts feeding off Gabe.  A car pulls up and backs away when the driver  sees Diego as a Chupacabra.  Diego leaps over the car and takes off.

Nick and Hank now talk to Monroe about the threat Rosalie received today. Hank offers to run the number but says that the call was probably made from a burner.  Monroe threatens that if he finds who did this, the person is dead.  Nick says that he thinks it was somebody at the wedding who told somebody else, adding that Trubel may have identified people who may have been members of this group before she left. Monroe demands their names but Nick refuses to say because they don't know how many people are involved.  Hank adds that they have to get everyone and cannot take a chance on blowing this.  Monroe points out that Rosalie was threatened and could have been killed.  Nick points that they only need to make it through one more day and then Monroe and Rosalie can leave on their trip.

They are interrupted by a call from Wu, to report another attack in the parking garage of St. Joe's.  Wu says that there is one witness who is not making any sense and that the victim survived and is stable.  Hank asks about the attacker and Wu reports that he got away and the description is of some kind of wild dog in clothes.  Nick orders the area be canvassed and Wu snarks about bringing in a dog catcher with a really big net.  Nick then tells the group that he and Hank have to go and Juliet says that Monroe and Rosalie are going to stay at their home. 

Gabe runs through the streets in the form of a chupacabra.  He hides in the bushes momentarily, before attacking an older woman as she tries to enter her home.  She manages to slam the door in Gabe's face but when she cannot hold it closed, her male relatives show up and beat Gabe with a metal pole.  Gabe heads back outside and takes off, as the woman's family yell that they have seen a Chupacabra.  

A police car, which Wu is driving is doing its rounds looking for the Chupacabra.  Gabe runs out in front of the car and Wu jumps out, instructing his partner to call for back up as he chases Gabe.  Wu comes across Gabe who has changed back into himself and orders him to put his hands on the ground and tells him not to move.  Wu asks Gabe if he was attacked and if he saw were the monster went, not able to make a connection between Gabe and the Chupacabra.  Wu takes a few steps forward, looking for the Chupacabra and when he turns around, Diego is gone. 

At the hospital, Hank and Nick interview Gabe, who says that he thought he saw his friend Diego but pauses when he describes getting to Diego.  Gabe says that the monster was going towards Diego's car and wearing Diego's clothing but it was not Diego.  When Nick says that they have to find Diego, Gabe is adamant that the monster was not Diego.

Renard shows up for his mystery meeting armed and ready.  A man gets into his car and brings up the child that the resistance supposedly has.  Renard says that he gave the child to Victor and the man makes it clear that while Renard may have done that, he certainly didn't let Victor leave Portland with the child.  The man asks where the child is and Renard reveals that the child is with Kelly and that he didn't tell him because the resistance has been betrayed.  The man affirms that they are going to find the baby and adds that Renard is going to help them.

Hank and Nick arrive at Diego's house and they realise that Diego lives in the same neighbourhood as one of the victims.  They end up speaking with Diego's wife and tell her that Gabe was attacked.  Hank says that Diego might have been involved.  Palal vogues in front of Nick and panics when she realises that Nick is a Grimm.  Palal makes it clear that Diego wouldn't hurt anybody and reveals that Diego is a Wesen like her. Hank tells Palal that Diego could be very sick, adding that they really need to talk to him.

As Frank and Hank leave the house, they are confronted by Wu.  Wu says that he doesn't know what is real anymore and that he is seeing things that he cannot explain.  Wu then accuses both Hank and Nick of knowing what is going on and of purposefully keeping him in the dark.  Hank tries to say that now is not a good time, and Wu snipes back that it never is.  Wu then says that he is done.  Hank tells Nick that he is going to tell him and Nick agrees.  They chase after Wu and ask what he saw, but Wu tells them to start by telling him about Trubel and the books which were in Nick's house. 

Palal finds Diego passed out and covered in blood.  Diego begs Palal for help, saying that he might have done something awful.  Palal leaves to call an ambulance but what she doesn't know is that Diego has shifted.

Nick tells Wu that Trubel killed someone in self defense and Wu demands to know why Trubel wasn't arrested.  Nick explains that he did and that he also let her out. Wu then demands to talk to Trubel but Nick informs him that Trubel is now gone. Before the conversation can go any further, Palal screams and they all rush into her home.  Nick and Hank tackle Diego who has fully transformed into a chupacabra and they have to fight to hold him down but Wu is absolutely frozen.  Nick and Hank tell Wu to get Palal out of here.  While being held down, Diego turns back into himself, as Palal asks what is happening to him and cries that it's not her husband.  Wu lets go of Palal to see a now human looking Diego and draws his gun.  Wu walks towards Diego and Nick is forced to stop him from shooting Diego.  Nick tells Wu that Diego is Wesen and is sick, also confirming that what he saw is real. 

Palal runs towards Diego and Nick tells Palal that her husband is sick and that he knows someone who can help him.  Nick gets on the phone with Monroe to ask for help and Hank takes off after Wu, who hops in his police car and drives away.  Monroe explains to Rosalie and Juliet that they have to meet Hank and Nick at the spice shop.  When Juliet stands, she has another dizzy spell and is told by Juliet to stay there and take care of herself.

At the spice shop, Juliet has found a cure for Diego.  It seems that Diego's illness is related to Denge fever and is contagious to Wesen through fluid exchange.  Monroe is not pleased that Diego is being brought to the spice shop.  Hank and Nick bring Diego in and Rosalie says that they have to hurry because if Diego has had the disease for more than 48 hrs, the condition could be permanent.  Rosalie goes through the list of ingredients and realises that they only have enough for one dose.  Suddenly, Palal collapses next to Diego and starts to convulse.  Palal then becomes a chupacabra and Monroe advises that no one moves.

Palal starts to attack, as Nick and Hank struggle to control her.   They manage to get Palal into handcuffs.  Rosalie asks who gets the dose because she only has one and Diego grabs the syringe and injects Palal.  Palal convulses and turns back into herself. Diego tells his wife that he loves her and when he starts to shift, Hank points his gun and asks him to back away.  Diego tells Hank to kill him because it is too late.  Diego shifts and moves to attack, so Hank shoots him three times.  Palal screams and Diego drops to the ground and shifts back to himself before dying. 

Wu is at a bar drinking and he gets a flashback to when he was attacked.  He starts to remember all of the strange cases he has seen recently that he cannot explain.  Wu downs his glass as the visions continue.  Wu sees a monster behind him in the mirror and throws his glass then turns and screams and starts to attack the patrons.

Hank and Nick tell Rosalie and Monroe that they are going to leave an officer on guard until they leave for their trip and will record any calls that come in.  When they leave, Rosalie declares that they are going to have an amazing time on their honeymoon. Later, Monroe brings the bags downstairs and then peers out the window at the cop.  Rosalie agrees to make the cop a snack, since he is going to be outside all night.

Wu is brought to the drunk tank.

Monroe heads outside with a sandwich for the cop and when the cop turns around, he is wearing one of the Wesen masks.  Monroe is then hit from behind.

Juliet is performing her evening ablutions when she grabs her head in pain.  Juliet then vogues into a hexinbeast and when she sees her image in the mirror, Juliet screams. 

Okay, though we had a Wesen of the week type story, we did have a little movement of the meta.  First, though it was long over due, Wu has finally been told about the Wesen.  Unfortunately, he wasn't told earlier and so it has caused him to absolutely doubt himself.  Is it really any wonder that Wu feels like he his has lost his mind and is paralyzed with fear? What Hank, Nick and Renard have done to him is absolutely horrible.  I do however hope that now that the cat is out of the bag that Wu's character will have a greater role to play than him showing up to snark and inform Nick and Hank about this week's investigation.

It seems that Juliet has been turned into a hexinbeast.  I didn't see this twist coming but am actually pleased.  Maybe she can be more than a hapless victim and have a more active role in the show.  I know that she has much improved recently ( bad rape commentary notwithstanding) but Grimm could use a strong regular female character who isn't a villain.  Who knows, maybe becoming a hexinbeast might actually make Juliet more likable.

Finally, the goings on with Monroe and Rosalie.  I really hate this storyline and it reads like the writers are trying to juxtpopse this fake relationship to the real world struggles of inter-racial couples. It's a false and offensive juxtaposition. First we had the the cross burning and then the threats and now an animal with its throat slit. It's troubling on a show that mines the cultures of colour for strange woo and monsters yet refuses to really deal with race on a regular basis.  Yes, I know, Hank and Wu are part of the story but Wu is a side character at best and Hank functions like a sidekick.  The only upside to this is the story focusing more on Monroe and Rosalie making them more than Nick's handy Wesen helpers but people they see as friends.