Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Librarians, Season One, Episode Three: And the Horns of a Dilemma

A man rushes though a building panicked and is screaming for help.  He runs into Karen and Franklin dressed in a black hooded garments.  Karen says a spell and the man who screamed for help gets dragged away by his heels.  Frank and Karen then enter the elevator and start talking about food.

The Librarians make their way through some sort of factory.  Ezekiel attempts to attack Eve, who is following them and is quickly dealt with.  When Cassandra stands to help, she knocks herself unconscious and a frustrated Eve lifts the hood of her shirt.  Later, outside, Eve chastises Stone for not realising that the Librarians cannot fight everything with brute strength alone. Both Eve and Ezekiel make excuses for their failure and Eve asserts that they are going to run drills everyday until she is certain that she can trust them out in the field.  When they return to the library, Jenkins informs them that a new case has shown up in his book.  Eve is quick to say that the Librarians are not ready but they are not all pleased by this determination.  They argue that Flynn left them to help people, not sit around. 

Eve finds Jenkins in his lab experimenting on artifacts and makes it clear that it is hard enough to control the Librarians, without Jenkins dangling the book in front of them.  Jenkins argues that the Librarians have to enter the field at some point but Eve brings up the failures she has had with soldiers on missions who have been trained, adding that the three librarians aren't even close to ready.

While Eve is talking to Jenkins, the Librarians decide to check out the book.

Jenkins points out to Eve that the job of Librarians is to protect people from harm, thereby putting themselves in danger.  Eve counters by saying that she cannot protect three Librarians without more training.  Jenkins argues that there have been a lot of Librarians with no training at all and that the best ones came back.

Eve returns to the Librarians, to find them looking through the book.  Cassandra brings up the missing Henry Birch and Stone adds that there are seven other clippings of missing people, who all went missing this year.  Eve says that with that many missing, the police must be looking into it.  Ezekiel corrects the assertion by pointing out that the disappearances are from all over the country and the only reason they are connected is because they all showed up in the book. Stone points out that though the missing were from all over, they all lived in Boston.  Cassandra says that they were also all interns At Golden X Foods. Stone asks how many more will go missing before they step in.  Eve questions if the group is willing to risk their lives for Henry and Ezekiel makes it clear that he won't risk his life but can outrun everything.  Eve agrees to work the case and demands that the team go in fully prepared.

Jenkins interrupts the meeting and tells them that he is sending them to Boston.  Jenkins then explains how magic works, before hooking  a globe up to the broom closet door. When the team opens the door, it leads to Boston.  Cassandra realises that Jenkins has created a worm hole and rushes back into the Annex with the Librarians following her, to discover that they other side of the Annex is still connected to the west coast.  Jenkins warns that the door doesn't stay open long and of course, Ezekiel wants to know if Jenkins can create a door to a bank vault.  Eve cuts Ezekiel off and makes it clear to the Librarians that if they are going to do this, they need to do what she says, when she says.

The Librarians sit down with Franklin and Karen to discuss the missing interns.  Karen says that they go through interns pretty quickly and instructs Franklin to take the Librarians to human resources.  The Librarians and Eve follow behind Franklin and Eve says that Karen and Franklin must know something because they weren't buried by lawyers.  It's Eve's belief that Franklin and Karen were sizing them up. Stone suggests that whatever they are going to be shown is for sure a fake.  Eve says that the originals must be on the server and sends the Librarians with Franklin. over Ezekiel's objections that he is the perfect one for this.  Franklin gives the Librarians instructions to head to HR and says that he is going to wait behind for Eve.  Franklin does catch up with Eve but she knocks him unconscious and steals his swipe card to enter the server room, where she finds a collection of artifacts. 

The Librarians find a room filled with skulls and take off running as downstairs, Eve takes pictures of the artifacts.  Eve then calls the Librarians and says that she is sending them pictures of what she has discovered and Stone informs her of the room full of skulls.  The Librarians realise that they are actually in a labyrinth. The Librarians continue to run.

Eve calls Jenkins to find out if someone could have recreated the Minotaur's  labyrinth in a skyscraper in Boston and Jenkins says no and that it is absurd because it would need a collection of ancient Minoan artifacts to focus it.  Eve informs Jenkins that the Librarians are in the labyrinth and that she sent them there, thinking that if they stayed together, they would all be safe.  Jenkins calls what Eve did a record and says that because they are in a labyrinth, the Librarians have to get out on their own.  Jenkins adds that the labyrinth exists in multiple dimensions and Eve insists that Jenkins send the Librarians a door.

The Librarians stop running, when Ezekiel points out that Theseus killed the minotaur. so they should be fine but suddenly they hear a sound and start running again.

Eve heads to the same floor as the Librarians and as soon as she exists the elevator, it disappears. 

 The Librarians begin to bicker and Stone makes it clear that he is in tough position with the two most unreliable people he has ever met.  Cassandra admits that she betrayed them but adds that she is scared as well.  Cassandra reminds Stone that she has a death sentence inside her head and didn't know what to do and Stone replies, "not sell us out." Cassandra calls Stone self righteous and tells him that he doesn't get to judge her.  Cassandra stops yelling when she recognizes a pattern and says that her brain realised that they are in a maze.  Stone snarks about Cassandra getting them out pf there and Ezekiel marches over telling them to get over their issues.  Ezekiel adds that his vote is for them to follow the brain grape (read: Cassandra's tumor) The Minotaur screeches again, and the Librarians start running. 

Eve shoots into the air and the Librarians stop walking and realise that the sound is a signal from Eve.  They end up walking up to the minotaur and freeze.  Eve takes off running and shoots the minotaur several times, sliding in between its knees.  The team runs into a room and fortunately for them, Jenkins has opened up a new worm hole in a cabinet door.  The team dive back into the Annex and Stone and Eve grab swords and reopen the door prepared to fight the minotaur but it seems that Jenkins has already moved the wormhole, to the place where they first entered Boston. 

Jenkins holds up a symbolic representation of the team in the labyrinth and asks how things went

Karen and Franklin move through the archive room trying to figure out what Eve knows and why she was in there.  Karen says that there is only one Librarian and Franklin adds that he was just spotted in Budapest. Karen decides that they need to expedite the timetable just in case, adding that they are to start tomorrow with the blonde at her desk.  Franklin questions what he is to do if the people come back and Eve says that they won't because no on escapes the labyrinth.

Eve thumbs through the pictures she took in the archive room,  Jenkins explains that magic has three parts, magic, power and effect.  Stone says that the effect would be the labyrinth.  Jenkins says that if they destroy the thread, then the whole thing will collapse. Ezekiel says that all they have to do is get past the minotaur. Jenkins then hands over everything he has on the minotaurs.  

Eve walks with Jenkins and explains that though she shot the minotaur seven times, it was barely effected.  Jenkins points out that there are many creatures who can be injured but not killed.  Eve asks what she is supposed to if she cannot kill the minotaur and Jenkins explains that the library chose her for a reason and it was most certainly not for ability to kill, before walking away.

Eve returns to the Librarians and Cassandra says that they are not going to save Henry Birch.  Eve tells Cassandra that they can get him justice, pointing out that they are here to save people from magic and this qualifies.  Stone tosses a sword to Eve, who asks why the company has a labyrinth in its basement.  Stone explains that the myth is that the king imprisoned the minotaur in the labyrinth and every 7 years, he sends 14 virgins (7 men and 7 women) for sacrifice.  Ezekiel snarks about finding a virgin these days and Stone clarifies that the Greek word for virgin, literally means unmarried man and unmarried woman.  Stone adds that it could also mean youth and inexperience. Eve points out that the interns are the stand in and questions what the king got for the sacrifice in the myth.  Stone responds wealth, prosperity and power. Stone realises that 6 more people are going to be killed if the Librarians don't stop it.  Eve says that they have to get the thread and Ezekiel again points out that he is a world class thief.

The Librarians are back in Boston and Ezekiel talks about the difficulties they face.  Cassandra stops when she sees a painting of the minotaur on the wall. Eve realises that the group is back in the labyrinth.  The minotaur is now in human form with glowing red eyes. Stone tries to get directions from a woman as to where they next subway is and though she answers, her voice is intelligible.  Eve calls Jenkins to report that while they are outside of the Annex on the street, they seem to back in the labyrinth. Jenkins says that it's possible that the labyrinth is moving space around them and won't let them out. Jenkins calls the predicament fascinating, pointing out that anywhere they go, they will always end up in the maze.  Eve asks how they get out of the maze but before Jenkins can answer, the minotaur attacks.  The Librarians take off running and Eve asks Jenkins to help them get out of there but he says that he cannot do it again but he can put a bubble around them to make it impossible for the minotaur to find them for five minutes. 

The group stops running and Eve begins to give out orders but Cassandra says that she is not a soldier.  Eve concedes the point and adds that librarians don't win because they are soldiers but because of what they know. Ezekiel suggests that Theseus went to the center of the maze not to kill the minotaur but to shut down the labyrinth and Stone suggests that this will probably lead them to the artifact room.  Eve realises that the executive key cards stop people from getting lost in the labyrinth.  Cassandra says that she can get them there and Eve agrees that they now have a plan.

Cassandra says that they need to figure out how many floors are in the building and Stone says that the number has to be 7, because the myth is based on seven.  Cassandra starts to do math and she of course sees visions.  Cassandra draws out a little map saying that it is the way back to the Annex and starts walking away.  Eve stops Cassandra and Cassandra explains that they should split up, adding that Eve does not want to be in the labyrinth when it goes poof.  Eve suggests that they stick together but Ezekiel argues that this doesn't work unless they split up because someone has to distract the minotaur.  Eve volunteers to be the one to distract the minotaur but Stone believes that Eve doesn't stand a chance by herself.  Eve is concerned with sending in Ezekiel and Cassandra by themselves but Ezekiel says that Cassandra can find the center and he can grab the thread, adding that this is the only way.   Cassandra tells Eve that she cannot protect them all that she needs to find the center and Ezekiel adds that he needs to crack the thread.

Stone and Eve distract the minotaur and Cassandra leads Ezekiel through the maze.   Eve stops running and tells  Stone that she will buy him as much time as she can before she attacks the minotaur.  Cassandra starts to panic about dealing with seven dimensions and Ezekiel assures her that she can do this.  Cassandra says that Stone is right and that she cannot be trusted but Ezekiel admits that if he were in the same situation, he would have done exactly what she did but wouldn't have gotten caught and he would have let the Serpent Brotherhood win and the world die.  Ezekiel points out that this is not what Cassandra did. Cassandra says that its still too much, so Ezekiel offers to be her other senses and lead her through.  Cassandra is shocked that he is trusting her but Ezekiel says that she is the one trusting him because he is the one who bails on everybody.

Eve is fighting the minotaur, when Stone pulls up with a truck and knocks the minotaur over.

Ezekiel and Cassandra make it to the archive room and begin shutting down the lasers around the case which contains the string.  Karen enters and points a gun at Ezekiel. questioning who they are.  Ezekiel says that they are the librarians and offers to accept Karen's surrender.  Karen replies that there is only one librarian and that is not Ezekiel.  Karen adds that something has changed and that there is more magic in the world and more power to their sacrifices.  Karen then does the cheap antagonist trick and explains why she is sacrificing people, adding that Ezekiel and Cassandra are the first modern people to make it to the center.  Cassandra jumps on Karen's back and Karen fires her gun, missing Ezekiel.

Stone and Eve make it back inside the Annex but the minotaur starts to bang on the door.  Jenkins is not at all pleased that they led the minotaur back to the Annex.

Cassandra is still on Karen's back and Karen fires at the glass case holding the string.  Ezekiel grabs the string and takes off running and Karen is quick to follow.  Ezekiel returns quickly for Cassandra but Karen has doubled back.  Cassandra points out that magic depends on a symbol and that twine wrapped into a ball is a great symbol for a maze. Ezekiel throws the twine and it begins to unravel and the labyrinth begins to fall apart.

Eve realises that the labrynth is falling apart and she opens the door. The twine gets tossed into the Annex and Stone grabs it.  Eve uses the twine to reel Cassandra and Ezekiel back into the Annex.  Ezekiel sings Cassandra's praises  and Cassandra adds that Ezekiel saved her by bailing on her.  Stone hands over the twine and Jenkins says that without the twine, the labyrinth should shrink out of existence eventually. Eve suggests locking up the twine but Jenkins says that they don't have the facilities that the library does but adds that he will think of something.  Cassandra asks about Karen going to jail and Jenkins replies that they shouldn't worry about Karen, because she imprisoned a minotaur.

In the labyrinth, Karen is ranting about having lost to the Librarians. when she hears the roar or the minotaur.  When Karen and Franklin turn around, they realise that the minotaur is standing right behind them.

Cassandra talks to Stone alone about her worry regarding them working together.  Stone says that nobody back home knows about his skill, adding that he has kept it a secret for twenty years.  Cassandra questions why he would hide this, adding that Stone knows about culture and art and so many things.  Stone replies that family isn't easy. adding that he is used to keeping his life separated.  It seems that Stone doesn't trust his family and friends to know about the brilliant side of his nature and that he has learned his lesson from trusting Cassandra.  Stone says that things always end bad and that the old ways are best.

Cassandra and Stone head into the main section of the Annex.  Ezekiel tells Eve that for their first time out, they did pretty good.  Eve concedes the point but adds that she could do better.  Eve says that she has spent all of her adult life in the military, where everyone fits into a box but the Librarians don't and that they aren't soldiers to be ordered around. or assets to be protected.  Stone says that they are partners. 

Okay we had a little character growth this episode.  We learned that Stone has issues with trust.  I don't believe however that it was explained very well.  Was he teased as a child for being the smart kid? Why does he believe that he has to hide and why does he believe that his loved ones wouldn't accept him if they knew that he is smart?  There has to be more to this story.  It did however reveal why he has trouble trusting Cassandra now.  I do however like the fact that Ezekiel fully understood the delima that Cassandra faced.

Cassandra continues to be the weak emotional one of the group but its clear that her skills are absolutely essential.  I like that it was Cassandra who finally laid down the lie to Eve and asserted that she isn't a soldier. I even liked the way that she jumped on Karen's back without hesitation. 

Eve continues to function as a Guardian and de facto leader of the time.  This is a change for The Librarians which heretofore always depended on the leadership of Flynn and a female partner.  In this series, it's fair to say that thus far, there is a clear hierarchy.  I like this model thus far.

Of the Librarians, Ezekiel is the least developed.  All we know about his is that he is a very skilled thief.  Of all of the Librarians, he seems to be there simply to provide comic relief and I have yet to see him use his intelligence to actually problem solve anything, which is telling, considering that other than Lamia, he is the only character of colour.  I am hoping that in the episodes to come, we will dig into Ezekiel's background.

Clearly, Jenkins is meant to be Judson's replacement and while I really do like  John Larroquette, I still miss Bob Newhart.  I am however sure that Jenkins will continue to grow on me.