Sunday, December 14, 2014

The 100, Season Two, Episode Seven: Long Into an Abyss

A young girl wakes up and finds herself in a field of flowers outside of Mt. Weather.  Dr. Tsing and Cage watch on the video camera.  She is fine for awhile but four minutes later, her body becomes covered in radiation burns.  Cage decides to bring the girl back inside, after he notes her pain but Dr. Tsing questions if the girl can be trusted to keep their secret, adding that they might as well get a full reading.  Cage says that Dr. Tsing needs to be concentrating on the blood of the 47 but Tsing says that science takes time and that there are dead ends on the path to every breakthrough.  The girl continues to scream and the two studiously ignore what is happening to her.  The girl collapses to the ground writhing in in pain and finally dies. 

Abby and Jaha talk about their options given the message Lexa sent Jaha to deliver.  Jaha believes that they need to leave and points out that this is not their home and because Cain tried to achieve peace, he gave them a chance to move on without bloodshed.  Abby points out that Cain could very well still be in prison and questions if they are to leave him there, just like the kids on Mt. Weather. Why oh why does she give a shit about what happens to Marcus?  Jaha is adamant that the Grounders are marching towards this camp, adding that the right choice is to live and fight another day.  Major Bryne interrupts the conversation to say that the people are on edge and could use some words of comfort from their Chancellor.  Jaha steps forward, only to be told that Abby is the Chancellor until another vote can be taken, or Abby willingly transfers her authority.  Abby pauses but tells Jaha that she is unwilling to march their people into the desert until she finds another way, adding that she and Jaha can talk to the people together.  Despite everything they have been through, Jaha is still a feckless leader.

Abby and Jaha head outside and Abby confirms that the Grounders are indeed coming and that she and Jaha are discussing all options.  Jaha tells the people to pack now to be safe because they may need to leave at a moment's notice.  Jaha tells them that he has heard of a place called the city of light across the dead zone and that he has faith.  Clarke steps forward to ask what happens to their people in Mt. Weather if they leave and Jaha replies that it is a difficult decision to make.  Jaha asks if they came all of this way to die tomorrow, adding that if they are not gone by the time the sunrises tomorrow, that is exactly what happens.  Jaha is really great at supporting Abby isn't he?  How can this man who is never capable of making the hard choices actually be a leader?  Abby assures everyone that no decisions have been made and orders the people to gather emergency supplies before heading back inside.

Clarke moves to follow her mother but she is grabbed by Bellamy and told to bring her med kit and meet him at the drop ship.  Finn says that this is his fault and that the Grounders are attacking because of him. Um yeah, you think?  Clarke assures Finn that the Grounders are attacking because that is what they do.  I guess we should just ignore the slaughtering of an entire village then. Finn tells Clarke to go with Bellamy, promising to inform her when Jaha and Abby make a decision.

At the drop ship, Clarke gets her first view of a savage Lincoln and is informed that he has been restrained.  Clarke says that she knew that Mr. Weather controlled the reapers but had no idea they were creating them.  Bellamy questions what the Mt. Weather people are doing to the 47, if they can turn Lincoln into a reaper?

Back at Mr. Weather, in the dorm area, members of the 47 gather and Jasper assures them that as long as it seems like they are cooperating, they are buying themselves times. Jasper suggests that they just need to hold on long enough for Clarke to get them out but Monty questions what happens if Clarke didn't actually manage to escape. Monty adds that it means that no one is coming for them and they are doing exactly what the Mt. Weather people want them to do.  Jasper suggests that instead of trying to escape, they should focus on finding the truth.

On the drop ship, Lincoln continues to scream and struggle against his bonds.  Clarke realizes that Lincoln is convulsing and that something is wrong with his leg.  Bellamy tells Clarke that Lincoln has lost a lot of blood.  Clarke asks for the light to be shined on Lincoln's neck and she notices track marks.  Lincoln attacks Clarke and manages to get lose from some of his bonds.  A fight breaks out between Lincoln and Bellamy and to protect Bellamy, Octavia is forced to bash Lincoln with a metal pole.

David confronts Abby about the call to evacuate, pointing out that his son is still trapped at Mt. Weather.  Abby assures David that if there was any other way, she would have taken it. Abby promises that when they find someplace, they will come back for the kids.  David is adamant that he is not going anywhere but Abby informs him that the guard is leading the evacuation and if he stays, he will be disobeying orders.   David asks to be ordered to stay and points out that the other parents with missing kids are not going anywhere either.  Abby makes it clear that such an order would be a death sentence but David reminds Abby that she got her child back and is asking him to abandon his.   Abby tells David to pack his things, adding that she wants every man woman and child out of the camp by dawn.

At Mt. Weather, the corpse of the girl who was left outside is being examined.  Tsing comes to the determination that treatments with the blood of the 47 will never be enough to get them to the surface.  Tsing suggests that what they need is bone marrow, which means 8 procedures for each of the kids.  Tsing then informs Cage that this would mean the death of everyone of the 47.  Cage makes it clear that his father would never agree to this but Tshing simply tells him that he has to convince his father.  Tsing argues that they could all be living above ground within a month, adding that she will worry about the science and he should worry about his father.

Lincoln is strapped down again and Clarke is attempting to stop the bleeding and get the bullet out.  Octavia tries to give Lincoln some water but he attempts to bite her, causing her to drop the water.  Octavia leaves to get more water and Bellamy assures her that once the drugs are out of Lincoln's system, he will be okay.  Outside, Octavia listens as Lincoln screams.  When she sees an item stuck in a tree, Octavia heads towards it and is grabbed from behind by Nyko, who informs her that the Grounder scouts have already arrived, as per Lexa's orders and that if they don't leave, they will die. Nyko asks to save Octavia's life, given that she saved his life from the reapers.  Nyko hears Lincoln cry out.

Inside the ship, Clarke finishes working on Lincoln, when Octavia enters with Nyko.  Octavia stops Bellamy from killing Nyko by pointing out that Nyko is Lincoln's friend and their healer.  Lincoln starts to seize again and Nyko attempts, to give Lincoln some medicine, telling him that his fight is over.  Clarke catches the drop of poison in her hand, saying that what Nyko told Lincoln in the Grounder language, is what Grounders say before death.  Clarke informs Octavia that Nyko is not trying to heal Lincoln but to kill him.

Nyko asserts that death is the only way.  Finn shows up to tell the group that they have to go and when Nyko sees him, he rightfully attacks, accusing Finn of slaughtering his people. I don't know about you, but I am team Nyko on this one.  Nyko chokes Finn screaming, "Blood must have blood," and for his trouble, Clarke uses one of their punishment sticks to shoot Nyko up with electricity.

They notice that Lincoln is not breathing and Clarke uses CPR to save him, as Nyko watches.  Nyko is shocked that Clarke managed to bring Lincoln back from the dead, adding that they have tried to bring Reapers back before and they all died like this.  Clakre realises that she knows how to stop the attack.

Clarke tells Finn that Lincoln is stable for now and that they should go.  Finn tells Clarke that even if she can save Lincoln, he won't be the same after the things he has done.  Clearly Finn is comparing himself to Lincoln without saying so directly.  Clarke assures Finn that Lincoln is savable and so is he.

At Mt. Weather, Monty struggles to get the door open to President Dante's office.  Once inside, Harper is ordered to watch the hall.  Jasper justifies this by saying that Monty is good with computers and Miller is a thief.  Monty opens up Dante's lap top and Miller breaks out his tools.

Clarke and Finn rush back to the Arc camp and inform Abby and Jaha that they finally have leverage over the Grounders.  Clarke says that they now have a way to stop the Reapers, the largest threat to the Grounders.  When Abby asks how, Jaha is quick to question Abby even considering this.  In the distance, the camp notices a large series of lights headed their direction.

Major Bryne enters the command center and points out that The Grounders aren't attacking yet, which means that they still have time.  Abby points out that they have two hours until Dawn and Clarke asks for a chance to talk to Lexa, pointing out that Lexa was Anya's second.  Finn tells Jaha and Abby that they have to at least let Clarke try.   Jaha tells Abby that they are wasting time and demands that he be given his authority back.  Abby tells Jaha to hold on and points out if  to Clarke that she is right about Lincoln is going through withdrawal, it could still kill him. Clarke points out that this is where Abby comes in, adding that not saving Lincoln is not an option.  Jaha is horrified that they are risking everything on a bluff and reminds Abby that they have an out. Finn points out that this will not save all of their people and an angry Jaha stands, replying that they will come back to save the kids at Mt. Weather.  Finn is adamant that this will not happen.

Jaha tells Abby that this has gone on long enough and that if she will not give the order to start evacuating then she is killing them all.  Abby tells Jaha that she cannot give that order and Jaha again tells her to give the order.  Abby once again says no but Jaha points out that he is the rightly elected Chancellor of the Arc and again tells Abby to give the order.  Abby again says no and Jaha approaches Major Bryne and orders her and  Miller to  put Abby, Clarke and Finn under arrest, adding that if she refuses to comply that the blood of their people will be on their hands.  Abby then orders Major Bryne  to place Jaha under arrest and though Major Bryne hesitates, she complies with Abby's order. When Miller and Major Bryne grab Jaha, he pulls away and tells Abby that she has thrown away everything they have done to survive.  Abby makes it clear that she has faith in her daughter.

Abby offers to send a protective detail with Clarke but she says that the Grounders will see it as a threat, adding that she has to do this on her own.  Clarke tells Abby that Finn will take her to Lincoln and Abby points out that if Clarke is wrong, they are all going to die.

Back at Mt. Weather, the guys continue their search.  Monty has managed to break into the computer and discovers that his friends are all alive, when he finds photos.

Clarke makes her way to the Grounder camp and is warned by Gustus that if  she looks at Lexa the wrong way, he will slit her throat.  Lexa and Clarke trade barbs over who is responsible for the deaths of 300 of the Grounders.  Clarke says that she can help them beat the Mountain men and tells Lexa that their blood is used as medicine.  Indra is quick to call this a lie, adding that no one escapes the Mountain.  Clarke assures her that they she did with Anya, and reaches into her pocket and pulls out a lock of Anya's hair, offering it to Lexa.  Clarke says that Anya died trying to get the message to Lexa that the only way for them to beat Mt. Weather is for them to work together.  Indra is still not convinced and argues that those who are about to die will say anything.  Lexa makes it clear that she wants an offer and Clarke says the Mountain Men are turning Grounders into Reapers and adds that she can turn them back.  Clarke brings up Lincoln, which angers Indra, who calls Lincoln a traitor.  Lexa is forced to call Indra back and asks to see Lincoln as proof that Reapers can be turned back into men.

Dressed in protective gear,  Cage and Wallace head outside.  Cage takes off his protective masks and assures Wallace that he can remove his as well because he received the same treatment.  The two marvel at their ability to walk outside and breathe fresh air.  Cage tells his father that this is where they belong, reminding Wallace of his belief that the surface is their true home and not a concrete coffin.   Cage then tells Wallace that their time is up and they have to go back now.  Wallace asks what it will take to stay outside and Cage says bone marrow - all that the 47 have.  Wallace realises that the 47 will have to die, so that they can finally live.   Cage again says that this is their world, as Wallace sniffs a flower.  Wallace argues that they are the keepers of history, adding that what they have done to the Outsiders has corrupted their legacy.   Wallace heads back inside, saying that they cannot go down that road any further.  Cage begs and Wallace makes it clear that the answer is no.

Finn and Abby arrive at the drop ship to find Lincoln covered in a cold sweat, with blood shot eyes. Clarke is leading the Grounders through the forest to the drop ship.  Abby tells Octavia that thanks to the supplies Bellamy found, Lincoln might have a chance.   Abby injects Lincoln with something to bring down his fever, as Lincoln convulses.  Unfortunately, Lincoln's heart has stopped.  Abby desperately does CPR, as outside Clarke and thr Grounders get closer.  Abby stops, after not being able to resuscitate Lincoln and Octavia takes over crying. Clarke leads the Grounders through the hatch to find Lincoln dead.  Lexa gives the order for everyone to be killed.

Clarke begs Lexa to stop but Lexa makes it clear that Clarke lied and is out of time.  Abby quickly rushes tp Lincoln and uses her punishment stick to deliver a bolt of electricity to Lincoln's heart.  Lincoln regains consciousness and recognizes Octavia.   Octavia cries in relief.

Miller tells Monty that it is possible that the other stations of the Arc are on the ground.  Jasper reports that Harper didn't report for breakfast.

Harper is now lying on her stomach and she begs as Dr. Tsing cuts into her, as Cage watches.  Tsing tells Cage that Wallace will come around.  Harper begs that she wants to go home and Cage says, "so do we."  Dr. Tsing then drills into Harper's hip and she screams.

Wallace is back in his office and he looks at the flower he picked form outside.   Wallace puts down his paintbrush.

Lexa tells Clarke that Lincoln's recovery was impressive, adding that no one has ever survived before.  Clarke says that all they have to do is keep them alive long enough for the drugs to leave their system.  Lexa agrees to a truce, adding that it must begin with Finn's death.

Okay, I cannot stand that they are trying to retconn Finn killing an entire village.  Sure, war is a terrible thing but it takes a special kind of monster to slaughter an entire village filled with not only non combatants but women and children. I am team Grounder on this one and Finn should face some kind of punishment instead of having it swept under the rug, as though his crime is no big deal.  We all know that Clarke is going to be resistant to handing Finn over and this is going to cause some kind of drama regarding the truce.

We got to see a little power struggle between Jaha and Abby over the decision on whether or not to leave their camp.  I have always had a strong dislike for Jaha because he is a feckless leader.  I don't even understand why or how this man was elected Councilor in the first damn place. He is never really willing to take any risks and makes the most ridiculous decisions.  I am not really a fan of Abby, what with her role in sending the kids down to the surface but she seems a far more competent leader than either Marcus or Jaha are capable of being. 

Things are getting even more scar at Mt Weather.  One hand after spending all of these years trapped in what is essentially a bunker, it's understandable the desire to be outside and breathe fresh air.  The question is at what cost should this come at.  In many ways, Mt. Weather is an earthbound version of what the Arc used to be in space, with more resources.  The very nature of their circumstances has forced them to make difficult decisions.  The question for these people is how far can they compromise their morals and humanity to achieve the outside.  Do the means justify the ends?  It's a fascinating story and now that Wallace has well and truly been tested it will be interesting to see if he can stick to his decision.