Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Sleepy Hollow, Season Two, Episode Eleven: The Akeda

Crane and Abbie race to Frederick's manor and Abbie wonders if this is indeed the end of days.  Crane points out that Moloch has risen, adding that little remains between Moloch and his early reign.  Abbie replies that there's Katrina (why oh why is she including Katrina, who thus far has proven to be incompetent and that is a generous estimation) , them and the sword.  Ichabod says that Moloch's use for Katrina has likely passed.  The car is struck by lightening and stops.  The witnesses end up at gas station and are told that it will take an hour to fix their vehicle once the parts are received.  Crane impresses the urgency for their need of transportation and the mechanic leaves to call them a cab.  Crane then notices a motorcycle and Abbie realises that there are no electronics to worry about with the bike.  Crane suggests commandeering the motorcycle and two hop on and speed down the road, after Crane worries about not having a seatbelt.  The moment they arrive at the manor, Crane hops off and announces that he wants a motorcycle as soon as this is all over.  I hope he plans on getting a job to pay for it because Abbie is paying all of his expenses.

They hide beside a tree, and notice that the house is completely dark with no sound coming from it. Abbie wonders if the demons are still there and Crane points out that Katrina's last contact was from there.  They decide to head into the house. The search proves that the house is empty as it appeared from the outside.  Abbie examines the model Henry built and Crane realises that it details locations that Henry has struck.  They use a string to align them all and predictably it reveals a pentagram over the city.  Abbie points out that they saw a pentagram in Moloch's lair and Crane says that Washington's bible says that a demon will create hell on earth.  Crane starts to worry that they are too late and points out that  Katrina came to this place to kill Molcoh.

Right on cue, Katrina plays damsel in distress and they hear her begging.  Crane and Abbie head outside to see Katrina tied to two posts, with Abraham standing next to her holding his axe.  Crane quickly realises that Abraham plans on making Katrina his bride.  I think Crane should just let Abraham have Katrina because they seem to deserve each other at this point.  Crane unsheaths the sword and begins to battle Abraham. Crane quickly gets the upper hand, so Abbie races towards Katrina and releases her.  Ichabod stands with the sword pointed at Abraham's heart and threatens to kill Abraham, if he does not reveal where Moloch is.  Katrina reveals that she can still see Abraham and enhances the charm on her amulet so that Ichabod can see him for himself.

Ichabod informs Abraham that he is not immune to the sword, though he is the horseman of death. Abraham says that the sword is of infinite unstoppable power to man and asks Crane if anything seems strange about that tale to him. Abraham tells Crane that all magic has a cost and that the sword requires a sacrifice - the moment a man uses the sword to kill, his soul and life will be taken with it. Oh I don't know about you but I want Katrina to use the sword so that we can get rid of her character. Also, how did Methuselah manage 1000 demons if the wielder dies the moment s/he uses it?  Crane believes that Abraham is lying and raises the sword, only to have Katrina stop him and say that Abraham may be telling the truth.  Katrina asks for time to prove, or disprove Abraham's assertion, based on the runes on the sword.

Back at the witness bat cave, Abraham is chained up and Abbie is distraught over the idea that they cannot use the sword, given what her family has already sacrificed for it.  Ichabod suggests that Abbie not rush to conclusions and points out that Jenny will arrive shortly with the research Katrina requested, adding that for now Katrina will gather more intelligence.  Abbie questions if it is hard for him to watch Katrina with Abraham but Crane explains that since they cannot use the sword, Katrina must take a more personal approach.  Crane does however add that his marriage to Katrina has been under a lot of strain recently - um yeah, you think.  Abbie points out that Katrina has saved Abraham's life but Crane argues that it was only to save his life.  Abbie does concede the point.  Abbie gets a call from Jenny and she and Crane head to the cabin.

Jenny tells them that using the sword would lead to the end Abraham foretold.  Crane holds the sword, calling it a strange and singular weapon, leading to death to.  Abbie says that it could take both of them to finish this and that they will both die for the cause as witnesses.  Abbie adds that when they find Moloch, the horseman of war will be standing right next to him.  Abbie asks if Crane will be able to use the sword against Parish if he interferes with them killing Moloch. Crane says that Moloch is their target and that everything else is secondary.  Here we go again with the whole, yes, he's the horseman of war but he's my sweet baby. Abbie calls Parish his weakness and again questions if Crane is willing to kill his son. Jenny asks if there is another way and questions what happens if a person's soul has already been claimed uses the sword.  Abbie realises that Jenny is talking about Irving and points out that this could lead to Henry taking over Irving's soul. Abbie adds that Irving has a wife and daughter but Jenny believes that if there is a chance no one has to die, they have to try.

Parish is standing at the place where Moloch pulled him out of the ground and talks to Moloch about raising hell on earth together. 

Katrina pleads with Abraham that Moloch didn't save his life, she did.  Abraham is not convinced and says that Katrina was never anything more than a spy.  Katrina claims that this is not true and Abraham starts to talk of his plans for them, adding that after fought for her, all Katrina wanted to do was deceive and destroy him.  Katrina says that she only wanted to destroy Moloch and admits that she was a spy.  Katrina claims that she saw the real Abraham when she was with him and saw how deeply he cared for her. Katrina then admits to caring for Abraham.  What she did not realise is that Ichabod listened to the whole conversation.  When Katrina finally notices Crane, he asks if Irving can use the sword because he has no soul and Katrina confirms that this should work, then offers to stay there and guard Abraham.  Why am I not surprised that she suddenly wants to guard the Headless Horseman. Crane assents and Katrina apologises for returning to Frederick's Manor without notifying him first.  Crane tells Katrina that he trusts her judgment.  Why? Someone needs to explain how it is that Katrina is still trustworthy.  Crane then asks if Katrina would be capable of killing Henry if he got in the way of killing Moloch and Katrina asserts that Moloch is the enemy and not Parish, adding that if Moloch can be killed, Henry's soul will be released.  Crane points out that in the heat of battle, they may not have that opportunity but Katrina is certain that there is always another way. These people really need to learn that denial is more than a river in Egypt.

Crane returns to the sisters to learn that there is a reference in Alexandrian version of the bible in Genesis.  Crane realises that Abby is talking about the story of Abraham and Issac, saying that it is an unnerving test of faith to ask a father to sacrifice his son.  Abbie points out that Issac was an innocent child and that Henry is not. Crane finally agrees that if he has to, he will kill Parish (about bloody time if you ask me) but says that it was an unreasonable request.  Abbie reminds Crane that her mother had to sacrifice herself and that nothing they have come across has been reasonable.  Jenny interrupts to play Frank's message to her, which includes a series of numbers which Abbie realises is a code.  The numbers are a date and Crane realises that this is the day that British spy John Andre was arrested.  Crane and Jenny leave to find the garrison where Andre was imprisoned but before leaving, Crane asks Abbie to go to Katrina and Abraham.

Crane and Jenny make their way through the tunnels and are confronted by Irving.  Crane explains that Irving is the only one who can use the sword without dying but Irving wonders what happens if they are wrong.  Crane points out that if they do nothing, they will all die and then Irving will rise by Henry's side anyway. Irving says that before he does this, he wants to see Cynthia and Macy but Jenny says that there is not time and promises to talk to Cynthia and Macy.  Irving demands that instead, Jenny promises to look after his family and Jenny agrees.  Irving picks up the sword.

Irving stands in front of Abraham holding the sword and asks where Moloch is.  Abraham questions if Irving hasn't sacrificed enough already for Ichabod and questions if Irving is indeed willing to make the sacrifice.  Irving confirms that he is ready to make the sacrifice but he doesn't need to because Parish has already claimed his soul.  Irving questions if Abraham is prepared to sacrifice whatever is left of his life, turning the situation around and asking if Abraham hasn't already sacrificed enough.  Crane tells Abraham that if he tells them where Moloch is, they will spare his life for now.  Irving starts to taunt Abraham about the demons that have been slayed with the sword.  Abraham reveals that Parish and Moloch have begun to merge purgatory with this world, adding that with each tree which is burned black, more evil enters this world. Abraham says that the fall of the first tree brought lightening, the second will bring blood and the third will bring Moloch's demon army, pointing out that Abbie may have seen them before.  The fourth tree will bring the formation of hell on earth.  Abraham tells them to kill him because time is not on their side. Katrina begs for Abraham, saying that he may have more information, or be of more use later.  Crane gives the order to spare Abraham, saying that Moloch is their target tonight.

Jenny says that Irving has the sword but if they are going to fight a demon army, they need more weapons.  Jenny and Crane head to a bar to find Hawley drinking.  Jenny tells Hawley they need him for a hunting party and Crane explains that Moloch has risen.  Outside the bar, Jenny says that they are going to need every weapon in Hawley's arsenal.  Hawley points out that a lot of people have gotten burned believing that the end is nigh.Suddenly, it starts to hail blood pellets and Jenny calls it score one for the doomsdayers, demanding weapons now.  Hawley agrees to load up his truck.

Back at the archives, Hawley hands out the weapons he has collected.  Katrina offers to revitalize the weapons Hawley handed over but says that she will need a moment.  Crane warns that one moment might be all they have.  Hawley questions where Abbie is and learns of the horseman of death for the first time.  Hawley joins Abbie and looks at the horseman with awe.  Hawley agrees to watch over the headless horseman until they get back.

Katrina works on the spell and Crane brings up over hearing what Katrina had to say to Abraham about caring for him.  Crane says that Katrina's relationship with Abraham is complicated because she was his captive.  Katrina asks if Crane believes that Abraham has tainted her, adding that she cannot fight two wars at once.  Katrina says that despite the fact that Crane professes to trust her, clearly, Ichabod doubts her. Crane points out that Katrina left without leaving a note and Katrina fires back saying that she left to kill Moloch.  Crane points out that Moloch is still alive, so Katrina argues that everything she has ever done was to assure their survival so that one day, they could live together again as husband and wife.  Crane points out that Katrina is a spy and a witch and that she lied to him about Mary's death, adding that he questions the very idea of their marriage.  Katrina says that after their mission is complete that they should just be soldiers and nothing more.  Crane says that they will be comrades in arms until Moloch is defeated.

Moloch continues to burn the forest and tells Parish that they are still waiting for Abraham.  Parish says that Katrina has made Abraham weak. Moloch realises that the sword must be in play and admonishes Parish for not preventing this.  Moloch says that he will send the first of his army and the horseman of war after Abraham.  Moloch's demon army begins to crawl out of the earth.

The team make their way through the woods and they meet the first of Moloch's demon's soldiers.  Irving rushes ahead using his sword and Abby is injured.  Jenny quickly scoops up her sister and Crane rushes forward, yelling that Abbie is to be brought to safety.  Jenny takes off with Abbie and the fight continues on.  Henry comes riding out the woods and  Irving claims Henry as his to deal with.  Irving fights with Henry, cutting off his arm.  Crane stands back and  watches the fight.  Though Irving gets injured, he manages to plunge the sword into Henry's midsection, causing him to melt into the ground.  Irving makes his way towards Crane and collapses in his arm.  Crane assures Irving that Katrina is going to work her magic, as she says a spell over him.  Katrina says that she cannot stop the bleeding, as Crane begs Irving to fight.  Irving dies. Why oh why couldn't it have been Katrina?

Crane and Katrina meet up with Abbie and she tries to rush outside to Irving's side when she realises what happened but is prevented by Crane.

Irving's body is finally inside and Abbie closes his eyes.  Crane declares that Irving died a hero and that they should soldier on in his name.  Crane kneels beside Irving and swears to Abbie that Frank's sacrifice will not be in vain.  Abbie declares that she will be the one to take out Moloch but Crane is adamant that Abbie cannot wield the sword and says that this is not up for debate.When Crane moves to take the sword away from Abbie, she raises it in front of her.  Katrina steps forward but Crane says that he has been on borrowed time for far too long and that he awoke in this time for this purpose.  Abbie argues that all of them chose to be here and that they are all in this together.  Abbie says that they found this sword together and that if she falls, Crane can pick it up.  Katrina volunteers to pick it up next and then Jenny follows suit.

Moloch is in the woods and Parish is now wounded.  Moloch is still blaming Henry for the sword and demands that he delay the witnesses.  Parish questions how he is to do this because his armor has been destroyed, pointing out that he is the second horseman.  Moloch says that there were horseman before Henry and there will be horseman afterwards and that Henry should be grateful for the opportunity to sacrifice himself for his glory.  Moloch tells Henry to go to the church and find the witnesses.  Henry tries to plead but when Moloch turns in his direction, Henry agrees to obey the command.

Henry heads to the church and pauses outside, clearly afraid.  Henry enters holding his wounded arm to be met by Abbie, who is holding the sword.  Henry calls Ichabod pathetic for hiding because Abbie has been left to face Henry alone.  Henry uses roots to entangle Abbie, forcing her to drop the sword.  Jenny makes her appearance and shoots Henry but when Jenny tries to pick up the sword she too finds herself entangled with roots.  Henry picks up the sword but Katrina says a spell and the sword he is holding dims.  Ichabod appears at Henry's side and holds the sword to Henry's throat, telling him not to move.   Katrina tells Henry that their fight isn't with him and asks him to step aside.  Henry says that it won't be that easy and slams the door closed, saying that the only way for them to leave is to kill him.

Crane continues to hold the the sword to Henry's throat, as Henry continues to taunt him, as Katrina watches.  Abbie tells Crane that he knows what he has to do.  Henry brings up the biblical story of Issac and Abraham and Crane points out that Abraham was willing but God gave him a ram at the very last minute.  Abbie again tries to get Crane's attention.  Crane tells Henry that he will give up his life by killing him if he has to but they can kill Moloch instead.  Crane says that he will kill Moloch and that will allow Henry to live a life of his own choosing.  Henry is shocked that Ichabod would allow him to live while he goes off to face Moloch. Katrina adds that this is what sacrifice is.  Ichabod asks to be allowed to fulfill his destiny as a witness and Henry cries that Ichabod never gave up on him and never will. Henry then pushes the sword aside and grabs Ichabod.  Henry wrests the sword away, saying that as an immortal he can wield the sword with immunity.  Henry instructs them to follow him because Moloch is waiting.

In the woods, Moloch demands that Katrina be killed so that the final tree will burn.  Henry points out that Katrina belongs to Abraham and the bargain Moloch made with Abraham.  Moloch calls Abraham nothing and adds that Henry is nothing but what he made him, again demanding that Katrina be killed.  Henry stands walks towards Katrina and raises the sword but Ichabod calls out for Henry to take him instead.  Henry faces Ichabod and questions who could worship a deity who demands the sacrifice of ones own child.  Parish adds that the moral of the story is not Abraham but Issac, who never spoke to his father again.  Parish says that any man willing to sacrifice his child should die, as should any God, before plunging the sword into Moloch. 

This was an action packed episode.  First let me say that they had better find a way to bring Irving back to life.  For much of this season, Irving has been locked up in a mental institution and forgotten about as Abby and Ichabod battled various demons.  Irving dying like a sacrificial lamb only goes to show how far removed Sleepy Hollow is from the inclusive first season.   If anybody had to go, it should have been the irritating Katrina.

What the hell good is Katrina.  Not only can she not see that her son, the horseman bloody freaking war is evil, now she loves the horseman of death.  Someone give this woman a small sip of reality please.  Then when the big battle comes and she finally pulls out the magic we have been told is so bloody powerful, she struggles to hold a demon off for five seconds.  Katrina is then given the chance to redeem herself when Frank is mortally wounded but of course she cannot stop the blood.  Why exactly am I supposed to believe that this character is important or even root for her again?  Katrina is incompetent at best, a constant distraction, a proven liar and manipulator, and exists with the most ridiculous sense of denial regarding Henry and Abraham.

So we finally got to see the big show down with Ichabod confronting Katrina.  Finally a bit of satisfaction, only to have him volunteer to sacrifice his life for her at the end of the episode.  Yes, I know true love and all that but how can he still love this woman? 

As for Henry, nope he has not been redeemed.  Henry simply developed daddy issues with Moloch and so killed him.  He is still the same evil son of a bitch he always has been.  I suppose with Moloch gone, Henry will take on the roll of brining about the apocalypse on his own because he has yet to deal with his mommy and daddy issues as far as Katrina and Ichabod are concerned.

Okay I final niggling detail.  We are told all about how Methuselah slayed 1,00 demons with the sword.  If you die the moment you use the sword to kill, how is this at all possible?  Did the writers think we wouldn't notice this slip up?  It was nothing but a cheap device to get the sword into Irving's hands so that they could kill him off.