Friday, December 5, 2014

The 100, Season Two, Episode Six: Fog of War

Two days have passed since Finn slaughtered the grounders.  At camp Jaha, armed men guard the perimeter, as Clark explains to Bellamy how they can get into Mount Weather to rescue their people.  Bellamy declares that if Abby doesn't sanction the meeting soon, he will go by himself, Clark of course agrees to accompany him.  The conversation switches to Finn, who Clarke has not spoken to since they returned because she doesn't know what to say. Bellamy justifies Finn's actions by saying that they are at war and have all done things.  Jeremy makes himself scarce when Finn shows up asking about the plan.  Clarke is vague and they are then joined by Murphy. who announces that both he and Finn have been pardoned, causing Finn to say that they did what they had to do.  When Clarke doesn't answer, Finn leaves. causing Murphy to snark about their being trouble in paradise.  Clarke makes it clear that though Murphy and Finn have been officially pardoned, she most certainly has not pardoned them.  Ironically, for the first time on this show, Murphy is actually innocent, as he did try to get Finn to leave several times.

Raven shows up and demands that Murphy leave.  Raven explains that they haven't heard from any of the Arc stations because Mt. Weather is jamming them.  Later, at Raven's work station. Raven says that Mt. Weather crashed the Exodus ship and that if she can get to the tower that broadcasts it, she can make it explode.  Abby charges in, telling the two young women that they are not going anywhere. Abby is adamant that The 100 are not soldiers and acting like they are, puts lives at risk.  Where was her concern when she was sending her daughter to the ground to die?  Clarke tells Abby that Raven discovered that Mt. Weather is jamming their communications and that there could be more people on the ground.  Clarke points out that they are already fighting a two front war and demands to go after her friends.  Abby agrees but says that she is joining them. Of course, Major Bryne simply must object, pointing out that Cain could be dead and that the Grounders could be massing to attack.

At Mt. Weather Dr. Tsing reports in a meeting that Maya may be metabolizing radiation on her own now.  It seems that Jasper's blood was 8x more effective than anyone they have ever tested.  Cage is excited that this could mean a permanent cure and Dr.Tsing asks for permission to move forward with the rest of the 47. To his credit, Dante says no though Cage is quick to give his agreement with Tsing, saying that though their plan was to assimilate the 47 into the gene pool, this changes everything.  Dante points out that this isn't proven but Tsing says that with the blood of the 47. they will need fewer treatments, will feel better and live longer.  Dante points out that Jasper volunteered and he refuses to put the 47 in cages like animals.  Cage points out that the benefit is that they might be able to go outside again but Dante says that if he gives the order to harvest the 47, he won't deserve to see the outside again.  Dante leaves the meeting to find volunteers.  Cage says that Dante will come around but if the 47 don't volunteer they will do it anyway.

The group from camp Jaha is making its way through the woods.  Abby brings up Finn and Clarke thanks her for voting to clear Finn.  Abby says that Finn thought he was rescuing his friends. How exactly can Abby pardon Finn when neither she nor people she cared about died in the slaughter?

Cain is struggling to try to remove his chains and Jaha tells him to stop because if the Grounders wanted him dead, they would have killed him already.  Cain is concerned because they have gone two days without food and water.  Jaha points out that there were many times on the Arc they went two days without food or water.  Jaha is convinced that this is not the end because his son told him.  Right on cue, one of the others enters their cell.  They start beating on Jaha and Cain begs them to stop because they came in peace.  Gustus demands to know how Cain can speak of peace after sending an assassin into one of the villages.  Gustus unsheathes a knife saying that one of them will die today at the other's hand, adding that he will listen to terms of surrender from the man who lives.  Gustus tosses the knife on the ground and exists the cell. Oh please let it be Jaha who goes.  As much as I don't like Cain, Jaha gets on my last nerve - POC or not.

In the cell, Jaha tells Cain that the Grounders want them to turn on each other.  Lexa, who has been left behind by Gustus and his men, says that what the Grounders want is justice.  Cain rightfully points out that lives have been lost on both sides.  Jaha makes his way over to Lexa and introduces himself and Cain.  Jaha asks about the assassin in the village and Lexa explains that 18 of their people - mothers and children were murdered.  Cain declares that he had nothing to do with that and Lexa says that it's irrelevant because Gustus believes they did. Jaha questions what happens if he and Cain refuse to fight and Lexa explains that Gustus will use the knife to kill them both.

Dante meets up with Jasper as he is leaving the infirmary.  Dante says that Mt. Weather wasn't meant to last this long and that over time, traces of radiation have seeped in.  Dante explains that though he has methods for dealing with this, nothing they can do compares to what Jasper did for Maya.  Dante then asks Jasper to consider asking his friends to help because they could make a great difference.

In the woods, Raven spies smoke coming from Mt. Weather.  Clarke suggests setting up camp where they are and leaving at first light.  Abby realises that they are missing two people and Clarke makes it clear that they went to find a way in.  Abby is adamant that this is not what this mission is all about. Finn goes to follow the soldiers sent after Octavia and Bellamy but he is confronted by both Raven and Clarke.  Finn points out that neither woman can look at him, as they stare at his gun.  Finn drops his weapon and heads off into the woods, with Clarke fast on his tail.  Finn says that killing those people was an accident.  They don't get to talk long, as toxic fog begins to cover the ground.  Finn and Clarke race towards the bunker, as Clarke sends a message to her mother to get everyone into the tent.

Bellamy and Octavia make their way through the woods but they are stopped by Scott. Bellamy is quick to declare that he and Octavia are not under his jurisdiction and that they need to find the missing 47.  Octavia notices the insects rushing on the ground, moving quickly away from the same fog that Finn and Clarke ran from.  Octavia finds a hidden entrance in the side of the mountain and the others quickly follow suit.

In the bunker now, Finn rushes to cover up the body of the dead Grounder they left there on their hunt to find Clarke.

In the tent, Abby desperately tries to get a hold of Clarke but only gets static.  Raven assures Abby that Clarke and Finn know the woods and will find shelter.  Raven picks up sounds on the radio and realises that they will be able to listen into Mount Weather once she cracks the encryption.

Inside the garage in the mountain, Bellamy and Octavia agree to split apart from Scott and the other surviving Arc soldier. In the hatch, Finn assures Clarke that everyone will be fine and complains that she is looking at him like the enemy.  Finn then hands Clarke her father's watch, saying he knows how much it means to her.  Clarke looks at the watch with tears in his eyes and Finn explains that it was around the neck of the dead grounder.

On Mount. Weather, Jasper tries to convince the rest of the 47 to help out.  He cites that they have been given food, clothing, shelter and protection from the Grounders.  The 47 point out that Jasper was sick for three days afterwards and quickly declare that they are out.  When the group leaves, Monty demands to know when Jasper started working for the Mount. Weather people.  Monty declares that now that Jasper is feeling better that he is going after Clarke.  Maya enters holding a piece of paper, telling the boys to act normal because they are being listened to.  They all make small talk as Maya holds up a note saying that the breach was not an accident and that they are to follow her.  Maya leads them to a place where they can talk freely and Monty suggests that Maya was exposed to radiation on purpose, in order to compel Jasper to donate his blood.  Jasper questions what Maya knew and why they would do that to her.  Maya says that the standard treatment sucks in comparison to Jasper.  Maya then shows Monty and Jasper a horrible holding area were Grounders are being held.  A crying Maya says that she is afraid that Jasper and Monty are next. Maya admits that without the treatments they would die and asks what they are supposed to do. Monty suggests that they should just leave but Maya says that since Clarke left, the security has been increased.  Jasper suggests that for now, they volunteer.

Raven continues to work on the radio as Abby watches.  Finally she narrows the signal and the voices become clearer.   It turns out that the fog is a Mount. Weather weapon. Abby gives the order for Porter to build the bomb and then take out the tower the moment the fog lifts.  Raven points out that if the antenna is blown up, they will no longer be able to listen to the enemy. Abby however counters by pointing out that without blowing it, they won't make contact with any other Arc survivors and they are desperate for reinforcements.  Raven calls it a tough decision to make, adding that she knows what Clarke would do.

The Arc soldiers continue to make their way through the garage.  Suddenly, they are attacked and hearing the noise, Bellamy and Octavia follow the sound.  Bellamy picks up Scott's weapon on the ground, only to find Reapers feasting on the now dead soldiers.  Bellamy moves to shoot, when Octavia stops him because she recognizes one of the reapers as Lincoln.  Lincoln charges them, though Octavia tries to convince him of who she is, causing Bellamy to knock Lincoln unconscious with the butt of the rifle.  Bellamy then grabs Octavia saying that they need to go.

In the holding area, Jaha wonders if there is another way to resolve their predicament but Lexa makes it clear that there isn't.  Jaha whispers to Cain that maybe they can offer a trade, using their technology and medicine as leverage for peace.  Cain says that the Grounders have already told them how to accomplish peace - peace through sacrifice.  Cain then picks up the knife saying that if they don't make a choice, they will both die and the killing won't end.  Cain walks slowly towards Jaha and hands him the knife, saying that Jaha has to kill him.  Jaha refuses to take the knife, even as Cain argues that the Grounders respect strength.  Jaha tells Cain that he does not need redemption and that the choices they made on the Arc were about the survival of the human race.  Cain points out that the human race was already surviving and tells Jaha that this is the only way.  Cain calls Jaha a good man and adds that he won't let Jaha die for him.  Cain slices his wrist and Jaha enlists the aid of Lexa to bind Cain's wound.  Jaha tells Cain again that he didn't come all of this way to die.  Jaha then holds the knife to Lexa's throat, saying that he chooses to live.

Octavia is in shock that Lincoln is now a reaper.  In hiding, they watch as Lincoln looks for them with dead eyes and drool coming out of his mouth.  Jasper promises Octavia that they will get Lincoln back.

Gustus enters the cell with his men to find Jaha holding a knife to Lexa, demanding that their chains be removed. In the language of the others, Lexa tells Gustus that Cain made his choice and that Jaha is hers.   Cain starts to plead, saying that Lexa is an innocent girl. Lexa flips the situation around and manages to disarm Jaha.  Lexa tells Gustus that she has heard what she needed to and walks up to him. Gustus puts on Lexa's armor and Cain realises that Lexa is the commander. Lexa says that it is clear that Cain's intentions are honourable and gives the order to free him.  Lexa announces that she will talk with Cain later but in the meantime, Jaha will be used to send a message.  Cain begs for the Grounders to stop, as they beat Jaha and drag him out of the cage.  Lexa says that blood must have blood.

Octavia acts as bait to draw in Lincoln.  Octavia calls out to him and Lincoln storms towards her.  Bellamy tases Lincoln from behind and announces that now they can take Lincoln home. 

Finn tells Clarke that the fog is now clear but she does not answer and simply stares at the dead body.  Clarke says that the people were unarmed and that she doesn't know who Finn is anymore.  Finn admits that he doesn't know either.  Clarke questions what they have become.

Monty is now hooked up do a blood transfusion and he jokes about not caring about a six inch spike in his neck.  Dante tells Jasper that he is impressed and deeply grateful.  Jasper says that it was the least they could do because the Mount. Weather people saved them.  Dante walks into Dr. Tsing's office and tells her that she has to have more faith in their shared humanity.  Tsing snarks about the 47 all being compliant.  Cage congratulates his father on his success, pointing out that they are now getting the most effective treatment they have ever had.  Dante grabs Cage by the neck and accuses him of being behind the breach that almost killed Maya.  Cage denies involvement but Dante warns that if he finds out that Cage was involved, he will kill him.

Later, Jasper is back in the dormitory and he turns up the music really loud.  Jasper reports that they have bought themselves sometime but are going to need more recruits they can trust.  It seems the big plan is to wait for Clarke to come break them out.

Clarke and Finn return to the base camp and Abby greats them with a hug.  Clarke asks about Bellamy and Octavia and is told that they know to rendez vous here.  Clarke then asks about the tower and is informed that Raven has figured out how to listen in on the Mount. Weather people.  Clarke asks about the other arc stations and Abby says that they don't know if they made it but they know for sure that 47 people are being held prisoner in Mount. Weather.  Abby and Clarke hug briefly.  Raven approaches Finn, who again apologises and Raven tells him to suck it up because they all have battle scars.

Jaha comes out of the woods yelling help me and makes his way over to a shocked Abby and collapses.  Jaha delivers Lexa's message, "leave or die." It seems that Lexa has given the Arc people 2 day to leave.

Well that's it for another not so exciting episode of The 100.  Why is Jaha still alive? Yes I know it's bad of me to want a character of colour to die given how disposable we are in this genre but I am sick to death of this man and fail to see his relevance to the story.  Also, putting Cain on the redemption train is deplorable. This man has done some horrible things and no amount of turn the other cheek kumbaya nonsense is going to change that.  It was just a few episodes ago that he had Abby publicly flogged.  Nope, I am not buying this sudden transition.

So now we know how the reapers came into existence.  This makes sense as given its clear that there is food to eat, it didn't make sense to me before why or how it is the reapers developed a taste for human flesh.  It's clear when daddy finds out exactly what Cage has been up to, he is going to have some explaining to do.

The 47's big plan for now is to sit tight and let Clarke rescue them. Really? We get that Clarke is strong and capable but can we have some proactive actions on the part of other characters please?

On to Finn.  I believe that Clarke is right to judge him. No matter his motives, he still slaughter 18 women and children.  The fact that he is now mopey and whiny about the whole thing just gets on my last nerves.  Having both Raven and Bellamy justify it as an act of war and Abby forgive it, is just deplorable.  The only one even remotely holding him accountable is Clarke which I suppose continues her role as the moral authority of the show.  I am not sure where this storyline is going but none of it feels right to me whatsoever.

On a final note, this week we met Lexa, a leader of the Grounders.  So far we have meet three female leaders of the Grounders and they are all strong, tough women.  The people under them follow orders without question.  I wish that The 100 would expand further upon this.