Sunday, March 22, 2015

Helix, Season 2, Episode 10: Mother

Time for many many bodies being burned and with appropriate music. Oh Helix I’m disappointed, I expect better/worse from you. While they burn the bodies, Julia tries to convince Amy to hand over “mother” the apple tree that causes infertility. Amy’s price is to be made immortal – Julia agrees

Except, as she reveals to Sergio, it’s impossible. They’ve never been able to replicate the immortality transfer that worked on her and Sarah (for reasons). Instead they search, Peter in particular becoming pretty frantic looking for mother because his big shiny reward from Julia depends on it. Julia even drops in to drop a load of contempt on him as well. As he sulks off, Anne drops in for another revelation – Amy doesn’t have Mother. Only 3 people knew where Mother was: Michael, Anne and her son, Landry and it was he who probably hid it

Who is currently not looking good at all after what Sarah injected into him. Amy can’t get him to talk or even wake up so has an epic temper tantrum with Sarah demanding miracles or else, despite the obvious impossibility of it. Landry does spring to life again, though – when Sarah is alone and kidnappable.

Everyone has to kidnap Sarah at least once, it’s a rule. She’s saved by Anne and Julia’s appearance – Anne chases Landry who manages to lose him. Landry heads to where he hid the root while Amy decides to run around breaking stuff for funsies. She picks up a stalker in Sergio and she tries to flirt with him and he responds with strangling. Amy flirts more and slashes him, get a blade to the throat and then laps up Sergio’s blood. She’s definitely trying to hit all the bases of instability

They finally find Landry at the top of the belltower – the result of which is both Landry and Sergio falling off it.

Alas, we also have to deal with Peter angst because he’s all sadpanda because Julia said mean things to him. Anne, who really needs to get over this fawning after controlling men, tries to assure him what a wonderful person he is. She’s such a liar.

Anne decides things haven’t been nearly creepy enough so takes Peter to a dark room with big stocks of teeth that he connects to the gazillion toothless skulls out in the woods. Anne says something cryptic about the vessel being prepared and turns out the light

Being plunged into darkness in a room with someone talking about a “vessel” is never a good thing. Honestly the teeth and obvious murders are just kind of bonus extras after that. In fact, being in a crowded place in full sunshine with a person talking about a vessel is never a good thing. The minute a vessel is mentioned bad things are sure to follow.

Spooky questions in the dark lead to Peter saying what he wants most (respect) and when he actually felt that – when he was a goo zombie and all the zombies worshipped him as head goo zombie. This pleases Anne because she’s a scary scary lady

She leads him to the basement to where another of Michael’s atrocities lurks, one Anne runs; a huge room full of captured, mutilated and tortured women who are raped by Michael and give birth to children so he can find his immortal companion. She adds to her lecture that this is all about power, respect and control just in case the atrocity wasn’t bad enough. She gives Peter the choice to help the women or do what Michael would have done – murder the woman who just have birth.

Peter kills her.

Julia herself has caught up with Sarah who has finally called bullshit on the whole forced mass sterilisation thing – that’s not ok, it’s not ok to make that decision and, no, being an immortal doesn’t give them the right to decide this. Of course it’s far more important to talk about Sarah’s baby and *gasp* ALAN BEING THE FATHER!

They agree to co-operate to make Sarah immortal so they can get their respective wishes. Time for science and classical music! Julia also gives Sarah a job offer with Ilaria which Sarah refuses. Either way Julia has an answer to give Amy immortality and get her Mother root – implant the foetus into Amy

Sarah is not a fan of this plan

Out in the woods, Winger, Alan and Kyle and the soldiers still can’t find the red sap tree though they do have Soren (and his immunity which could be useful) but Kyle isn’t doing great after he decided to infect himself last week. Apparently no-one thought to ask Soren where the “bleeding tree” is. They go searching while Kyle hallucinates bad things about Soren and being randomly violent

Things get more dramatic when they get in touch with their ship and learn it’s full of Mycotic diseased zombies. Alan gets a moment to be dramatic and in charge because he loves it. Alas while they’e being dramatic they decide to leave a kid to guard Kyle which ends up with Kyle running off, kidnapping Soren and nearly killing him before Alan talks him back to reason.

Landrey is Anne’s son. Probably by Michael since he seems to be the all father here. Amy is Anne’s daughter, again by Michael. Helix just had to ratchet up the incest a little more. This adds on to the whole lot of the horror that this show seems to be invoking – and how female targeted it is. Rape, incest, mystical endless pregnancies, womb theft, rape dungeons – these are all very much aimed at women as a special horror directed at women and I don’t really see how much of it is integral to the plot or couldn’t have been transferred to a different action. Like Amy’s coercion of Landry didn’t have to be sexual, the atrocity Anne managed for Michael didn’t have to be his horrific rape dungeon, Sarah’s magical foetus didn’t even have to exist at all.

Especially since the other women in the show are all dubious to some degree. Agnes was capable, driven and abused and murdered. Anne and Amy have both shown their own competences, especially Amy, but now both of them have been reduced to ranting semi-coherently; Anne has found another strong man to latch on to to worship and Amy is reduced to cackling and ranting and breaking things (see also Olivia who… cackles and rants and breaks things). Winger apparently has rank but Alan has now assumed his eternal place as the Authoritay

The saving grace is Julia, but even she spent most of this season being captured by someone. It was almost a running joke that she spent 3 episodes chained to furniture.

Sergio is dead – and they’d have to pull out some kind of miracle to make this not the case given he’s not immortal. He barely appeared at all this season and they kill him off so casually after his role achieves nothing? Note, this follows hallucination!corpse!Miksa and Hiroshi which means, barring a very briefly appearing silver-eyed Ilaria woman who cooks an awesome chicken dinner, the POC have all died in droves leaving a glaringly white cast (since nearly all new characters – and all new characters of note – this season are white).

Narratively I feel there’s such a lot going on and I’m having trouble connecting with any one character – which is a problem because Julia and Sarah’s story are both very personal stories.