Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Originals, Season Two, Episode Sixteen: Save My Soul

In the Kingdom of Norway 977 A.D. Little Freya watches as Dahlia creates a potion.  Dahlia informs Freya that her mother didn't want her and she is Freya's only family.  In the present Freya receives an invitation to join her brothers for brunch.

Rebekah wakes from a dream filled with flashbacks to the things Eva Sinclair has done.  A crowd has gathered outside and Marcel instructs her to stay away from the window so he can handle the situation.  Marcel heads outside and threatens the witches, saying that they need to back up. Josephine informs Marcel that he is harbouring a renegade witch.  Rebekah, who never follows orders, comes outside and declares her identity.  Josephine then reveals that two of their children were attacked last night and that all signs lead to Eva.  Josephine gives the order for Eva/Rebekah to be taken into custody but Elijah arrives, reminding Josephine of their agreement, promising to find out who is really responsible. Josephine is not easily scared and warns Elijah that he has until tomorrow.

Later, Elijah arrives at Klaus's for the brunch and is informed that Hayley and the wolves have been sent away for the day. Elijah warns Klaus that they may need Freya's help and therefore he should be careful how he deals with her.  Freya enters and is greeted with smiles.

Marcel goes to see Vincent who reports that he cannot do magic.  Vincent throws down the gauntlet by reminding Marcel that because he is from the Treme, the witches are much tougher than those Marcel is used to dealing with.  Vincent learns that he missed 9 months of his life when Marcel hands him a newspaper and explains what Finn did. Marcel asks about Eva and Vincent declares that he si done talking.

Rebekah has gone to see Davina to find out if Davina can help her figure out what is going on.  Davina however is frustrated, having spent hours looking for a way to resurrect Kol without Rebekah's help.  Rebekah however points out that until this is settled, there's nothing she can do.  Rebekah has guessed that Eva has awoken, is angry, and is taking possession of her body.  Davina consents to help Rebekah.

At Klaus's, Elijah is not in the mood for chit chat and demands to learn more about Dahlia.  Freya says that Dahlia is the most powerful witch she has ever seen but is limited to one year of life in a century.  It seems that Dahlia's goal is immortality without restrictions and this is why Hope is so appealing to Dahlia.  Freya feels that she will never be free and her only chance to escape is to align with her brothers and kill Dahlia. 

Flashback to Freya as a child, performing a spell with Dahlia.  We  are told that Dahlia killed off an entire encampment when she was accused of witchcraft.  Since then, Dahlia has only grown stronger.

Elijah gets a call and excuses himself. It's Rebekah who says that she is on her way.  Before Rebekah can take two steps, she has an attack and collapses to the ground.

In the bayou, Aidan and Jackson spar.Things get out of hand really quickly and Aidan points out that Jackson is now leading a pack of super wolves and the only way for Jackson to remain alpha is by always staying the strongest.  Hayley calls out to the men to stop it when she sees that things are getting tense.  Jackson tells Aidan' that if he has a problem with the way he leads, Aidan should speak up now.  Aidan points out that Klaus is treating the wolves like they are all on his leash and that things are changing.  The wolves know they are strong now and if they see Jackson is weak, he will be challenged for alpha.  Aidan however makes it clear that he is looking out for Jackson.

Elijah and Klaus are not overly impressed with what Freya has had to say about Dahlia so far.  Because the Mikaelson siblings were turned into vampires, effectively ending Esther's bloodline before Hope was born, the responsibility to reproduce fell to Freya.  Freya for her part refused to get pregnant because she didn't want her child to be a slave, vowing never to love or have a child of her own.

Flashback time:  Dahlia does a spell which will grant Freya one year of life every hundred years.  Freya begs, seeing the spell as a curse but is not given a choice.  Each time they wake, they awaken more powerful.

Klaus calls it all an ordeal but questions why Freya didn't end her life herself.  This is whey Freya reveals that she is impervious to harm.

Marcel is now chatting with Cami, who is still freaked out by her treatment from Finn.  Vincent is brought into the room and introduced to Cami.  Marcel warns Vincent that he is to be nice to Cami, before leaving the room with his vampires.  Vincent is adamant that he does not break.  Cami offers to tell Vincent about Finn in exchange for information.

Rebekah awakes when her phone starts to ring.  Once again, she doubles over in pain.  Rebekah answers her phone and it's Elijah.  Rebekah tells Elijah that she has not idea where she is, though she was expected at Klaus's hours ago.

Hayley is now sparring with Jackson.  Jackson however is still consumed with what Aidan said.  Hayley assures Jackson that the pack loves him and that he just has to remind them of that.  Aidan then brings up Klaus and Klaus's belief that the wolves are his personal army.  Hayley is confidant that she can handle Klaus and reminds Jackson that the two of them united the pack. 

Rebekah has now arrived at Klaus's and she informs her brothers that the missing time is because of Eva, who is trying to bust her way out. Elijah suggests turning to Freya but Klaus does not yet trust Freya and is unwilling to risk Rebekah.  Elijah however feels that they no longer have any choice because Rebekah is struggling.

Vincent questions what Finn did while he possessed his body.  Cami gives a summation of Finn's actions and calls it a violation of a personal nature. Vincent wonders if he is supposed to feel bad or guilty for the man he killed.  Cami in full shrink mode promises Vincent that he is going to be okay. Cami underscores that Vincent didn't hurt her and the only thing he can do now is move on.

Freya greets Rebekah and promises to help.  Freya suggests putting Rebekah into a deep sleep to submerge the host personality. After copious snarking from Klaus, Rebekah points out that Freya is trying to help. Klaus however wants Freya to write down her spells and incantations so they can them double checked before they are used on Rebekah. Freya however does not think that anyone else will understand her magic and admits that she always knew Klaus would have difficulty trusting her.  Freya goes on to add that she has dreamed of her siblings for a thousand years. Freya's charms work easily on Rebekah and Elijah but Klaus still keeps his distance.  While Freya is distracted, Klaus sneaks up behind Freya,  and snaps her neck, announcing that it is time for a real family meeting.

Rebekah and Elijah are not impressed by Klaus's tactics; however, Klaus feels that it is an appropriate way to test whether or not Freya was telling the truth about being immortal. Klaus is convinced that Freya played his siblings like a fool and that Freya did exactly what he would do.  Klaus wants to know what is in it for Freya.  Rebekah leaves to see Marcel and Elijah starts to follow but stops when Klaus calls out that they cannot have an alliance with someone they don't trust.  In parting shot Marcel tells Klaus that he hopes the lack of choice comes from reason and not fear.

Cami is still in counselor mode with Vincent and learns that Vincent gave up on being a witch and had walked away from the coven. Vincent then says that he has something to tell Marcel about Eva St. Clair.

Freya regains consciousness to find herself alone with Klaus.  Klaus explains that he was just testing to see if Freya was telling the truth and that he couldn't let her stay in his home because that honour is for those he considers family. Freya points out that Elijah and Rebekah feel that she is family.  Klaus however believes that Elijah and Rebekah are naive and that Freya is treacherous. 

Freya tells Klaus about her lover Mathius back in the 1400's.  Yes, flashback.  Freya and Mathias are in the woods when Dahlia appears killing Mathius.  Freya then consumes a bottle of Dahlia's poison to avoid her child being born into slavery.  Freya smiles as she lays dying.  When Freya awakes, Dahlia is at her side. It seems that the spell protected Freya but not her unborn son.  Freya falls to her knees in grief, crying for her unborn child.  Dahlia promises to forgive Freya for this, adding that there is no escape from her. 

In the present, Freya vows to destroy Dahlia for turning her into a monster.  Klaus however thinks that Freya told that story in order to manipulate him.  Freya warns that whatever Klaus chooses, Dahlia is coming and that without her, Dahlia will take Hope and turn her into a slave.  Klaus says that whatever alliance they have will be on his terms and warns Freya that if she tries to manipulate him again, he will end her. Freya warns that she already has Rebekah and Elijah's trust and suggests Klaus re-think his alliances as he goes forward.

Rebekah introduces herself to Vincent and he is stunned to see her.  Vincent reveals that Eva used to be his wife. 

Klaus is pouring himself a drink when Hayley appears announcing they need to talk.  Hayley tells Klaus to give Jackson the space he needs to run the pack as he sees fit.  Klaus laughs at the very idea that Jackson will control the wolves.  Hayley demands that Klaus show Jackson respect because Jackson is fighting for Hope.  Klaus however makes it clear that the only person he trusts when it comes to Hope's safety is himself before storming off in a rage.

Released from captivity, Vincent heads to the bar to have a drink with Cami.  Vincent warns Cami to stay away from the vampires and witches but Cami says that she had learned, people do better when they are not alone. 

Marcel has escorted Rebekah home and assures her that she is going to be okay.  Rebekah reflects on the irony of being stuck in a body which might swallow her whole. Rebekah adds that this is first time in a long time that she is genuinely afraid. Marcel comforts Rebekah, telling her that she is the strongest person he has ever met.  Rebekah has another attack and gets visions of the things Eva did.  Rebekah asks Marcel to stay and keep an eye on her.

We get a flash to witches laid out and amongst them is Davina.

Klaus arrives at Elijah's new place and says that he talked to Freya again and sees only anger and fear in her.  Klaus feels that he can use Freya to his own ends but declares that she is too damaged to have a say in his plans.  Elijah wants to move ahead with Freya and promises to exercise his customary caution. Klaus however is still worried about Freya's betrayal and warns that if Freya does do something, Elijah will suffer a guilt he cannot endure.  Elijah asserts that nothing will happen to Hope, adding that Dahlia is coming.

What neither of them know is that Dahlia has already arrived.

Did anyone else feel like nothing else really happened in this episode.  It was obvious from the beginning that Klaus being Klaus would never ever trust Freya.  She is going to have to prove her loyalty to him and if she is lucky he will start looking at her like a sister.  As we have seen from Klaus's treatment of Rebekah, that may not be a good thing after all.

Now that Vincent is back to himself does anyone else predict a love triangle? Eva is after all his former wife and it's clear he and Cami can bond over Finn.  The problem is that even as I am predicting this, I don't really give a shit about any of it.

Davina has been dropped in the plot box once again. As far as I am concerned, her character can stay there. She's annoying at best and other then being a conduit to Josh, serves absolutely no purpose.

So there is tension amongst the wolves - again - don't care.

Bring on Dahlia. It feels like the plot is dragging on and on already.  Prematurely age Hope so she can do some awesome shit. Just do something damn it.