Sunday, May 17, 2015

Grimm, Season 4, Episode 22: Cry Havoc

“O, from this time forth,
My thoughts will be bloody
Or be nothing worth”

Nick is massively dramatic about finding his mother’s head in a box (I kind of have to laugh at Truble and Hank quietly having a conversation while Nick is on the floor screaming. Way to ruin the moment Grimm) they then realise this could be a trap

Just as evil Kenneth tells his men to kill them all (Juliette actually dares to have a guilt face). They then return to base (Juliette really impressed by the huge ominous gated house and Kenneth “it’s a rental”).

Nick & co escape out the back and don’t just massacre the Hundjager and instead go to investigate the dead Hundjager Trubel already killed. Along with Wu they collect the body to take to Adalind (Wu reintroduced to Trubel with a head in her hands). And Nick is very much done with playing cop on this one. They go o Adalind and tell her about Kelley and Diana – and she tells them about Kenneth (rather belatedly)

Kenneth introduces Diana and Juliette to the King Frederick (carefully cutting off the title) who is all fussy over his granddaughter. Everyone’s much less happy with the news that Nick is still alive.

Frederick tries to recruit Juliette as a powerful Hexenbiest and holds up that they’d always valued Hexenbiests in the family. Juliette isn’t so naïve – pointing out that the king is Renard’s father- and tried to have Renard and his Hexenbiest mother killed. Frederick blames his deceased queen even as Juliette gets all menacing; Frederick calls her rotting face beautiful.

As part of the plot, Adalind plants a head in the hotel room where Kenneth was staying – then pretends to find it and screams.

Of course the police are called and Wu, Hank and Nick show up to “investigate.” Which gets them all the information the hotel has on Kenneth et al – and arrest warrants for them. Adalind also offers her condolences for Nick’s mother (though since Nick’s mother killed her mother it’s all a little awkward). With the info they can draw up the information on Kenneth Bowes-Lyon (whoa, Bowes-Lyon? Really Grimm?)

At the spice shop Renard is still angsting over being possessed by a serial killer. There’s also the problem that the police aren’t going to stop looking for a killer. He goes to the police station to see that the investigation is still continuing.

Bud and Trubel head to join them – and Trubel is getting ominous phone calls she’s hiding. Rosalie and Monroe take a break reflecting on the many times they have had to provide woo-woo back up and decide to drink “to something” (I approve). They’re taking a well deserved 5 minutes before Trubel and Bud knock on the door to bring them up to speed and bring them to Bud’s house (since Bud is under everyone’s radar)

At the police station, Nick realises there’s only one way Kelley could have been lured and ambushed – Juliette.

Kenneth gets arrested but not by conventional channels as Wu takes on a happy little trip out of town. The king is quite happy to let Nick have Kenneth for the sake of “closure” which is ominous

Personally I think royal families should be packing some serious diplomatic passports.

Wu takes Kenneth to a deserted site in the middle of nowhere and dumps him on the floor. He then lets Kenneth go and drives off, not shooting him in the head as Kenneth expected. Leaving someone in the middle of nowhere isn’t usually a way to kill them unless it’s Canada in the winter or Australia (at any time, anywhere.)

Of course Nick is going to confront Kenneth who reminds us all he’s the villain with some clichéd taunts. They fight while outside Hank and Wu wait – Wu has doubts but Hank is willing to do it Nick’s way, and finish Kenneth off if Nick loses.

Nick does win – forcing a hidden knife into Kenneth’s throat.

Next step, Hank stops Nick just racing off so while Wu goes to find the royals, Hank and Nick go to get Trubel. With everyone now filled in on past history they head to where Wu has found the address (outside of jurisdiction, of course not that Nick cares).

Wu stays at the precinct, Rosalie, Adalind and Bud at Bud’s house (Bud has lots of domestic musings about Adalind and Nick and the baby – Rosalie copies my facial expression exactly)  – leaving Nick, Trubel, Hank and Monroe to stock up and attack. Trubel asks Nick what they should do if they find Juliette – and Nick says “kill her”

On the way they’re joined by Wu – armed and out of uniform. He doesn’t want to be left out of this after what happened to Kelley.

They take down a few guards while, inside, Diana shows off her fancy powers to her doting granddad before they prepare to leave by helicopter. Nick & co charge in and more hundjager die (I especially like Wu’s contempt for the fancy but silly knife with multiple blades). Chief hundjager is lured in by Monroe and Trubel and Hank throws him to his death

But the King, Juliette and Diana escape on the helicopter.

Lots of angst – Hank reports to Renard and they conclude there’s no ballistics (only shot was a shotgun) so at least they don’t have to cover it up. At least Kenneth is dead. Who is usefully Renard’s height, with a British accent – why a perfect scapegoat for the Ripper killings.

On the helicopter, Diana gets creepy and shows the king his reflection – as a skull, just before one of the pilots throws him out of the helicopter. That wasn’t very nice. It’s Miesner (sort of resistance, sort of Renard’s friend, sort of has a crush on Adalind) who Diana recognises. Juliette was not on the helicopter.

Nick goes home to the box on his floor – and Juliette. She greets him by saying she didn’t know Kenneth was going to leave Kelley’s head in a box. Seriously, Juliette, what did you expect? Him to ask Kelley nicely to hand over the super baby? Really? Nick grabs her by the throat and strangles her – she manages to gasp “do it, kill me”. Despite her request, he stops strangling her

Juliette then decides to mock him saying “I hope you’re not going to tell me you’re still in love with me”. She refuses to leave and then turns Hexenbiest and attacks. After smacking him around a little she goes in for the kill – while he announces he’s done fighting

And Trubel shoots her twice with a crossbow. Trubel’s not done fighting. Juliette falls and Nick is super sad as he catches her.

And a large squad of men arrive lead by a woman who says “get her”. We assume Trubel.


I’m actually kind of surprised by how Nick killed Kenneth – he’d set up such a fair fight and then used a hidden weapon to finish him off – in some ways I thought it was good because it showed how much Nick has snapped. He’s taking this as a Grimm – not a police man, not even playing by nebulous “honourable” rules – he’s a Grimm which, in the ways of his ancestors, means killing the enemy by whatever means necessary.

I think I am glad that it was Trubel who killed Juliette, she was always more ruthless and more focused and had less rules.

Ok, so Juliette is dead. Now I am the last person to be sad about this. I’ve made it clear a couple of times now that I am past done with her and have been merrily hoping for one of the other cast to kill her off at any time. I also think, after her actions, her redemption would have had to be epic and I don’t trust Grimm to actually handle it especially well.

But it kind of underscores all that is wrong with this character since season 1. First she was a frequently victimised and kept in the dark – generally being a damsel and rarely used character, there only for Nick to worry about and protect. Then she found the big secret and kind of sort of got involved sometimes…. But not often. And then we hit the whole Adalind drama which involved her being sad and mopey and ineffective and uninvolved except to occasionally glare at Nick for being victimised. Because the writers need a swift slap upside the head.

When she finally gains power, when she finally gets involved in the plot, when she’s finally capable of doing something? She becomes a villain – and it’s a transformation that boggles the mind. Even accepting that becoming a Hexenbiest may change her – look at Renard, his mother, Adalind – it’s not like they’re incapable of showing familial or romantic love! Her whole arc has been a trainwreck – helplessness to begin with becoming evil when she actually gets power

I won’t miss her, but her arc has been a hot mess

And I hereby deem this the entire season of the hot mess. We’ve covered this in individual episodes and will be writing more on it – but between the so-sexy-they’re-raped-frogs, the trans-analogue-forced-gender-presentation, the whole wesenrein Nazi-Klan wannabes, Nick being raped and now being all nice to his rapist and Kelley being killed OFF SCREEN and frankly it feels like the writers are TRYING to be awful.

Bright spot is Wu learning the big secret, but he and Hank are still very much periphery characters and other POC tend to appear when there’s woo-woo to mine (Latinos and Native Americans respectively). There are still no LGBT characters – and we’ve just finished the fourth season of 80 gazillion characters

This is the season of the hot mess. Do better writers. Do a whole lot better.