Sunday, November 1, 2015

Grimm, Season Five, Episode One: The Grimm Identity

"It is not light that we need,
but fire."

Juliette lies dead in Nick's arms. He barely has time to comprehend what has happened when armed men burst in and take Truble away.

The screen now flashes to Juliette lying in her coffin and her friends and Nick looking down at her dead body. This scene is filmed in black white. Nick returns home to his empty house and sits at the table absolutely lost.  Suddenly a box appears in colour in front of him and in the box is the face of his mother.  Then  coffins start to appear and more boxes.  The face in the box opens its eyes.

Nick awakes and finds himself on the floor.  He remembers Truble being dragged out of the house and searches for her but gets no answer.  His phone starts to ring and it's Hank, who is checking in on him.  Nick says that he was drugged, that Juliet is dead and that Truble was taken.  Nick looks at the place on the floor where Juliet's body should be and finds it missing.  Nick flashes back to his fight with Juliet and her death.

Monroe has made some waffles when Rosalee enters the kitchen. It seems she was up thinking about all of the help that Nick is going to need because eventually, Adalind is going to give birth.  They are interrupted by a call from Nick, who immediately asks if they have seen Truble. When Monroe says that they last saw Truble at Bud's, Nick explains that Truble has been taken and so has his mother's head and that Juliet is dead.  Nick hangs up promising to call them back.

Nick rushes upstairs and is still clearly disoriented from the drugs.  Nick has a vision of Truble telling him that it was Chavez who kidnapped her and that Chavez is a Wesen.  Nick rushes down the stairs when he hears Hank downstairs.  Nick explains that Truble killed Juliet to stop Juliet from killing him. Nick grabs his gun, quickly loads it and heads towards the door. Hank tells Nick to calm down and Nick explains that the men who entered the house were professional because when he tried to protect Truble, they drugged him. Hank questions why this happened and a frantic Nick explains that they took everything, so now there's on evidence that anyone was ever here. Nick doesn't believe it was the royals because he would be dead now and is instead convinced that it was Chavez. Nick reveals that Truble told him that Chavez is part of a secret government group that wants to use her to go after wesen. Hank wonders why they didn't take Nick as well since he was a Grimm and Nick explains that when Chavez was investigating, he had lost his Grimm powers.  Hank again asks Nick to slow down and Nick asks Hank to find out everything he can about Chavez.  Nick heads towards the door determined to go after Chavez. Hank tries to stop Nick, pointing out that he is going after an FBI agent but Nick is adamant that since Chavez is Wesen, he is taking her down.

At the station, Renard is informed that the cops believe that they have caught their Jack the Ripper. Apparently, the cops found the murder weapon on him. Renard tells the cops to do what they need to do to wrap it up.

Nick is driving and he remembers Chavez asking him about Truble and commenting how handy Truble is with a machete.  Nick is so lost in his thoughts that he barely avoids getting into an accident.

At the station, Wu approaches Hank to talk to him about a 911 call they just received but is cut off by Hank, who instead brings Wu into Renard's office.  Renard is on the phone talking to the mayor about the capture of the Jack the Ripper killer. As soon as Renard is off the phone, Hank tells Renard that Nick has "gone off the deep end" and is going after Chavez.  Wu and Renard are in shock, as Hank explains what happened with Juliet and Truble.  Hank says that Nick is going to take Chavez down because he believes she is behind it all.

At the FBI office, Chavez is informed that Nick is there to see her.

In Renard's office, Wu says that two bodies were found across the street from Nick's house and it looks like a home invasion. Hank wonders if it is all connected and says that Nick wants a background run on Chavez. Renard makes it clear that he doesn't want this connected to the precinct and tells both Hank and Wu that if they do it, they are not to do it here. Renard then advises that the men find Nick first.

Chavez let's Nick into her office and Nick immediately asks Chavez were Truble is. Nick yells at Chavez that she took Truble from his house last night.  Nick starts to rant and Chavez says that she doesn't know what he is talking about.  Chavez threatens to have Nick arrested and two officers drag him out of her office.

Back at the station, Wu reports that no body has been brought in matching either Truble or Juliet's description. Wu acknowledges that Juliet turned into a hexenbiest but had hoped that she would come around.  Hank however says that another body was found in the house across the street from Nick's and it was reported as a home invasion.   They are interrupted by a call from Nick, who says that he had a chat with Chavez and she knows.  Nick asks about the background check and where Chavez lives but Hank tells him that he needs to forget about this for now and return to the station.  Hank then informs Nick about his dead neighbours and he finally agrees to come in.

Renard is in his office practicing the speech he is going to give about the Jack the Ripper murders when his secretary informs him that Chavez is on the phone for him.  Chavez tells Renard that Nick made some accusations which lead her to believe that he is under a lot of stress. Renard replies that Nick has had some family problems recently but Chavez informs him that she almost had to place Nick under arrest. Chavez warns that if it happens again, it will be out of her hands and Nick will find himself in jail. Renard promises to ensure that it doesn't happen again.

Back at the station, Hank tells Nick about his dead neighbours.  Nick says that this is how the royal family controlled the area to get to his mother.  Renard tells Nick that he needs to see him in his office. Once in the office, an angry Renard confronts Nick about his visit to the FBI. Renard tells Nick that if he doesn't stop, he will get arrested on federal charges.  Nick explains what Chavez is part of a secret government organisation but Renard stops him cold, promising that they will investigate. When Renard tells Nick that he needs to take some time, Nick questions if Renard believes him. Nick says that he doesn't need time but Renard makes it clear that if Nick doesn't take time, he will be suspended. Renard warns Nick that if he goes near Chavez again, he will be facing a lot more than a suspension. An angry Nick storms out of Renards office and moves to leave the building.  Nick catches up with Hank and tells him what happened in the office. Hank believes it might not be a bad idea for Nick to take some time, causing Nick to say that Hank doesn't believe him either.

Monroe and Rosalie arrive at the spice shop and Rosalie asks how so much happened since last night. Monroe says that Nick was fried when he called and that they should take this with a grain of salt. Monroe and Rosalie try to put together the information from what Nick told Monroe and what they saw themselves.  Monroe gets a call from Hank and he says that he thinks that Juliet is dead but is not really sure.

Nick is running a check on Chavez and gets her address.  Nick heads to his front door but stops when he thinks he hears Juliet calling his name.  Nick rushes upstairs to his bedroom only to find it empty.

At the spice shop, Monroe questions how Nick can be so sure that Chavez is guilty if he didn't see her at his house. Hank explains that nothing else makes sense to Nick right now.  Hank tries to call Nick again but gets no answer.  Wu says that the least they can do is investigate Chavez for Nick.  Rosalie says that it's horrible that they took Juliet's body but Monroe believes that it's better Juliet than Nick. Rosalie points out that none of this was Juliet's fault and that she didn't become a hexenbiest because she wanted to.  Wu points out that Juliet embraced it when she did and Hank adds that Juliet was trying to kill Nick.  Rosalie argues that they all had a hand in what happened and that Juliet was trying to do what she thought was right for Nick.  Monroe tells Rosalie that Juliet knew that there were risks, so Rosalie retorts that this doesn't mean that Juliet gets all of the blame. Hank finally agrees that it was a bad deal all around. A tearful Rosalie says that she was starting to miss the old Juliet and wishes she had a chance to say goodbye.  Monroe turns to the topic back to Truble.  In the meantime, Wu has found Chavez's address.  Hank wants to head over there but Wu volunteers saying that it will be less official. Hank asks about the secret Wesen agency and Rosalie suggests talking to the Wesen council.  The group decide to keep digging because Chavez was the only name that Truble gave.

Chavez heads into a lockdown facility and is informed that there have been no changes. Chavez says that they are playing with fire.

Nick has arrived at Chavez's address and pulls around the corner.  Nick slips out of his car but is met by Monroe, who says that he is there to see if Nick needs help.  Monroe asks what Nick is going to do and adds that though Nick doesn't have to answer him, he helped Nick into this world.  Monroe points out that he has known Nick as a Grimm longer than anyone and that if anyone is going to believe Nick, it's going to be him.  Nick tells Monroe that he appreciates him being here but adds that Monroe cannot be a part of this until he his sure. Nick screams at Monroe to leave.  Nick storms away leaving behind a shocked Monroe.

Bud brings Adalind breakfast and tells her that she cannot dwell on what she hoped was going to happen with Diana. Bud adds that Nick really tried.  Adalind says that she knows and Bud encourages to eat up because she is eating for two. Adalind replies that the baby feels a little uncomfortable.  Adalind stands and says that the baby is coming. Bud jumps up saying that he is going to call Nick but Adalind tells him that he is not calling anyone and is instead going to get her to the hospital.

Wu continues to look up information on Chavez. Rosalie tells Nick that they have to look beyond normal and Hank adds that they need something that ties her to this group.  Monroe arrives and says that though he found Nick, Nick didn't want him involved and sent him away.  Monroe adds that this is getting real serious real fast.

Chavez returns home and finds Nick waiting for her.  A fight breaks out and Nick tells her that he knows that she is Wesen and that he is a Grimm.  Chavez woges and Nick says that this is all he needs, before knocking her out.

Back at the spice shop, they discover that Chavez's parents were in the diplomatic core and her schooling took place wherever they were stationed. Chavez's parents died in an attack in Beirut while Chavez was a senior in high school. Wu points out that this does not explain what is going on now. The phone rings and Rosalie rushes upstairs to answer. It's Nick calling to say that he is at the back door.

Rosalie opens the door and Nick brings Chavez in.  Nick sits Chavez in a chair and tells the group that she is a Steinadler.  Nick asks Chavez who she is working for and Chavez replies that Nick made a big mistake.  Nick tells Chavez that if she is looking for a Grimm, she is looking for him.  Wu says that he saw the same book in Truble's room and he moved it and someone put it on her bed. Hank adds that this is why Chavez came to the precinct to talk to Nick, trying to find out about Weston Stewart. Nick reveals that Stewart was working for the royals.  Both Monroe and Rosalie woge and tell Chavez that she might want to think about coming clean.  Rosalie warns that if Chavez killed Truble, then she really doesn't want to come clean. Chavez however says that her life doesn't matter because there is too much at stake.

The phone rings and it's Bud.  A reluctant Nick takes the call and Bud tells him that Adalind is in labour at St. Joe's.  Nick tells the group that Adalind is in labour and the group encourage him to go. Monroe promises Nick that he doesn't have to worry about Chavez because she isn't going anywhere. Nick leaves and Chavez asks if they all know that Nick is a Grimm.  Wu responds that they know and don't like secrets. Hank adds that he thought Nick had gone over the edge but is not thinking that anymore.

Nick and Rosalie find Bud pacing in the hallway.  An excited Bud says that Adalind's water broke on the sidewalk.  Bud tells the nurse that Nick is the father and he asks if Nick is going into the delivery room.  Rosalie encourages Nick and offers to go in with him.  As they walk to the delivery room, Rosalie continues to encourage Nick, telling him that the child and Adalind will need him as he wonders if he should be doing this.  Rosalie reminds Nick that he is going to be a father and promises that she and Monroe will be there for him.

Nick and Rosalie enter the delivery room and when she feels a contraction, Adalind reaches out for Nick but Nick does not reach back.  The nurse notes that the baby's heart rate is dropping fast.  The fetal heart rate monitor flat lines so the doctor orders Adalind not to push and they prepare for an emergency C section. Adalind is taken out of the room as Nick and Rosalie watch.

Hank and Wu tell Chavez that the whole truth isn't easy to come by in their business when they do what they do.  Monroe asks if they have Truble and replies that she cannot say.  Hank informs Chavez that she just did and that Nick won't let her go unless Chavez tells him where Truble is.  Chavez's phone rings and Chavez explains that if she doesn't answer the phone, someone will start looking for her and it won't be the FBI.  Hank takes out her phone and warns that if he doesn't like anything Chavez has to say, they can look for her but they will never find her. Chavez tells Hank not to answer the phone and that she needs to send her thumb print so that they know it's her.  Hank hands Chavez her phone and she sends her thumb print. Hank asks how they know Chavez didn't send a distress signal and she answers that they don't.  Chavez answers that somebody's gotta start trusting somebody. Chavez answers her phone and says that she is okay but was wrong about Nick because Nick's a Grimm. Chavez says that she wants to bring Nick in tonight.

Nick and Rosalie wait for news about Adalind and the baby.  Nick gets a call from Hank who tells him that Chavez wants to talk to him.  Chavez tells Nick that this is his one chance to get the answers. Chavez adds that Nick must come with her alone and that they are leaving in 20 minutes.  Chavez warns that after that it will be too late.  Rosalie tells Nick to go and promises to stay with Adalind and call him when she knows something.

When Nick arrives at the spice shop, Wu and Hank inform him that Chavez had to use her thumb print on the phone and they are not sure what she said.  Chavez says that they are running out of time. Nick confirms that Chavez took Truble once and let her go and then agrees to go with Chavez.  The two leave and Wu questions if they are going to do nothing. Hank confirms that they will wait a couple of hours.

Nick and Chavez arrive at the location and Nick starts asking questions.  Chavez tells Nick that things are happening and that they have to be prepared for what is coming.  Nick follows Chavez into the warehouse which at first appears abandoned.  They find several dead bodies on the ground and Chavez says they are the bodies of the men that Nick was meeting with.  Chavez says that they have to go, just before they are attacked.  Chavez woges and together she and Nick fight off the assailants. In the fight however, Chavez gets injured. Nick rushes outside to try and catch one of the assailants but he escape.  On the wall are four marks which resemble a claw mark.  Nick checks on Chavez and pulls out his phone to call for help but she tells him that he cannot be tied to this.  Nick asks where Truble is and Chavez tells him that they are coming and that he has to run.  Nick asks again about Truble and Chavez replies that they are rising.  Chavez hands Nick a knight (chess piece) and says that it's war.  Chavez dies as NIck watches.  Chavez's phone rings and Nick takes her thumb and uses it to identify her. Nick tells the caller that Chavez is dead and that the others were dead when they got there.  The man tells Nick to keep the phone and hangs up.

Nick is back at the hospital and is told that both Adalind and the baby are fine.  Nick asks if it's okay to go in and Rosalie tells Nick that Adalind would like that. Nick thanks Rosalie for being there and stands in the doorway watching as Adalind cradles their son. Adalind tells Nick that she wasn't sure he wanted to be here but at least he is here. Adalind asks Nick not to hate her anymore and adds that for the sake of their son, they cannot be like they were. Adalind adds that she doesn't want to raise their child by herself and that the baby is as much her as he is Nick. Nick responds that he doesn't know if that's good on either side and Adalind replies that maybe he won't be like either one of them. Adalind acknowledges that she cannot force Nick to be there for the baby and Nick promises that he will be. Adalind asks Nick if he wants to hold his son, promising him that he won't break the baby. Nick moves forward slowly and Adalind hands him the sleeping baby.  Adalind wants to name him Kelly after Nick's mom and Nick readily agrees.

Well, a lot happened in the season opener of Grimm.  First off, Nick has to deal with the after effects of Juliet's death and Truble's kidnapping.  What bothered me the most about this scenario is the fact that everyone seemed so ready to believe that Nick had gone off the deep end.  Given everything that they have seen, it makes no sense to me whatsoever.  Why was it so impossible that Chavez was Wesen?  They already know that Weston Stewart was so there should be no question that the Wesen are capable of infiltrating the FBI?  Furthermore, given what they have seen what the royals are capable of and the fact that there are various factions in Wesen society why was it so hard to believe that there was yet another secret society?  Monroe seemed to be the only one who had Nick's back pretty much without question.

Then, there's the issue of Juliet's death.  Nick believes that he saw Juliet die in his arms but I must be honest and admit that there's a huge part of me which wonders if Juliet is really dead?  It would be just like Grimm to be bring her back to life to add some angst to Nick's life. As much as I had a problem with Juliet last year, what with her blaming Nick for being raped, it irked me that Monroe, Hank and Wu were just so ready to throw her under the bus like so much refuse to be forgotten about. What Juliet did as a hexenbiest was absolutely horrible but Rosalie was right, she didn't ask for this. Simply saying that Juliet knew there could be consequences does not recognize the sacrifice she made so that Nick could become a Grimm again.

So Adalind had her baby.  It irked me that Adalind seems to feel like the problem with Nick is simply a difference of opinion or his distrust for anything Wesen.  Not once has Grimm bothered to properly name as the rape survivor that he is.  It was callous to have Adalind suggest that all she be forgiven and forgotten for the child conceived by rape.  At what point is Nick going to start acting line someone who has been violated?  The lack of dealing with this makes it seem like sexual assault is not big deal. The writing is on the wall that Adalind and Nick are going to get closer out of necessity but my big worry is that they are going to make them lovers.  Don't do it Grimm. Don't force me to throw something at my television in rage.

So, now Nick not only has to watch his back when it comes to royal family. there's something going on with a secret organization.  It should make for an interesting season. I for one enjoy it when the focus on Wesen society rather than a Wesen of the week.