Saturday, November 7, 2015

Sleepy Hollow, Season 3, Episode 6: The Red Lady from Caribe

Ichabod is on a date with Zoe and he is so very very out of his depth and awkward. Normally I find awkward endearing, but not here.

Reynolds and Abbie talk about the reveal last episode – that Jenny is working to bring down/infiltrate this artefact dealer called Atticus while Reynolds wants to bring him down as a big underworld figure and make his name and career with the FBI. They discuss it like mature adults and Reynolds recognises that Abbie is not responsible for everything Jenny does nor is Abbie likely to break confidentiality

How very refreshing

Pandora is continuing to play with her creepy foliage and doing random stuff the sake of her horticulture. This time raising “the red lady from Caribe”. Which involves a woman made up of lots of stinging insects that then go out and kill someone. Ok, new monster of the week

Ichabod is still in trouble from the first episode and now has to go to court even as he pouts about his own property (which he cannot prove) and being all pouty and outraged. They also poke each other’s relationships.

In the court the judge is the man who was overcome with the woo-woo stinging insects (and his skin looks awful). He is having a complete megalomaniac power trip in his court room and trying to have people shot. He continues to rant – before falling down dead. In the process Ichabod sees a swam of stinging insects in the shape of a woman leave the scene.

They examine one of the insects – a Carribean wasp – and declare the creature a Soucouyant (a Trinidadian monster) which causes paranoia and death.

Of course this comes with an anecdote involving Abbie’s ancestor Grace Dixon, Betsy Ross (who was EVERYWHERE AT ALL TIMES) and Washington – with Washington being stung and Grace’s Obeah being needed to try and stop him dying and kill the monster – the only cure for the sting.

Reynolds calls Abbie in for another death – a paranoid member of the PTA burning books before dying. They decide that the Soucouyant always aims for leaders (wait, that’s a stretch – PTA member and a judge? C’mon… oh Sleepy Hollow). And who else is a leader? Why that would be Agent Reynolds. Who starts scratching and being an arsehole to Abbie – and a terrible driver.

He starts paranoid ranting about the weirdness of Ichabod and how Abbie is working with jenny to undermine his reputation and steal his career – yes, we have a devil wasp sting. He tries to drag her out of the car and draw a gun – which ends up with him pinned on the floor and cuffed because this is Abbie.

They have him sedated and brought to their lair and then gather together the ingredients they need for Grace’s tonic to slow the progression of the disease. But when buying some of the herbs from a Trinidadian source he is suddenly possessed and yells spooky threats to Jenny about her soul about to be claimed. This is naughty bad ominous stuff.

While tied up Reynolds is still overwhelmed by paranoia and woo-woo – and reminiscing of their time together as romantic and how he desperately wants to return to that.

Now the Soucouyant has to die – myth points to burn down her home (which Abbie turns into hive). Thankfully the Soucouyant has killed people exactly the same distance from her hive (you can triangulate from crime scenes to get an idea of the area the killer is comfortable in – but it shows you an area, not an X marks the spot). Between symbolism on the map and on the woo-woo tablet Ichabod smuggled they decide that Pandora may be there as well – and that the Soucouyant is her sixth and last monster.

Abbie and Ichabod go to the Hive while Pandora plucks her 6 scary flowers from the tree – and we get a little exposition. Each beast created a specific kind of fear (secrets, chaos, loneliness, innocence lost, death, fear itself) which she now plucked – and she’s quite happy that Ichabod and Abbie killed off the monsters after she had finished using them.

Meanwhile Abbie is killing insects with an aerosol and fire. And doing better than Ichabod who is a bit too powerful to be taken down with a crossbow. Pandora’s woo-woo and box starts to do whatever ominous thing it’s planned, distracting her from the fight and leaving it to the swarm.

Abbie manages to pour acid on the hive just because the Soucouyant kills Ichabod and she gets stung to death. But Pandora has finished her spell – a door opens in the tree and she goes inside – it closes before the Witnesses can follow.

Reynolds waits in the hospital with no memories and Abbie makes nice in the hospital, not mentioning the big declaration of love.

Zoe and Ichabod continue to be date, this time not trying so hard.

Abbie does speak to Jenny – largely to get her and Joe to step away from Atticus. Jo and Jenny discuss it and Jo seems to accept that they have to abandon their focus on Atticus (and the magic rock they gave up).

Except when he’s alone, Joe calls someone ominous to “finish this.” He goes to a meeting with Atticus (and his goons) and he learns about a large stash of cash his dad apparently horded. And Joe gives Atticus the Shard of Anubis and more ominous talk about his dad, Sheriff Corbin who was apparently much darker than he seemed. Atticus opens the stone to reveal a red crystal as he talks ominously about power.

He tries to kidnap Jo and walks right into an ambush by Jenny who reclaims Joe and the crystal – which disappears into Jenny’s hands.

That night as Jenny sleeps her skin is covered in an ominous red light and she has ominous dreams of skulls and Sumerian Cuneiform.

Abbie and Ichabod assume Pandora will return. This does not take a genius to figure out

Yet again Sleepy Hollow is randomly grabbing any demon they can from anywhere in the world’s folklore with little attempt to fit the rest of that folklore or belief system into the show. It’s an increasingly habit and it’s unpleasant – especially with Sleepy Hollow then shoe-horning all these creatures into a very Judeo-Christian and American-centric setting of the Revolutionary War on the show

I don’t know if it’s made better or worse that the research seems to be so… lacking. They seem to pick the name of the creature and then apply whatever traits they want without much reference to the original legend

One thing I liked about Reynolds and Abbie is that his paranoia was clearly woo-woo. Their interactions have been so professional, so mature, so sensible that his change of behaviour instantly stood out. Similarly I liked that Joe didn’t run off on his own and included Jenny. It strikes me how much I’ve come to expect awful decision making and toxic, secretive relationships on these shows that I am impressed when we see actual common sense and maturity.

I’m not a real lover of the investigation this episode – it was sloppy and took too many leaps (people of power? Triangulation from the victims?).

I am glad we’re starting to get some answers as to what Pandora is about.