Saturday, January 9, 2016

Sense8, Season One, Episode Five: Art is Like Religion

Lito is on set and he is getting his makeup done while in Korea, a tired Sun gets out of bed.  Lito complains to his makeup artist that he feels bloated. Yep, you guessed it, Sun has her period and Lito is supposedly feeling the effects of that. I already don't like where this is going.  While looking in the mirror, both Sun and Lito are confused when they see each other.  It's important to remember that at this point ,Will is the only one of the Sense8s who knows what is going on.

Speaking of Will, he is getting his ass handed to him for going to see Jonas.  Will tries to say that he was trying to get some intelligence but is strongly told that no one has time for anymore of his fucking around.

Wolfie has gone to see his uncle and it seems that his uncle is aware of the diamond robbery. Even more interesting, the safe was actually cracked and not drilled through. Of course, the fact that this is the same kind of safe that messed up Wolfie's father has been noticed.  The connections are clear but Wolfie plays it cool, responding that he is not as stupid as his father.  Woflie is told to remember who he is.

Capheus finds himself talking to Riley and they are both surprised that they understand each other. Riley finds herself in Nairobi and at the same time, Caephus finds himself in London.  An excited Capheus helps himself to some of Riley's tea.  The fun however quickly comes to an end when a truck pulls up full of gang members in front of Capheus, demanding the bag he is carrying.  Capheus gets into a fighting stance but unfortunately for him, he is no longer channeling Sun and promptly falls on his ass, only to have the bag taken by the thugs and getting his ass kicked. Capheus is laughed at and called, "Van Sham", before the gang takes off with his bag.  Capheus takes off running in pursuit but not before saying a little prayer to Sun.

Lito is dressed and ready to go and he plots the scene with the director.  Lito however is aware how much pain is in the movie but the director warns him to keep it all sexy.  His leading lady makes her way down the stairs to see him and instead of being the hypermasculine man that the director expects, Lito starts to cry.  Yeah, Lito's period hormones are on full blast.  The director calls cut and Lito explains that he is just a little emotional today and was struck by the actresses beauty.  Lito struggles to pull himself together.

Kala gets hennaed for her wedding as her mother instructs her about why this process is necessary. Kala clearly still has many reservations about the wedding and questions if her mother was nervous or excited on her wedding day. Kala is informed that she is the first in the family to marry for love, except we all know that she isn't.

Sun is in the park going through training.  Her sensei complains that Sun is unfocused and of two minds.  Sun is informed that whatever she must decide or do, she needs to decide and do.

Lito is stuck in traffic and he is talking to Hernando.  Lito complains about the cramps and is extremely hormonal.  Then comes a moment of road rage, as Hernando tries to tell Lito to calm down. Lito is crying and flipping out. Lito suddenly finds himself in Korea with Sun and she finds herself in the car in Mexico.  Lito explains to Hernando that there's a crying Korean woman standing next to him and she's not crying, the same way he isn't screaming. It's actually a hilarious scene.

Capheus has tracked down the gang, so he does a smash and grab and takes off running.

Will contacts Janet Marks (Nomi's mother) trying to find her. Janet uses Nomi's former name, complaining that this isn't the first time Nomi has had problems.  Janet believes the problem is the hormones Nomi takes. Thankfully, Will corrects Janet and says that her name is not Michael but Nomi.

Nomi is in the park and is joined by Amanita.  Nomi tells Amanita that she makes her feel like she fits in and belongs but when she first saw Amanita, she didn't recognize her.  Amanita points out that at some point her very existence was impossible.   Amanita is quick to assure Nomi  that impossibility is a kiss away from reality.

At the wedding preparations, Kala is presented with a plate of Indian sweets from her father.  Nomi complains that a moment ago her coffee tasted like coffee and now it tastes like a sweet desert. Nomi is worried that the doctor is right and that something is wrong with her brain.  Nomi however wants to investigate the doctor and Amanita assures her that together they are going to figure out what is going on.

Capheus delivers the bag only to learn that he risked his life for a bag containing two coconuts.  It seems that it was all a test to discover how far he would go.  Capheus is handed the drugs his mother so desperately needs and is told that he will be contacted.  How could Capheus not even open the bag?

Wolfie and Felix are at a bar and laughing about the fact that Steiner is furious about the stolen diamonds. When Felix in his excitement speaks too loudly, Wolfie is quick to silence him. Wolfie warns Felix that they are being watched but Felix doesn't take the threat seriously.  Wolfie heads to the bathroom and when belches, it's Kala who hears it.  Kala believes that Wolfie is in her bathroom and Wolfie accuses her of being drunk. Of course, when Wolfie checks out the other stalls, he finds them empty.  Kala recognizes Wolfie's voice as the singing man in her dream.

Lito is back on set for the big fight scene.  The director says that he wants complete destruction.  Lito psyches himself up to start.

Will is in the office and learns that some information has come in on the kid.  He takes off with his partner to look for the kid.

Nomi and Amanita meet with friends, who inform them that cops are watching their place.

Will knocks at the last known address but then finds himself briefly on Lito's movie scene.  Will begins chasing the kid, as Lito starts firing. You guessed it, Lito goes full on Matrix.  It's interesting because we see all of the movie wires.  Will almost catches up with the kid but the kid hides with gang members.  On set, Lito continues to fire and it's looking ridiculous.  The cops decide to leave the kid rather than confront the gang members and on set, the director calls cut.

Sun is out for a walk and this time she interacts with Capheus. They are in Nairobi and South Korea simultaneously. They realise that neither speaks each other's language, yet they understand each other perfectly. Capheus calls Sun the spirit of Jean Claude and says that he knows that Sun has a difficult decision to make.  Sun is ready to call Capheus a hallucination and decides to continue her walk alone but Capheus doesn't simply disappear.  Capheus questions if Sun is in trouble and she responds that she isn't but tomorrow she might be.  Sun wonders if she is the person who wants to see her brother punished and see her father's business fail, or is she the person who wants to save her brother and father though they have been cruel to her, her entire life.  Capheus talks about the fear that he has for his mother and his determination to take care of her no matter what.  Sun reveals the promise she made to her mother to take care of her father and her brother.

Kala is dressed and ready for her wedding.  The ceremony begins and calling it ostentatious is an understatement. As she enters the ceremony, Kala also walks alongside Sun, as Sun gives away her dog.

Wolfie dives naked into a pool as Sun's wedding procession continues on.  Raja is filled with excitement while Kala looks like she is walking the green mile. Could this be her understanding of Sun's feelings about giving up her dog or her own trepidation?  Rajan and Kala begin to move in a circle saying their vows to one another.  Kala actually promises Rajan love and obedience in all things. Yes, the womanist in me rankled at this. Kala begins to say the final vow, as a teary Sun hands over the leash.  Amanita and Nomi return home to see that it has been trashed.  Lito cuddles on the couch with Hernando as the fetishist watches.  Wolfie gets out of the pool and finds himself naked at Kala's wedding. Woflie asks Kala what she is doing there because she is not in love with Rajan.  Kala promptly faints.

We are starting to see much more interaction between the Sense8s and it seems to be happening organically during the course of their daily lives.  Some get a feeling of wonder like Capheus and Riley, others fear and denial like Lito and Sun, and then there's confusion like Wolfie and Kala. The only one who has the slightest clue what is going on thus far is Will, and he really doesn't know all that much.

I continue to adore just how global this show is and that we get a strong sense of each character's culture.  Perhaps what is the most interesting is that despite their differences, all of the Sense8's suffer from the human condition which means no matter the fact that they don't actually speak the same language or come from the same frame of reference, they can relate to each other.  This is clearly illustrated by Sun's conversation with Capheus about their respective families.  Sun and Capheus  are both facing danger for very different reasons but both have a strong sense of responsibility to them and a desire no matter how painful to do what they individually believe to be the right thing.

Okay, we have to talk about Lito.  It must be said that Miguel Ángel Silvestre is absolutely the boss in this episode.  Yes, Lito is all about comic relief and though I didn't want to laugh at the idea of a man feeling bloated and over emotional for feeling what it's like to have a period for the first time I did. I laughed because Miguel Ángel Silvestre absolutely sold it.  The idea that a woman getting her period behaves the way that Lito did is without doubt sexist and this must be said clearly but even with the problems, who didn't giggle as Lito furiously yelled, "I see you" when he was trapped in the car?

Also, naked and dripping wet Max Riemelt Mmmmm. I just had to fan myself there.  Thanks for that Sense8.