Thursday, January 7, 2016

Teen Wolf, Season 5, Episode 11: The Last Chimera

At the end of the midseason break everything was terrible. Everyone was dying, sick, sulking or angry with everyone else. It was messy and nasty and generally awful and very very sad.

First and foremost among the sadness is Sherriff Really-Needs-a-First-Name Stilinski dying because he’s been attacked by a chimera and is all sick and awful. This is the saddest thing because Stiles is in pain and, as we’ve seen before, that means acting that could rip the heart out the tin man.

Scott was also injured when Liam tried to kill him last episode (because of various reasons but I’m going to go with “Liam is awful”) but he seems to be recovering from that (since he passed out I’m sure there’s some kind of nasty poison at work which will reveal its ugly head later). Faced with everyone either dying or hating everyone else he goes to Stiles to offer to help – relations aren’t exactly good between them (especially since Stiles responds by trying to attack Scott) but they need to find out whatever it was that attacked the sheriff so they can stop him dying, Stiles’s ultimate heart breaking priority

Seriously his “no just me” to the question of whether the Sherriff has a next of kin? They should weaponise the heart-breakyness of that.

After a brief questioning of Theo (the uber bad guy who says lots of cryptic ominous things about newly-revealed Hellhound Parrish) they conclude a new Chimera has attacked the Sherriff and use both good investigating and Malia (relations between Malia and Stiles are…. Strained and Malia isn’t talking about her issues with her mother the Desert Wolf) to track down the chimera Noah. Don’t bother learning his name, he’s another briefly appearing POC on this show who will end up dead.

They find Noah, and we all pretend it makes sense that a newly arrived Chris Argent (long time no see!) is better at holding off the Dread Doctors (worst name EVER) than werewolves and werecoyotes, but hey it brings the gang together. They do find the cure which they pass in to Melissa  (who is always awesome) who shares it with Liam’s dad Dr. Geyer (who realises that Melissa knows stuff and this is likely to become a Thing in later episodes). Sherriff Stilinski is saved!

Which is kind of the turning point of this episode and, I think, the foreshadowing of things to come. I said at the end of the mid-season finale that this is the pattern – everything is terribad awful and sad, the heroes are beaten down. Then they stagger to their feet, pull it together and unleash the awesome. This is clearly the first step – the Sherriff is saved and Scott has, tenuously, begun to bring his pack back together.

Of course things are still pretty bleak. Liam is alive. He’s desperate to find Hayden’s body which leads to an angsty treasure hunt with Mason. The whole storyline can be summed up with:

Liam: I am a terrible monster who attacked Scott and couldn’t save Hayden
Sparky: Yes, yes you are
Mason: No you’re not – because I exist only to support and follow you like a very low maintenance pet.

They do, eventually, find the Nemetom – and 4 bodies. Only 4 because several of the other Chimeras have been resurrected by forces unknown to join Theo in his dastardly plan. Part one of which is to have the newly resurrected Hayden lead the police to the conveniently-shrouded-then-not Nemeton surrounded by bodies – and basically accuse Liam and Mason of murder

Oh the Manpain we will have to endure for this. It’s also fragile – We’ve been forced to spend as much time as we have with Liam because it’s HARD TO FIND THE NEMETOM. Except when you have non-magical police? Also when, later, Parrish calls Deputy Clarke she says they’re way too busy to deal with a missing Lydia and his randomness – but they can follow Hayden into the woods?


Which brings us to Parrish who is having sex dreams of him and Lydia in the shower. I both give a nod to how this sexy dream doesn’t pander to the straight male gaze as is habitual on TV – but that’s always something Teen Wolf has done: the men on the show are generally sexualised more than the women. At the same time I have to say again that I am not a fan of a policeman in his mid 20s getting it on with a high school aged girl. Nope nope nope nope and even more nope

He wants to find Lydia which he does – thanks to Hellhound powers. She’s insensate so he takes her to the hospital where Natalie, Lydia’s mother, decides to blame her daughter’s condition on all things supernatural – specifically Stiles. She decides the best way for her to deal with this is to put Lydia in the most evil, spooky Asylum ever – Eichmen House. Sadly, she’s not thinking very clearly.

This leads to our future scene with the evil doctor torturing Lydia until she reveals everything through semi-catatonic flashbacks. Theo and the Chimeras drop in, slaughtering guards, to get her – but they don’t want her, they want Parrish the Hellhound

Which is when he arrives burning everything.

Can Lydia be allowed to do one thing on this show that doesn’t involve being terribly victimised? Can we have Natalie’s revelation of the supernatural lead to something more than terribad awfulness? Can we have Kira back? Can we have Hayden not become a villain? Can we have Melissa be awesome and have more than 2 minutes of screen time? Can we have Malia be a bit more involved? It’s glaring Teen Wolf, it’s very glaring.