Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Lucifer, Season One, Episode Twelve: #TeamLucifer

Having determined that being around Chloe makes him vulnerable, Lucifer is determined to find out what his other weaknesses are. In this penultimate episode of season one, Lucifer is grappling with his fear of betrayal and his role in human life. Since discovering that being around Chloe makes him vulnerable to physical harm,  Lucifer has been avoiding her and spending time having Mazikeen throw things at him to test his vulnerability.

The testing is called to halt when Chloe arrives requesting Lucifer's help with a case.  At the crime scene, he is greeted by Malcolm, who is overly familiar with him.  Lucifer is not pleased to see Malcolm, particularly because of how jocular Malcolm is.  It seems that now that he has his coin, Malcolm is certain that things are fine. When Lucifer sees the body of the victim, he is not pleased to see that "hail Lucifer" as been carved into the victim's back having not been one to want human sycophants.

It's time to visit the victim's home and still keeping his distance, Lucifer decides to drive himself. He explains his decision by claiming that Chloe is a bad driver.  Chloe and Lucifer learn that the victim was raised by her father and that they weren't close once she became older.  Lucifer naturally identifies with the victim, claiming that they both had absentee parents. Inside the house, they find a hidden stairwell which leads to room of Satanist memorabilia.

While Chloe and Lucifer were at the home of the victim, Dan tracked down the person who created the victim's implants. Back at the station, Chloe tries to make a word from the letters which were implanted in the victim but cannot come up with a word she recognizes.  A frustrated Lucifer walks, over and rearranges the letters into a Latin phrase which translates to "Children of the Goat." As we know, Amenadiel was the one who started the myth about Lucifer and goats.  After a quick internet search, they find a group associated with the "Children of the Goat" and decide to check it out. Once again, Lucifer decides to take his own car.

Amenadiel, confronts Malcolm in the parking garage.  Amenadiel demands to know why Lucifer is not dead.  This time, Malcolm does not display the customary fear and in fact, is once again jovial. Malcolm lets slip that he knows Amenadiel is an angel and cannot hurt him.  Malcolm then shows Amenadiel the coin he got from Lucifer, saying that he isn't going to hell and then pronounces that he is officially #teamlucifer.

When Chloe and Lucifer arrive at the Satanist clubhouse, they are told that a secret meeting his happening today and are asked for I.D. Lucifer claims that his is in his car and he sends Chloe to retrieve it.  With Chloe headed towards the car, Lucifer displays his demon eyes which is enough for the Satanist at the doorway to take off running.  With the way clear, Lucifer and Chloe enter the Satanist clubhouse were they discover a memorial service being held for the victim.  When someone wearing a goats head mask enters the meeting, it all becomes to much for Lucifer, and he steps forward in a rage.  Lucifer has never wanted sycophants and questions why the group isn't more concerned with free will and rebellion.  In response, the group cheers which is exactly what Lucifer doesn't want. The leader leaves the room in disgust and is quickly followed by Lucifer and Chloe. They immediately suspect the leader but after Lucifer uses his power, they learn that the leader wants out and actually suspects the victim's boyfriend of being the guilty party.

Back at Chloe's place, Chloe excuses herself to have a shower and warns Lucifer not to wake her daughter. The minute Chloe is upstairs, Lucifer tosses a stuffed animal at Trixie. Lucifer gets right down to business and starts asking Trixie if she is adopted and if Chloe has any scars.  When Trixie is not immediately forthcoming, Lucifer suggests that there's chocolate cake in it for her but Trixie wants money this time.  Lucifer is suitably impressed and hands over money.  Trixie talks about a scar on Chloe's butt before he can get more details, Chloe returns downstairs. Chloe explains that the scar is from being bitten by her mother's dog and sends Trixie back to bed.

Chloe is determined to get to the bottom of why Lucifer is so freaked out by her recently explaining that she trusts him implicitly. Lucifer asks Chloe to see her back and she turns and lifts her shirt. Lucifer confirms that that there are no scars or wings on Chloe's back. Chloe tells Lucifer that not everyone is out to get him.

Chloe gets a call that the suspects car has been discovered, so she and Lucifer head out.  At the scene, they find the suspect dead and hanging in a crucifixion type pose.  They also find the word Morningstar printed in red paint.  Chloe and Dan decide that it is a conflict of interest and tell Lucifer that he has to leave. This incenses Lucifer and he explains that he himself is not evil and that he only punishes evil.  After Lucifer leaves, Chloe and Dan find a cuff link with the letter M on it. What they don't realise is that an M can also be a W.

Mazikeen shows up with some takeout and questions why Amenadiel stood her up. Amenadiel is upset about what he sees as his failure to send Lucifer back to hell and the fact that he is also sleeping with a demon.  Mazikeen tells him that he is the best sex she has ever had and that means something because she has had a lot of male and female partners.  Mazikeen then suggests that if Amenadiel is not happy that he should just return to heaven but Amenadiel responds that he cannot go back and face God as a failure. It's clear that these two have grown very close.  Mazikeen grabs her knife to kill Amenadiel as ordered by Lucifer but her feelings cause her to move slowly, allowing Amenadiel to catch her in the act.  Amenadiel quickly leaves, obviously hurt by the betrayal, even as Mazikeen calls out to him.

On his way back to Lux, Lucifer runs into the street preacher that he revealed his identity to several episodes ago.  The preacher is determined to send Lucifer back to a lake of burning fire.  Lucifer loses his temper and grabs the preacher by the neck, holding him up against a pole.  Malcolm intervenes and stops Lucifer from killing the preacher.  Inside Lux, Malcolm reveals that he is solidly #teamlucifer, while acting like a ridiculous fanboy.  Lucifer notices that Malcolm had red paint on his hands and accuses him of murdering the suspect. Malcolm tries to claim that he got it from the crime scene.  When Lucifer responds that he would have been wearing gloves, Malcolm finally cops to the murder and reveals that he set the street preacher up to take the blame. Malcolm is confidant that because of his coin, he cannot be sent to hell but Lucifer decides that rather than sending Malcolm to hell, he will bring hell to Malcolm.

 Lucifer doesn't get to mess up Malcolm because Amenadiel arrives. Lucifer and Amenadiel fight because this time, Lucifer is determined to defend himself. Lucifer accuses Amenadiel of turning Chloe against him but Amenadiel has no idea what Lucifer is talk about. It's Mazikeen who breaks up the fight, making it clear that both Lucifer and Amenadiel have used her.  Mazikeen drops two knives on a table and tells them that they can kill each other before walking out in disgust.

Alone, Lucifer sits drinking at the bar when Chloe arrives. Lucifer rambles on about his regret regarding leaving hell.  Chloe walks around the bar and pulls her gun, ordering Lucifer to surrender. Lucifer is absolutely stunned as more cops enter Lux with guns drawn, demanding Lucifer's surrender. The street preacher is lying dead on the floor of Lux.  Chloe informs Lucifer that she has no choice but to arrest him for murder.

How the hell is Lucifer going to get out of this one?

Much of Lucifer is concerned about exercising free will and that Lucifer has been wronged and is misunderstood. Lucifer essentially describes himself as a child who acted out in order to gain attention from an absentee parent and was punished unjustly for his crime.  Lucifer is adamant that he is not evil by nature and instead punishes evil in the world.  The problem he believes isn't him but what people choose to do with their free will. He is absolutely sick to death of being blamed for the worst acts of humanity but no matter how much good he does, he cannot escape this perception.

The interactions between the characters are becoming more and more complex.  Lucifer can no longer deny that being around Chloe makes him vulnerable but regardless of the consequences, he doesn't want to be apart from her. Lucifer is still the most self involved paranoid character on the show.  I do however think that with the focus on him being wrongly accused of being responsible for evil, that his relationship with Chloe may not be as much about Chloe being his path to redemption in terms of bad acts as I previously thought.  Maybe, Chloe's job is to teach him to care about someone other than himself and to accept that the world is so much larger than himself.  Maybe, Chloe's job is to teach Lucifer to trust for the first time.

As much as Amenadiel believes he is righteous and the world needs to be saved by sending Lucifer back to hell, the fight between Amenadiel and Lucifer really comes down to two brothers who are jealous of each other.  I love that Mazikeen broke up the fight, giving them both hell in the process. Both Amenadiel and Lucifer want Mazikeen's loyalty and obedience, yet offer her so little in return. Amenadiel may care about Mazikeen but he's disgusted by what she is and Lucifer wants Mazikeen to follow orders without question but has never bothered to concern himself about the things that are important to her. I really do think that it's long past time for Mazikeen to stand up for herself and stop being pulled between two people who don't have her best interests at heart.

As for what is going on with Malcolm, I find that I really cannot invest in his story line.  With his little get out of hell coin, it's clear that he's going to continue to be trouble. We know that Lucifer doesn't want evil done in his name and of course, being an angel, Amenadiel will not be able to condone Malcolm's actions. There's also the issue that by saving Malcolm's life in order to use him as a weapon against Lucifer, Amenadiel created the circumstance which allowed Malcolm to commit more evil. Then we have Chloe, who has long believed that Malcolm is a dirty cop.  With Lucifer in danger of being blamed for a murder he didn't commit, I believe that the last episode will be about bringing these characters together to finally deal with Malcolm.