Saturday, April 23, 2016

Zoo, season 1, Episode 7: Sleuth

Time for the gang to go to the next step on their world tour – Paris – where we have some bears running amok.

In Paris we get to meet Chloe’s boss who is not amused by a major major issue – Jamie killed an FBI agent, maybe a dirty one, but still an FBI agent and likely to cause all kinds of issues and problems not least of which is exposing their investigation.

Can we again question why this investigation has to be so hush hush? Or why everyone is worried about gathering enough evidence about the Mother Cell to convince the America government rather than relying on the fact they’re working with sharing all the information WITH the French government (presumably) and they should have a whole lot more official clout and resources. Really, why are they so clandestine? And why do they need to bring Mitch across the ocean to France to investigate the blood work of the hibernating bears when they could use the actual authority and power of the government without having to sneak around? It makes no sense! Stop this cloak and dagger nonsense!

Anyway to France, where there’s something weird going on with the bears hibernating in summer. They don’t have a defiant pupil but there’s something weird happening with them. Mitch basically has the theory that the animals are becoming X-men with super powers caused by rapid evolution aided by the Mother Cell – and, good news, her can maybe cure that.

But first we have Jamie’s issue – Chloe’s boss wants her to dump Jamie as the liability she is. But Abraham wants to save her because she’s family and she protects family

And he has an awesome, excellently acted moment where he describes his childhood, being forced to fight for a rebel army, his dead brothers and his amazing goodness, courage and self-sacrifice and powerful morality. Abraham is an awesome man. Abraham is an excellent character. Abraham deserves better than to have his devastating, powerful, amazingly-well acted emotional past being used not so much to develop him to explain why he’s going to go to bat for Jamie.

So the plan – no, that’s wrong. Plans are better than this. This isn’t a plan. This is utter bullshit glued together with hefty amounts of narrative shenanigans. They plan to clear Jamie’s name by proving the guy she killed was working for Reiden (because that is a legal justification for murder… apparently?)

So they’re going to break into the Reiden office in Paris. Because this company a) keeps nice detailed accounting of the corrupt cops they pay for and b) shares those accounts over the internet for the entire global company to examine. Hey, your Paris CEO may need to look up the price for bribing an FBI agent, right? This plan also requires an extensive hard drive, so much so that Mitch will have to use the lab computers (to involve him). In my house right now I have 50 TB of storage space (at a guess)… exactly what is on these files that he needs more storage space than they can get - and do they have the several days it will take to transmit this information?

Anyway, after a few close calls and more shenanigans, it works and they get the files with the convenient FBI bribing accounting.

The bear also wakes up, but doesn’t eat Mitch. But it’s hard to bring down as these bears have evolved super tough skin. Yep animals with super powers are the new menace. Despite this they do bring down all three bears after a bit of an adventure in the woods and tunnels around Paris. Joined by Chloe’s ex-fiance

He and Chloe obviously have issues and they poke at them through the episode but, by the end, they do manage to find a new level – certainly not reconciled but there’s a small sense of forgiveness. Of course while this is all nice, there’s also the weird part where they take a civil engineer around with them for some time.

At the end, Chloe decides that no, she is keeping her team. Including Jamie.

But there’s another twist – Mitch is selling them out to Reiden, willing to give up the Mother Cell if they will give him the cure for his daughter’s terminal illness. Now there’s a morally painful sell out – I mean yes technically a traitor and all that – but his daughter is dying…